A Fallen Angel always shrouded in rumor. To this day, no one even knows about his birth. It’s said he’s a monster formed from the pent up malice of the people of this world.


Nightfall Deals massive damage to all Food Souls.
Abyss Storm Gives all Food Souls an Energy reduction debuff (can be dispelled).
Gloomy Pain Deals damage to all Food Souls, with a continuous dmg effect. (All percentage-based dmg. Takes effect simultaneously and cannot be dispelled).
Deadly Claw Deals damage to all Food Souls every 2s (Percentage-based dmg).
Passive When attacked, there’s a 40% chance of stunning the attacker for 4s.

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls
Free revive every time
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

Offensive Food Souls should bring Fallen Angels than increase ATK; use Food Souls that are immune to stuns.

Strategy Tips

Team Template

General Setup

Healer Strength/Magic

AOE Healing, Team cleanse

Damage, Team cleanse? Damage Damage Damage 
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack

Alternative Setup

Healer Strength/Magic
Utility AOE Healing, Team cleanse? Damage boost, Team cleanse? Damage Damage Damage 
Fallen Angel Speed Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack

General Pointers

  • Players below level 50 should always bring a tank as close to 5000 HP as possible with a Cautious nature purple Fallen Angel to Disaster battles
  • Counters needed:
    1. Team cleanse or stun immunity
    2. Consistent AOE healing
  • Relevant Boss Gimmicks:
    1. Unit stun chance when attacking boss (basic attacks) - your Food Soul will get stunned A LOT. Team cleanse will help but stun immunity is far more significant. Healers do NOT need stun immunity because they do not inflict basic attacks to boss.
    2. Energy drain + big % hp AOE at 4:58, 2:58, 0:58 - These 2 combinations make survival far more difficult, and Healer link skills are far less reliable. Prioritize healers with high AOE healing on both basic and energy skill.
    3. Immunity to continuous damage - Any skill damage that occur over x seconds will not work (parts of Turkey's basic and energy skill, for example). Most players do not need to work around this gimmick but keep in mind it makes it harder for players to reach Handbook milestones as a result.

Blessing Recommendation

  • In general, paying crystals for Blessings should be avoided for those not ranking top 50 or higher except to reach damage tier rewards in the Disaster Handbook.
  • Free Revive for most players.
  • 20% power boost is not as significant and its benefit can actually be nulled on a bad run. Only use it if you are willing to track your damage and reset until a good run.

Healer (1 unit)

A healer that provides team stun immunity is ideal. Note that these options are very limited and inaccessible for the average casual player:

  • - team stun immunity passive on t5. She does not need the self stun immunity on t3
  • - team stun immunity for 5s but with 15s cd on T5. Due to the long cd, it may be better to use a Healer that cleanses instead (or use both)

A healer that can both provide strong AOE healing and team cleanse is highly recommended:

If you do not have a healer that can team cleanse, you can use any AOE healer, though keep in mind strength/magic source for team cleanse will not be reliable:

If you want to use a second healer, you should try to select ones that provide some sort of utility beyond just healing:

Otherwise, use any healer that heals decently. Refer to the Healer guide for potential options.

Strength/Magic (3 or 4 units)

Generally for discerning which Food Souls deal the most damage:

  • Refer to the Useful Food Souls Guide for general tips on which Food Souls to invest in
  • Use the Battle Drill for damage vs various team compositions (use Solo vs lvl 40 CLB regardless of your level)
  • Get help from veteran players to narrow down options for various roles needed in the team.

Food Souls with stun immunity would be the most capable of dealing damage:

...and potentially other options that are inaccessible for the average player. If you have none of those options, just do the best you can with your strongest Food Souls.

Food Souls with team cleanse ability are only worthwhile if they themselves are immune to stuns. Otherwise, they should not be forced into the team unless they also provide good damage or team buffs.

Basic Skill Team Cleanse

Artifact Skill Team Cleanse

Food Souls with healing ability can help remedy the continuous AOEs the boss inflicts on the team. Keep in mind the energy drain may make the skills less reliable.

Defender (0 Units)

Unless you are juggling with lowly ascended Food Souls, avoid bringing a Defender. If survival is a major issue, bring a second Healer.


  • Qiongqi is a very mean monster. if it sees people fighting, it'll devour the person who is upright and reasonable; if it hears people saying truthful words, it'll bite off the person's nose; if it caught whiff of someone committing crimes, it'll kill a random beast and offer it to the person. As such, it is a monstrous beast who punish the good and praise the bad (source).
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