Recipes are a vital part of Food Fantasy.


There are 4 "regions" for recipes: Gloriville, Sakurajima, Light Kingdom and Lost Recipes.
As part of the tutorial, you will select one of the first 3 regions to develop, the other 2 will be opened up once you have completed your first region. The last one, Lost Recipes, are given to you in a set of Side Story Missions.

Their main uses are:

  • To be prepared by Food Souls in the Restaurant for Gold and Fame
  • To be researched by the player using ingredients from battling for Delivery and Airship, as well as to be fed to Food Souls to increase fondness.

Each recipe has an "exquisite" counterpart, which are not required in Delivery and Airship, and are only for raising Food Soul fondness. (To prevent any confusion, those are not separate dishes to create using exquisite seasonings; they are simply obtained at random when cooked at all.)


Main article: Recipe Statistics

All recipes have 5 main attributes, Flavor, Texture, Aroma, Appearance, along with Eating Time, which is static and cannot be raised like the others.

  • Flavor increases the Fame received
  • Texture increases extra Gold received
  • Aroma increases customer flow
  • Appearance decreases cost price to make the dish
  • Eating Time is the time it takes for customer to eat the dish


Seasoning is mainly acquired from Exploration, are are used to raise attributes of dishes when researching.

Each dish has one specific attribute which can be raised via seasonings, as well as 2 effective seasonings along with their exquisite counterparts. Note this this attribute may not be the attribute with the highest maximum value, so look it up on the Seasoning page before using it on your dishes.


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