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Being up on the latest fashion trends is mandatory for a young lady~


A fashionista who doesn't mind having the eyes of others on her, she always does things her way. She may seem like she lacks manners, but really she's just not a stickler for formalities. She's a little bad at reading the atmosphere and is a straight-talker.

Whenever she runs into Oden, she always finds things to nit-pick about.

Food Introduction

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese vegetable pancake, a folk cuisine of Japan's Kansai region and also a part of Osaka's food culture and a representative wheat-based food. Because of its appearance, people call okonomiyaki "Japanese pizza". Compared to other Japanese cooking, okonomiyaki is relatively cheap, which gives rise to another name for it, "one buck foreign food", which means that for just one dollar you can eat some foreign-flavored food.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1673
Attack.png Attack 55
Defense.png Defense 19
Health.png HP 410
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1229
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 609
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1421


Pre-Meal Warm-Up Basic Skill
Skill-Okonomiyaki-Normal.png Okonomiyaki strikes the shovels in her hands together, boosting her ATK by 5% (25%) and giving a 89 (1157)-point shield to the farthest ally, lasting 3 seconds.
Precision Heat Control Energy Skill
Skill-Okonomiyaki-Energy.png Okonomiyaki checks the fire level, dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage to all enemies, plus 252 (3276) extra damage, while also reducing Energy for all enemies by 5 (25) points.
Super Precision Heat Control Link Skill
Skill-Okonomiyaki-Link.png Okonomiyaki checks the fire level, dealing 60% (120%) ATK as damage to all enemies, plus 302 (3926) extra damage, while also reducing Energy for all enemies by 15 (35) points. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hi~ So you're the Master Attendant? Not too shabby... Let's go out and have fun!
Log In Did you bring any goodies back?
Ice Arena Ugh, this is the worst! So cold here!
Skills Get outta here, you out-of-fashion trash!
Ascend You think I'm prettier, don't you~
Fatigue Phew! I'm beat. I need a break.
Recovering Master Attendant, can I just stop and have a beverage? I'll be all charged up when I'm done~
Team Formation Can I take the squad out shopping first? No? Aw... Alright...
Knockout Oww... That hurts!
Notice Food's ready! Although today I wanted to go out to eat with you...
Idle 1 This shade of eye shadow isn't "in" anymore. Change it now!
Idle 2 Oh, this piece of clothing feels pretty good. I'll buy one for Master Attendant next time too, okay?
Idle 3 Oden's lectures are such a drag, but after not hearing it for so long, I really miss him.
Interaction 1 Huh? You think my ensemble doesn't match? You really don't have a good eye for fashion!
Interaction 2 Don't work! Go shopping with me! You have such a beautiful girl right here in front of you. That doesn't sway you any?
Interaction 3 No makeup? No way, no way! That's just basic girl etiquette! You don't think I look good right now?!
Pledge Together with me? Alright, but I really like to have fun. If you're not scared I'll run off and you're sure you can hang on to me... then let's be together!
Intimacy 1 Hee hee, don't poke people like that! But I wouldn't have any problem with a hug~ As long as it's from you~
Intimacy 2 That's strange! Why do I feel lately that hanging around you is more fun than going out?
Intimacy 3 In the future, you need to go with me when I go shopping. That way, if some guy comes on to me, I can hold my head high and tell them that I'm yours.
Victory Like I said, just leave it all to me!
Defeat Aaaah! How did this happen!?
Feeding Huh? Thanks! I really like this!


Sunshine Bubbles
Skin-Okonomiyaki-Sunshine Bubbles.png

Icon-Skin-Okonomiyaki-Sunshine Bubbles.png

The soap bubbles? Yeah, they’re pretty, I guess… Wait, did you really just not realize I was actually looking at you?!
— Okonomiyaki


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Sprite Animations


Sunshine Bubbles



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I. Moving out

"Oh, aren’t you Okonomiyaki? Where are you going at such an early hour?'

For quite some time, I had been unknowingly standing at the doorstep, motionless. My wandering thoughts only came back to my mind when I heard my name being called.

What entered my field of vision was the auntie from the nearby sweets shop.

"You guys are gonna move out next month, right? Congratulations!"

"Ahahah. That's right…"

"You all are amazing for being able to buy a house in Gloriville! Your Master Attendant wanted to learn something back then… Designing right? We wanted to stop her, but who knew she would become so famous! Sigh, if only my child was as successful…"

The auntie spoke more and more zealously. Her eyes were filled with envy and expectation… But what is there to be envious about?

I'm just going away.

Every single word she spoke showed how happy she was for me. However, I didn’t feel that same joy.

After she left, I relaxed the sides of my mouth, which I had forced up just then.


I looked down at the new clothes I was wearing. From the moment I’d donned them, everything had changed.

I'm Okonomiyaki, a destitute Master Attendant's Food Soul.

More accurately, the Food Soul of a Master Attendant who once lived in destitution.

When I was summoned, our household lived in extreme poverty. To learn how to design fashion, Master Attendant used what little savings she had left and ignored the advice of others.

As such, we weren't able to fill our stomachs, and the clothes we wore didn’t provide enough warmth. Even our winter clothes were hand-me-downs from neighbors.

Days like those persisted until Master Attendant's designs became renowned in Gloriville.

She was hired to work at a studio in Gloriville, and hence, we finally left this small town.

We left this mundane place, which had been close to my heart. Despite not being as prosperous as a big city, it held most of my memories.

And because of Master Attendant's success, everyone looked at us with envy.

But is the big city really that great?

Thinking back, when Master Attendant and I first came to Gloriville, we walked alongside entrepreneurs on a majestic street, washed away by the crowd.

In their eyes, it almost seems like only new and glamorous objects were worthy of existence.

For those who’d fallen behind the fashion trend, they would point and mock them. They saw themselves as superior, and called others old fashioned, whilst placing their hands over their mouths, trying to not let out a snicker.

——Even if their taste and preferences are alright, and they knew how to admire Master Attendant's work, I can't help but feel irked when I see the smiles on their face.

Seeing the short houses of the small town, the humble attire of its denizens, and the never ending stream of amiable, but expressive chattering, a sigh left my throat, as if by its own accord.

"That's why I said I hate big cities. I only like this place…"

II. Essence

"You're here?"

Entering the restaurant, Oden’s gentle voice came to greet me as the wind chime near the noren(1) rang. For some unknown reason, my heart felt more and more bothered.

(1) T/N: Noren are traditional Japanese fabric dividers hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows.


"Eh, I'm not sure what to eat. Just make anything."

I guess that’s placing an order. Sitting near the window, I blanked out as I stared at the people walking past.


Must I really go...

"Have a taste."

Oden placed a big tray in front of me, and wiped his hand on his apron. He then sat down in front of me.

Tamagoyaki, a bowl of stock filled with a generous amount of carrots and bamboo shells; with the addition of some cute, exquisitely made sweets…

Bowls and plates filled the entire tray.


Initially, I thought I wouldn't have any appetite. But after seeing the meal Oden made, my stomach gave in and rumbled.

In an instant, my face heated up and I shot my head up to look at Oden.


He didn't restrain his laughter; but attempting to hide it, he looked away and coughed twice.

"You, you, you… you didn't hear anything!"

"Okay, okay, I didn't."


From the way he spoke, it's clear he wasn’t even trying to hide his amusement. It was terribly awkward, and I stuffed my face with the bowl, quietly eating the food.

Though I don’t want to, I have no choice but to admit it… fine…

Since he made food for me, perhaps he wants to appease me because I’m in a bad mood… But then, do I look like someone easy to appease?

Fine, so I am sorta like that.

The food was as tasty as always, and my mood slightly improved. But on the thought of how I have to go, my heart can’t help feeling upset, and my chopsticks stopped moving.

I wouldn't be able to eat this if I went to Gloriville.

"You prepared a lot. Is it because I'm leaving?"


Without uttering a single word, Oden simply patted my head.


"I don't want to go…"

I felt like a deflated balloon, drained of energy.


"You really don't want to go? You don't wish to travel the entire globe with your Master Attendant?"

"But, but I…"

"Didn't you say you want to walk down the catwalk wearing the clothes made by your Master Attendant? The stage in this small town isn’t big, you know."

"I'm afraid——"

"Don't be."

Before I could finish, Oden spoke out.

"You won’t become what you hate."


His words pierced through my weak point.

What I'm most afraid and worried of is that I'll become one of those arrogant people one day.


I remembered what I once complained to Oden about: those people I met in Gloriville.


So he’d always remembered that...

On his face was his signature gentle and warm smile, easily capable of cutting through the troubles in my heart.


"Gloriville isn’t a scary place… My regulars often speak of it. I think what you saw was simply one side of it. Moreover…"

"Gloriville is great, and so is this place, and that name brand dress you're wearing. But Okonomiyaki will always be Okonomiyaki, even if you're not wearing those "outdated" clothes; your essence will never change."

"Though you're rich now, you still maintain your hardworking and thrifty attitude."


"You're the same as before, amicable and spirited to everyone. Though sometimes you don't watch your manners, which is… not good."



I had just been touched by his words, why is he lecturing me now?!

"I get it!"

"Haha, great."

III. Journeys beginning

It wasn’t long before the day I would begin a new journey.

Master Attendant and I sat on a ferry, destined for Gloriville.


There were many people who came to send us off. Almost all of them were neighbors and friends we’d met before.


At this moment, I realized… that there were many people I knew in this small town.

Seeing all those familiar faces, my memories surged one after another——being happy together, arguing with each other, visiting their houses for a meal, and even lending out their used winter clothes…

I really am going to leave this place…

The sea breeze was full of salt, and it stung my eyes.

"Sorry for troubling you Oden, you can just place it here."

Oden set down my luggage and quickly nodded at Master Attendant; his typical smile appeared on his face.

"Alright, bon voyage."

"For a long time, we have been receiving your help… Okonomiyaki, don't stay quiet, say thank you."

"Urgh, I know!!"

I wiped my eyes and looked at Oden's warm eyes.


I still wanted to say something, but my mind didn't comply. I couldn't think of anything to say.

  • Wooo*——

The hissing from the steam was reminding us to get on the boat; there was no more time to hesitate.

"We gotta go!"

"Okay then."

Though I don’t know if this was considered running away, I will no longer see him. Holding onto my luggage, we headed in the direction of the ferry.

We entered the boat after tickets were checked. On the deck, we could see neighbors waving their hands from afar. I wasn't the only one who let out a sigh, so did Master Attendant too.

"Will we come back again, Master Attendant?"

"Of course. As a person, you cannot forget your roots. Still, I also feel reluctant for being away for so long…"

Coming back…!

I suddenly felt relieved.

"That's great, I was worried I wouldn't see them anymore."

"Oh, and who is that? Let me guess, is it Oden? That guy is kinda great…"

"Mmhmmm, that's right. It's hard to find such a warm and understanding friend."


IV. Surprise

Two whole years.

Our days in Gloriville flew by quickly.

Just two years ago, I wasn't at all used to this place. However, I'm now familiar with this big city that I previously "demonized."


Not everyone here pursued fame and success; while there are abhorrent jerks who will taunt others for their outfit, there’ll definitely be others who will find beauty in people, and view them as such.

Oden was right; I’d only seen one facet of the city when I had previously stayed in the city for a short while. This place was not only big, but exceptionally complicated.

I learned much here, but at the same time, my pace of life was being quickly stretched to full speed.

Every single day, we worked ourselves to the bone. Both Master Attendant and I couldn’t find any spare time to take a breather, and couldn’t even write a letter back for months.

That’s why we didn’t have the time to inform the people of our town the good news—— Master Attendant was going to organize a fashion show soon, and I am one of the models.

"Master Attendant… should we send a letter back…?"

The arrangements for the previous fashion show have concluded. I stretched out my exhausted body and collapsed on the sofa; every cell in my body seemed to be gone.

“Anyways, we'll need to send them a letter first to put them at ease. I'm not sure what's been going on in the village either…”

"Huh, sending a letter? No need. After all, we’re going back soon."

"Oh, ok… Eh???"

"Did I not tell you? Yeah, sorry, I forgot about it because I was so busy…"



"The contract we have with the studio expires at the end of the month, so I decided to head back to Sakurajima to expand."

"Also, I really miss that sweet shop near our house and the fruits there. That taste isn’t in the food here…"

"Th-this… is way too sudden…"

"What's wrong, don't you want to go back?"

"Yes, yes, yes! I really do!"


The surprise was too sudden, and my mind didn't react to it quick enough.

In that moment, I thought of many things. For example, the old and tattered shopping walkway in the town, the short houses of the neighborhood district, the clear, azure sky, as well as the smell of food from Oden’s restaurant...

Even after so long, my heart still belongs to that place.

"We'll be returning back there next month anyways. When that time comes, bring some photos for them to see… In order to return home with honor, we gotta properly organize the fashion show~"


V. Okonomiyaki

Two years have passed, and Okonomiyaki was able to see that familiar little town again as she stood at the port.

It was already nighttime when the boat reached the port. Not caring about her luggage, nor bothering to taking a break, Okonomiyaki dragged her body off after sitting on the rocky ferry for a long time, and energetically headed to the street.

Holding half of the luggage, Okonomiyaki’s Master Attendant’s palm went to her forehead. It didn’t take a genius to know where she was going. She only shook her head, and chased after Okonomiyaki as she hauled countless bags and huge luggage cases behind her.

——Currently, at Oden's late night restaurant.

Oden had just sent off a young man, who’d stayed for a short period of time. As he looked at the diner quieting down again, he suddenly began to miss that crisp female voice.

It's been half a year since Okonomiyaki last sent a letter… she really was busy in Gloriville, huh.

He wished that Okonomiyaki and her Master Attendant would take good care of themselves.


He peered outside the window; the night was fast approaching, and it was time to open up.

Thus, he gently opened the door.


The voice of his memories unexpectedly materialized as soon as the wind chime rang out.

"...Wow, why did you suddenly open the door? You gave me a fright."

Outside his doorstep was a familiar girl.

Her hair was combed into two pigtails, and her face was bedecked with exquisite makeup. Her attire was trendy, and had a western style to it—— if only she wasn't carrying luggage of all sizes and shapes, and dragging a large box behind her.

"Hehe, I'm back~'

Okonomiyaki revealed a big smile. Her chest forcefully puffed in and out from her running over here while simultaneously lugging heavy objects.

"You… ran all the way from the port?"

Seeing her appearance, Oden stiffly smiled and took her luggage.

"How was Gloriville?"

"Well, kind of great, but it could never compare with here——"

Okonomiyaki pushed Oden against the chair. She sat herself next to him.  

"Sit down, I've got a lot pictures to show you!!"


She whipped out an album from her luggage and flipped it open. At the same time, she told Oden about her experiences there.

After flipping to the last page, Oden froze, but he still wore a smile on his face.

"...This is."


"This outfit was designed by Master Attendant, it's spectacular right? We managed to organize a fashion show in Gloriville, and that’s how my dream came true!"


"I really wanted to tell you this, so I ran all the way here!"

"Haha, you never change."

"You’re the one who said I would always be like this, so that’s why. Ah… speaking of which, Master Attendant wanted to host more fashion shows in Sakurajima. So even if I'm back, we might still be quite busy…"

"Alright, but don't force yourself."

"I get it! It wasn't easy coming back, I don't want to be lectured by you."


Okonomiyaki smiled again and her eyes fluttered.

Oden was right.

Did Okonomiyaki changed? Perhaps.

She’d witnessed a more vast world, went to big cities, and learned how to better dress herself up. What’s more, she had become more capable of thinking about a question from different viewpoints, compared to the past… Different sides of her have experienced growth; still, she’s the same Okonomiyaki.


Still thrifty, still spirited, and still strongly attached to this bustling city.

No matter if it's the past, present, or future, she'll never change.