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Seasoning Description Hint(s)
Black Pepper
Seasoning-Black Pepper.png
A powdery seasoning with a rich fragrance. It can also be made into a sauce.
  • Small black kernels
  • A grainy condiment with some spice to it
  • Grainy condiments with some spice to it
The heat makes your taste buds feel like they're burning.
  • A food that may set your mouth on fire
  • Something that may set your mouth on fire
  • A seasoning that makes people hot
Condensed Milk
Seasoning-Condensed Milk.png
A Seasoning made by condensing fresh milk.
  • A concentrated sauce made from fresh milk
  • A rich milky sauce
Cooking Oil
Seasoning-Cooking Oil.png
Oil from either a plant or an animal.
  • Golden translucent liquid
  • A thick greasy liquid
Cooking Wine
Seasoning-Cooking Wine.png
An alcoholic seasoning used in cooking that can get rid of the fishy flavor.
  • A liquid that improves the taste while cooking
  • A liquid that will intoxicate you
A seasoning that gives off a spicy and numbing sensation!
  • A spherical ingredient that will cause people to tear up
  • Something that vampires fear
Used to make desserts or remove fishiness from dishes.
  • A lumpy fragrant root
  • Something that can be used to make tea
A mixture of cream & syrup into powdered sugar.
  • Snowy sweet powder
  • Sweet creamy powder
Rock Sugar
Seasoning-Rock Sugar.png
Rock Sugar is large-grain sugar.
  • Sweet 'ice cubes'
  • A food that can be sometimes just be eaten as a candy
Edible starch granules, made from the pith of a palm tree trunk.
  • Particles that will expand when they meet with water
Salad Dressing
Seasoning-Salad Dressing.png
Commonly brushed onto bread or stirred into vegetables. It has a sweet & sour flavor.
  • A sauce that goes (well) with fruits and vegetables
  • A sauce used for bibimbap
Small granular crystals with a salty flavor. If you use too much, it can make you thirsty.
  • Sodium-based crystal granules
  • Slightly rough but fine granules
A seasoning that's made by mincing scallions.
  • Chopped greens used as seasoning
  • A chopped green food used as seasoning
  • Something that is slender before it is chopped up
Soy Sauce
Seasoning-Soy Sauce.png
A seasoning that helps increasing appetite. A traditional Seasoning that is often used to add color to Recipes.
  • A red salty sauce
  • A sauce made from soybeans
An extremely common seasoning but, if you eat too much, you'll get fat.
  • Sweet fine granules
  • Fine granules that can cause toothaches