I want to see the world and document my travels,


A girl who likes to travel and document everything she sees in her diary. Likes to examine and discover strange artifacts and incidents and then document it in her personal diary. However, to this date she still hasn't uncovered the secrets behind Miss Black Tea's past. And if she has Miss Milk repeatedly do the same thing, what on earth will happen?

Food Introduction

EN: Milk Tea originated from South East Asia. Although Milk Tea first appeared in Taiwan in the 80s of the 20th century, it has quickly become a beloved drink around the world. It is considered one of Taiwan's cultural heritage beverages and is one of the most delicious beverages out there.

Bubble milk tea was created in Nanyang many years ago, and made it's appearance in Taiwan in the early 1980's. It skyrocketed into popularity quickly and set of the bubble tea craze, even finding itself into everyday diets in Taiwan. Soon after it spread to the mainland and soon the whole world.


Initial Stats

Flame icon Soul Power 1326
Attack Attack 42
Defense Defense 21
Health HP 346
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 734
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 413
Attack Speed Attack Speed 699

Other Info

How to Acquire
Associated Events
  • Warm Regards


Shrooms Normal Skill
The pearls surrounding Milk Tea dance back and forth, restoring 36 health points to the friendly unit with the lowest health, while simultaneously making it so that each of her next 3 normal attacks increase her energy level by 1 point.
Book of Meaning Energy Skill
The pages of the books surrounding Milk Tea riffle quickly, restoring 120 health points to all friendly units, while simultaneously making it so that each of her next 5 normal attacks will restore 15 health points to all friendly units.

Voice Lines

Contract EN: Hey, is this the next stop of our trip? What fun will happen here? I'm so excited!

JPN: My, my next journey is stationed here, right? This will likely be interesting. How fun~

Milk Tea-0001
Milk Tea-0001-JP
Log In EN: Welcome back! I found several interesting novels. Do you want to see them?

JPN: Welcome home, master attendant. I've found an interesting novel. Do you want to read it?

Milk Tea-0002
Milk Tea-0002-JP
Ice Arena EN: Hello. I'd really like you to take a look at the novel I just finished.

JPN: Hello, master attendant. I've just written a book. I'd like you to read it

Milk Tea-0009
Milk Tea-0009-JP
Skills EN: You're too noisy, you interrupted my reading!

JPN: Silence, please. You're interrupting my reading.

Milk Tea-0010
Milk Tea-0010-JP
Ascend EN: I want to travel more places and see more people and things~

JPN: I want to go to a lot more places and become more well informed!

Milk Tea-0011
Milk Tea-0011-JP
Fatigue EN: I feel like I can't handle the road, but I still want to travel to more places...

JPN: I can't move another step... Even though I want to go to a lot more kind of places...

Milk Tea-0012
Milk Tea-0012-JP
Recovering EN: Thank you for worrying about me. I feel so much better.

JPN: Thank you for worrying about me. I'm okay now.

Milk Tea-0013
Milk Tea-0013-JP
Team Formation EN: I'm so happy I get to go with you!

JPN: I'm so happy! I'm going with master attendant!

Milk Tea-0014
Milk Tea-0014-JP
Knockout EN: My novel... It still can't touch people's hearts...

JPN: My novel still... has a long way... until it can touch people's heart...

Milk Tea-0015
Milk Tea-0015-JP
Notice EN: Dinner's ready!

JPN: Master attendant, the food's ready!

Milk Tea-0017
Milk Tea-0017-JP
Idle 1 EN: Tiramisu may be all smiles but, once she's fired up, she's terrifying.

JPN: Big sister Tiramisu is always full of smile, but... she's very scary when she's angry...

Milk Tea-0018
Milk Tea-0018-JP
Idle 2 EN: I ended up in trouble once during my travels and it was Red Wine and Steak who saved me.

JPN: I once bumped into some troubles during my journey, and it was big brother Red Wine and big brother Steak who saved me.

Milk Tea-0019
Milk Tea-0019-JP
Interaction 1 EN: Hee hee ... Although I was very curious about Black Tea's past, I don't wanna pry.

JPN: Uu... I'm curious about big sister Black Tea's past, but I don't want to rub salt into someone's old wounds

Milk Tea-0003
Milk Tea-0003-JP
Interaction 2 EN: Once I said Hello to Mister Hot Dog, but he didn't seem to like me calling him "Mister." Why is this?

JPN: When I greeted big brother Hot Dog, his mood turned sour. It seems like he doesn't like to be called 'big brother'. I wonder why?

Milk Tea-0004
Milk Tea-0004-JP
Interaction 3 EN: Every trip will make my novel more colorful~

JPN: Memories from my journey are what makes my novel more colorful.

Milk Tea-0005
Milk Tea-0005-JP
Pledge EN: I have read a lot of love stories. The scenes in the books that make people's hearts speed are not nearly as sweet as what you said to me. I'm so happy! Thank you.

JPN: What master attendant said just now made my heart fluttered, stronger than any lines out of romance novels that I've read so far. I'm so happy. Thank you, master attendant!

Milk Tea-0016
Milk Tea-0016-JP
Intimacy 1 EN: Will you take me along with me next time?

JPN: Master attendant, you'll take me with you next time you're going on a journey, right?

Milk Tea-0006
Milk Tea-0006-JP
Intimacy 2 EN: Recently, I've wanted to write suspense novels but somehow I always end up writing romance. Why is this?

JPN: EN: Lately, I'm trying to write a mystery novel, but before I realized, I ended up writing a romance novel instead. Hm... I wonder why?

Milk Tea-0007
Milk Tea-0007-JP
Intimacy 3 EN: Now I understand how Chocolate feels!

JPN: I think I can understand what big brother Chocolate feels now...

Milk Tea-0008
Milk Tea-0008-JP

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