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Leaf Ocean Queen is regarded as the nightmare of the deep sea. Besides her indiscriminate destruction of ships and devouring of humans and spirits alike, there are also rumors of her using the power of song to lure male sailors like the Sirens of antiquity. Because of humankind's limited exploration of the deep sea, she remains the most fearsome marine Fallen Angel recorded in the annals of the Academy.


Behavior-Leaf Ocean Queen.png
She always refused to admit that she is not a mermaid.
— Hungry Jellyfish

Favoured Food Souls


Wave / (Catacombs:) Calm Sea Leaf Ocean Queen uses her tail to generate a wave which covers herself and protects her from enemy attacks.

(Catacombs) Gains invincibility. This effect can be dispelled.

Demon Tears Leaf Ocean Queen's waves inflicts damage to one of her enemies. When she sheds a mournful siren's tear, the enemy loses the ability to speak.
Cage / (Catacombs:) Sea Prison Leaf Ocean Queen's prayers turn waves into cages which detain her enemies. Enemies are constantly assaulted by cold, merciless sea water making them unable to resist her attacks.
Song of the Dead Sea Leaf Ocean Queen uses her enchanting voice to charm her enemies' hearts and pierce their bodies with gentle leaves. Unable to resist and free themselves, they eventually sink into the depths of the Dead Sea.

(Catacombs) Deals damage and continuous damage to all enemies, and casts Charm.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Leaf Ocean Queen A.jpg
Leaf Ocean Queen A
4h Success: 10% Sea Bunny Icon.png Leaf Ocean Queen Icon.png
Leaf Ocean Queen B.jpg
Leaf Ocean Queen B
1h Success: 45% Hungry Jellyfish Icon.png Soulless Angler Icon.png Pearl Eye Icon.png Sea Cat Icon.png Leaf Ocean Queen Icon.png



  • Leaf Ocean Queen is both inspired by the Sirens, mythical Greek creatures said to have lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island, and leafy seadragons, fish with long leaf-like protrusions coming from all over their bodies. (Sources: Siren and Leafy seadragon)
  • See also White Queen Leaf Ocean Queen for an event boss version.