Food Fantasy Wiki

The following are a list of unlockable game features and the levels required to unlock them.

Player Level Feature Description
Lv. 2 Interface-Story Missions.png
Story Missions
Missions that let you learn more about the world of Tierra and its lore and earn rewards. etc.
Lv. 5 Develop Area where you can unlock new recipes.
Lv. 7 Interface-Talents.png
Cooking Talents
Talents can be unlocked using Cooking Power to let you intervene directly into battles and help your Food Souls along.
Lv. 8 Interface-Daily Missions.png
Daily Missions
Daily quests that reward you for completing them.
Interface-Daily Missions.png
Growth Missions
Long-term quests that reward you for completing them.
Lv. 9 Interface-Delivery.png
Send your food souls to deliver food and acquire cooking power, fame and shards.
Interface-Team 2.png
Team #2
Form a second team of Food Souls.
Lv. 10 Interface-Decorate.png
Decorate your Restaurant.
Lv. 12 Hard Stages Hard difficulty area that can be challenged a limited number of times daily for shards.
Lv. 15 Interface-Replenish.png
Four types of trials for various daily rewards.
World Map
Travel to new locations.
Challenge Disasters.
Interface-Team 3.png
Team #3
Form a third team of Food Souls.
Lv. 16 Interface-Ice Arena.png
Ice Arena
A place to recover freshness of food souls over time.
Lv. 22 Interface-Air Ship.png
Ship crates that can be filled with the required food to get various rewards and Food Soul shards.
Lv. 23 Interface-Showdown.png
PvP auto-battle mode.
Lv. 24 Interface-Exploration.png
Send teams of food souls to gather items.
Lv. 26 Interface-Catacombs.png
Dungeon where you can gather Fallen Angels.
Fallen Angels
Raise pets that can be attached to Food Souls to increase their stats.
Lv. 28 Market A place players can buy/sell materials and ingredients.
Lv. 30 Interface-Team Up.png
Team Up
Team up with another player to defeat bosses in auto-battle mode.
Shard Fusion
Fuse shards of lower rarities into higher rarities (was changed from lvl 50 to lvl 30)
Interface-Do-It-All King.png
Do-It-All King
Complete objectives to obtain rewards and eventually recruit Rum.
Lv. 31 Interface-Cuisine Review.png
Cuisine Review
Complete objectives to obtain rewards and eventually recruit Toast.
Lv. 32 Interface-Guild.png
Join a group of players and do guild activities.
Lv. 40 Interface-Artifacts.png
Boost some Food Souls stats even further by unlocking Artifacts and Togi Nodes.
Interface-Battle Drills.png
Battle Drills
Test your Food Souls in drills.
Lv. 45 Shopkeeper in Restaurant Let the Shopkeeper take care of your Restaurant for you.