The following are a list of unlockable game features and the levels required to unlock them.

Disclaimer: Levels listed may be inaccurate

Level Feature Description
Lv. 2 Story Missions Missions that let you learn more about the world of Tierra and its lore and earn rewards. etc.
Lv. 5 Develop Area where you can unlock new recipes.
Lv. 7 Cooking Talents Talents can be unlocked using Cooking Power to let you intervene directly into battles and help your Food Souls along.
Lv. 9 Delivery Send your food souls to deliver food and acquire cooking power, fame and shards.
Team #2 Form a second team of Food Souls.
Lv. 12 Hard Stages Hard difficulty area that can be challenged a limited number of times daily for shards.
Lv. 13 Daily Missions Daily quests that rewards you for completing them.
Lv. 15 Replenish Four types of trials for various daily rewards.
World Map Travel to new locations.
Lv. 16 Ice Arena A place to recover freshness of food souls over time.
Lv. 22 Airship Ship crates that can be filled with the required food to get various rewards and Food Soul shards.
Lv. 23 Showdown PvP auto-battle mode.
Lv. 24 Exploration Send teams of food souls to gather items.
Lv. 26 Catacombs Dungeon where you can gather Fallen Angels.
Fallen Angels Raise pets that can be attached to Food Souls to increase their stats.
Lv. 28 Market A place players can buy/sell materials and ingredients.
Lv. 30 Team Up Team up with another player to defeat bosses in auto-battle mode.
Shard Fusion Fuse shards of lower rarities into higher rarities (was changed from lvl 50 to lvl 30)
Do-It-All King Complete objectives to obtain rewards and eventually recruit Rum.
Lv. 32 Guilds Join a group of players and do guild activities.
Lv. 40 Artifacts Boost some Food Souls stats even further by unlocking Artifacts and Togi Nodes.
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