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May all filth be cleansed from the world.


A kind and personable doctor who knows how to amuse people. He has exceptional medical skills and a strong sense of responsibility, and will diligently put in work behind-the-scenes for others. Outside of work, he’s also very considerate and will frequently tease Pretzel and act as a mediator between Pretzel and others. With Black Pudding he may get into disagreements and spats over differences of opinion over medical issues.

Food Introduction

Muenchner Weisswurst, or white sausage, is one of the most interesting of Germany's sausages. Because it has no added starch and is made with minced beef and pork belly, it has a fairly pale color. It is seasoned with parsley, nutmeg, cardamom, green onion, ginger, lemon, and onion. The most particular thing about eating white sausage is that you must first take off the casing, then pair it with a traditional Bavarian sweet mustard for a sweet flavor without the spicy kick.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power
Attack.png Attack 53
Defense.png Defense 24
Health.png HP 400
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 809
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 611
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1722


Chime Coil Basic Skill
Skill-Muenchner Weisswurst-Normal.png Muenchner Weisswurst's syringe flies beside a target, taking 50% HP from the highest-ATK teammate and boosting the target's ATK 20 (44)% and skill damage 20 (44)%, lasting 5s.
Hymn Protection Energy Skill
Skill-Muenchner Weisswurst-Energy.png The layer of protection around Muenchner Weisswurst expands and rotates, making the lowest-HP-percentage teammate invincible, lasting 5s, and restoring HP for all teammates by 47 (611) HP per sec, lasting 5s.
Super Hymn Protection Link Skill
Skill-Muenchner Weisswurst-Link.png The layer of protection around Muenchner Weisswurst expands and rotates, making the lowest-HP-percentage teammate invincible, lasting 5s, and restoring HP for all teammates by 56 (728) HP per sec, lasting 5s. Pretzel.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract One must keep a close eye on diet and daily life habits. From now on, put your health in my hands.
Log In You've returned! Well... um... getting yourself all dirty like this makes it easy to fall ill.
Ice Arena This is not a place suitable for habitation. We will leave at the earliest convenience.
Skills Vanish along with the color of filth!
Ascend Thank you for placing your trust in me. I will not disappoint you.
Fatigue I call myself a physician, yet I can't even look after myself, and I've caused you to worry too. I am truly sorry...
Recovering Only with ample rest can I bring my full powers to bear.
Team Formation Would you mind fetching my coat for me, Master.
Knockout This... color of filth...
Notice Go wash your hands, it's time to eat.
Idle 1 Attendant? Attendant? Oh... where did Attendant run off to again? I only wanted to do some disinfecting.
Idle 2 While Attendant isn't here, I should probably organize my silverware.
Idle 3 Pretzel really is an... inarticulate fellow...
Interaction 1 Fish and Chips, how many times have I said, I don't have time to play with you. I'm helping the Attendant... oh... it is the Attendant...
Interaction 2 Your palm feels a bit cool. Are you feeling any discomfort?
Interaction 3 These clothes represent the honor I feel to be a physician.
Pledge The purity of white, for you, is the most suitable of colors bar none. Before the chapel bells ring, the person I want to see -- is you.
Intimacy 1 Pure white tinged with your eye color would be quite nice as well.
Intimacy 2 Why do I take off my coat for battles? ...As a physician, it is my duty to heal and aid. Using my powers to harm others should not be done, and much less should I allow this coat to be stained with blood that should not be spilled.
Intimacy 3 I think, you probably need these. Bandages, salves... and me...
Victory I'm glad I didn't not disappoint you.
Defeat The chapel bells... they toll...
Feeding Is this... really for consumption? ...Well, to humor you, I'll have a taste.


Witch Hunter
Skin-Muenchner Weisswurst-Witch Hunter.png

Icon-Skin-Muenchner Weisswurst-Witch Hunter.png

The evil lurking in the darkness will be subdued in the end.
— Muenchner Weisswurst
Rain-Splattered Window

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support
Muenchner Weisswurst.png
Muenchner Weisswurst



Sprite Animations

Witch Hunter



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I. Choice

Medicine is a profoundly deep discipline; it is also one that can save others.

I believed that if more people understood it, then many of those currently in desperate situations could be saved. So, I chose to accept the school's invitation and become a teacher of medicine.

To teach - that is a profession you could call sacred. Under my tutelage, these students will become doctors who can save lives. Their hands may not be able to kill fallen angels like food souls can, but they can rescue the people hurt by those fallen angels.

I always worried that my blood-stained hands might not be able to do this job. Always - until one day, one of the students who had already graduated returned to the school.

When he was a student, he rarely listened to me. Like many others of his age, he was impulsive and impudent, yet he had the enthusiasm unique to the young. Now, that boy who would hop walls just to skip class had grown out of his youthful immaturity.

He proudly told me, "Teacher, thank you. The first time I used my own two hands to save someone's life, I finally understood why you always talked about the responsibility that lies on every doctor's shoulders. Thank you for all your hard work. I will always continue on this road!"

He seemed so much more at peace now than when he used to stand in my office for punishment. The steadfast light in his eyes made mine water.

I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes, then I patted him on the shoulder. That day, we talked until the sky turned dark. I escorted him to the school gates before sending him off.

"Teacher, goodbye! I'll come see you again! Thank you."
"I want to thank you too."
"It's nothing. It's late - you should head home."
"Okay! Goodbye, Teacher!"

My choice was not wrong.

II. Light

When I returned, a familiar figure was standing in front of the door to the school clinic.

He seemed to have been standing there for quite some time - seeing his wound and the blood puddling on the ground, I could feel the nerves at my temples start to throb.

"Pretzel, didn't I tell you that if you came here covered in blood again, I'd kick you out?"

Only then did he seem to notice the blood on the ground. "Sorry, I'll remember next time."

He might've said he was sorry, but his face didn't show a bit of remorse. Rubbing my aching head, I reached out and pushed this bastard who doesn't take his wounds seriously into the office.

"I've told you so many times. Even if you're a food soul, your wounds can still get infected."
"The Holy See doesn't have doctors who can take care of themselves on the field."
"...I won't go to the Holy See. I already told you, if any of you get hurt, you can come find me here. Anyways, stop changing the subject! Where's the first aid kit I gave you?"
"It kept getting in the way, so I got rid of it."

Tightening his bandages to stop the bleeding, I suddenly remembered the disinfectant spray I made specially for him last time and calmed down. I found the bottle of this cute little thing in my medicine cabinet and, without hesitation, sprayed it on his wounds. They were so deep that I could see bone.

Satisfied, I watched Pretzel - who wouldn't even wrinkle his brow at an attack - turn white with pain from my disinfectant spray. Someone who never listens to warnings only learns through experience.

I shoved a specially-made first aid kit into his hands. "Next time you lose this, it won't just be the disinfectant spray. That reminds me - last time, the Holy See told me they found a new kind of slug, one that can crawl into wounds and stitch them up with their saliva. Next time, maybe you should bring that over and we can try it out."

"...I still need to report to Croissant. I'll be going now."

I raised my eyebrows and said goodbye to Pretzel. His pale face hadn't changed, but his footsteps were much livelier as he left.

Life continued as peacefully as I hoped. Besides this old friend who often made me burn with rage, two noisy fellows who were always giving me a headache showed up when the new semester started.

"Fish 'n Chips! Stop bringing snacks into the clinic!"
"Eh! But Teacher, it's really, really good! We brought it just for you!"
"Andy! Don't follow his lead!"
"Hahaha, but Teacher - it's really yummy! Come try it!"

These two kids were always full of smiles, to the point of being a little foolish. They were students at the neighboring knight academy. Apart from wanting to become a knight, Andy was also a Master Attendant.

They were born in a noble family that had fallen from grace long ago, but they never admitted defeat. Even when the other noble children made fun of their birth, they never yielded.

After the time I ruthlessly taught them a lesson and gave those annoying noble children some "special medicine," these two little bastards kept following me around.

"Teacher! We will definitely become the greatest knights in the Holy See!"

They graduated side-by-side from the knight academy, sharing the position of first in their year. That day, their smiles were brighter than the sun itself.

Their existence made me feel like this world was full of light.

III. Peace

If you could say Fish 'n Chips and Andy represented this world's light, then Black Pudding would represent its darkness.

She faked it well. Initially, I didn't even notice something was off about her. I even thought she was just as interested in medicine as I was, so she'd make excuses like taking care of her Master Attendant to listen in on my lectures.

She even happily accepted the task of disposing of students' experiments.

If it were not for that day, if I had not forgotten something in the lab - I would never have discovered what she was doing to those remains.

Cary was a very talented student; he was always smiling warmly. He wanted to use his abilities to save everyone, even those who could not afford it.

But he was also Black Pudding's Master Attendant, and I didn't want Black Pudding's actions to blemish his prospects. If other people knew that the food soul under Cary's care was such an existence, then his hopes of becoming a doctor would forever be dashed.

I warned her. Luckily, perhaps out of fear that I might tell the truth to her Master Attendant, she became much more well-behaved.

But the time someone spends as a student is limited. After their brief careers as students, everyone must bid farewell to their teachers, their classmates, and embark on their journey into an unknown future.

No matter how much I worried that Black Pudding might adversely affect Cary, he was already nearing the age of graduation. His grades were very good; to reward him for being first in his year, his family built a beautiful new hospital for him.

He told me, he would always stay on the path he chose.

Cary managed his hospital well - he accepted many who could not afford treatment and cured many difficult diseases. I felt at ease, knowing that he had not been influenced by Black Pudding. And since he was doing well, I put down that enormous weight in my heart and buried myself in teaching.

Pretzel was the same as always, although he seemed to value his life a little more.

Fish 'n Chips and Andy accomplished their dream and became knights of the Holy See. Although they'd often do things so ridiculous that people didn't know whether to laugh or cry, they'd always accomplish their missions.

The only problem was the headache-inducing relationship between Fish 'n Chips and Pretzel. Somehow, these two entirely different people had developed some ridiculous feud, and every time they saw each other, they'd start arguing.

But each of these fights would end with Fish 'n Chips and Andy dragging me to the bar near the school and making me drink with them.

Seeing Pretzel holding a silent drinking contest with Fish 'n Chips, I clinked my glass with Andy's.

"Teacher, I want to toast you!"
"Huh? A toast for what?"
"For a beautiful future? For a peaceful present-day? Doesn't really matter. Either way, I love this world."

That's true. A world with all of you - no matter how long it lasts, I'd never find it boring.

IV. Storm

I never imagined that all this would be the calm before the storm.

The first thing that went wrong happened at the Holy See.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, that person who was closer to Croissant than his own shadow betrayed the Holy See, and even left indelible marks on Croissant himself.

Fish 'n Chips and Pretzel were also wounded in the ensuing battle. Their injuries were heavy, and when I arrived on the scene, Fish 'n Chips was already close to death. Pretzel told me that if Fish 'n Chips hadn't blocked an attack for him, perhaps he, too, would not have come back.

This attack left me with a strange feeling.

I didn't often speak to Croissant, but the few times I had, that always-laughing fellow by his side left a strong impression on me.

Many times, I'd see them resting together in the afternoon shade. Roast Lamb liked to sleep on the branches, and the sunlight dappling on his handsome face would always attract the gazes of passing women. In contrast, Croissant was more well-behaved; he liked to quietly lean against the tree, a pile of documents he needed to read on his lap, a slight smile on his face.

If Roast Lamb woke up first, that mischievous fellow would always use leaves to cover Croissant's eyes or sneakily pinch his nose.

There was no distance between them. No one could've imagined that they would go down separate paths.

And because I had seen them together, I simply could not accept that that person - with black fire smoking about him - was the same Roast Lamb whose smile always made girls blush.

When Croissant woke, he was unwilling to tell us what had happened, and we were unwilling to touch his wounds again.

Croissant was good at what he did. Even though this battle left the Holy See greatly weakened, not long passed before it returned to normal. He even found many competent people to grow the strength of the Holy See.

But I never saw that smile he used to have again.

Roast Lamb's departure was like a catalyst. The peace was broken entirely; everywhere, people begged for help defending themselves from fallen angels, and an uncountable amount of requests came to the Holy See.

An indescribable panic arose in the world.

As the Holy See grew more and more busy, I did not see Pretzel or Fish 'n Chips for a long time.

Until one night, Pretzel brought a document to my place. He did not say anything to me, but I felt the worry in his eyes.

I looked down and saw Cary's photo in that document, and it was as if a chill came over me.

So in the end, something did happen to Cary...

V. Muenchner Weisswurst

Before the battle at the Holy See, Croissant and Roast Lamb had often invited Weisswurst to join them. But Weisswurst always refused to return to a life of battle.

Those familiar with him, like Pretzel and Fish 'n Chips, understood that Weisswurst had always rejected the power given to him as a food soul, preferring to use his medical knowledge to save other people.

He was very much a clean freak. His room was as blindingly white as a hospital; when he taught anatomy, he would always wear layers upon layers of protective clothing. The red of fresh blood was the color most likely to push him over the edge.

No one knew why; no one could convince him otherwise.

As his friends, Pretzel and Fish 'n Chips did not want to force him to do what he didn't want to do.

His world - they would take the responsibility for protecting it. After all, wasn't that why the Holy See existed?

Until... Until they discovered the reason behind those mysterious disappearances.

Croissant passed the information to Pretzel. When Pretzel saw the student who Weisswurst had so often talked about on that document, he sank into silence.

"I will go find him."

The night before they acted, Weisswurst could not sleep.

The next day, as it was time to enter the scene, Pretzel looked at Weisswurst, standing in front of him, and frowned.

"I can go alone."
"This is my sin, so it should be I who ends it."

That day, Pretzel learned that Weisswurst's fighting ability was not in any way second to theirs.

Weisswurst took off his doctor's coat, calmly putting it away and rolling up his sleeves.

"I'm sorry. You must've had to wait."
"Heehee~ Teacher, why did you take off your coat? Did you feel it was too restrictive?"

Black Pudding was just as lively and playful as she was back then, yet in this darkness, her sweet smile seemed oddly terrifying.

"When hurting others, I have no right to wear a doctor's coat."
"Ahh, it really makes you feel for him..."

Pretzel and Weisswurst gave Cary a proper burial. His gravestone did not have a name on it; his relatives hardly wanted to give him a gravestone at all. After all, he was an infamous murderer now - he was the blood-stained Doctor Cary.

The responsibility of erecting that gravestone fell to Weisswurst. He gently touched the gravestone, just as years before, he had gently touched Cary's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. If I had told you then..."
"Even if you had told him then, perhaps he still would've gone down this route."
"...Pretzel, thank you."

Weisswurst lifted his head. The day they buried Cary, it was not raining like it always did in novels - it was a bright and clear day, a few cotton candy-like clouds drifting by in the blue sky.

"Pretzel, come you tell Croissant for me - I'll come, after a while. But I want to finish the paperwork to leave my position at the school first. Remember to leave me a room, preferably not near Fish 'n Chips. He's too noisy."
" don't have to do this. You can just leave it to us."
"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just don't want to see... The people I could've helped die in front of me... And more than that, I don't want to see any of you get hurt."

Pretzel didn't stop him. He only quietly waited by his side.

The next few days, no one knew where Weisswurst went.

Alone, he returned to his hometown and stood in front of his own Master Attendant's grave and apologetically left a single flower.

"Master Attendant... I still have to use this strength, just as I did when I was protecting you. I'm sorry that I have to go back on my promise. I will use my strength to protect my companions, to protect the world you love so much. Even if my hands must drip with blood once again, I will not hesitate. I believe that your soul in heaven will forgive me, this sinner who once made your doctor's coat stained with blood... I will definitely not let you down..."