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Clearing away all obstacles for my master is my duty.


Junmai Daiginjo's faithful hound, so loyal that if Daiginjo told him to go die, he would happily slit his own throat. He knows some things aren't ideal, but he'll still do as Daiginjo says. Although he's a little fed up with Daiginjo's actions, he still goes along with him and somewhat pampers him. He is called a merman because the accessories on his body are like fish scales and allow him to "swim" around in the air and up walls even though he's on land. It's also how he sneaks up on targets and hides himself.

Food Introduction

"Ichiyaboshi" (いちやぼし, literally meaning "dried overnight") comes from Japan's Hokkaido region. In the era before refrigeration was widespread, local fishermen invented this technique to preserve fresh fish, which consists of salting fish and hanging it to dry. First, a plump fish is cut open, then the internal organs are removed, and it is soaked in salt water of similar salinity to the sea. Finally, it is hung out to dry overnight, resulting in dried fish. To this day, it is an indispensable, classic food amongst Japanese cuisine.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1817
Attack.png Attack 48
Defense.png Defense 29
Health.png HP 570
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 441
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 621
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1,601


Bone Strike Basic Skill
Skill-Mackerel Ichiyaboshi-Normal.png Mackerel Ichiyaboshi swipes with a barb, dealing 10% (50%) ATK as damage per second, plus 100 (1300) extra damage, to a random enemy for 4 seconds.
Shadow Barb Energy Skill
Skill-Mackerel Ichiyaboshi-Energy.png Mackerel Ichiyaboshi unleashes some ninjutsu moves, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage, plus 211 (2743) extra damage, to the nearest three enemy units, also adding 15 (39) points of Energy for himself.
Super Shadow Barb Link Skill
Skill-Mackerel Ichiyaboshi-Link.png Mackerel Ichiyaboshi unleashes some ninjutsu moves, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage, plus 253 (3289) extra damage, to the nearest three enemy units, also adding 30 (54) points of Energy for himself. Junmai Daiginjo.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract All of your hopes are Mackerel Ichiyaboshi's desires.
Log In Yes? If there's something you need done, leave it to me.
Ice Arena Feeling wobbly? Take my hand.
Skills Fall into an eternal nightmare.
Ascend This... Thank you. Mackerel will not let you down.
Fatigue This is just the slightest fatigue. There's no need for... Alright... I see...
Recovering Do you need me to go? Ah? ...Right, I shall rest up.
Team Formation I will clear away all obstacles for you.
Knockout ...Apologies... for having... disappointed you...
Notice M-my cooking is nothing much, but if you're willing to try some...
Idle 1 One... two... three... Huh?! ...Oh, I misheard. Not back yet.
Idle 2 Uh -- Ah! Oh no! It's not yet time to rest!
Idle 3 ...Um... Is there nothing that needs doing?
Interaction 1 All is fleeting, like a dream on a spring night.
Interaction 2 Oh? You like this? I'll give it to you.
Interaction 3 Hm? These? They're not scars... they're my fins. With them, I can roam freely no matter where I am...
Pledge Spring flowers and the harvest moon join hands for a fleeting time, sharing both joy and shadow. But you... you grant me an eternity of spring flowers.
Intimacy 1 Kill the night crows and sleep till morning.
Intimacy 2 There's a chill in the air tonight. Why don't you head home a little earlier? Or else I'll... I'll worry...
Intimacy 3 It's no matter. These are medals you've bestowed upon me. Compared to your smile, the pain is nothing.
Victory It's over.
Defeat Is it... gone now... for good...?
Feeding F-for me?! I-I-I surely won't let you down!!

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