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Let me see what you're worth.


Pad Thai is a sharp and daring woman whose independent nature makes her a stand-out in the cruel business world. Because of her birth, she is also a Buddhist. The best way to describe her would be a woman who is unfazed in the face of danger, whose perspective is unique, who fears no authority. She is in every sense of the word a strong woman.

Food Introduction

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How to Acquire

  • TBA

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power Soul Power
Attack Attack 51
Defense Defense 21
Health HP 510
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 729
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 711
Attack Speed Atk Spd 1469


Buddha's Meditation Normal Skill Lvl
70px Pad Thai strings her beads, dealing 100% of her own ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 62 damage, with a 50% probability of increasing her own ATK by 40% for 3 seconds. 1
Buddha's Discipline Energy Skill Lvl
70px The string of beads surrounding Pad Thai get closer, dealing 100% of her own ATK as damage to the nearest enemy monomer, plus 283 damage, while also dealing 40% of of her own ATK as damage to other enemies, plus 144 damage. 1

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Voice Lines

Contract The things we want the most are the hardest to find. What's your name? Are you just something I found, or someone I want? File:Pad Thai-0001.ogg
Pad Thai-0001-JP
Pad Thai-0001-CN
Log In Next time you go out, please take me with you. I hope to prove myself by your side, not sit at home like a pretty vase. File:Pad Thai-0002.ogg
Pad Thai-0002-JP
Pad Thai-0002-CN
Ice Arena So clean. I like this place. File:Pad Thai-0009.ogg
Pad Thai-0009-JP
Pad Thai-0009-CN
Skills ' File:Pad Thai-0010.ogg
Pad Thai-0010-JP
Pad Thai-0010-CN
Ascend ' File:Pad Thai-0011.ogg
Pad Thai-0011-JP
Pad Thai-0011-CN
Fatigue No... I'm fine, I can still help... File:Pad Thai-0012.ogg
Pad Thai-0012-JP
Pad Thai-0012-CN
Recovering long have I rested for? File:Pad Thai-0013.ogg
Pad Thai-0013-JP
Pad Thai-0013-CN
Team Formation ' File:Pad Thai-0014.ogg
Pad Thai-0014-JP
Pad Thai-0014-CN
Knockout It's no good... I didn't prepare enough... File:Pad Thai-0015.ogg
Pad Thai-0015-JP
Pad Thai-0015-CN
Notice The chefs have finished cooking. Let's go eat in the VIP room. File:Pad Thai-0017.ogg
Pad Thai-0017-JP
Pad Thai-0017-CN
Idle 1 What a mess of documents. Forget it, I'll just organize it for [Master Attendant]. File:Pad Thai-0018.ogg
Pad Thai-0018-JP
Pad Thai-0018-CN
Idle 2 Master Attendant seems so exhausted these days. I should ask for some incense to soothe the spirits at the temple. File:Pad Thai-0019.ogg
Pad Thai-0019-JP
Pad Thai-0019-CN
Idle 3 . File:Pad Thai-0020.ogg
Pad Thai-0020-JP
Pad Thai-0020-CN
Interaction 1 Wait - Master Attendant, it is rather rude to attempt to touch a woman without her permission. File:Pad Thai-0003.ogg
Pad Thai-0003-JP
Pad Thai-0003-CN
Interaction 2 Huh? Putting one's palms together is indeed our traditional greeting, but you have to travel a lot in business, so I'm used to shaking hands and so on. A hug? Absolutely not. File:Pad Thai-0004.ogg
Pad Thai-0004-JP
Pad Thai-0004-CN
Interaction 3 ' File:Pad Thai-0005.ogg
Pad Thai-0005-JP
Pad Thai-0005-CN
Pledge ' File:Pad Thai-0016.ogg
Pad Thai-0016-JP
Pad Thai-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 ' File:Pad Thai-0006.ogg
Pad Thai-0006-JP
Pad Thai-0006-CN
Intimacy 2 ' File:Pad Thai-0007.ogg
Pad Thai-0007-JP
Pad Thai-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 ' File:Pad Thai-0008.ogg
Pad Thai-0008-JP
Pad Thai-0008-CN
Victory . File:Pad Thai-0021.ogg
Pad Thai-0021-JP
Pad Thai-0021-CN
Defeat . File:Pad Thai-0022.ogg
Pad Thai-0022-JP
Pad Thai-0022-CN
Feeding . File:Pad Thai-0023.ogg
Pad Thai-0023-JP
Pad Thai-0023-CN

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