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One time is enough for social interactions. Nothing good comes from getting too involved with others.


A opportunist who is exceptionally talented in the field of business. Conversely, he has no talent in poetry instead. Till today, he has never produced any wakas that are praiseworthy

Food Introduction

For the longest of time, matsutake mushroom had always been able to charm people with its flavor. It is the most important ingredient in Dobinmushi, one can even say that it's not Dobinmushi if it doesn't have matsutake mushroom in it.

Cn ver: For thousand of years, people have been obsess with getting their hands on Matutake musbrooms. Although cooking Matsutake Mushrooms deviate from the traditional methods of preparing Dobinmushi, the former is still a main ingredient of the latter. A mere mention of Dobinmushi would immediately cause anyone to think of how delicious Matsutake mushrooms are.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Initial Stats

 Flame icon Soul Power 2,523
Attack Attack 125
Defense Defense 15
Health HP 495
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 1,050
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 532
Attack Speed Atk Spd 2,999


Shower of Fortune Normal Skill
Hoisting the tea urn at his feet, Dobinmushi deals 40% of the his Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 62 extra damage, also silencing all enemies for 3 seconds.
Converging Wealth Energy Skill
Controlling the maple leaves dancing all around him, Dobinmushi deals 40% of his Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 458 extra damage. If the enemy's HP is less than or equal to 25%, it triggers a slaying effect, causing the target to die instantly.

Voice Lines

Contract How do you do? I'm Dobinmushi. You looks like a good person, so I'm sure I'll have fun working with you. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0001.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0001-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0001-CN
Log In Master Attendant, what do you think would be a good phrase to include into this poem? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0002.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0002-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0002-CN
Ice Arena We can earn a lot of profit if we sell winter clothing here. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0009.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0009-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0009-CN
Skills The time is ripe. Charge! File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0010.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0010-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0010-CN
Ascend The quality of the material sure enhances the end result. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0011.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0011-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0011-CN
Fatigue It seems... I'm a little malnutritioned... File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0012.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0012-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0012-CN
Recovering This is why I hate manual labors... please let me rest for a bit longer. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0013.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0013-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0013-CN
Team Formation I'll make sure to get some souvenirs back for you~ File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0014.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0014-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0014-CN
Knockout My tea urn... broke... File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0015.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0015-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0015-CN
Notice The food is ready. Really, don't you know what it means by 'put the right person in the right place'? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0017.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0017-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0017-CN
Idle 1 'When red leaves float on top of the water surface, I shall bring to you a business proposal'... Mm~ it's pretty good. It has a mysterious and refined nuance about it. Hahaha! File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0018.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0018-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0018-CN
Idle 2 Appearance matters. Even ordinary vegetables can be sold at the same price as real luxurious ingredients if contrived, you see. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0019.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0019-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0019-CN
Idle 3 Good opportunity isn't something that you can just find littering around everywhere. It's something that you create yourself. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0020.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0020-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0020-CN
Interaction 1 I don't really understand western paintings. They don't feel elegant at all. I much preferred the traditional paintings from Sakurajima. You feel the same, don't you, Master Attendant? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0003.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0003-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0003-CN
Interaction 2 This tea urn is my lucky charm. As long as I have it with me, there's no doubt that our business will be thriving. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0004.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0004-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0004-CN
Interaction 3 One more point for me with this momiji ni aotan! ... Huh? We've run out of cards to play. Who wins this round? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0005.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0005-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0005-CN
Pledge From now on, let's manage this household together. You'll be in charge of cooking, while I'll be in charge of the household bill. We'll take care of our own roles as we head toward the same future together. How does it sounds? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0016.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0016-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 Shall I recite a love poem for you? ... Eh? What's with that look? Don't you want to hear one from me...? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0006.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0006-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0006-CN
Intimacy 2 It's a first class matsutake mushroom. Would you like to have a taste of it, Master Attendant? File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0007.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0007-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 For spring, butterbur is a must. For summer, watermelon is a must. For you, I am the one you must have. ... Mmhm, I can use that in a poem. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0008.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0008-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0008-CN
Victory Let's seize this opportunity! File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0021.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0021-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0021-CN
Defeat Don't worry, this is not a big deal. File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0022.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0022-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0022-CN
Feeding That's very thoughtful of you. How should I return this favor? The least I can do is reciting a poem... File:Matsutake Dobinmushi-0023.ogg
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0023-JP
Matsutake Dobinmushi-0023-CN


  • The butterbur mentioned in Intimacy 3 refers to Petasites japonicus, known in Japan as fukinotou, and is one of Japan’s most common and favorite spring plants. It can be harvested starting from early spring, so it's said to be one of the plants that marks the arrival of spring.
    • It's also one of the kigo (words or phrases that are associated with a particular season in Japanese poetry) for spring.



Fondness Story

Long Bao Chibi 4 Contents of this page has been fan-translated by MoonlightSelenia and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Private School

Before becoming a merchant, I, Matsutake Dobinmushi, lived in a private school in the countryside. It was a small village where its people picked matsutake mushrooms for a living.

Matsutake mushroom is a valuable ingredient, but the profit they earned wasn't much. Alas, their income was stable enough to maintain their livelihood.

The villagers didn't really concern themselves with the changes within the country, and thought it was fine; they just have to pick and sell mushrooms, keep on living like the usual.

But then on a certain year, they thought that they wanted to pick a lot of mushrooms and sell them all.

The villagers didn't know what kind of people bought the mushrooms they picked.
At the same time, they also didn't know how they can sell the mushrooms they picked with a high price.
And so they racked their brains, thinking for a method.

For the villagers, who had been living a quiet, easygoing life, that was their only concern.

But my Master Attendant was different.

There was a small school in the village.
My Master Attendant was the owner of that school.

My Master Attendant was always concerned about the condition of nation and its future.

He used to be a respectable official and worked in the capital. Later, he retired from the job and returned to his hometown. The villagers greatly respected him because of that.

Master Attendant wanted the villagers to find another way to earn for a living aside from picking mushrooms. He also hoped the children in the village can leave the village, and that's why he built a private school.

The villagers let their children study in that school.

Master Attendant didn't feel that the simple life that their villagers currently have is bad. He thought that there's no need to change the way they lead their life.

But he feared the future that they will have, and that's why decided to run the school.

Because of what he did, the children, who will bear the future, were able to choose for a path other than relying on their current commodity. I think that it's a good thing.

Because I've always been thinking that the villagers' way of living is tedious and worrying.

The school received a good reputation. Maybe it's because Master Attendant is a distinguished person in the first place, but... people from the neighboring village, those with high status and pretty well-off, began letting their children study in that school.

Master Attendant would personally get the children from the neighboring village who attended his school back to their home after classes ended. While he's at it, he would buy and bring home things that can't be found in our village.

I would come with Master Attendant in those trips, and sell the mushrooms from our village. I sold them by adding maintenance cost to its "raw price", and added my latest poem as a bonus.

The "cost price" is a value that the people I'm engaging in business with also knew. I found the process of negotiating price with them as something very fascinating.

When purchasing items too, I would negotiate the price with the shop owner. Because we would want to buy with the cheapest price possible, right?

However, turned out Master Attendant doesn't really like this kind of bargaining. Apparently he thought that it's not a good thing.

But, in order to stay alive in the kind of countryside where we currently lived in, Master Attendant will have to live smartly.
How can we expand our business without outwitting others, without playing our cards cleverly?

Then, after awhile, Master Attendant said that he will go to a city farther than we ever traveled to so far.
I thought that I must never leave Master Attendant's side. I have to protect him, so that my precious Master Attendant will never get fooled by others.





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