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Giving life a proper send-off imparts a feeling of ritual and closure to the memory of one’s loved ones.


Pan de Muerto is the Spirit Guide of Nirvana funeral home, in charge of welcoming and seeing off the funeral home’s day-to-day clientele, of holding ceremonies for the departed, and holding celebrations at various times.

Her natural disposition is joyous and playful, but because of the nature of her daily work, she often has to struggle to control her facial expressions, put on colorful make-up, and express her sympathies to those who’ve lost a loved one with an air of sadness and composure (a struggle which occasionally is lost).

However, as soon as work ends, and no outsiders are around, Pan de Muerto can relax and resume being her usual joyous and fun-loving self.

Food Introduction

Pan de Muerto is a traditional food of Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday. It is a sweet bread decorated with skeleton-like features that is sprinkled with a healthy dusting of sugar. It has a faint citrusy flavor that is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. The Mexican people maintain a positive attitude toward death and view skeletons as a symbol of life’s beginnings. During the two days over which the “Day of the Dead” is celebrated, the people will sing and dance, have various parades and processions, and decorate and adorn altars and shrines. Their celebration is a sign of their passion for life and an act of remembrance of friends and family no longer with us.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1675
Attack.png Attack 51
Defense.png Defense 23
Health.png HP 444
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 792
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 971
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1175


Spectral Farewell Basic Skill
Skill-Pan de Muerto-Normal.png Pan de Muerto summons the power of dead spirits, and the pain at the moment of farewell washes over the whole battlefield, dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage to all enemies, plus 132 (1716) extra damage, while also raising all allies’ crit rate by 25% (45%), lasting 5 seconds.
Reunion Celebration Energy Skill
Skill-Pan de Muerto-Energy.png Pan de Muerto holds a Day of the Dead sacrificial ceremony, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the lowest-HP enemy unit, plus 221 (2873) extra damage. If the target’s HP is below 50%, it deals double damage.
Super Reunion Celebration Link Skill
Skill-Pan de Muerto-Link.png Pan de Muerto holds a Day of the Dead sacrificial ceremony, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the lowest-HP enemy unit, plus 265 (3445) extra damage. If the target’s HP is below 50%, it deals double damage. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hola, Master Attendant. I am Pan de Muerto. Will you lead me to a new beginning?
Log In Greetings, this is "Nirvana" mortuary. Is there something I can help you with?
Ice Arena Wee-- What great fun! Master Attendant, give me a push!
Skills Join the party!
Ascend No matter where dead spirits are, they never stop... striving for holiness... It is truly toilsome.
Fatigue So tired! I'm heading home to slip into something comfortable and sleep.
Recovering Yes! My body is slowly recovering!
Team Formation The festivities are about to begin! I can hardly wait!
Knockout The reigniting of the flames of dead souls... goes on without end...
Notice The bread's ready! Oh, it's not for you all-- Huh? Master Attendant, don't be afraid. It's just some spirits playing a prank!
Idle 1 Oh, Spirits, tell me! When will Sachertorte ever have time off work... Huh? M-master Attendant?? No eavesdropping!
Idle 2 Master Attendant, stay focused. Decorating the altar for the Day of the Dead must be lovingly and painstakingly done in order for the spirits to return home happily!
Idle 3 What should I wear for the Day of the Dead this year... tomorrow I'll go ask Nougat what the latest fashion trends are!
Interaction 1 Master Attendant, is that you?! Is there something troubling you? Please allow me to heal your injured soul.
Interaction 2 Master Attendant, you seem to be keeping something bottled up inside... Why is that?
Interaction 3 Master Attendant, do not mourn for lost things. Your protective spirits say that they are always watching over you.
Pledge Master Attendant has a particularly beautiful soul. Both so brave and good, that I'd follow you anywhere without even a second thought! In the endless cycle of life after life and our countless reunitings through the ages, between you and me it'll always be love at first sight.
Intimacy 1 Ah, it's you, Master Attendant! For you, there's no need for special treatment from me! Make yourself at home!
Intimacy 2 Huh? You accidentally put out the altar candles? Hahaha, no matter. I'll just light them again... the Dead aren't that petty!
Intimacy 3 Hahaha, you look forward to the Day of the Dead too, I see? Then come decorate the altar with me!
Victory Yay! We won!
Defeat Defeat is temporary. The energy of life flows on...
Feeding I like it! Thanks, Master Attendant. My whole heart has been healed!


Evening Glow
Skin-Pan de Muerto-Evening Glow.png

Icon-Skin-Pan de Muerto-Evening Glow.png

The firefly's life is brief, but I will treasure this beautiful moment with you in the evening glow forever!
— Pan de Muerto
Ghost-Shrouded Heart

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Sprite Animations


Evening Glow

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