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Long Bao Chibi 1.png This Food Soul has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.

Right or wrong, what does it have to do with my Capital?


In-game bio: Laziji has learned some mechanic skills before, though he is more well-versed at the Qimen Dunjia magic formations. He once saved Twice-Cooked Pork who was on death's doors and helped to install a mechanical arm for the latter after being constantly asked. Laziji desires paradise--a place where anyone can live happily and safely. As someone who enjoys wandering and touring the land, he often brings home many injured Food Souls which led to the growth in the Capital. Those who dare encroach on the people in the Capital will invoke his wrath.

Other version: Capricious and outstanding, a bit evasive, active and simple-minded. His temper is easy to burst, and also feels confident of his appearance. Laziji knows some mechanic skills, though he is more well-versed at using the Qimen Dunjia magic formations. As the external boss of the Capital, the Fenghuang, Lihuo (离火), that follows him is an exquisite mechanical bird. Always protecting his friends no matter what, whenever trouble appears, he will decide if to stand out himself, he values his friends. He once saved Twice-Cooked Pork, and dreams to make a paradise, a paradise that can let everyone live happily and safely. Like to hang out, he usually brings those injured food souls back. The Capital has become bigger and bigger because of this. For those who mess with the Capital, he will be furious.

Food Introduction

A classical Sichuan delicacy originating from a certain village in Sichuan, China. The dish was invented by villagers, and it is made using whole chicken as the base ingredient followed by adding onion, dried chili pepper, Sichuan chili, salt, pepper, and ingredients that provide MSG. Then, the dish will be cooked using the bao stir frying method before serving it up. The final product is a tasty and nutritious meal and one that is greatly welcomed by the mass public.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2901
Attack.png Attack 130
Defense.png Defense 27
Health.png HP 667
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1300
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1280
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1389


Phoenix Feather Wildfire Basic Skill
Skill-Laziji-Normal.png Laziji plucks a feather off Fat Chirp's tail and raises his own attack speed by 35% (55%). At the same time, there is a 50% chance to inflict continuous damage equal to 1% (3%) of the max health of 3 random enemies in 4 seconds.
Lihuo's Heart of Flame Energy Skill
Skill-Laziji-Energy.png Laziji activates the mechanisms in Lihuo and deals 60% (100%) of his attack and an additional 250 (3250) damage to all enemies. At the same time, deals 66 (266) additional damage to them per second for 3 seconds.
Super Lihuo's Heart of Flame Link Skill
Skill-Laziji-Link.png Laziji activates the mechanisms in Lihuo and deals 80% (120%) of his attack and an additional 250 (3250) damage to all enemies. At the same time, deals 77 (357) additional damage to them per second for 4 seconds. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hmm? Attendant?'s good that you look so good~ From now on, no one else will bully you other than me. File:Laziji-0001-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0001-CN.ogg
Log In Why are your clothes tattered...? DID YOU COME ACROSS THOSE HIDEOUS FREAKS?! Tsk, you look really bad. Wait here! I'll deal with them. They should learn to discern your relationship with me given that they're going wild on my territory. File:Laziji-0002-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0002-CN.ogg
Ice Arena ...Let me go home!! How do you expect me to stay put in such a cold place?!! File:Laziji-0009-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0009-CN.ogg
Skills Lihuo's heart of flame! File:Laziji-0010-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0010-CN.ogg
Ascend I should really go out today. Who knows, I may be able to bring more people back. File:Laziji-0011-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0011-CN.ogg
Fatigue That's enough. What's with your look? I'll be fine in no time. File:Laziji-0012-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0012-CN.ogg
Recovering Huh -------- No -- I'm definitely NOT going to work!! N-O No! File:Laziji-0013-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0013-CN.ogg
Team Formation Hmph! Seems like you guys wouldn't be fine without me. File:Laziji-0014-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0014-CN.ogg
Knockout The yin-yang... has reversed. File:Laziji-0015-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0015-CN.ogg
Notice ... What are you looking at me for? You should be honored that I'm making food for you! Hey, what's with the look in your eyes! If you don't want it, I'll take it back! File:Laziji-0017-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0017-CN.ogg
Idle 1 Lihuo! Release that fatso at once! Spit it out, quick! If you eat it, you'll be as fat as it! File:Laziji-0018-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0018-CN.ogg
Idle 2 In this tumultuous world where fortune and disasters are unpredictable, maintaining peace and stability at one corner of the world is no easy feat. So, why should I care whether those who are unrelated is just or not? File:Laziji-0019-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0019-CN.ogg
Idle 3 Hmm? About that guy? What relation is there between his actions and whether I wanna be his bro or not? File:Laziji-0020-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0020-CN.ogg
Interaction 1 Ah, you're back at the right moment. See that fatso over there? Th-that's Zhuque who have been fattened up into a ball! File:Laziji-0003-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0003-CN.ogg
Interaction 2 GAAH! ...phew, it's you. You gave me a fright. Here I thought it was Bingfen and Twice-Cooked Pork... File:Laziji-0004-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0004-CN.ogg
Interaction 3 Ah? You think I'm going too hard on them? It's his fault that they bully my guys in my territory. File:Laziji-0005-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0005-CN.ogg
Pledge Lihuo contains Jiu Gong's principle can burn everything under the earth and swallow the blazing fire of the sky, but why can't it eliminate this faint light of the fire of you? That's it. Let me stay by your side and see what you can do... You won't let me down, will you? File:Laziji-0016-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0016-CN.ogg
Intimacy 1 Humph, as long as I can protect you, what will the world do to me? File:Laziji-0006-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0006-CN.ogg
Intimacy 2 What do you think are you looking at, do you think they look better than me?! Don't look!! File:Laziji-0007-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0007-CN.ogg
Intimacy 3 The Capital is my most important place. The people who live in it are my most important people. Do you want to also move to the Capital? File:Laziji-0008-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0008-CN.ogg
Victory After all this, everything will be fine.[1] File:Laziji-0021-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0021-CN.ogg
Defeat Everything is wrong... File:Laziji-0022-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0022-CN.ogg
Feeding Huh? This is made by you? It REALLY is made by you? Are your hands even that skilled? Ouch ouch ouch -- Stop pinching! Stop pinching! I'm wrong, I'm wrong okay, is that not enough? File:Laziji-0023-JP.ogg File:Laziji-0023-CN.ogg


Fenghuang (凤凰), Chinese mythological bird in, people usually mix it up with Phoenix, but in fact, there is many differences between them.

Lihuo (离火), Li (离) is one of the trigrams in Bagua, which also represent Fire (火). It also have symblos of long-tailed birds, such as peacock and Fenghuang. (

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the bao technique (Chinese: 爆; pinyin: bào; lit. 'pop, explosion') of stir-frying on a high flame was typical of cuisine from the northern Chinese province of Shandong. The wok is first heated to a dull red glow over a high fire. The oil, seasonings, and meats are then added in rapid succession. The food is continually tossed, stopping only to add other ingredients such as broths, vegetables, or more seasonings. The purpose of Bao is to highlight natural tastes, so minimal seasoning is added. Because of the high heat, bao is ideal for small amounts of food that cook quickly, so the juices do not flow out of the items. Meat is coated with egg white or starch in order to contain the juices. When the food is cooked it is poured and ladled out of the wok. The wok must then be quickly rinsed to prevent food residues from charring and burning to the wok bottom because of residual heat.

A larger amount of cooking fat with a high smoke point, such as refined plant oils, is often used in bao. The main ingredients are usually cut into smaller pieces to aid in cooking. (

Food Souls



Sprite Animations





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Long Bao Chibi 1.png This Artifact has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.
Normal Nodes
Attack.png Attack
Defense.png Defense
Health.png HP
Crit. Rate.png Crit. Rate
Crit. Damage.png Crit. Damage
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed
Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
Artifact Icon-Laziji.png
Togi Node I -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node II -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node III -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node IV -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node V -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

  1. JP VICTORY: If it's enemies I'll just beat them up. That will be no problems, right?