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Divine Master, am I worthy enough to stand by your side?


A lively and charming young woman with a strong curiosity for the unknown and an unusual obsession with her personal "god"-- absolutely not allowing any person to infringe upon or defile him. To matters of the outside world, she's fairly clueless and has a habit of attaching herself to the first person she sees, like a baby duckling imprinting on its mama. If it's a person she trusts, she'll believe anything they say.

Food Introduction

The margarita, known as the "Queen of Cocktails", is rich in texture and refreshingly sweet and sour, featuring a citrusy bouquet mingled with the unique aroma of tequila. However, few people know that behind the margarita's famous name hides a poignant tale: the salt lining the rim of the glass are the tears of a forlorn lover.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1513
Attack.png Attack 49
Defense.png Defense 21
Health.png HP 421
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 420
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 524
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1450


Salt Protection Basic Skill
Skill-Margarita-Normal.png Margarita wields her lime disc, spreading its salt around, raising damage dealt by 1.2% (17.2%) for the top three ATK stat allies, lasting 3 seconds. Also raises their attack speed by 15% for 3 seconds.
Lime Guard Energy Skill
Skill-Margarita-Energy.png Margarita wields her lime disc, forming a shield for her allies, restoring 75 (975) HP per sec for all allies, lasting 5 seconds. Also boosts all allies' ATK by 20% for 5 seconds.
Lime Aegis Link Skill
Skill-Margarita-Link.png Margarita wields her lime disc, forming a shield for her allies, restoring 90 (1170) HP per sec for all allies, lasting 5 seconds. Also boosts all allies' ATK by 20% for 5 seconds. Tequila.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hello there~ My name's Margarita... Um, are you my Divine Master?
Log In Master, you've returned! What's out there in the world?
Ice Arena It's... kind of cold here...
Skills You! You get away--!
Ascend Now I'll be able to be closer to my Divine Master, won't I...?
Fatigue Master, I want... to stay by your side.
Recovering Really? You're really not getting rid of me? Then... I'll just rest a moment...
Team Formation I won't let your hopes down, Master!
Knockout I... still haven't...
Notice Master, come and enjoy your offering-- I mean... dinner.[1]
Idle 1 Uh, Fallen Angels? Why are they so similar to the Master of Evil?
Idle 2 I need to get stronger so I can be of service to Master.[2]
Idle 3 In myths, the earliest ancestor of humans formed his wife from a rib bone. So, is it possible that I came from Master's rib bone?
Interaction 1 Would Master like a glass of margarita? ...No, I didn't mean me!
Interaction 2 F- Fallen Angels? Those terrifying things? ...Oh! Master Attendant, you've really overestimated me.
Interaction 3 D- dance?! You think I'm worthy to dance with you?![3].
Pledge R- really? ...I truly am not worthy to stand next to you![4]
Intimacy 1 Divine Master... I have a dance... I'd like to show you...[5]
Intimacy 2 Why do I call you "Divine Master"? Well... you are my Divine Master, aren't you? ...That's right, to me you're a god.[6]
Intimacy 3 My love, my body, my everything-- it all belongs to you.[7]
Victory I really could do it after all...
Defeat I'm still... not good enough after all...
Feeding Master, is this for... me? Thank you, Master! I'll never forget it... never... ever...


Greenflame Witch
Skin-Margarita-Greenflame Witch.png

Icon-Skin-Margarita-Greenflame Witch.png

This is the inevitable endgame. I hope to be standing across from you, able to unleash a splendor of flame that you'll remember for a lifetime.
— Margarita
Rowdy Afternoon, Encore Party X


  1. JP Notice: I've prepared an offering... I mean, a dinner for you. I hope you can enjoy it, Master Attendant.
  2. JP Idle 2: I have to become stronger as soon as possible... I need to be strong so I can be of help to them.
  3. JP Interaction 3: Dancing? With me? Can I really dance with you?
  4. JP Pledge: T- that's...! Does that mean I'm now qualified to stand by God's side!?
  5. JP Intimacy 1: God, I've created a dance which I'd like to dedicate to you... would you like to see it?
  6. JP Intimacy 2: Just now, did you call for me? ... You are, the God, aren't you? ... *gasps* ... Yes, the God that I, Margarita, loves is you, and only you.
  7. JP Intimacy 3: My heart, my body, my everything... I shall dedicate them to you. I love you, God.
Food Souls

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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by Revelery and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Value of Life

The village where I live is a small one.

I'm proud of the people in the village.

Everyone is so kind.

Every life is given by God, and we respect all life so devoutly and with respect.

I can't remember what happened before my birth.

It can only be felt vaguely, but it's a very warm feeling. At that time, my whole body was surrounded by a warm power.

I think this may be the power of the gods.

So warm and harmonious, it's like bathing under the sun in winter.

I once wondered why God made them choose me as the new priest?

They said that my birth was a miracle, and I had the power that only the gods gave.

At first, I didn't know what I was going to do.

God told me that my most important job is to preside over the sacrifice.

When other people are working hard for the sacrifice, I can only sit on the grass and blow a breeze in a daze.

I have suggested many times that I can do something for everyone, but I've always been rejected.

Everyone told me that godliness is the best reward for every sacrifice.

Every month, there will be a sacrifice.

The chosen "lamb" will become the "son of God". Under the will of God, they will have the opportunity to listen to God and serve him.

Only at this moment will everyone's life show its greatest value.

II. Leaving

I don't enjoy sacrificing very much.

The God that is spoken from their mouths isn't so gentle.

He will always be greedy and cruel in sacrificial.

He does not allow anyone to deny him.

He requires that all people follow his instructions.

Those who did not listen to "he" soon disappeared.

In addition to the son of God, the God spoken from their mouths needs a bride every year, a pure and beautiful bride.

The woman who had a soul connection with me was once a bride.

"That woman" was the first person I saw when I came to this world.

She also told me how gentle, wise, and elegant the presence of gods are.

She was always more devout than others, and her piety was rewarded - she was chosen to be the "bride" of the gods.

At first, she was delighted that she was chosen as the bride.

The "He" spoken from her mouth is so respectful of life and love for the world.

But on the day of the sacrifice, everything that happened made me confused.

The sacrifice was as smooth as ever that day.

Just after the sacrifice ended, I saw "the woman" who was supposed to be sent to the altar to wait for the gods was sent to another direction.

I can occasionally feel the emotion of "the woman" through that subtle connection.

That day, she was very angry, sad, even...


Because of these unpleasant emotions, I came to the wooden house.

At that time, the wooden house was ablaze, and "the woman" laughed sharply in the flames.

"God is right - this fire and my life - is my last sacrifice to you - I love you. " The blazing flame lasted all night. I watched the fire, creating a different kind of sadness.

After the flames that dyed the entire sky red was extinguished, her earrings were found in the burnt, scorched earth.

Along with her, there was the last priest.

They said that it was the fire of heaven, which the gods had laid down.

There are also people who clamored that it was their punishment for blasphemy.

But I know it wasn't the will of the gods.

This fire was a sacrifice.

A sacrifice made with one's own life.

The woman was deprived of her name after she died. We can only call her "the woman.

After that, a group of people wearing robes and masks came. They claimed to be God's agents.

They told me that the priest and "the woman" violated the God's taboo, so the God punished them.

Now, the gods want me to be their agent and bring them more believers.

I feel very honored to be a priest.

If I become a priest, I can preside over the sacrifices of the gods, and I can be closer to the gods.

However, I didn't know if it was my own illusion.

It's different from the "lamb" that my imagination should show satisfaction in my eyes.

Their expression on the altar made me feel a sense of despair.

It's such a beautiful thing to become a "son of God". Why do they show such expressions?

I must have made a must be!

I can't hold the sacrifices for the gods in this kind of mood.

I went to the residence of the agent and told them that I wanted to leave for a while and find my original, devout self.

They tolerated my willfulness and gave me the spices I needed for sacrifices in the outside world.

This spice is very precious. It's only available here. When every devout believer ignites this spice, it will be blessed by the gods.

We don't use too much even for sacrifices, but the agents gave me enough to use in a year.

With this kind of spice, even if I leave the village temporarily, I can pray for God from the farthest distance on the darkest day of the moon every month.

I hope that after I have traveled, I will solve my confusion and return to serve God more sincerely.

III. Deity

The outside world is not as beautiful as ours.

People here need something called "gold coin" in exchange for giving you what you need.

In our village, we can rely on each other and never ask for anything in return.

There are countless evil spirits here, and only the power of gods can defeat them.

Without the altar, I couldn't make full use of the power that God gave me.

I've traveled through several places, but I still can't get used to the atrocities of the outside world.

People will rob other weak people and use violence wantonly.

They will even arbitrarily plunder the life given by the gods.

As expected, it's just like what they said.

Those who are not blessed by the gods are so filthy.

Looking at all this like purgatory, I told myself that I need to find another answer.

I can't leave willfully and go back when I feel like I can't find the answer.

I've made a decision. On the day of the biggest sacrifice next year, I will find the answer and go back to the village to serve God.

Time had passed for a long time, and I even started to give up. But at that time, I met a real god.

He is so dazzling, even in the face of monsters, he can still show a gentle smile.

In the lifeless wasteland, I hurriedly ran away and entered his battlefield by mistake.

Those evil spirits surrounded him, but his smile was so confident.

I looked at his smile and even forgot the threat chasing after me.

His bullet went through the head of the evil spirit.

It also penetrated me, who wanted to help him resist the attack.

The agent told me that ordinary people's attacks can't hurt those evil spirits, only the power of the gods can do it.

"Are you...the Lord of the gods?"

He angrily used "spiritual power" to help me close the wound, and I watched the side of his face with some ecstasy.

I learned his name from his mouth. He called himself Tequila.

Although it's a bit impolite to say this, the way he clumsily bandaged me was actually cute.

The Lord of the gods told me that the power he used was called "spiritual power."

He's not a god, but a Food Soul, just like me.

And those evil spirits are not the ones I know. They are just a kind of monster called Fallen Angel.

He said that he injured me by accident, so he will take responsibility until I recover.

He said, "I have the same strength as him, but I will not use it. He can teach me."

He said that there are many good people in the world, so he will work hard to protect them.

I looked at him in an ecstatic trance.

He is like...

The gods who come to this world forget who they are, but they don't forget to warm the world with their own strength.

After following the gods, I gradually discovered that the outside world was not as dirty as God makes them say.

IV. Last Sacrifice

My life with God was so fast that I almost forgot about the sacrifice.

Perhaps it was because I didn't join in the sacrifices for a long time. I felt a little unaccustomed to offering sacrifices and smelling spices.

I have carefully tested the views of God on sacrificial offerings.

He said that as long as it's sincere enough, the gods wouldn't mind what the sacrifice was.

So I tried to change the offerings, replacing the "son of God" with delicious desserts I used to eat outside.

Sure enough, the gentle God didn't send down the punishment.

For this reason, I was determined to go back and tell them about it.

We don't need to choose "son of God" and "bride" again. The gods will not blame us.

Let last year's sacrifice be the last.

I don't want to see that desperate expression anymore.

I invited the Lord of gods to come back to my hometown with me. He didn't hesitate to agree to my request.

At this moment, I suddenly felt the ease I never had before, which also made the trip very pleasant.

The only thing that annoyed me was that the Lord of gods didn't want to stop teaching me along the way.

He taught me seriously on how to use my power and how to protect myself.

He always uses the word "stupid", but he never left me.

Even when there are many people, he will slow down to catch my hand in order to avoid losing me.

Once when I was chased by a Fallen Angel, I sprained my foot. Although he knocked me on the head several times, he couldn't help but carry me.

I thought of this while lying on his back.

If he really contradicted him, it would be great if he wasn't a God.

And from that day on, I didn't want to call him a God again.

I began to see his appearance, not the unreachable god behind him.


He is not the God of everyone...

He is my God.

The one who created me and gave me everything I knew.

My strength had become more and more stable under his guidance, and I can save others just like him.

The taste of being thanked is so warm and sweet.

I took my God back to the village and told the agent everything I had seen and heard on the way.

His expression was hidden in the shadows, and I didn't see it so clearly.

He agreed that this year's sacrifice no longer needs "son of God" and "bride". This made me happy and I agreed to preside over the last sacrifice.

After the sacrifice is over, I can leave here. He won't know all this, and we can have a new journey.

A travel that only has the two of us and no longer any sacrifices.

V. Margarita

In the records of the Holy See, there is such a village.

They are rich in a very special kind of spice. People who smell it will be in a trance all day long, lose their judgment and sense, and be easily manipulated.

What's more, this kind of spice, in addition to being effective for human beings, has a very good effect on other spirits and Fallen Angels.

There was a group of people who discovered the use of the spice and controlled the village that produced it in the name of God.

In addition to using them to extract spices, the group has done countless unforgivable things with the spices.

There are many who will use the law to sanction them. Even all the villagers who were bewitched must pay with their lives.

Margarita was born in such a "chaos."

The traveler who was robbed of a magical stone became the son of God.

The most devout girl in the village summoned Margarita with that stone.

Whether it's a dream or a nightmare, there will be a day to wake up.

The girl wished to become the "bride" of the gods. However, the person who took away her most precious things was not the God she imagined, but the "God" who never took off the mask.

If that was the case, maybe she will struggle to wake up. But when she heard the conversations of those innocent people in their pain, the last glimmer of hope was like a popped bubble.

She locked the room, ignited herself, and burned all the sinners in the wooden house with her hands covered with blood.

It's just that such a tragedy is just an episode for those people.

It was inevitable that Margarita wanted to leave.

But for those who are wicked, there is no value for a puppet who is no longer obedient.

But when they wanted to do it, the people who were hiding in their shadows stopped them.

"It's okay, let her take the spices and leave. She is the most devout believer of God. I want to test whether she will come back after leaving this environment. How can spices make her obedient?"

Margarita lived up to their expectations.

She had been fascinated by spices and believed in the existence of gods.

Even after seeing the outside world and having doubts, she is still so pious.

She can no longer escape the net that had been woven around her.

After all, in this world, besides human beings, for some people, a Food Soul is also an extremely expensive commodity.

However, by the time she realized it, it was already too late.

- The withering Tequila had already been caught in their trap.

Although Tequila had been extremely gentle to her, even after being deceived, he still stood in front of her, blocking the attack.

But it was enough to wake her up from this nightmare.

One by one at the expense of Tequila's serious injury.

She's been avoiding what she's done, not wanting to wake up.

At this price, the person she valued the most was hurt.

This kind of cognition made her fall into madness.

She tried her best to escape with Tequila to the cave where they had been offering sacrifices.

Except for those group of people, the villagers were afraid to step on the forbidden area because they were afraid of the gods' punishment.

Spiritual power continued to flow from Tequila's wounds.

Margarita remembered what Tequila once told her:

"For us, the injury is not the most terrible thing, but when all the spiritual power is exhausted, we will no longer exist. So no matter what, you must stop the flow of spiritual power for the first time."

He's going to disappear...

Because of me?

Because of me? My God is about to disappear...

Collapse, confusion, despair, all the negative emotions rushed into her chest in a flash. This feeling of bewilderment was similar to that before "the woman" ignited the fire.

The great despair swallowed up her only remaining reason. At this time, Margarita was no longer the charming and smiling girl at that time.

Suddenly, she remembered "the woman."

"Ah, will my God answer my prayer when I sacrifice with my life?"

"You're awake! I'll get Black Pudding and Spaghetti!" The lovely girl hurried out with her skirt in her hands. In the room, Margarita sat up on the bed, rubbing her dizzy forehead.

"Tequila...No, I have to save him...Tequila..."

When Spaghetti came to the room, Margarita had fallen to the ground. Her face was pale and weak, and she couldn't stand up from the ground. He extended his hand to Margarita.

"There is no God in this world, only the human beings who constantly deceive us. They have robbed us of our light. Will you take back our light with me?"