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I hope that every lost soul will find peace.


Always quietly stays on Orochi island, folding paper. He is both the ferryman and the gatekeeper of Orochi island; he believes those who bear the weight of sin cannot enter, and the only way to visit the island is through his nori boat.

Food Introduction

Cook seaweed to become dry and crispy, processed with seasoning like oil, salt, it becomes the snack "nori" that people like. Besides having a special flavor, nori also has high nutritional value, includes different carbohydrates that benefit digestion, and has the anticancer ability. Moreover, it is popular among those who are on a diet because it has low calories.

Other Info

How to Acquire


Associated Events

Initial Stats

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Basic Skill
Energy Skill

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red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract You no need to afraid, though I'm from the ocean, I'm not interested in eating meat and blood. File:Nori-0001-JP.ogg File:Nori-0001-CN.ogg
Log In Ah? How come there are so many...... Sorry, I always like to fold some origamis when I'm alone, this can make me calm. I won't let them run around. File:Nori-0002-JP.ogg File:Nori-0002-CN.ogg
Ice Arena Here's similar to the sea surface in Winter, but milder...... File:Nori-0009-JP.ogg File:Nori-0009-CN.ogg
Skills Disaster disappear. File:Nori-0010-JP.ogg File:Nori-0010-CN.ogg
Ascend This... Did you bring this feeling to me...... File:Nori-0011-JP.ogg File:Nori-0011-CN.ogg
Fatigue ...... Master Attendant, can you help me to take care of the sea surface? I don't want those people to come here right now...... This is our place...... File:Nori-0012-JP.ogg File:Nori-0012-CN.ogg
Recovering Umm...... Sorry... Am I folding too many... But staying here is kinda bored...... File:Nori-0013-JP.ogg File:Nori-0013-CN.ogg
Team Formation As you wish. File:Nori-0014-JP.ogg File:Nori-0014-CN.ogg
Knockout Ephemerality...... File:Nori-0015-JP.ogg File:Nori-0015-CN.ogg
Notice Although I'm not good at using paper to fold meals... I'll put my effort into it when you ask for it, I just don't know will you like it...... Huh? Why don't you eat? File:Nori-0017-JP.ogg File:Nori-0017-CN.ogg
Idle 1 Ancient secrets always hide inside myths, and those secrets are not suitable to over-looking. File:Nori-0018-JP.ogg File:Nori-0018-CN.ogg
Idle 2 Soul's weight decided the floating of the paper boat, the filthy of the soul might let someone sink in the ocean. File:Nori-0019-JP.ogg File:Nori-0019-CN.ogg
Idle 3 The sunset on the sea surface is the most beautiful view. File:Nori-0020-JP.ogg File:Nori-0020-CN.ogg
Interaction 1 ...... Though this cloth looks like paper, you can't poke through it with a finger. File:Nori-0003-JP.ogg File:Nori-0003-CN.ogg
Interaction 2 Weak life is always easy to be gone. File:Nori-0004-JP.ogg File:Nori-0004-CN.ogg
Interaction 3 Your hands, pretty warm...... File:Nori-0005-JP.ogg File:Nori-0005-CN.ogg
Pledge Every art piece I made will have a short lifetime, they are born because of me, die because of me, I don't know if they have their own consciousness, have they ever hate their fate because of it. But I know, born because of you, die because of you, it is sweet as candy for me. File:Nori-0016-JP.ogg File:Nori-0016-CN.ogg
Intimacy 1 My soul power gave them life, and you gave me soul. File:Nori-0006-JP.ogg File:Nori-0006-CN.ogg
Intimacy 2 Even if chained by countless shackles, even if punished by the god, it cannot stop me to come back for you. File:Nori-0007-JP.ogg File:Nori-0007-CN.ogg
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, are you willing to view to sunset on the sea surface with me? File:Nori-0008-JP.ogg File:Nori-0008-CN.ogg
Victory Master Attendant sorry for waiting, we can go back now. File:Nori-0021-JP.ogg File:Nori-0021-CN.ogg
Defeat Not yet... Not the time to fall...... File:Nori-0022-JP.ogg File:Nori-0022-CN.ogg
Feeding Ah! Put that down! That's Master Attendant's gift for me! Even you guys can't touch it! File:Nori-0023-JP.ogg File:Nori-0023-CN.ogg

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Long Bao Chibi 1.png This story has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.