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Ddeokbokki's older sister, a traveling artist that loves and excels at dancing. Because she's seen it all in her wanderings across the world, underneath her serene and dignified exterior, she has a gloomy, yet resolute heart. She really cares for Ddeokbokki and supports her in everything she does, but Kimchi also won't hesitate to scold her when she gets up to no good.

Food Introduction

A crisp texture that conveys sweetness and a hint of spice, stimulating the appetite—it could only be Kimchi! Loved from historical times up through the present, it's safe to say that Kimchi's flavor has long since carved out a place in people's hearts and palates.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1317
Attack.png Attack 54
Defense.png Defense 11
Health.png HP 371
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 908
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 399
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 557


Throbbing Drum Basic Skill
Skill-Kimchi-Normal.png Kimchi closes her eyes, casting a shield on all allies, which can absorb 5 (65) damage for 3 seconds. Also raising all allies' ATK by 1 (41) for 3 seconds.
Butterfly Lure Energy Skill
Skill-Kimchi-Energy.png Kimchi raises up her drum, causing enemy groups to self-inflict 40% (80%) damage plus an additional 200 (2600) damage, while at the same time silencing all enemy units for 3 seconds.
Super Butterfly Lure Link Skill
Skill-Kimchi-Link.png Kimchi raises up her drum, causing enemy groups to self-inflict 60% (120%) damage plus an additional 240 (3120) damage, while at the same time silencing all enemy units for 5 seconds. Ddeokbokki.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract What age is this? And why have you summoned me hence?
Log In Master Attendant... do you want me to dance for you?
Ice Arena This place feels just right for dancing...
Skills Is it you, my incredible sister!?
Ascend ...Is this what you were hoping for?
Fatigue Let me relax for a bit...
Recovering I feel like... I've just had a long dream.
Team Formation No worries. This time... it's a sure thing...
Knockout I'm getting... a feeling of deja vu...
Notice When it comes to cooking, time is of the essence. Master would be wise to heed this principle.
Idle 1 I... will absolutely never forgive anyone who wants to harm my little sister.
Idle 2 I don't know why, but when I'm lost in dance, this world seems to change too.
Idle 3 My sister always seems so cheery, but actually... surprisingly, she's a "cry baby"...
Interaction 1 I know... my kid sister is always hanging around me like she does. But, even though she may ruffle your feathers from time to time, please Master, don't be cross with her.
Interaction 2 Since way back, my sister and I have been together, as inseparable as our song and dance... It's the only way we've ever learned to spend our days peacefully.
Interaction 3 Some people say... Heaven and Earth are eternal for their immutability. So if I never grow up... won't I be immortal too?
Pledge Are you... asking me? They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and yours are always so sparkling bright. I like them.
Intimacy 1 Should I just stay here from now on? Before meeting you, that kind of thing never crossed my mind.
Intimacy 2 I've always cherished this place, but never thought I'd return, much less together with you.
Intimacy 3 Truly incredible. The more I get to know you, the more I want to be by your side.
Victory Absolutely no regrets from here on out.
Defeat It's nothing... anyway, it can't be fixed now...
Feeding Is this... for me? Thank you...


Summer Reminisce
Skin-Kimchi-Summer Reminisce.png

Icon-Skin-Kimchi-Summer Reminisce.png

My little sister said she likes summer for the azure blue skies, so I tried to make a painting of it. Master Attendant, wanna take a look?
— Kimchi
Holiday Sky

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Sprite Animations


Summer Reminisce



Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by BasilCosmo and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Homeless and miserable

“Please, help me, Miss…”

With a hoarse voice, an old woman with a dry, yellow face and a thin physique that was kneeling by the side of the street reached out her hands to us tremblingly, her cloudy eyes numb and dull, unable to see any light.


My sister who was beside me grabbed my sleeve and tilted her head to look at me pleadingly. I knew what she wanted to say, Ddeok was always like this. Kind, naive, and easily moved. I looked at my surroundings. In the shadows of the building, many young and strong refugees with fierce eyes were staring this way. I shook my head as I stroked my sister's head.


My sister's face was filled with disbelief and sadness. I still reacted by shaking my head, and without further delay, I took my sister's hand and hurried away. She was still young and did not know that there were things that we could not do anything about, even if we were Food Souls.

“Sister, why didn't you help her just now? A little amount of money is nothing, we can earn it back quickly.”

When we got back on the road, my sister grabbed my hand and shook it uncontrollably, like she was upset by what I did.

“It’s not a matter of having extra money, Ddeok.”

Fearing that my sister would start suffering emotionally, I turned to her and squatted down, explaining the situation in serious tone.

“There's nothing we can do about it. This disaster has affected many people, not just the one or two you saw.”

“…but we could still help these one or two.”

My sister frowned, her expression troubled. When I saw it, I sighed.

“You don’t understand, Ddeok. If we had simply given her money, that would have done her more harm than good.”


Thinking back on what happened and then looking at my sister's face, my heart couldn't help but feel sad too.

Why didn't I want to help her?

In order to escape from the misfortune brought by the Fallen Angels, my sister and I left our hometown and travelled around. We understood better than anyone the helplessness of being displaced and the pain of being homeless. And more than anyone else, I longed for stability.

II. As usual and impermanent

After that happened, I went to the next city with my sister. I took her for a walk in the lively parts of the town, hoping to diminish her pent-up emotions. The sun was setting, it was getting late. Without realizing it, we went shopping for a day, and seeing my sister's smile again, I couldn't help but feel a little reassured. When I was considering whether to go back, the crowd in front of me suddenly began to agitate. The crowd got louder and louder, exploding suddenly like water drops falling into a frying pan full of oil, clamouring and shouting as if they were protesting against something. Looking into the distance, I saw a figure jumping up from the heated crowd and standing on a stone statue.

“No refugees! Close the gates!”

The cry overwhelmed the clamor, the crowd had a moment of silence, followed by a few fragmented voices, which then slowly became unified.

“No refugees! Close the gates!”


From the mouths of passers-by, we learned what happened. A few days ago, a large number of Fallen Angels entered the Northern part of Light Kingdom. When they received the report, the government sent out a considerable number of Attendants to build a defence line in time to control the situation and to suppress the Fallen Angels. However, several small and medium-sized towns were destroyed. The Chef’s Guild was unable to provide for these refugees who had lost their homes, so they simply let them wander southward. That was how we got to the present situation. A large number of refugees piled up outside the city gates and asked to enter, but the citizens inside did not want to take them in.

“What’s the meaning of all this? We just accepted one batch of people, but now there is another one.”

The passers-by poured out their grievances to us helplessly.

“It's not that we don't have compassion. But we have to survive too, don't we?”

III. Compromise

That night, the city gates were closed. The Department of Civil Health posted notices around the city, asking residents not to leave the city for the next few days, and if they had any urgent matters, they could go to the Public Notice Handling Office of the Department of Civil Health for advice on what to do. Me and my sister had a restless night. I was afraid that my sister would not be able to stand seeing those tragic things. I, however, knew what she might be thinking. As expected, the next morning, my sister appeared in front of me with dark circles under her eyes and a depressed look, greeting me somewhat confused.

“Good morning, sister… I’m going to practice singing…”

“♫…Green…green hills are where the sun rises from… ♫”

“♫…Sunset…sunset…sunset is when the sun goes down… ♫”

The tune was off by a hundred thousand miles, and even the words were sung intermittently. Leaning against the windowsill, I looked at my sister singing in the front yard and sighed subconsciously.

She is really… absent-minded…

After thinking about it, I poked my body out of the window.

“Ddeok!~ Come back inside.”

“Eh? Ah! Okay…”

The mentally dazed Ddeok spun around a few times before reacting to me shouting at her, and immediately covered her head and staggered back inside the room.

“What’s wrong, sister?”

I pulled my sister and made her seat on a chair, her eyes confused.

“Sister wants to tell you something.”

I gently stroke her temples and whispered in as calm a voice as possible about the things that happened before she came into the world.

“Initially, when there were only two of us, Master Attendant and I ...”

I told her how Fallen Angels destroyed the town where I was first summoned. How bumpy and upsetting the journey was for me and my former Attendant. What human warmth and love was and how unpredictable to world was. While telling those stories, I also told her about the world she had never seen before: about the horrible rules for those who were refugees, and even about those people who were saved from evil intentions and revenge…

When I finished telling, there was silence in the room. After a moment, I spoke again.

“Sister is telling this to you to let you know that what you are seeing is just a glimpse of an era.”

“When a major disaster strikes, even if we are Food Souls, we will be able to protect only ourselves.”

“You have to learn to see things clearly and let go of attachments. Having too much to think about will only increase your worries.”

My sister lowered her head and eyebrows, as if she was thinking, but also struggling. She looked up after a long time, her eyes slightly red.

“Even if you say so, sister, I still want to do something for those people.”


IV. Singing and dancing

“Aah… it hurts.”

My sister was lying on the bed, letting me massage her limbs. The bruises on her body where I had pressed and rubbed were fading at a rate visible to the naked eye, and her skin was regaining its smoothness. But the internal pain was not as easy to treat.

“Sister, that hurt!”

When my palm touched Ddeok’s small arm, I used a little bit too much force and she cried out.

“Sister is not hurting you!”

I gently patted her forehead, signalling her to be quieter, and then continued with my hand movements.

“You still don’t know what you did wrong?”

“I ... How could I have known that those people would be so unreasonable.”

Ddeok replied aggrievedly, and then as if she thought of something, she began to spit discontentedly.

“I'm still going to help them! Why are these people so rude? Why did that old man say he didn't want to take them in?”

“Look at you. This was only your first day out of town with the team to distribute rations, and you have already been reduced to this, can’t you see?”

I then smiled and told her in a serious tone.

“So, from now on, just listen to your Sister, okay?”


After a moment of silence, Ddeok suddenly raised her head and looked at me, her eyes lighting up in a way I had never seen before.

“I want to try again, and this time you’ll help me, right, Sister?”


I could not persuade my sister, there was nothing I could do to change her mind. Since she wanted to do something for those homeless, miserable people, I let her go over there. After all, Ddeok is a Food Soul too. There would have been no danger to her, and at most she would have been injured. I went to the Department of Civil Health with this in mind and applied for volunteer activities for the next few days as Ddeok wished.

“If you’re feeling tired, then don’t act though.”

Before I went to bed, I told her again, unsure.

“Don’t worry about me, Sister.”

Said Ddeok, grabbing my shirt confidently.

A week passed, and I was busy with trivial chores when a sudden thought came to me.

“Should I go and see how my sister is doing now?”

After wrapping up some food that might be useful, I carried the basket to the city gate, explained the situation to the soldiers and went ahead. Pacing the city walls, I saw a familiar scene. The mentally depleted refugees sat disorderly in a circle defined by the soldiers, and the occasional attempt by a few to cause havoc or commotion was quickly and forcefully suppressed.

“So… no matter what you do, it’s useless.”

Shaking my head, I continued to stand on the walls looking for my sister, whispering softly to myself.

“We can't help all those people, and we can't change anything. What exactly is Ddeok being stubborn about?”

My eyes wandered, and at last, I saw the figure of my sister not far from the refugee circle, and just wanted to call out. But then I saw a scene that I would never forget. Under the sunlight, my sister walked alone in front of the circle of refugees, who, seeing her, leaned forward as if they had heard some command. There was no crowding, no arguing, not even soldiers to maintain order. One by one, they found their places and sat down neatly.

“♫War has engulfed our homes♫”

“♫We left them behind in tears♫”

“♫Please stop making me remember ...those sad memories♫”

The tune was not exuberant, but full of deep emotions. It carried a magical, influencing power. People couldn't help but stop what they were doing and wanted to listen carefully.

“♫Tears and blood left words on the road♫”

“♫A silent letter written to us♫”

“♫Remember the past but don't dwell on it, live on for the sake of those who have died♫”

My sister sang with full concentration a song we had never performed before. The tattered people sitting on the ground admired it wholeheartedly. Gazing at such a scene, I couldn't help but subconsciously rethink. Maybe… I was the one who was wrong. Putting down the basket and taking off my coat, I slowly walked down the wall and came up behind my sister. She turned to look at me and smiled as she continued, her song growing clearer and more powerful. Then, at one point, there was a pause in the beat, and I started dancing behind her carelessly.

Maybe... our songs and dances can really make a change.

V. Kimchi

It was before the Chef’s Guild officially launched its project to send Attendants to fight against the Fallen Angels and drive them completely out of the border. Countless people were forced to leave their homes because of the sudden war. Among them, there were even several Food Souls. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, all people could do was to choose to retreat given the general situation.

When her hometown was invaded, she was confronted by a Fallen Angel who was strong enough to crush a small team of Food Souls. Not to mention that all her friends and relatives, and even her Master Attendant was seriously injured in the attempt to fight the enemy. His Food Soul carried him for thousands of miles, but she ultimately failed to save his life. After summoning another Food Soul with what little power he had left, the Attendant died.

Since then, the two Food Souls have been wandering around together. During their long journey, the duo grew accustomed to performing songs and dances in their free time. It was a means to relieve boredom and a hobby. Moreover, they were expressing their emotions.

The eldest of the two sisters, after a journey of struggle and hardship with her Master Attendant, was convinced that, no matter whether they were a Food Soul or a human, one had no way to change their fate, because it had already been decided. So, she chose to let it be. She believed that saving one could not save a hundred. She would only be dragging herself into a cycle of remorse and grief.

But her sister thought otherwise.

One person can change many things for many people. Emotions are contagious. Strength can be gifted by singing and dancing. If the whole era can't be changed, then just change what is in front of you.

According to the history books, in the north of Light Kingdom, there was the city where a large number of refugees came when there was a hole in the northern defence line. In such a chaotic time, it was a pair of sisters who calmed the hearts with their songs and dances, and then they went to many more places, bringing spiritual strength to many more people.

Their songs are sung among the people. One of the most widely sung lines goes:

“Remember the past but don't dwell on it, let it be your reason to live.”