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I am the great pollock roe, the best in the world!


The leader of the Venerable Moon Organisation. Although he looks vicious, he’s actually very childish. To humans, he looks ferocious. But, when they genuinely want his help, after he scolds them fiercely, he'll pull them behind him to protect them. Brimming with righteousness, it has been noted that the roe fish bomb by his side will explode whenever he becomes embarrassed.

Food Introduction

A favorite delicacy in Japan, Korea and North Korea, Pollock Roe is sourced from Alaska pollock, a coldwater fish. The roe is prepared by marinating the fish egg in spices and chili. Because it is fresh and aromatic, a person can scoop a generous amount of it and enjoy them alongside a bow of piping hot rice. Alternatively, a person can also savor pollock Roe alongside wine. Indeed, it can be said that Pollock Roe pairs well with any meal and supper.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Associated Events

Initial Stats

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Basic Skill Lvl
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Voice Lines

Contract Hey! Whatcha looking at me for! Why are you looking down! I am Pollock Roe, and from now on, you'll be my lackey!
Log In Bastard! You didn't bring me out! *sigh*...At least yu brought me food. Nevermind, I'll forgive you.
Ice Arena It's chilling in here! Let me go home!
Skills Explode, you garbages!
Ascend Yes! This is more like it!
Fatigue Oh...whatcha doing! What are you looking at! Turn around!
Recovering Ahhh——This is so boring! Let's go!
Team Formation Follow me quickly!
Knockout You...don't...touch him...
Notice Hahaha, as expected of me! Ah, you're back! Come and quickly take a look!
Idle 1 Oh————Boring...I wanna go fight out and fight someone...but that fellow, Tsukumi Dango is a pain in the neck...
Idle 2 ZZZ...I'll eventually stuff that bastard Takowasa into his can and lock him out , so he'll never escape...Hehe, hehehehe...ZZZ...
Idle 3 Will Food Souls grow taller if we drink milk...?
Interaction 1 Wha-whatcha touching! Go away——I-I'm not blushing, shoo!!!!
Interaction 2 This? It's fish...Hey, don't touch! ...You-you're not injured, right?
Interaction 3 *Humming* Woah——Wh's there?! Who is out there! Show yoursekf!
Pledge About that...I'm aware that I'm usually fierce most of the time, but...if it's you, I-I feel I'll be able to be a little more gentle to you. So...do you wanna follow me? I'll be very nice to you, more nice than anyone else.
Intimacy 1 AHHHHHHHH, you bastard, that will do. Co-come and give me a hug.
Intimacy 2 ....About that...you...come here. Do-don't laugh...I miss you.
Intimacy 3 Don't worry, you can let me handle everything for you.
Victory What are you so surprised about! Hmph.
Defeat Go away! Don't look! There will be next time.
Feeding What's this? Huh? A gift for me? Myyyyyyyy gift?!


Ame no Habakiri
Skin-Pollock Roe-Ame no Habakiri.jpg

Icon-Skin-Pollock Roe-Ame no Habakiri.png

I swear upon the sword in my hand that one day, I will rule over all of Sakurajima and bring prosperity to all!
— Pollock Roe

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