Long Bao Chibi 1.png This Event Boss has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.

Boss Info

Silence everyone and decrease their attack.


A king that enacted many strict laws in the Fairytale dreamworld. This is why he became a fear-invoking existence to the people.

Event story He represents Turkey's personality of being a strict ruler when the latter feels that he cannot properly govern a country compared to Champagne, who is very ruthless in his rulling.


  • CN Server: The King of Hearts Turkey is part of the event bosses for the Fairytale Dream Journey event that was held in the CN server.


Unique mechanism Immune to stun, charm, silence, insta-kill, and continuous damage.
Silenced All Food Souls are silenced. This effect cannot be dispelled.
Decrease attack Damage dealt by any Food Soul is reduced by 50%. This effect cannot be dispelled.
single target damage Deals percentage damage to the nearest Food Soul every 2 seconds.
Unique single target damage Deals percentage damage to the Food Soul with highest ATK every 5 seconds.
Group damage Deals a lot of damage to all Food Soul, and adds continuous damage. (Both are percentage damage, and this effect cannot be dispelled)





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