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Is it even possible for special things to not come my way? Honestly it's a hassle, a huge hassle.


He doesn't like interacting with others and can be rather harsh when he does. He has absolute confidence in his desserts. He likes to spend his time alone so don't get angry when you get ignored.

Food Introduction

Pastel De Nata, more commonly known as egg tarts, have spread across the world and have become a dessert food found almost anywhere.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1291
Attack.png Attack 35
Defense.png Defense 12
Health.png HP 400
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 835
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1176
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 917


Golden Spirals Basic Skill
Skill-Pastel de Nata-Normal.png Pastel de Nata brandishes his whisk and assaults the three nearest enemy targets, dealing 60% (120%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 10 (158) extra damage.
Spinning Attack Energy Skill
Skill-Pastel de Nata-Energy.png Pastel de Nata uses his whisk to fling his homemade delicacies at all enemies, dealing 40% (80%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 192 (3033) extra damage.
Super Spinning Attack Link Skill
Skill-Pastel de Nata-Link.png Pastel de Nata uses his whisk to fling his homemade delicacies at all enemies, dealing 60% (120%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 231 (3003) extra damage. Napoleon Cake.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Huh? Ah, it's you. Please excuse me, I am Pastel de nata. Incidentally, I may not be quite the same as the egg tarts from your imagination.
Log In You've returned? There are some egg tarts over there. If you'd like one, go and take one.
Ice Arena The environment here is very nice.
Skills Do not waste dessert.
Ascend Aren't I able to do better?
Fatigue ... Uugh, don't touch me.
Recovering During battle, injuries are to be expected.
Team Formation The battle is tentative. Find the motivation, and let's go.
Knockout I was too careless.
Notice The food is ready, quickly go and get some. Don't tell me you want me to remind you a second time?
Idle 1 I can finally rest. How should I pass the time?
Idle 2 The desserts... there are fewer than there were before. Could it be Napoleon again...?
Interaction 1 Is it even possible for special things to not come my way? Honestly it's a hassle, a huge hassle.
Interaction 2 If I send you egg tarts, how many would you want?
Interaction 3 Do you like this kind of behavior?
Pledge Perhaps, it's because of you. Huhn..It's nothing, I just feel that something in me has changed. I'll talk to you more about it later on.
Intimacy 1 This is my latest creation. Is it to your tastes? Is it?
Intimacy 2 You always look at me when I'm making dessert. Come over here, do you want to learn how to make it yourself?
Intimacy 3 Don't move, I just want to look at you for a while.


Dessert Dream
Skin-Pastel de Nata-Dessert Dream.png

Icon-Skin-Pastel de Nata-Dessert Dream.png

What’s for dessert? I made me too much, here it take this box. ——Wishful thinking from Napoleon Cake
— Pastel de Nata
Romantic Express
Skin-Pastel de Nata-Romantic Express.png

Icon-Skin-Pastel de Nata-Romantic Express.png

Pure White Romance... Is this the new name you came up for this dessert? ... Yes, so long as you like it.
— Pastel de Nata

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Pastel de Nata.png
Pastel de Nata
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations

Romantic Express

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Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Everyday Life

"Tell Napoleon that’s all for today."
I handed Coffee the last plate of sweets, my tone firm.
That Napoleon is such a pain.
"That’s all?! Mister Manager, I’m gonna file a complaint!"
"If you have anything to say about my shop, then don’t come back."
"If you let me take Pastel de Nata with me, I won’t.”
“I’m understaffed here.”
"And I’m undersugared here!”
Afternoon tea time was already over, and I didn’t feel like working any longer just to make sweets for Napoleon. Listening to him and Coffee go back and forth, I sat beside the warm window and poured myself a cup of tea as if they weren’t there. I tossed a glance outside and saw Chocolate wearily making his way back.
"Here. I took a commission on my way back. It’s to help rebuild the town of Vita after they were struck by an earthquake.”
The familiar name grabbed my attention. I set my cup down and looked over.
Chocolate handed a letter over to Coffee before leaning against the table, picking up the cup of mocha Coffee just drank from.
"I’m exhausted from all the walking I had to do for my last commission. I’d just waste time if I go by myself anyways, so I decided to come back and let someone more suitable take over.”
Chocolate took a sip of the mocha and sighed. He leaned closer to the blonde manager, as if he was exhausted and wanted to take a nap on him.
“This one really tuckered me out. I was hoping I could come back sooner.”
Coffee was used to Chocolate’s harassment. The uncertain look on his face now wasn’t from Chocolate invading his personal space.
As he had just told Napoleon, there weren’t enough staff at the moment to handle the rebuilding commission. Black Tea and Milk weren’t back from their commission yet, Chocolate had just returned, and Tiramisu…
"Rebuilding? I can help with that."
No one expected Napoleon to volunteer. Everyone looked at him.
"On one condition, of course~"
Napoleon did not disappoint. Sure enough, there was a catch.
Chocolate spoke in Coffee’s place.
"What condition?" He asked in interest.
"Let me take Pastel de Nata with me. I’ll direct the rebuilding, and Pastel…his sweets can help comfort the victims of the earthquake. It’ll make an excellent logistic.”
Napoleon finger-gunned me.

II. The Things He Can Do

"There are less desserts than I counted last time. Even now, Napoleon…”
As soon as I turned around, some of the desserts were gone.
It’s not like I didn’t expect this to happen. Remembering the tip Coffee left me before we set off, I felt resignation join my anger.
Not far away, Napoleon, who was supposed to be directing the rebuilding, was playing with the orphans and ducking in and out of tents.
"Whoever reaches the farthest tent first gets the biggest slice of cake!"
"Watch this!"
Was it for their sake?
"Meanie! Napoleon is playing too!"
"I never said I wasn’t~ That cake is as good as mine~ "
"No fair, Napoleon!"
Coffee was right. That guy really is...
"Napoleon is a commander worthy of the title."
Brownie seemed to read my thoughts. After clearing out the leftover ingredients, he defended Napoleon diligently.
"Napoleon never runs away from his responsibilities. He once told me that true directing isn’t giving out commands left and right, but to get everyone to do their part so they can function even without him.”
"So getting B-52 to direct all the reconstruction isn’t just him slacking off?”
"I’m afraid you have misunderstood. All Napoleon did was leave the tasks requiring the assistance of machinery to B-52. He has things only he himself can do as well. You...have noticed it too, have you not?”
I had noticed.
After being nearly destroyed by the earthquake and the aftershocks that followed, this town had pretty much crumbled into a wasteland by the time we arrived.
The surviving townspeople sunk into sorrow and fear. The frightened children who had just witnessed loss for the first time in their lives couldn’t sleep at night.
However, in just a few days, most of the townspeople cheered up and invested themselves in rebuilding the town. The children also got their liveliness back thanks to Napoleon.
Brownie looked like he had more to say. Taking the eggs he handed over, I cracked the eggshells and dropped the egg yolks into some flour before glancing over and listening to him continue.
“To be honest, I still do not understand why you have decided to come. This is the first time you have agreed to any of Napoleon’s requests.”
Yes, this was the first time indeed.
Why did I agree?
I’d already made up my mind as soon as I heard the name of this town. I would’ve taken up the commission even if Napoleon never asked.
Vita... I’ve been here before.
Everyone I knew was gone after a hundred years. The landmarks I recognized were destroyed by the earthquake too. Yet, I still remembered the shadows of the children playing in the town square, remembered the young girls dancing around a bonfire at a banquet, and remembered the pastry chef master who challenged me before being utterly defeated by a mere apprentice...
"Pastel de Nata~"
A chorus of voices pulled me back to reality before I could get too caught up in my memories. Facing a horde of smiling faces big and small, my expression didn't change.
"What is it?"
Their voices were perfectly in sync, as if they'd rehearsed. I shot a suspicious glance at Napoleon, whose eyes were full of confidence. There was even a bit of cream stuck on the corner of his mouth.
There was no doubt it was him who taught the kids how to beg me for cake, but I’m not disgusted with it.
"Send these egg tarts to the town square and you can have cake when you get back.”
Brownie and I handed the packaged desserts to the kids to offer to the villagers cleaning up the waste.
The kids carefully took the boxes of food and left. Napoleon on the other hand stayed, leaning over the table and getting up in my face.
"Where’s my share, Pastel~?"
The children’s voices were still audible in the distance. I gave it a bit of thought and didn’t refuse this time.
"I’m still making it. Go outside and wait."

III. Caravan

The reconstruction work was hard and slow. After making sure everything was sailing smoothly, the townspeople and I negotiated and decided to have me lead a team to exchange goods with another town further off.
To no one’s surprise, Napoleon objected.
He only agreed to help with the rebuilding and didn’t want to waste more time here, thinking we should leave and let the humans finish recovering by themselves.
"If you want to go then go. I’m staying."
"Didn’t you say you hated trouble the most? Why are you so into this?”
"That’s none of your business."
"Hey, hey, you’re the only reason I agreed to come here, you know.”
“Wasn’t it just for my sweets?"
"Of course--"
Napoleon didn't finish his sentence. Clutching his hat, he took a step towards me, the look in his eyes intense.
"It doesn’t matter why I’m here. We’re on the same side. You should be honest with me."
"I’m not your subordinate."
I was unmoved by his stare.
"I just want to help them. That's all."
The town, backed by mountains, had rich gemstone deposits.
A gem merchant from the town had polished a batch of moonstones just before the earthquake and kept them in a safe while waiting to discuss transaction details with the buyer.
What made this trip possible was the fact that he agreed to donate all the money he got from sales towards buying the materials needed for reconstruction.
The caravan left on schedule. The only other food soul in the team asides from me was Napoleon. B-52 and Brownie stayed behind to help the townspeople.
I wanted to refuse Napoleon, but he’d already gained the townspeople’s trust.
Because the goods were so valuable, the caravan members had concerns over the safety of their cargo’s journey.
They didn’t hesitate to agree when Napoleon volunteered to go with us.
Although I don't like working with him, I have to admit Napoleon has far more experience in combat than I do.
The caravan's trip went smoothly. We found a buyer willing to pay a high price for the moonstones and stopped by a village on the way back to buy some supplies we needed.
Just when I thought we could return to town without a hitch, we ran into some trouble.
A landslide caused by the heavy rain gave us no choice but to give up on our old route and go through the City Ruins.
It would save us the time of taking a detour, but also meant we might run into fallen angels.
Napoleon’s attitude was as self-confident as always, the polar opposite of my own seriousness. You couldn’t see a trace of worry on his face.
"All we gotta do is destroy each one that shows up, doesn’t matter how many~ Relax, it’ll be easy for us two~”
"I hope so."

IV. Fighting Side by Side

The City Ruins are as desolate as they sound. Traces of fighting from adventurers who’d often venture here were everywhere.
The ruins were silent throughout the trip, perhaps due to a past adventurer having already cleared them. The wind made strange sounds from time to time as it whistled through the broken walls. Whenever the humans heard it, they’d pick up the pace, trying to get through the ruins as quickly as possible.
Everyone prayed we could pass through without a hitch, but fate had other plans. A large number of fallen angels flooded around the ruins’ exit, blocking our way out.
"Ah, I was wondering why it was so quiet. Turns out they were just waiting to ambush us here."
Napoleon pulled a flag out of god knew where and stuck it into the ground. The flag spread open in the wind. Its design, with Napoleon's face drawn right on the middle of it, really wasn't impressive at all, but he didn't care.
There was no sign of fallen angels from behind the caravan. I walked over to Napoleon to ask him what he planned to do.
"What’s your plan?"
I watched the gathering fallen angels warily. Regular fallen angels aren’t that big of a hassle, but the problem was that there were two Bulimias among them.
"Bulimia don’t show humans any mercy. We don’t have enough combat power, and splitting up would leave them an even bigger window to attack. It would be better to take the humans to somewhere with shelter and shrink the battle range. Working together, we can destroy them~”
Napoleon finger-gunned me as he emphasized working together. His attitude was so out of place it lit a spark of fury in me, and my voice hardened.
“Point your gun at those fallen angels instead. I’m not your prey.”
Before I became a pastry chef at Cafe Satan, I was constantly on the run from Napoleon. A clingy person who did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, he kept coming up with ways to try and make me one of his companions.
When I joined the cafe, Napoleon respected my choice but visited the cafe almost every day. Sometimes alone, sometimes with Brownie.
Later, as more and more new faces showed up, he’d occasionally accept some commissions from the cafe and list off his set of conditions to Coffee and I.
I rarely observe others, but Napoleon is an exception.
Napoleon would always be very clear on what he wanted, but even when we met his conditions he’d still go above and beyond what was asked of him so he’d have more bargaining chips in the future.
Just like now. The humans cheered as they watched the last fallen angel fall. Napoleon, thinking it was cool, slid a finger over the front of his hat and stared past the humans at me.
"Victory is ours. You should reward me with extra desserts at the celebration banquet~”
Fighting is much more draining than working in the kitchen. I, a little tired, dusted myself off before replying absentmindedly.
"I’ll think about it when we get back."

V. Pastel de Nata

Before becoming a pastry chef at Cafe Satan, Pastel de Nata traveled around Gloriville to hone his cooking skills.
He’d visit different pastry chefs in various towns and learn new recipes from them.
Pastel de Nata always stayed in each town for a while. Although he was withdrawn and didn’t like interacting with others, making sweets that brought smiles to other people’s faces always gave him stories worth remembering.
Pastel de Nata certainly liked those stories and the people in them. During a quiet afternoon, while enjoying a cup of black tea and some sun, he’d reflect fondly on these joyful, relaxing memories.
Napoleon Cake was not one of them.
Their encounter was purely by chance. Pastel de Nata didn’t even remember what Napoleon Cake looked like. He did, however, retain a gut feeling that Napoleon Cake was a troublesome guy.
Turns out Pastel’s gut instinct was right. On their second meeting, Napoleon refused to leave him alone and even declared he wouldn’t let him go so easily this time.
"It looks like fate has brought us together, Mister Pastry Chef. You should come with me."
Napoleon Cake said in a matter-of-fact tone while munching away on the sweets Pastel made.
"I like your sweets. Make them all for me from now on~”
Pastel de Nata rejected him once again.
Of course, Napoleon Cake didn’t give up.
It was during his travels that Pastel de Nata met Chocolate.
Pastel de Nata had been traveling in Gloriville for a while. He met many people and tasted many sweets. Wanting to settle down somewhere and hone his craft after spending such a long time roaming from place to place, he knew Napoleon would surely find him wherever he went.
Pastel de Nata was troubled. What else was it asides from his sweets that made Napoleon so obsessed with him?
It was at this time Chocolate appeared with a solution.
Back then, Chocolate had accepted a commission in the city Pastel was in. The client was a teenage girl who often visited Pastel de Nata’s place to have afternoon tea.
Chocolate was a charismatic food soul who was good at making friends. He left better impressions than Napoleon Cake did.
Over time, Pastel de Nata got to know Chocolate better. Chocolate told him about Cafe Satan, and Pastel also told him about his own plans.
"You’re quite bothered by Napoleon Cake’s obsession, am I right? Cafe Satan is a place where you can hone your skills in peace while also giving many others the chance to taste your creations.” Chocolate had said.
Considering the cost of opening a sweets shop on his own, Pastel de Nata took Chocolate up on his offer and became Cafe Satan’s first and only pastry chef.
As for the Napoleon Cake, rather than bringing a gunfight to Cafe Satan’s doorstep upon learning Pastel chose them, he adopted a certain other strategy.
Napoleon Cake knew what he wanted very well. With one simple word of rejection, Napoleon, who originally just liked his sweets, developed an obsessive urge to “conquer” him. He would never give up until he reached his goal.
Pastel de Nata gradually realized this as they fought side by side.
At the same time, it only affirmed his belief that Napoleon Cake was a troublesome existence.
One quiet afternoon, Pastel de Nata found a resting spot somewhere in the forest surrounding Cafe Satan. He let his eyes close, enjoying the caress of a warm breeze.
Half-awake, Pastel de Nata felt like someone was using something to poke his face. He swatted that annoying hand away without opening his eyes.
"Go away, Napoleon."