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Ddeokbokki's older sister, a traveling artist that loves and excels at dancing. Because she's seen it all in her wanderings across the world, underneath her serene and dignified exterior, she has a gloomy, yet resolute heart. She really cares for Ddeokbokki and supports her in everything she does, but Kimchi also won't hesitate to scold her when she gets up to no good.

Food Introduction

A crisp texture that conveys sweetness and a hint of spice, stimulating the appetite—it could only be Kimchi! Loved from historical times up through the present, it's safe to say that Kimchi's flavor has long since carved out a place in people's hearts and palates.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1317
Attack.png Attack 54
Defense.png Defense 11
Health.png HP 371
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 908
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 399
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 557


Throbbing Drum Basic Skill Lvl
Skill-Kimchi-Normal.png Kimchi closes her eyes, casting a shield on all allies, which can absorb 5 damage for 3 seconds. Also raising all allies' ATK by 1 for 3 seconds. 1
Butterfly Lure Energy Skill Lvl
Skill-Kimchi-Energy.png Kimchi raises up her drum, causing enemy groups to self-inflict 40% damage plus an additional 200 damage, while at the same time silencing all enemy units for 3 seconds. 1
Super Butterfly Lure Link Skill Lvl
Skill-Kimchi-Link.png Kimchi raises up her drum, causing enemy groups to self-inflict 60% damage plus an additional 240 damage, while at the same time silencing all enemy units for 5 seconds. Ddeokbokki.png 1

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Voice Lines

Contract What age is this? And why have you summoned me hence?
Log In Master Attendant... do you want me to dance for you?
Ice Arena This place feels just right for dancing...
Skills Is it you, my incredible sister!?
Ascend ...Is this what you were hoping for?
Fatigue Let me relax for a bit...
Recovering I feel like... I've just had a long dream.
Team Formation No worries. This time... it's a sure thing...
Knockout I'm getting... a feeling of deja vu...
Notice When it comes to cooking, time is of the essence. Master would be wise to heed this principle.
Idle 1 I... will absolutely never forgive anyone who wants to harm my little sister.
Idle 2 I don't know why, but when I'm lost in dance, this world seems to change too.
Idle 3 My sister always seems so cheery, but actually... surprisingly, she's a "cry baby"...
Interaction 1 I know... my kid sister is always hanging around me like she does. But, even though she may ruffle your feathers from time to time, please Master, don't be cross with her.
Interaction 2 Since way back, my sister and I have been together, as inseparable as our song and dance... It's the only way we've ever learned to spend our days peacefully.
Interaction 3 Some people say... Heaven and Earth are eternal for their immutability. So if I never grow up... won't I be immortal too?
Pledge Are you... asking me? They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and yours are always so sparkling bright. I like them.
Intimacy 1 Should I just stay here from now on? Before meeting you, that kind of thing never crossed my mind.
Intimacy 2 I've always cherished this place, but never thought I'd return, much less together with you.
Intimacy 3 Truly incredible. The more I get to know you, the more I want to be by your side.
Victory Absolutely no regrets from here on out.
Defeat It's nothing... anyway, it can't be fixed now...
Feeding Is this... for me? Thank you...


A Memory of the Summer Sky
Skin-Kimchi-A Memory of the Summer Sky.png

Icon-Skin-Kimchi-A Memory of the Summer Sky.png

My sister said she loves the azure landscape of the summer sky, so I wanted to try my hand at drawing it. Master Attendant, why don't you take a look?
— Kimchi

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A Memory of the Summer Sky



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