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All that is beautiful should not be left to the ordinary.


Mango Pomelo Sago was originally named 芒果西柚西米露. She's a spirited person with a natural sense of beauty and art. Moreover, she's been known to persist with her idea of trending aesthetics. When she was born, she wasn't a Food Soul with strong soul power. But her Master Attendant constantly told her, “You are the most beautiful and most powerful person,” and named her 杨枝甘露 (sweet dew of Guanyin’s willow), signifying her as the lucky star delivered to the world by God. She was instilled with this notion, and thus, became a confident artist with a strong love for all beings of the world. She's active in many fields of art and explores the creativity of the world. She strongly believes that the art she creates represents the world's beautiful side.

Food Introduction

Mango Pomelo Sago is a type of Hong Kong dessert. It's creative name originates from the clear vase in Guan Yin's hand. In ancient artwork, Guan Yin's right hand holds a willow branch and her left hand wields a clear vase. In it, the dew is called "sweet dew of Guan Yin's willow". In this dessert, the "willow branch" refers to mango, pomelo, and anything associated with wood. The "sweet dew" refers to the coconut juice and fresh milk. According to legend, the "sweet dew of willow" in Guanyin's hand can bring fortune and luck to a person. Meanwhile, eating a bowl of Mango Pomelo Sago during a hot summer day can cool a person down and replenish a person's qi. It is refreshing, sweet, and cooling which can similarly give anyone tasting it a feeling of unlimited happiness.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Initial Stats

Power Soul Power 1788
Attack Attack 55
Defense Defense 23
Health HP 510
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 817
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 766
Attack Speed Atk Spd 1422


World Painting Normal Skill
Skill-Mango Pomelo Sago-Normal Mango Pomelo Sago uses the brush in her hand, restoring 40 HP to all teammates per second.
Earth Sprinkle Energy Skill
Skill-Mango Pomelo Sago-Energy Mango Pomelo Sago sprinkles all teammates with dew water, restoring 415 HP to all allies, and dispelling all negative effects.

Voice Lines

Contract Hm~ You’re here? I’m Mango Pomelo Sago, let’s explore the facets of the world together! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0001.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0001-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0001-CN
Log In Hey, my new exhibition is almost ready, keep this between us, but you can come straight to backstage to find me. File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0002.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0002-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0002-CN
Ice Arena It’s so cool here! You’ve surprised me~ File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0009.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0009-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0009-CN
Skills Nobody can ruin my art! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0010.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0010-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0010-CN
Ascend I’m inspired! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0011.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0011-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0011-CN
Fatigue It won’t do to not experience new viewpoints, Master Attendant, will you go to the exhibition with me? File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0012.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0012-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0012-CN
Recovering Appreciating the art of others is also an act of self-reflection, I’ve learnt a lot this time. File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0013.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0013-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0013-CN
Team Formation Action! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0014.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0014-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0014-CN
Knockout Imperfect Venus de Milo... File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0015.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0015-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0015-CN
Notice Plates all set! Hey! Photos first, don’t start eating yet! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0017.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0017-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0017-CN
Idle 1 Master Attendant, have you seen my willow branch pen… Huh? Has it been in my hand all this time? File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0018.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0018-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0018-CN
Idle 2 To strive for speed and not the destination, and complete mastery over rhythm; that is art. File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0019.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0019-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0019-CN
Idle 3 Mango pomelo sago isn’t just a dessert for summer, you know. File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0020.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0020-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0020-CN
Interaction 1 Don’t disturb me, I’ve almost got a hold of the inspiration that’s eluding me, I’ll play with you in a bit. File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0003.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0003-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0003-CN
Interaction 2 See, when it comes to life, it’s all about the sweet moments. It’s not difficult, smile more and you’ll naturally be happier~ File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0004.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0004-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0004-CN
Interaction 3 While you’re here today, come help me take a look, is this piece missing anything? File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0005.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0005-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0005-CN
Pledge Somebody once told me, everyone’s in this world for a reason, we might not be the best, but we have to strive to shine on our own stages, to become a main character! Today, I’ve finally accomplished this; look, it’s finally my time to shine! From now on, please take care of me! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0016.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0016-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 Alright, alright, if I model for you, what can I expect in return? File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0006.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0006-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0006-CN
Intimacy 2 You’re so clingy! But it does make me happy~ File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0007.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0007-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 Remember! No matter what criticism others have, you have to maintain your individualism, okay? File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0008.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0008-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0008-CN
Victory Perfection! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0021.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0021-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0021-CN
Defeat A terrible turnout... File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0022.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0022-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0022-CN
Feeding Wow, yummy! I won’t be holding back! File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0023.ogg File:Mango Pomelo Sago-0023-JP.ogg
Mango Pomelo Sago-0023-CN

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