I really hope that everyone will like me the best.


She has the appearance of a pure, lovable and smart young girl. Her desire is to become the most popular person in the room. She knows how to use her appearance to attract others and has a competitive streak.

Food Introduction

Adding mango to pudding only creates an even more flavorful experience. What happens when two textures collide? Something spectacular!


Initial Stats

Flame icon Soul Power 1326
Attack Attack 35
Defense Defense 15
Health HP 470
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 694
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 575
Attack Speed Attack Speed 1008

Other Info

How to Acquire


Crystal Missile Normal Skill
Mango Pudding deals 100% points of damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus an extra 2 points of damage. At the same time, she deals 17 points of damage to the target over 3 seconds.
Special Amber Energy Skill
Mango Pudding meticulously prepares a special kind of amber that reduces the defense power of the farthest enemy unit by 7 points over 4 seconds, Also stunning thisthe target for 4 seconds.
Super Special Amber Link Skill
Mango Pudding carefully prepares a special amber, decreasing the defense power of the furthest enemy by 7 points over 4 seconds, also stunning the target for 4 seconds. Yogurt Orange Juice

Voice Lines

Contract Master Attendant, hello, I am Mango Pudding. I hope that I can be with you from now on.
Mango Pudding-0001
Mango Pudding-0001-JP
Log In Master Attendant! I have been waiting for you to come back.
Mango Pudding-0002
Mango Pudding-0002-JP
Ice Arena Ah, Master Attendant, are you looking at me?
Mango Pudding-0009
Mango Pudding-0009-JP
Skills How can you possibly stop me?
Mango Pudding-0010
Mango Pudding-0010-JP
Ascend Yes, it's all thanks to you, Master Attendant.
Mango Pudding-0011
Mango Pudding-0011-JP
Fatigue Master Attendant, *sob*, could you... could you hold me for a while?
Mango Pudding-0012
Mango Pudding-0012-JP
Recovering Master Attendant, your embrace is really very warm.
Mango Pudding-0013
Mango Pudding-0013-JP
Team Formation I am the protagonist.
Mango Pudding-0014
Mango Pudding-0014-JP
Knockout How loathsome.
Mango Pudding-0015
Mango Pudding-0015-JP
Notice It's done~ Master Attendant, Did I do a good job?"
Mango Pudding-0017
Mango Pudding-0017-JP
Idle 1 I hope that those who overestimate their capabilities will be able to reflect for a moment~
Mango Pudding-0018
Mango Pudding-0018-JP
Idle 2 I really hope that everyone will like me the best
Mango Pudding-0019
Mango Pudding-0019-JP
Interaction 1 With such a delicate scent it could only be the loveliest girl! Of course, I'm sure you already knew who it was, didn't you?
Mango Pudding-0003
Mango Pudding-0003-JP
Interaction 2 How can anyone be better than me? Ah, Master Attendant, you... why are you here?
Mango Pudding-0004
Mango Pudding-0004-JP
Interaction 3 What I like most is hanging out with friends.
Mango Pudding-0005
Mango Pudding-0005-JP
Pledge Master Attendant, only love me, ok?
Mango Pudding-0016
Mango Pudding-0016-JP
Intimacy 1 Oh! You want to do what? Now's not a good time.
Mango Pudding-0006
Mango Pudding-0006-JP
Intimacy 2 Master Attendant, who do you think is the best-looking out of everyone?
Mango Pudding-0007
Mango Pudding-0007-JP
Intimacy 3 Your heart will always belong to me.
Mango Pudding-0008
Mango Pudding-0008-JP

Fondness Stories

Bathing in the candlelight, I enjoyed the sensation of being watched.

To be more precise, I enjoyed a life lording over others.

Even my so-called Mistress was no exception.


Two slow knocks at the door distracted me from my thoughts.

“Oh, it’s you mistress∼”

Turning my head, I saw her standing in the doorway, staring at me, expressionless.

“Did you come to stare at me?”

She placed some sheets of musical notation on a cabinet by the door.

“I knew you could do it!”

In my excitement I rushed to her and suddenly embraced my mistress.

She was quite the useful one.

Why do I say that?

Because in addition to being able to write some silly stories that people liked, she could also write music.

That was the most important part for me, and only someone with that talent was worthy of being my mistress.

Thanks to this, through her talents and my own I was able to emerge from obscurity and become an idol.

“The main thing is that you like it.”

She took out the large handwritten book she used and wrote these words on the front.

“You wrote them for me, of course I’ll like them”

I answered her, smiling.

“You don’t need to force yourself to smile.”

She wrote again, no expression on her face.

This is probably the thing I dislike about her the most; she always feels free to speculate on my feelings, even though she never expresses any of her own.

“I’m not forcing myself at all, you really are my favourite!”

This sentence should have worked on anyone, but it clearly didn’t make her happy.

“What about you? Am I your favourite?”

She just continued to stare at me indifferently, her hair pale blond and her eyes emeralds, like a beautiful but emotionless doll.

Silence was always her answer, she would never give any other response when I asked this question.

For a moment all I could hear was the sounds of waves crashing outside.

This house stood by the sea, and people rarely passed this way.

She could not speak, so she would just quietly stare out the window at the sea.

“Doll” really was the perfect word to describe her.

However, that had no effect on me; as long as I got to be a star, nothing else mattered.

I had never thought that the gods would show me so much favor.

Such a wonderful environment was already more of a blessing than most ordinary people might receive.

An intelligent doll who wouldn’t speak suited me just fine.

Did you believe in life after death?

I don’t know why, but I can still remember some things clearly from before.

That is… before I became the character of this story.

I was rushing forward, then a thin figure grabbed my hand and stopped me.

Long golden curls billowing, her words interspersed with gasp for breath.

“You have to get out of this place!”

I knew that I had to get out of there.

Then I was rushing into some place even darker.

My body was trembling.

I nearly fell out of the chair in the lounge.

It had been a long time since I had that awful dream.

It really ruined my mood.

However, when one bad thing happens more are usually close behind.

No sooner had I woken up than I saw a face who could always make my bad mood worse.

“Mango! Hello!”

She always greeted me with the same enthusiasm and excessive smiles.

“Hello Jelly∼”

I could be as superficial as the next person.

“I’ve heard you’re going out tomorrow for a photo shoot, that’s really great!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to do the same stuff someday.”

I didn’t know if she was mocking me or if she really was just that stupid.


Jelly seemed really happy all of a sudden, but then her shoulders fell.

“But besides the concerts I really don’t get to take part in much.”

What’s there to be disappointed about!?

Your agent is much better than the good-for-nothing I’ve got.

“Pudding, they really seem to appreciate you.”

Why should I have to explain myself, couldn’t she see I had no interest in continuing this conservation?

“Mango! Come try on your outfits for tomorrow night!”

A voice suddenly came from outside the room.

“Jelly, someone’s looking for me, I’ve gotta run.”

“Alright! Sorry to keep you, I’ll see you later∼”

“Uh-huh, alright∼”

My conversation with Jelly was finally over, I walked into the opposite room.

However, another pain in the butt appeared.

“Orange, you have a good eye! The recommended last time looked really great on me!”

“That’s only because you’re already so beautiful.”

“Ah, that reminds me, when my friends saw the jewelry you gave me for the last party, they wouldn’t stop asking me where I got it∼”

“Really? If they liked it I’ll make more for you to bring next time.”

“You made it yourself?”

“Yeah, it’s just a little hobby of mine.”

“That’s really cool.”

Ahhh, these annoying people are everywhere∼

Clearly I am the one who should be the star!

What are my assistants and make-up artists all doing standing around some strange woman in a sailor costume!?

“Everybody, I’m here!”

I enter with a smile on my face as usual.

“Mango, come over here!”

My assistant says to me while pushing a movable clothes rack.

“These are outfits that Orange picked out for you∼”


“I’m Orange, I’ve been here for a few days on an internship, pleased to meet you.”

Orange said, very politely, obviously already accustomed to such occasions.

“The clothes look great, thank you Orange.”

Naturally I replied very politely as well.

Even though Jelly made me angry, I had no idea why I felt so much animosity towards this Food Soul in front of me, Orange.

“I’m glad you like them.”

She inclined her head, looking at me, then said with a smile.

Looking at someone like that, with a mature smile so unlike my own, made my blood boil.

I casually took an item of the rack, holding it over my body to see how it looked.

“It really suits you.”

“See, I told you that you just need to trust your eyes!”

My assistant said to Orange, happy as a child for some reason.

“I’m just glad Mango likes it. Oh, your tie is crooked, let me fix that for you.”

Orange reached out and straightened the tie, then played with her own hair.

“Th...thank you..”

My assistant said stuttering.

Hrmph! That’s hard to watch!

“Right, do you want to come with us to the shoot? Aren’t you always saying you want to see the sea?”

A make-up artist off to the side suddenly interjected.


For a moment an uncomfortable look flashed across Orange’s face.

That’s right! Orange has a great eye for outfits and jewelry!”

I added suddenly.

“Right, that’s true!”

As I’d expected everyone around started backing me up.

“It’s just that I really enjoy those things.”

“That really is perfect, I was just worrying about this shoot∼This is my first time doing the photography after all, I’m sure it’ll go a lot more smoothly with your help∼”

I said, teasing.

“Orange, you’ve got to say yes!”


“You can’t do it?”

I brought out my most innocent expression.

This trick had never failed me.

“Alright I guess…”

With everyone watching, Orange finally caved.

I couldn’t keep the corners of my mouth from curling upwards.

Excellent, everything was working out my way.

It was a windy and sunny morning.

Everyone is busy with the shooting, and as the star all I have to do is quietly wait for my moment.

This beach is close to the house where my mistress lives.

Orange arrives right on time in the midst of my internable waiting.

“What’s wrong Orange? Why so serious?” Someone asked.

I looked casually in their direction and saw Orange wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask.

“I caught a cold last night, cough cough…”

“Is it because you were too excited about coming to the beach? Orange, you’re more childlike than I expected~”

“Mmhm, that must be it.”

Orange didn’t explain anything more.

The whole conversation was laughable.

Do Food Souls even get sick? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

It seemed to me like Orange was hiding something.

If only I could discover that it was I who would have a way to rid myself of that eyesore of a Food Soul.

Although that was my plan, I don’t know why, I had never seen Orange anywhere until recently.

She couldn’t go back already!?

Suddenly I felt ridiculous, spending the entire time I should have been resting up searching for someone I hated.

I was getting ready to give up and go look for my mistress.

I ended up walking to the house, where I heard a rustling sound.

“Hurry up!”

“What’s the rush? There’s no one here!”

Two strangers were speaking in hushed tones.

“Voices? Were there robbers inside?”

My mistress wan alone in there!

My body reacted faster than my thoughts and I charged forward, so I saw two people dressed in black preparing to carry away an unconscious Orange.

“What are you doing?”

Watching these two suspiciously-dressed people, an uneasy feeling suddenly crept over my heart.

Suddenly the darkness that I had always tried to forget had once again swallowed my heart.

The space was dark and damp, narrow and dirty.

The pungent odor of expired food, ugh, it smelled like a sewer.

Children dressed in tattered clothes, their skinny limbs like firewood, barely able to support the weight of their coarse clothing. This was once the bottom of the world.

“You see it too, this welfare center can’t keep going.”

“We need financial support from the nobles. No matter what the price, I can’t let this place vanish.”

“So, Mango, you can follow the Viscount?”

“Ah, really? You’ll do it? That’s wonderful!”

Liar! Liar! It’s all lies!

“I love you like my own child, I’ve always loved you.”

“Believe me, I will never abandon you.”

Shut up! I don’t want to hear this!


Skin-Mango Pudding-Unknown

Icon-Skin-Mango Pudding-Unknown

— Mango Pudding



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