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Everything in this world has a reason for existing.


He may be a little introverted, but he likes getting close to people, and can even be a bit clingy. Because he's practically expressionless himself, he also likes to use ceremonial masks and is often carrying them. Every time he feels shy or excited, he'll put one on to cover his face. He enjoys traveling around chronicling all kinds of things, no matter if it's a story of something that truly happened or a tale that someone tells him, he'll write it all down. He believes everything in this world has a reason for being, which is why he's so passionate about seeking these things out.

CN- Despite being an introvert, he likes to become closer with others. However, he can be a little clingy. Because he seemingly shows no signs of any emotions, he prefers to use those ceremonial mask and cover his face most of the time. Every time he becomes flustered or happy, he would put on the mask. He enjoys travelling around the world and record different type of stories. Regardless whether they are based on actual events or things he heard from others, he would jot them down. He believes that everything in the world has a reason to exist which is why he would passionately look for these reasons.

Food Introduction

Natto has its origins in China's fermented soybeans and was transmitted to Japan roughly during the Nara/Heian period by Zen monks. A wooden slip excavated in Heijō-kyō bore the word "chi" on it, the same as the Chinese word for fermented soybeans. The "Tōdaiwajō tōseiden", written in the 10th year of the Houki era (779 A.D.), records the voyage of Tang dynasty monk Jianzhen to Japan, during which he brought 30 stone of "sweet chi" with him, from which the Japanese expression "tang natto" derives, which roughly means "Tang offering of beans".

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2,521
Attack.png Attack 133
Defense.png Defense 9
Health.png HP 451
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1,954
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 732
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1,943


Chronicle Basic Skill
Skill-Natto-Normal.png Natto takes his pen and blocks enemy vision with ink, immobilizing them and dealing 100 (180)% ATK as damage to the enemy with the highest HP %, plus 81 (1053) extra damage, also stunning that unit, lasting 3s.
Maxim Energy Skill
Skill-Natto-Energy.png Natto opens his scroll and writes a mystic curse rune, summoning a divine curse and lowering DEF 50% for the enemy with the highest HP %, lasting 5s, and dealing 100 (180)% ATK as massive dmg, plus 421 (5473) extra dmg.
Super Maxim Link Skill
Skill-Natto-Link.png Natto opens his scroll and writes a mystic curse rune, summoning a divine curse and lowering DEF 60% for the enemy with the highest HP %, lasting 5s, and dealing 120 (220)% ATK as massive dmg, plus 541 (7033) extra dmg. Milk Tea.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Master Attendant, my name's Natto. I may not be able to do much for you, but I'll do my best not to cause you any trouble.
Log In Master Attendant, did you see anything fun today?
Ice Arena M-- Master Attendant... What is this place?
Skills I-- won't run away!
Ascend I will-- try my best-- to get stronger!
Fatigue If you're there, Master Attendant, then my heart's at peace...
Recovering Every time I see Master Attendant... it's a sunny day...
Team Formation H-- here we go!
Knockout Uh... This is clearly not over yet...
Notice Master Attendant, what cuisine did you make today?
Idle 1 Ever since meeting Master Attendant, nothing but good things have happened...
Idle 2 Stories all have an end, but the end will also transform into a new beginning...
Idle 3 Master Attendant hasn't been gone for long, but I've already started... to miss Master...
Interaction 1 I think... all things have a reason for being. I just wanted to tell everyone that, that's all.
Interaction 2 I'm just getting ready to write down an interesting story I just heard... Huh? Master Attendant, you wanna hear it?
Interaction 3 Master Attendant, can I... write down that thing you just said?
Pledge Aah~ Please don't take off my mask... S-- sorry, I didn't... mean anything by it. It's just I don't want Master Attendant to see my face right now... But, I'm truly happy... for what you said to me... Truly, thank you, Master Attendant.
Intimacy 1 Yup, I want to record everything related to Master Attendant... because everything that happens, good or bad, in the end... just may become the stuff of treasured memories.
Intimacy 2 N--... nothing... I just want... to always be by Master Attendant's side, that's all.
Intimacy 3 I like being with you, Master Attendant... Every time I see Master Attendant, this unimaginable calm comes over me...
Victory Wonderful. A good ending.
Defeat I... really can't do anything good...
Feeding Master Attendant, you truly are a kind person~


Heartfelt Dolls
Skin-Natto-Heartfelt Dolls.jpg

Icon-Skin-Natto-Heartfelt Dolls.png

Oh Master Attendant, I'm not a doll you can grab using the claw...
— Natto

Food Souls

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Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations


Heartfelt Dolls






Food Fantasy PV - 1st Anniversary Event (JP Version)

Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Chronicler

"Natto, have you written down today's observation?"

"...I have, Master Attendant."

Usually, in this kind of situation, I would hide my expression by wearing my mask.

But today, I have no room in my mind to think about things like that.

As I gazed at Master Attendant's wrinkly, calm visage, I felt an intense emotion, nothing like anything that I've felt before, surging from the depth of my heart.

"For years, you've seen many scenes of hardships in place of me. It must be hard on you."

Master Attendant feelingly nodded after he heard my answer and put on his usual smile, which was capable of alleviating the atmosphere around him.

A few decades had passed ever since Master Attendant lost his eyesight, and I became his eyes, recording everything that happened each day wherever I go.

I don't know how many scrolls I've used so far... but the more scrolls I used, the more my heart feels fulfilled.

Before I realized, "recording things down" no longer feels like a duty that Master Attendant had assigned to me, but instead an activity that I truly enjoy from the bottom of my heart.

Be it something that actually happened, or simply rumors I heard in the streets, all of them are brimming with the charm of this vast world.

For these past few decades, I truly feel that I have lived a fulfilling life.

However, I think that the time I can spend with Master Attendant like this will soon come to an end.

ーー Azure Skies, Day 6.

Master Attendant sat down facing west, quietly meditating for the last time.

I stayed by Master Attendant's side, watching until he took his last breath, and then wrote it down in great details.

After that, I set up Master Attendant's grave.

This will be the last time I'm recording something down here.

I pressed my hands together while facing the grave, reminisced over the things that I've experienced together with Master Attendant, and bowed deeply.

From now on, I'll go on a journey.

This world is tremendously vast. The world I've seen during the past decades is merely a single part of the whole thing.

I want to learn more about this world and record everything down.

Thus, I gathered my belongings and said my farewell to Master Attendant.

Live, growing old, falling ill, then died. Human's life follows a cycle. It's the same as a leaf that falls from its tree and decompose to become a nutrient for another tree.

It might sound cruel, but I think that it's precisely because human is fated to eventually die, that a lot of strange and touching stories are born into this world.

(There are reasons behind everything...)

I tilted my face up and took a deep breath.

From now on, Master Attendant is no longer by my side. But his feelings will stay in my heart.

The memories I had with Master Attendant makes me fraught with emotion, and my lips naturally formed a smile.

"Master Attendant... I'll be going now."

II. Traveler

Originally, I'll be able to cross the border between Gloriville and Light Kingdom today. Unfortunately, God wasn't so kind to make the weather beautiful and instead, rain came pouring down.

A layer of mist rose up in the forest. Unable to see the path, I could not continue onwards.

I protected the bag that stored my books and scrolls. I scrambled and darted underneath the roof of a grass house located in the mountain field.

The house was quaint but presently, quite a number of travellers were squeezing inside there.

Where is everyone heading to? What stories do they have?

I searched for my incomplete scroll and brush. Curiously, I examined the surrounding people, and unexpectedly discovered a girl who was writing something with a pencil and paper in the corner.

Almost as if she sensed that my eyes were on her, she looked up. Under her rounded-glasses were a pair of shimmering eyes that intercepted my vision.

She walked towards where I was and stood firmly next to me. She looked at me, rather intrigued.

"Nice to meet you."

I awkwardly nodded at her.

Rarely do I ever talk to girls. I wrote what I saw and heard halfway and stood at my original spot in a stunted manner, unsure of what should I do.

"What are you writing? Is it a novel or a travelogue?" She questioned.

I kept my scroll.

"It's the thoughts and feelings I had today... almost like a diary of sort."

"Eh, writing a diary in broad daylight? What a rather unique way."

She was ruminating as if she had thought of something.

"I'm Milk Tea, a travelling writer. If you don't mind, may I take a look at the text you jot down?" I froze. I've never thought anyone would raise this request in my life.

"I'm Natto. As for the text, it's...alright."

"Eh, really?!"

On the other hand, Milk Tea was shocked. Seemingly, she may not have thought that I'll accept her request.

For her to feel more affirmed, I placed the scrolls on her soft hands.

"Take a look."

I was kinda nervous and beads of sweat were secreting out of my hands.

Although I have been writing for years, my work has always just ended up as mere documentations.

Thanks to my lack of imagination, the many interesting stories I've written down did not exhibit that liveliness when people read them.

She, being a real writer, would no doubt possess high mastery over writing.

If I can just obtain a one or two sentences of guidance, it would be superb.

III. Treasure Explorer

" extremely interesting!" From the bottom of her heart, Milk Tea took a deep breath and exclaimed.

"Although most people don't look from this angle, but to be able to record exactly everything in this text really makes anyone feel touch after reading it."

"Yeah, this really allows one to witness how vast the world is."


As I scratched my hair, my face felt a little hot.

I inserted my hand into the pocket to find my mask.

"Mr. Natto's texts are really a treasure in this world."

Satisfied, Milk Tea returned the scrolls to me.

"In comparison, my travelogue appears to only scratch the surface. For me, I'm going work harder on it, okay."


"Oh, right. As an exchange, Mr. Natto should take a look at my works...Mr. Natto?"

"This amount of praise is kinda superfluous..."

I wasn't used to being praised by others. It feels as though my face is gonna burn up, and I can only use the mask to hide my face.

Milk Tea passed a book with a bind to me.

"Romeo and Juliet?"

"Yep, this is an adventure novel. This sample publication was just completed. While the editor says it is perfect, I feel something's lacking..."

I flipped open the page.

*plop* *plop* *plop* *plop* *plop* *plop*

Unconsciously, I was absorbed into the world described by Milk Tea. The seemingly boundless imagination coupled with the development of the character's relationship is enough to prevent anyone from putting down the book.

Love and adventure. Grudges and conflicts. Every aspect of the plot was arranged in a very suitable manner.

Once I unconsciously flipped to the end of the book, the heavy rain has already ceased. The sunlight that poured through the leaves was already dispersed on the wet ground.

Travelers, who were seeking refuge from the rain, left one by one.

On the other hand, the story's plot made me forget the flow of time.

Milk Tea, who was next to me, only sat there and waited for me to finish reading, never uttering a word. Unknowingly, she was holding a pencil and jotting down something.


Still hungry for more, I passed the book back to Milk Tea. The allure of the story was still entrapped in my mind.

This feeling, I must record it down afterwards.

"Really, thanks."

"Milk Tea's story is the true treasure after all."

I shifted my mask aside and spoke softly.

If the words written by Milk Tea were like resplendent and shining diamonds, then the travelogue I wrote are akin to mud stones anyone can find at the side of the road.

"It's just that..."

"It's just what?" Milk Tea's eyes were shining in interest.

"Eh, oh...There's a group called "chronicler" in the story right? Although the description tells us that the organization is quite large, there isn't any development in the story."

I tried to organized my words as much as I can.

"As long as anyone has a strong passion in travelling and wants to explore the world, they can join. Members would also move around the whole world..."

"However, the members I described are only Romeo and Juliet. This makes no sense."

Milk Tea continued where I left off.

"This is it!"

IV. Creator

"Will this be of help?"

Anxious, I asked.

Actually, even without any rework, Romeo and Juliet is already sufficient to be considered as an amazing novel.

I'm not sure whether this act of nitpicking will upset others.

"You've provided a great help. But it's just that--"

A very troubled look materialised on Milk Tea's face.

"About half of my novel is derived from what I see in real life. Thereafter, I used them to make something new. But this organisation is somthing never seen before..."

She suddenly quieten down, seemingly hesitant.

My eyes lit up and I understood what she meant.   "You wanna...create one?"

"Let's create one!"

It was almost as if we opened our mouths concurrently.

This is the reason why "Chronicler" was brought into this world.

"You're here, welcome."

Seeing Umeshu stand at the door, I took the luggage off her hand and made a welcome gesture.

This was the first time "Chronicler tea session" was organised in Maple Inn as scheduled.

During this year of making preparation, Milk Tea and I travelled the world separately and gave out the invitation letter for the tea session to individuals we feel are suitable.

What made us relieved was that our letters received a response from those Food Souls.

While there weren'tmany people, the gathering is a rather bustling one.

During my travel, I came across the solo traveller, Umeshu and the eccentric artist, Hot Dog. Milk Tea brought the skilful singer, Ddeokbokki and the skilful dancer, Kimchi.

Umeshu was the last to arrive. She sat in front of the short table and the bustling tea session thus begun.

The members narrated what they see and heard. The world, akin to a giant artwork, was rolled out and showcased to us all.

The location's geography, traditions, people as well as the sad and happy stories behind them; none of them failed to invoke my curiosity.

The secrets of nature, the link between humans and Food Souls, human's resolution is fighting the Fallen Angels...

And it's because of their existence that made the world vast.


Me, or should I say we, the "Chroniclers".

Regardless what is the future's destiny, we shall record down everything that has happened after viewing them at different angles.

We'll show everyone in the world the cruelty and beauty we have witnessed.

V. Natto

The "Chronicler Tea session" was created in a collaboration between Natto and Milk Tea. It's a gathering for Food Souls, who love travelling the world, to communicate with each other what they seen and heard.

As such, the members are called "Chronicler".

Although the organisation remains neutral to everything in the world,it wouldn't demand its members to have a certain mentality or align themselves with something.

6 months before the tea session commence, the creators would send out invitation letters to confirm the location.

Even if any Food Souls do not receive the letter, they can still join this tea session that takes place once every 3 years, as long as they have a strong passion for travelling and to explore this vast world.

Every time the tea session ends, the "chronicler", Natto, would compile the conversation's content into a book and place them inside Maple Inn. Udon open her fingers and count the time till the next tea session occur, waiting for Natto to step into the Inn once more.

When they meet, she'll undoubtedly pester Natto to pass the book he wrote to her.

Naturally, Natto is more than happy. He'll sit at Udon's side and talk to her for the whole day, until Udon is sick of it.

Whatever he promise, he'll do it.

This is also why he choose to store everything the "Chronicler" have in Maple Inn.

Regardless whether Natto gets to meet someone similar to him like Milk Tea and Umeshu in his journey, getting to know the candid Food Soul, Udon also falls into this category. Moreover, it's also considered as something lucky in Natto's lifetime.

His cherish for Udon is no less than the expectations Udon place on him, her friend.

Yet, the world will never cease to spin. Perhaps neither Natto and the "chroniclers" themselves would also stop.

By right, travelling signifies encounter and farewell, and the latter would also signify a reunion next time.

Natto will not stay in an area for too long.

Same as always, he'll record anything that he deems meaningful.

Normal Nodes
Attack.png Attack 288
Defense.png Defense 66
Health.png HP 2153
Crit. Rate.png Crit. Rate 6334
Crit. Damage.png Crit. Damage 9120
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed 4940
Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
1 Atk +30
Atk +61
2 HP +359
HP +718
3 Atk Spd +2470
Atk Spd +4940
4 Def +33
Def +66
5 HP +718
HP +1435
6 Atk +30
Atk +61
Atk +91
7 Up: Crit Rate +704
Down: Crit Dmg +1013
Up: Crit Rate +1407
Down: Crit Dmg +2027
Up: Crit Rate +2111
Down: Crit Dmg +3040
8 Up: Basic skill effect +2%
Down: Energy skill effect +2%
Up: Basic skill effect +5%
Down: Energy skill effect +5%
Up: Basic skill effect +10%
Down: Energy skill effect +10%
9 Atk +34
Atk +68
Atk +102
Atk +136
10 Crit Dmg +1520
Crit Dmg +3040
Crit Dmg +4560
Crit Dmg +6080
11 Crit Rate +1056
Crit Rate +2111
Crit Rate +3167
Crit Rate +4223
Travel Book
Artifact Icon-Natto.png
Togi Node I - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png Casts 1 special basic skill every 18s: Stuns highest-ATK enemy for 2s, deals (17, 23, 29, 35, 42, 49, 58, 69, 83, 100)% ATK as dmg to enemy with lowest HP %, and restores (3.5, 4.6, 5.8, 7.1, 8.4, 9.9, 11.7, 13.9, 16.6, 20)% of max HP for self
Striped Togi.png Casts 1 special basic skill every 18s: Charms highest-ATK enemy for 2s, deals (17, 23, 29, 35, 42, 49, 58, 69, 83, 100)% ATK as dmg to highest-DEF enemy, and gives invincibility to highest-DEF ally for 4s
Bushy Togi.png Each combo skill cast gives invincibility to 3 highest-DEF allies for 2s (5s CD), and reduces ATK (8, 11, 14, 17, 21, 24, 29, 34, 41, 50)% for all enemies for 6s

Togi Node II - HP
Antler Togi.png Once every 20s, after an attack, you deal (17, 23, 29, 35, 42, 49, 58, 69, 83, 100)% ATK as dmg to two highest-ATK enemies, also reducing their ATK (8.8, 11.6, 14.68, 17.77, 21.13, 24.77, 29.26, 34.86, 41.59, 50)% for 6s, with a (7.04, 9.28, 11.75, 14.21, 16.9, 19.82, 23.4, 27.89, 33.27, 40)% chance of wiping out their energy
Striped Togi.png Once every 20s, after an attack, you deal (17, 23, 29, 35, 42, 49, 58, 69, 83, 100)% ATK as dmg to three random enemies
Bushy Togi.png Once every 20s, after an attack, all enemies are stunned for 2s, and if any enemy's HP is below 40%, all enemies will take (35.21, 46.42, 58.75, 71.08, 84.53, 99.1, 117.04, 139.46, 166.36, 200)% ATK as dmg

Togi Node III - Attack
Antler Togi.png Self immunity to stuns and silences. Every 15s, the next attack will give one random ally full energy, with a (3.52, 4.64, 5.87, 7.1, 8.45, 9.91, 11.7, 13.94, 16.63, 20)% chance of stunning all enemies for 6s (chance of stunning again 15s after 1st stun)
Striped Togi.png Self immunity to stuns and silences. Every 15s, the next attack will give one random ally full energy, and deal (28.16, 37.13, 47, 56.86, 67.62, 79.28, 93.63, 111.57, 133.09, 160)% ATK as dmg to the enemy with the lowest HP %
Bushy Togi.png Self immunity to stuns and silences. Every 15s, the next attack will give one random ally full energy, and deal (10.56, 13.92, 17.62, 21.32, 25.36, 29.73, 35.11, 41.83, 49.91, 60)% ATK as dmg to the nearest enemy, also dispelling debuffs from all allies

Togi Node IV - Crit Dmg
Antler Togi.png Once every 6s, silences lowest-ATK enemy for 3s and deals (28.16, 37.13, 47, 56.86, 67.62, 79.28, 93.63, 111.57, 133.09, 160)% ATK as dmg plus a 1s stun to the highest-ATK enemy
Striped Togi.png Once every 6s, deals (45.77, 60.34, 76.37, 92.4, 109.89, 128.84, 152.15, 181.3, 216.28, 260)% ATK as dmg to two enemies with highest HP %, with a (17.6, 23.21, 29.37, 35.54, 42.26, 49.55, 58.52, 69.73, 83.18, 100)% chance of giving two nearest allies 50 energy
Bushy Togi.png Every 6s, gives two lowest-DEF allied Food Souls a (1056, 1392, 1762, 2132, 2536, 2973, 3511, 4183, 4991, 6000)-pt shield for 3s, and deals (28.16, 37.13, 47, 56.86, 67.62, 79.28, 93.63, 11.57, 33.09, 160)% ATK as dmg to the nearest enemy, with a (3.52, 4.64, 5.87, 7.1, 8.45, 9.91, 11.7, 13.94, 16.63, 20)% chance of wiping out his/her energy

Togi Node V - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png When any ally casts a skill, it will deal (14.08, 18.56, 23.5, 28.43, 33.81, 39.64, 46.81, 55.78, 66.54, 80)% ATK as dmg to the enemy with the lowest HP %, with a (17.6, 23.21, 29.37, 35.54, 42.26, 49.55, 58.52, 69.73, 83.18, 100)% chance giving self a 50% boost in dmg dealt for 5s
Striped Togi.png Every 8s, grants CC immunity to three random allies for 8s and gives them a (8.8, 11.6, 14.68, 17.77, 21.13, 24.77, 29.26, 34.86, 41.59, 50)% dmg boost for 4s
Bushy Togi.png When three nearest allies take dmg, it dispels debuffs from self (3s CD) and reduces dmg taken (7.04, 9.28, 11.75, 14.21, 16.9, 19.82, 23.4, 27.89, 33.27, 40)% for 4s (dmg reduction CD 8s)