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Let me see what you’re worth.


Pad Thai is a clever, bold, and strong woman whose independent spirit has helped her stand out in the ruthless world of business. She is also a believer in the Buddha by birth.

Being calm under fire, seeing things from a unique angle, and not backing down to authority are her hallmarks. She is a real-deal superwoman.

Food Introduction

Pad Thai is a dish made with Thai rice noodles, fresh shrimp, and Thai fish sauce as the main ingredients, as well as egg, Thai hot sauce, tofu, and pickled sweet radish. It’s packed with nutrition and a one-of-a-kind flavor.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1698
Attack.png Attack 51
Defense.png Defense 21
Health.png HP 510
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 729
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 711
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1469


Buddhist Meditation Basic Skill
Skill-Pad Thai-Normal.png Pad Thai uses her string of beads, dealing 100 (180)% ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 62 (806) damage, with a 50% chance of boosting her ATK by 40%, lasting 3s.
Buddha's Punishment Energy Skill
Skill-Pad Thai-Energy.png The beads surrounding Pad Thai gather together, dealing 100 (180)% ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 283 (3679) damage, also dealing 40 (80)% ATK as damage to other enemies, plus 144 (1872) damage.

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Finding what one really wants is always difficult. What's your name? Are you just something I found, or something I really want?
Log In Next time you go out, take me with you, please. I'd much rather prove my worth to you by being at your side than sit at home like some trophy.
Ice Arena Very clean. I like it here.
Skills Cleanse the impure with Buddha's words
Ascend An ethereal feeling... so harmonious... so peaceful.
Fatigue No... I'm fine. I can still help...
Recovering ...How long was I resting for?
Team Formation You want me to come with you? You can see if I'm worthy of standing by your side.
Knockout No!... I did not prepare enough...
Notice Food just got sent out from the kitchen. Let's go to a VIP room and eat it.
Idle 1 What a mess of paperwork. You know what? I'll just organize this for Master.
Idle 2 Attendant has seem weary lately. I'll go get a soothing candle from the temple.
Idle 3 What a busy fellow. Clearly I could be relied on a little more.
Interaction 1 Stop -- Attendant, trying to touch a lady without her permission shows a lack of manners.
Interaction 2 Huh? Putting one's palms together is indeed our traditional method of greeting. But since I travel all over for business, I'm used to handshakes too. Hugs though? Out of the question.
Interaction 3 Careful. Do not blaspheme the Buddha. People should learn reverence. Without it, you're rudderless.
Pledge For you? Okay... Oh, there's no need for those tedious formalities. This isn't my native home anyway. All I need is for you to give me your hand -- yes, like this -- then wrap a string around them, and never let them part.
Intimacy 1 A string of prayer beads is like a violin string connecting all the high and low notes of life. Was my meeting you an off-note, or was it meant to be?
Intimacy 2 Go on. Go do whatever you want, and leave pesky details for me deal with.
Intimacy 3 When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So tell me, when I'm with you, what other things should I learn?
Victory I already said, I will take care of everything.
Defeat We just need to try again. It's the same in both business and battle. You win some, you lose some.
Feeding Thank you ~Aah, don't go. Here's your thank-you gift~


Cosmos Orbital
Skin-Pad Thai-Cosmos Orbital.png

Icon-Skin-Pad Thai-Cosmos Orbital.png

— Pad Thai

Food Souls

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Strength Icon.png Strength
Pad Thai.png
Pad Thai
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Sprite Animations

Cosmos Orbital

Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by T.B.Yonat and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Abnormality

"Did you heard that big news in the newspaper today?" "Ah, You mean that spice business? I heard it already! It's scary..."

The maids tried to start a conversation with the gossip that passed by their ears. A new day began with their discussion again.

The sunlight is just right, it made the room shines brightly. But this can't calm the anxious and restlessness in my heart.

Worshipped the Buddha statue in the living room as usual, I inattentively stepped towards the luxurious long corridor.

Whether I admit it or not, my life has changed already.

Compared with leisurely but boring life that I have right now, I prefer the days when I still managed the store with my master. So busy and fulls of substantial. But when can I go back to that time again?

I still don't understand even nowadays that why master attendant suddenly no longer wants to work with me.

"You have no need to worry about business matters anymore" is what he said.

"Okay, understood" I replied.

Master's concealed unusual behavior somewhat disturbed me, but I still chose not to ask. Because I believe that he will explain everything by himself after dealing with all these businesses.

However, after a few month passed in a blink of an eye, I still couldn't wait for the master to open his mouth.

It was like a foreign object stuck in my chest. I was worried, but I didn't know what to do.

I couldn't help but sigh. My steps stopped by my intuition, I looked up at the study in front of me.

I often come here recently. Perhaps it is because of frequent visits that I have come here habitually. It's just that all the books has been read by me, and there is nothing else in this room that can help me through a long time.

Better to go at somewhere elses. But when I had such a thought , I caught a glimpse of something unusual from the door ajar.

On a desk that is always empty in the ordinary days, several documents are piled up in a mess.

The butler did say that master came back last night. I think maybe these are all things that master needs to use in his work?

It's been too long since I have been in touch with master's business. I don't know how it progresses and how my master suddenly made a pretty fortune.

Shouldn't be anything serious if I take a look?

Unable to resist the urges in my heart, I quietly walked into the study and took for one of those documents.

The merchandise's name is empty, did you forget to write it-wait? ! One, two, three, four, ... how many zeros are behind this string of numbers? When did my master handle such a big business?

I unknowingly approached the irregular manifest, and was planning to take a closer look, however—

Bang Bang!!

Sounds of the knocked door came at this moment. My heart was beating like crazy because of the tension. I quickly pushed the manifest back to the table and looked up at the door when the paper clatters.

The butler stood right there.

"Lady Padthai?"

"What's up?"

"Tonight's banquet, our master hope that you can attend with him."

II. Banquet at Night

What a resplendent and magnificent banquet hall. The thick carpet under my feet was so soft that I had the illusion of walking between the clouds.

The melodious music flows quietly. The clanking sounds of the wine glasses in the banquet add a little impetuousness to it.

It's been a long time since the last time I visited such a place like this. When my master's business just started to improve, I used to had a cheek to join him in the banquet from the business circles.

My master always said before: To do business, interpersonal network formed through interpersonal relationships is the most important.

So in order to accumulate that, we were wearing the low-cost dresses at the time. Even if we were quietly being gossiped and ridiculed, we must hold up the smile and toast to the guests who can see us, only to leave behind even a little bit impression in them.

Now I have no need to do such a thing like that.

The clothes and accessories on our body are exquisite and luxurious. On the contrary, those who couldn't see us at the time approached with a smile while holding a wine glass.

"Ah, you are Mr. Silva, I've heard so much about your fame for a long time."

"Hello there."

My master narrowed his eyes and clinked his glasses with the coming person.

"And this lady?"

"My food soul."

"So she is the food soul! Wah, so rare ..."

Hearing about "food soul" these two words, the strange man obviously became interested, his tone suddenly became eager. He looked at me like he was looking at a beautiful piece of art.

Having experienced similar things too many times, such eyes still make me uncomfortable.

Calm down. Smile. I can't be rude in front of the master's guests.

I suppressed the discomfort in my heart and smiled quietly at him.

"This thing is unusual, is it expensive?"

He looked away from me, touched his chin, and smiled at my master.


This statement ... I turned my head to see my master attendant, and there was no sign of waver on his face. He just smile and greeted each other.

My chest feels empty.

This is the first time he pretermit me as if I am an item.

Master's side face in bright light, or his smile without temperature in his eyes, made me feel a strong sense of strangeness.

Is this really his appearance?

Master in my impression wouldn't laugh so coldly, nor wouldn't let anyone discuss on me like that. The relationship between us is friends, when did things become like this? Why does this happen?

It seems that I haven't seen him for too long.

Master attendant ... so strange.

"Mr. Silva, is it convenient to talk outside?"

"With pleasure."

The figure nearby the master is on the moves. I regained my senses, and wanted to keep up with their footsteps but was blocked.

"You don't need to follow."

III. Trust

A few years ago, my master attendant was just an ordinary little merchant.

He honestly does the ore business. The income he gained is only enough to make ends meet.

When he summoned me, he was shocked and happy. His eyes glowed. And he paid the respect to the slightly old but dustless Buddha statue several times.

At first he treated me as a treasure from the heaven and respectfully provide me for all needs. We slowly become friends after living together for a long time.

He was gradually be able to talk to me in an equal relationship and began to discuss some business troubles with me.

In order to share the troubles for him, I carefully studied the way of doing business, and slowly got my own experience, and finally have a place in his career.

With this, maybe I can be a capable assistant to my master attendant.

I joyfully thought about how he could let go of this business and go fulfilling his dreams, so I always told him to leave everything to me and go do anything he wants!

And he was bold with my encouragement.

I am very happy to work hard with him and then get his approval. I am willing to give my time to work for him, and look forward to solve a difficult problem for him whenever he have one.

However, one day, such a life has ended abruptly. He began to alienate me and divest me from these businesses. It was at this time that he suddenly squeezed into the circle of the upper class.

I know nothing about his business after that. He placed me in the newly bought house, like a piece of furniture, a vase.

I thought I could wait until he confess everything to me by his own intentions ... but it really was too tired.

I think I was labeled as "Master's certificate of being capable or rich". I am just a symbol, as if everything else is no longer important.

He doesn't seem to need my efforts anymore, nor does he face me with the kind smile he used to have. As if all I did was only my own wishful thinking.

Standing on the spot, watching him avoid the crowd and head to the empty balcony, my hands tightened the hemline of the formal dress uncontrollably.

I feel very, very lost, maybe mixed with grievances or anger or other feelings. I always thought that we should be equal partners, and he pushed me away again and again, as if telling me that I should not be in that position.

Will I always continue a days with the situation like this? Will I forever be a vase and let others judge my value?

Wearing a formal dress that doesn't open the body, just exists as a symbol, is this me? Can I still call myself "Me"?


We should talk.

Stood in the center of the banquet hall, I thought so.

I should find a time to clearly explain my thoughts to him. This kind of life is too tantalize, I can't bear it at all. I have waited for a few months and can't wait any longer. As long as I can sort this out, speaking clearly, he will understand me and I must have a way to help him.

Because we are friends, partners, and family. We have spent so many days together, and the emotions we build will not change easily.

It must be!!

IV. Contract

"Everyone raise your hands, don't act rashly !!"

The hotel's door was forcibly opened. Dozens of the persons who dressed up as officer poured in, and the leader suddenly pulled out the gun.

The maids immediately screamed, but all sounds stopped after a gunshot.

His eyes gave a coldly looks, and there was smoke from his gun barrel.

"I won't miss it next time!"

He took a few steps in the room, observed everyone's expressions, and finally locked his eye's expression on me.

"Food soul, is that you?" "Eh?!"

I was taken aback.

"What happened ... who are you?"

"Pad Thai!!"

I just noticed my master attendant who was handcuffed behind the officer .

After the banquet, master asked the butler to send me back, and then left in the same car with the man who had talked to him for a long time.

In a blink of an eye, several days passed. I hadn't waited for the opportunity to chat with him. I didn't expect the opportunity to appear in front of me in this way.

"Stop them!"

He was unkempt, covered in blood, and confoundedly shouted at me.

My eyes couldn't get away from the shocking wound on his body, I swallowed saliva in the mouth.

He was injured, I want to protect him.

I don't know why the officer want to find him, but he will explain to me, definitely.

I clenched my teeth to condense the spiritual power, and the beads floated from my side.

Didn't waiting for my next move, the officers surrounded me in one step, and their gun barrel pointed at me from all directions.

The bullets didn’t harm me so much or have enough power to kill me. I ’m not afraid. But their words made me be at a loss instead.

"Food soul, cease your resistance at once! Criminal helper will be treated with the same crime!"

"The criminal?"

"The criminal Silva smuggled illegal spices, causing social chaos in the east of Palata, causing a large number of casualties. We arrests him according to the law."

"Spices ... smuggled ...?"

Secret trades between him and those businessmen, exaggerated number on those manifests, sudden wealth ...

My mind can't control the outburst of more and more questions and conjectures.

"Oh, you know nothing about this?"


No, no no no no … Master attendant is not a person who can do such a thing. No. No!

"Silva! Are you still going to stay silent?" "Where is the the manifest of that goods, speak !!"

Master attendant did not answer the question. He just looked at me fiercely.

"What are you doing, Padthai? Make a moves!" "Master? Is it a misunderstanding?"

Smuggling? Illegal spices? He would not do such a thing, I understand him. I know him!

I looked directly at his eyes and wanted to get confirmation from his mouth. As long as he said all this was a misunderstanding, I would be able to calm down. We can harm these officers and take the opportunity to escape, I will find a way to solve this matter for him.

But I can't see anything other than resentment in his expression ... isn't this considered as tacitly accepting the guilt?

"It's a misunderstanding ... right?"

My body felt ice-cold from head to toe, and my voice trembled uncontrollably. Compared to the wounds from the bullets, this fact really stabbed me.

"Do it! Kill them all!!!"

My thought stopped completely, panic filled me up.

His words seemed to pull the puppet's silk thread, my body began to operate uncontrollably. So far, for the first time, I really felt the horror of such a "contract".

So scary. What am I doing? Where do I want to go? I don’t know, I can't move even one finger with my wishes, and can only be mechanically danced by the thread, like there is no life, no thought.

Everything I'm experiencing at this moment seems to be denying the existence of "I", myself. Terrible.

I want to shout loudly, but I can't make a sound in my throat. I can't see the color of the splattered blood, or hearing the sound of gunshots one after another, only the voice of my master echoes in my mind.

Kill them! Kill them all!

After a few second, the strength in my body was greatly exhausted, the world in front of me shook suddenly, and the cold floor pressed hard against me.

While my consciousness felt hazy, it seems that something has been released from me, but I have no more energy to think about it ...

"Mr. Green Curry, Silva ’s crime was only smuggling, and he should be captured alive for interrogation. Besides, the manifests— "

"If that human is not dead, she will kill you all." "You shouldn't think that the gun can suppress the food soul, huh?"

"But, but this ..."

"I will explain to the Holy King. You ..."

"Bring her back."

V. Pad Thai

The mind seems to somehow fall into a world that can't be freed. Padthai feel that she herself is being pulled by some invisible force, getting deeper and deeper, and surrounding with more and more darkness.

And in the dark abyss, she seemed to return to the familiar environment again ...

She saw the sincere and honest smile on her master's face from the old days ... saw the shabby house at that time ... remembered the difficult but happy life in the past--

The picture seemed to stop suddenly and brought her into that ice-cold house at the same time.

Master attendant there has lost the smile of the past, he is no longer a simple guy ...

The false magnificence under the light ... the fake smile of humans at the banquet ... the jealous eyes behind the dishonest face ...

Blood ... Betrayal ... It's impossible to get rid of the picture of the degenerate master in my mind, but I can hear the unclear word that he is saying ...

The memory is gradually tainted by the blood of countless humans ...

The light that once shone in the master's eye has long since disappeared ...

Her consideration, concession, trust, and kindness were crushed by "human beings" ...

Finally remembered, these ... are fragments of memory ...

However, she no longer wants to watch all of these ...

At this moment, she thought, she completely understood what she was ...

Yes, she is a different life form from human beings, she is a food soul ...

The food soul is doomed not to be able to get along with human beings as an equal identity.

"--Mmm!" Shook off from the dream land ... Padthai remembered the last scene that she herself knew intentionally.

She tried to get up from the bed. The wounds on her body have been treated carefully, and more than half of the lost spiritual power has returned.

What happened after she fainted? Where is this place?

As she looked up at her surroundings with her own eyes, a strange figure approached from the door. He has long dark-green hair and is wearing a mask. Somehow, Padthai has an unexplainable sense of cordial feelings towards him.

"Don't be afraid, it's safe here."

Said the green curry from a few steps away.

"I am the food soul."

「……」 Padthai calm her heart down.

She talked a lot with the green curry, including the trust in the past, the betrayal of her master attendant ... and the other guy just listened in silence from the start till the end.

After Padthai realized she seemed to have found a vent to dump those emotions, she recovered her senses and faced the green curry, feeling impoliteness.

And then Green curry finally started talking. "Are you still planning to be a human's running dog?"

Running dog? It was still a poor being, and I even was just a vase before. It's ridiculous. Thinking about this, Padthai finally revealed her long-lost smile.


Awoke from the dream now, am I? Padthai looked steadily into Green curry’s eyes.

"I, am not a tool."