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A Food Soul who stands in a neutral ground between humans and Food Souls and attaches great importance to the rules. Due of the passing of an old friend, he now runs (the friend's) a detective agency. His great love of Sakurajima leads him to hope for its continued stability. He is often teased by others because of his diminutive stature.

Food Introduction

Matcha has its origins in the Sui and Tang Dynasties of China before spreading to Japan during the Ming Dynasty. Tender spring tea leaves are selected and compressed into a disc or "tea cake" (called Bing Cha, 饼茶), which before consumption is once again placed upon a flame to roast and dry out, and then grounded into powder using a natural stone grinder. Drinking matcha tea is typically accompanied with a series of complicated tea ceremony rules, and tasting matcha is a process of healing the body and promoting health.

In our current, fast-paced society, very few people still drink tea according to traditional tea ceremony methods, so matcha is more used to produce various gourmet food items. The green-hued matcha foods become an oasis of freshness on the dining table, much to the admiration and delight of people everywhere.

Other Info

How to Acquire


Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2885
Attack.png Attack 130
Defense.png Defense 26
Health.png HP 601
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1524
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1528
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1385


Emerald Wisp Basic Skill
Skill-Matcha-Normal.png Matcha takes a bowl and steeps some tea, pervading the field with tea aroma, restoring 39 (507) HP per second for all allies, lasting 5 seconds. Meanwhile, silences the highest-ATK ally and increases his/her attack speed by 15% (35%), lasting 5 seconds.
Sweet Rainfall Energy Skill
Skill-Matcha-Energy.png Matcha summons a sweet rain from his tea, dealing 30% of his current HP as damage to all allies and giving them a shield worth 512 (6656) points, lasting 5 seconds. Meanwhile, raises all allies' ATK by 25% (45%), lasting 5 seconds.
Super Sweet Rainfall Link Skill
Skill-Matcha-Link.png Matcha summons a sweet rain from his tea, dealing 20% of his current HP as damage to all allies and giving them a shield worth 634 (8242) points, lasting 5 seconds. Meanwhile, raises all allies' ATK by 35% (55%), lasting 5 seconds. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Jade-green clouds drift in the wind, and white blossoms float upon the cup's surface. Hello. I am Matcha.
Log In Master, you've returned. Have a seat.
Ice Arena To take some tea here would indeed be interesting.
Skills Freshness is dear; vitality, superior.
Ascend The taste of tea...
Fatigue I tire. I shall rest.
Recovering Hm? It's nice and quiet. Splendid.
Team Formation If that's so, then let's away.
Knockout Do not look... I will soon... be back by your side...
Notice Try some. Hm? You don't like matcha powder...?
Idle 1 Learn to enjoy this quiet life.
Idle 2 Tea can put one at peace.
Idle 3 Why do people always try to spoil days like this?[1]
Interaction 1 Please hand the tea cup back to me. No matter how high you raise it, I won't stand on tiptoes to retrieve it.[2]
Interaction 2 Moderation in all things is great wisdom.
Interaction 3 This appearance is but a shell. Whether I am old or young has nothing to do with how I think.[3]
Pledge I am not one for moving speeches, and do not wish to make promises I can't keep. But you and I have no need for such illusions. We have enough of reality to undergo and experience, that I will never let go of your hand.[4]
Intimacy 1 You so want me to see you as an elder, don't you...?
Intimacy 2 Come, place your hand here... Do you hear it? ...It is the sound of my heart beating for you...
Intimacy 3 Oh... At times I also want to hold you.
Victory We've won, so might as well head back.
Defeat There will always be times like these. Do not lose heart.
Feeding Hm? Thank you. It's quite cute. Uh... I was talking about you.


Night Tales of Aosaginohi
Skin-Matcha-Night Tales of Aosaginohi.jpg

Icon-Skin-Matcha-Night Tales of Aosaginohi.png

There was once a Yokai that goes by the name of Aosaginohi that secluded itself in the forest of soft bamboo. On its wings, elegant rays of light flow and they could protect the world to ensure peace... Master Attendant, I have read finish the story. The forest is now windy and cooling so I believe we should head back home.
— Matcha


  1. JP Idle 3: It's a very nice day. However, there are quite a few people who want to threaten their peaceful daily lives. I wonder why...
  2. JP Interaction 1: Please return the tea cup. No matter how high you lift it, I'm not going to stretch myself.
  3. JP Interaction 3: My appearance is just a shell. No matter how it looks, it has nothing to do with my contents.
  4. JP Pledge: I don't have "words of love" after all. I don't want to make a vow that won't come true. But we don't need anymore delusions. Let's experience everything together and be filled with true love... I will never let go of this hand again.
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Night Tales of Aosaginohi




Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by a group of people and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Good Friend

I have a detective friend.

He’s very knowledgeable and knew it all; the words his mouth spoke were very engaging, and talking to him was quite compelling.

That’s why whenever I visit the neighboring town, I would always go to have a seat at his detective agency.

Detective agency… Hmmm. Actually, that phrase is not entirely accurate.    "How on Earth is our house a detective agency!! It's clearly more of a community center!"

The goal of one day becoming a great detective belonged to his Food Soul—— Candy Apple huffed whenever this was brought up.

That's very correct, a "community center" sounds more like it.

Think about it: tree-climbing to catch a cat, dog-walking, endless waves of trivial neighborhood errands…

This doesn't seem like the type of task a detective agency would do.       However, he's always happy to do them. Candy Apple is usually by his side, and despite her appearance of reluctance, she still gives it her all.

I enjoy the atmosphere around them. I enjoy looking at them work. I enjoy their bustling everyday life.   Yet.

I received news of his death today.

He left so quickly. Still, I've always suspected something like this would one day happen, long before it did.

His main occupation isn't a detective.

He's a scholar; sailing the oceans and travelling all the way from Gloriville to Sakurajima just for these unexplained mysteries…

The abnormal incidents and strange rumours here.

For instance, humans vomiting out flowers till they draw their last breath; for another, an entire village disappearing in just one night...

Not many humans are concerned about them.   It's none of their concern, nor have they seen it. So, why shouldn’t one treat them as some urban legend?

This is great, fantastic indeed.

Everyone just needs to care about their own peaceful life. If they lack the capacity to resolve abnormal events, then it's better to not interfere.

That way, I can find him and have a chat if I'm idle, as well as listen and learn about the geography and people of Gloriville. I can also see his bustling daily routine…

However, he doesn’t like a mundane life. He came here to explain and unravel these mysteries.

Rumors of abnormal events were sometimes true, and sometimes false. Some were destructive Fallen Angels, and others may have wielded some unknown power… in other words, danger was written all over them.

To be frank, humans —who wish to comprehend everything, even your average Food Soul— are overestimating themselves.

What awaits him is most likely nothing good.

As a friend, I warned him not to carry out anything beyond his limits.

But the blazing dream in his eyes was what he claimed to be his reason for existing.

Finally, he once jokingly said that if anything ever happened to him, he requested that I would oversee and manage the detective agency.

This joke eventually became a reality.

II. Will

Silently whispering, you and spring faded away.

As the sun slipped below the horizon, the funeral ended.

When he was alive, he left behind something resembling a request. I, too, felt attached to the detective agency.

That's why, after seeing you for the last time, laying in your coffin, I went to look for the two girls.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Matcha."

Other than Candy Apple, there was another Food Soul: Kakigori.

When she saw me, she smiled and greeted me, same as always.

But the girl standing next to her, Candy Apple had swollen eyes. She was rather quiet.

No sobbing. She just gritted her teeth, staying silent. In the next second, she rushed out, trying to get to the bottom of this.

I know she felt guilty, so I thought about patting her head. Yet, I knew I had to put to a stop to what she’s trying to do.

"Kakigori, Candy Apple."

I took a deep breath once I was in their field of vision.

"This is his will—— from now on, I shall take over and manage Sunset Detective Agency."

"Since he handed it to me, I'll use my methods to handle this problem. I hope you all can stay away from danger, and don't go investigating anything that’s connected to this case."

I don't wish to drag them into unknown danger, nor do I want them to reach a point of no return, and realize everything has spiraled out of control.   For Kakigori, perhaps she would not overdo it. But for Candy Apple… It currently seems probable.


Candy Apple looked up and faced me. Her eyes were filled with defiance.   "His cause of death, the truth, and the mystery he had yet to uncover, I’ll reveal it all! Down to the last detail! I'll show you— cough, cough, cough!"

Her voice sounds raspy, implying that she had cried her eyes out moments ago. Now, her screams seemed to be hurting her vocal cords; she coughed because she couldn’t take it anymore.

I wanted her to let out all her anger. But I wasn't able to do so, and had to see Kakigori to do it for me.   Her words were ear-piercing; I knew that any comforting words I said would be ineffective.

Candy Apple is a smart child. She should try to be straightforward, instead of babbling incoherently.   I placed my hands on hers, hoping that I could convey my sincerity to her.

"Let's have a chat later. We will decide after that."

III. Notebook

The day I got news of his death, some time before the funeral, I received a letter from him.

In it was a strange investigative notebook.

His final writings were illegible. But I could tell that his mind was deteriorating at that time.

When I went to see Candy Apple again, I wasn’t going to mention this.

However, she knew too much. In other words, she was able to deduce quite a lot of things on her own.

"I'm sorry for just now, Mr. Matcha."

She was feeling better than she was during the funeral. Still, her face was pale.

"I- I can't give up investigating…!! The letter he sent must have something, like calm down and don't do anything dangerous, right?"   "Mmhmm."

"No, I can't do that!!! I must find out…"

"——You wouldn't be able to do so."

I interrupted her.

Afterwards, what I said would hurt her. But I knew I had to say this.   "If it's something even his mind was unable to withstand, what makes you think you can discover anything?"

"His knowledge and experience far exceed yours. He’s experienced many of these unsolved mysteries, so do you think he would be unprepared?! And in the end, what was his fate?!"   I hope the girls will try to stay safe.

I don't want either of them to be involved with any freakish activities anymore, or get into any unknown dangers.   Perhaps it was fair to say that his fate was an accident. Nevertheless, now that the consequences were made known, I must forbid them from further risking their lives.   "He especially wanted me to stop you from doing anything extreme. Candy Apple… you must know what he meant."

He believed Candy Candy lacked the skills to deal with this case. Even if she tried to investigate, she would end up like him.

Based on their close relationship, Candy Apple should understand his words more than ever.   "..."

She finally understood.

Candy Apple bit her bottom lip without uttering a word. I didn't say anything else, and stood up to leave.

This will give me and her some time to get our emotions under control.

IV. Rumours

Though we did not bring up that event, I knew that knot in Candy Apple’s heart had yet to untie itself.

Fortunately, her actions are currently limited to collecting intel, so I needn’t be too worried.

It's been half a year since I took over management of Sunset Detective Agency.

Besides receiving donated vegetables, confectionaries, and other staple foods from the neighbors, there hasn’t been any big changes in my life.

Business was quiet, but then quickly reverted back to normal.

There were more and more requests about catching cats, walking dogs, and detective work.   Occasionally, there were people from other towns sending us requests. The cases weren't particularly strange, so I mostly relied on the two girls to settle them.   There were times where I would lend a hand. But most of my time was devoted to drinking tea by the window, organizing documents, and sunbathing.

Life was calm, and it seemed like everything was back on track.

I looked at the clock, and realized it was time to take a stroll.

When I came downstairs, I wasn't sure why a young man, resembling a pharmacist, was looking at me with a grin on his face.

Strange. I have no recollection of his face, yet he began chatting with me when I inched forward.

"Hi there, young man!"

He looked like he wanted to extend his hand above my head. I instinctively dodged to one side.

Feeling rude, I looked up and smiled back.

"Nice to meet you."   "Haha, hello, hello! I'm not sure if it is okay to ask you something… Do you know the rumors around here?"

"What rumors?"

He then explained, almost as if he were telling a story.

"I heard there's a beautiful pond somewhere nearby. But, half a year ago, I found it was a swamp instead!"

"This swamp is quite peculiar. Many people inexplicably died there——after that, the police decided to remain silent about it. How secretive… Ah, you looked like you're from that town. Did you hear anything about it?"

That thing again.

My friend, died because of that swamp.

I can't believe there are still others investigating it!   "Can you tell me where you heard it from?"

"From a friend… My, from the looks of it, are you not aware of the rumors?"

"Mmhmm, I'm not too clear about it. Are there any other details in the rumours?"   "Other details? Let me think… they said… Ah, that's right. Something about a magatama! I heard as long as there's anything strange happening, a magatama will appear. Also, if you collect 7 of them, any of your wishes will come true! Wishes!! Heh… Powerful indeed…"   He thought for quite some time, and then patted his head, almost as if he thought of something; his eyes lit up.

"Oh, don't tell me you’re interested! Then, do you want to find the magatama along with me?!"

V. Matcha

In the drawer of the chairman’s table in Sunset Detective Agency lays an old notebook.   About the contents——

The beginning was rather normal. But the further you read, the more erratic and abnormal it became. The words became increasingly disordered, and anyone reading would find it unsettling.

New wind, the 29th. I accepted a request and I'm preparing to investigate a swamp outside of town. The person who requested this is claiming to have heard strange voices.

Something may be wrong with her. When she speaks, what she said before doesn’t align with what she says after.

What's wrong with her? Mental illness?

New day, the 1st. Went to check out the swamp with Candy Apple, but I didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

When we went home, we found something on the ground. Could it be connected to those voices!   New day, the 2nd. That object was a magatama.

I heard some voices, a female one. I wanted to confirm it with the lady who made the request, but she didn't come.

New day, the 6th. I researched the magatama, no results.

On the news that night, that lady killed someone on the street and committed suicide afterwards. I'm sorry.   New day, the 7th. I'm sorry! I don't remember writing this.

Maybe something's wrong with me.

I keep on hearing a woman's voice, yet I can't understand what she's saying.

You're so pitiful. I'm sorry, I need to find her, she hoped that I would find her.   New day, the 8th. I think should visit a doctor.

There's new writings in the book that I have no recollection of writing. I'm pretty sure I was the one who wrote it.

I dreamt that a shrine was being burned down. Then, I was torn apart.

It was the miko's memories.

New day, the 9th. WHO ARE YOU?! WHO IS THE WITCH?!


New day, the 10th. Save me. If you can't, take good care of them. Don't go to the swamp. It's dangerous.


It's been a long time since Matcha flipped open the notebook.

He had taken it out again because of the surprising information he’d gleaned from the young man’s words, who he had met on the street.

Matcha could subtly sense that something was wrong with the police. He also knew that strange things were happening all around Sakurajima.

It could be related to the magatama…. he had no clues of how the chain of events connected.

He wanted everyone's life to go back to normal. But he realized that what they were facing was far more complex than he’d imagined.

As for this piece of magatama, there was no proper way of handling it.

To people, it was a divine temptation to have any wish be granted.

Since there were rumors circulating, there certainly quite a handful of people who knew about it… In time, if people found out about it….

How long could their peaceful life be sustained?! There's no way they wouldn't be dragged into this! Or, if this problem was unavoidable, then that meant they would be in trouble for being involved, no?

Perhaps it really was going to get hectic.   Matcha had no choice but to take the worst decision.