Finally reached the Academy, but then there was an unexpected development.

4th Day of Clear Skies


Ichi, Academy Staff Member, Master Attendant, Olivia, Lockheed(mentioned)


Ichi - We're finally here. Master Attendant, those people look like they're expecting us.

Academy Staff Member - HA! You guys are way too slow!

Master Attendant - Huh?

Ichi - Cut it out. We're here aren't we?

Academy Staff Member! I guess efficiency isn't in your vocabulary. who am I kidding, you're just a chef anyways.

Ichi! Wow. Such an awful attitude.

Olivia - I guess everyone from the academy is arrogant? You people must feel like you have the right to act all high and mighty!

Academy Staff Member ~ You're delivered our order. Now leave!

Master Attendant - Wait, I still have something to ask you!

Academy Staff Member - Now what?

Giving the syringe to the academy staff.

Master Attendant - Have you ever seen this?

Academy Staff Member - Where did you get this?

Master Attendant - Someone used this to turn a Food Soul into a Fallen Angel. We know that it was made by the Academy, and we want to find out why!

Academy Staff Member - I'm sorry, I can't help you. If there isn't anything else, you should go now!

Ichi! Hold it! Tell us what this is, right now!

Academy Staff Member - YOU...What are you doing? This school is protected by the royal family! Don't you dare...

Ichi! Ah! The hell with you! I've hard enough!

??? - Who is making a fuss over there?

Academy Staff Member - Loc...Lockheed! Look what they're done!

Ichi - Lockheed? Who's that?

Olivia - Ichi, back down. This is the minister of the Chefs' Guild!

Ichi - Eh!?

4th Day of Clear Skies


Ichi, Master Attendant, Olivia, Lockheed, Academy Staff Member, Mithra(mentioned)


Ichi - Master Attendant, this guy looks really thought and scary... I think we're in trouble.

Master Attendant - Stay calm. Let's see what happens.

Olivia - Minister, it's a pleasure to meet you here.

Lockheed - I know you. You're the new guy, Master Attendant, right? What brings you here today?

Olivia - It's just a delivery. I'm about to leave.

Academy Staff Member ~ Nonsense! They were getting ready to attack me just now!

Ichi! Say that again!?

Academy Staff Member - Hey, look! That's the guy!

Master Attendant - Minister, I am Academy Staff Member. Please allow me to explain the situation...

Master Attendant related the whole situation to Lockheed: the recent attacks, the syringe, etc.

Master Attendant - If this is not settled soon, there will be more Food Soul victims! that's why I was bit impatient just now. I'm sorry.

Lockheed - An Attendant's job is to get rid of Fallen Angels, not to snoop around asking questions. I suggest you back away now.

Master Attendant - But...

Olivia - Well, the, Mr. Minister, it seems this had been resolved. We'll be leaving now.

Olivia - (He's hot a good level of influence in the Guild. Better leave him alone. Let's withdraw now.)

Master Attendant - OK.

Academy Staff Member - Whoa, got me all scared. Thank you, Lockheed. Are you done talking to the dean?

Lockheed - Yes, and he wanted to tell you that Mithra has escaped...

Academy Staff Member! Again!? Really?!

Ichi - Ha! This person much be a chicken! Just look at him all scared.

Academy Staff Member - Huh? You guys! Come over here!

Ichi - Now what?

Academy Staff Member - One of our students escaped the academy and our dean has ordered her returned at all costs. Now hurry up and go find her for us!

Ichi - Why would you think we'd do your bidding?

Lockheed - Master Attendant, you're an attendant and it's your duty to protect people from Fallen Angels! Now take your people and get to it!

Master Attendant - So be it. Let's go!