A little gambling is never an issue!


Aside from playing cards, he doesn't care much about anything else. His most important items are his playing cards.

Food Introduction

Sandwich was created by a count who was so busy gambling that he didn't have time to prepare food and eat. So, he resorted to creating something simple yet delicious.

Initial Stats

Flame icon Soul Power 815
Attack Attack 27
Defense Defense 11
Health HP 207
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 618
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 490
Attack Speed Attack Speed 293

Other Info

How to Acquire


Black Spades Imprint Normal Skill
Sandwich throws out playing cards, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the enemy with the highest Def plus 10 extra damage, with a probability of decreasing their Def by 4 for 5 seconds.
Card Magic Energy Skill
Sandwich does some magic with his playing cards, decreasing all enemies' Atk by 2 and Def by 2 for 4 seconds.

Work Out Auto
The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)
Loved by All 1 Star
When customers pay their bills, receive an additional reward of 2 Gold. (+2 per level) Sprite-Supervisor
Top Service 3 Stars
Customers have a 10% chance to pay an additional 10 Gold when paying their bill. Sprite-Supervisor Sprite-Staff

Voice Lines

Contract Master Attendant, would you like to play a game of luck and skill? I am always ready.
Log In Master Attendant, you arrived just in time. Now we can continue the game with an extra player!
Ice Arena Master Attendant, I've been playing cards all day, I'm so hungry. Will you help me make something to eat?
Skills This is magic that can only be seen once!
Ascend But I don't have an upper limit!
Fatigue Quickly go and get me a sandwich, an expert gambler needs his strength.
Recovering It seems that we will have to reshuffle.
Team Formation Oh yeah, it's my turn!
Knockout Oh my, did you see through me?
Notice Ah! I smell the scent of victory!
Idle 1 Ugh! How boring! A small amount of gambling is entertaining but excessive gambling is harmful. Master Attendant, come and play with me!
Idle 2 Who can understand how lonely I feel at the top?
Interaction 1 Do you want to play cards? I really wanted to play together.
Interaction 2 Master Attendant, you're so good! I actually feel a little embarrassed.
Interaction 3 Hey, wait a moment, you weren't thinking of cheating, were you?
Pledge You are the best gambler I've ever met in my life! And it just paid off!
Intimacy 1 Argh, I'm going to lose! Oh, forget it! I'll just go back and cook for Master Attendant.
Intimacy 2 Master Attendant, I promise I'll be back early, just... let me go out today, ok?
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, let's gamble! If you win, I'll be your servant! If you lose, hehehehe~

Fondness Stories

The dark night sky was filled with black clouds. It looked as if they would cause the country villa located at the corner of the town to collapse, meanwhile, a scintillating light emanated forth from the clouds every now and again.

The rooms inside were dark, nothing was visible. Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck the window of the villa, lighting up the darkened room. It was then that I could see a small figure crouched under the window.

"Are you...?" I asked tentatively. "Are you a cooking attendant?"

The figure was shivering noticeably, then, it continued trembling, looking as if it was going to cry.

"My Lady cooking attendant, I am Sandwich." I stood off to one side, as I could feel cooking attendant sending out a signal to not get near her.

Without getting a response for such a long time, there was nothing else to do but sit on the counter and play with a deck of cards.

Off in the distance, the lightning cut a flash into the sky again. It provided enough for me to make out what the cooking attendant looked like.

Her face as beautiful as a doll, with noble golden curly locks hanging down like silk strands. An elaborate gown flowed down her thin frame, which, coupled with the luxuriant decorations around the house, it was not difficult to see that the cooking attendant was nobility.

The cooking attendant was the daughter of an Earl, but her father was known as a man who loved gambling. Because he lingered all day at the gambling table, he was given the informal title of, the Gambling Earl.

At that time the aristocrats wielded massive power, the throne itself was just a charade. All the nobles were addicted to fun. Gambling was just a pastime, it was nothing curious or peculiar.

Yet, I couldn't understand, what it was that could possibly make this little daughter of a wealthy earl, a girl who was set up for life, sit crying on this rainy night.

The cooking attendant kept wiping away the tears from her face with the sleeve of her expensive dress, then, pretending nothing was amiss she stood up. She tried to keep up the charade though her eyes were still red.

I couldn't help but laugh at such a wretched sight. She didn't say anything, she just sat with her back to me, as if she was angry.

But think about it, this was a little girl of only 12 years old.

I figured she was a naive girl, too young to know much about the world. As a food soul, I should just talk of whimsical and fantastic dreams with her. Or just play card tricks to make her happy. So...

"Sandwich, your gambling skills are pretty good, right?" Her words interrupted my train of thought.

"I hate to sing my own praises, but... no one can beat me at gambling." I patted my chest in a show of confidence.

Another bolt of lightning streaked through the dark sky. The deafening thunder made me think that I had misheard the cooking attendant, who was now smiling, had just said.

"Could you make my father lose everything he owns?"

Yes, it all started that very night.

The casino was massive, with a basement designed and built for the earl. The cooking attendant had brought me here.

The gambling earl sat on his favorite place around the gambling table, and as usual was squandering the gold coins in front of him. People were laughing. I couldn't understand why their smiles had become so gradually distorted.

"God bless you," My Lady, the cooking attendant said as she walked in with holding the earl's favorite food. She placed the plate next to the earl's right hand, to make it convenient for him to eat. But, he didn't glance at her at all.

Apparently, the cooking attendant had gotten used to this, she left without a single utterance.

But I knew, the food, meat, and vegetables placed inside the bread was the one thing that the pampered cooking attendant could have done. And it's also the reason why I was here.

At this point, I could only play the role of an observer, leisurely sitting on the banister playing my favorite card magic. No one knew of my presence there.

Until the earl, who had been reluctant to leave the gambling table, reached out for the food that he cooking attendant had prepared for him. as if by some deep-seated unwillingness, my body took a step before I thought about what I was doing.

A spade flew by me, and it stuck in the cracks on the table. The card almost touched the earl's hand.

When I realized it, I noticed that almost everyone was looking at me, the frantic one who dared to provoke the earl.

It was all so totally out of the blue. Therefore, the situation wouldn't allow me to back down.

I slid down the banister railing and jumped, right in front of the earl.

I laughed as heartily and as carefree as I ever had in my life, even though I was surrounded on all sides by soldiers. The earl did not order the soldiers to kill me though, he just looked at me keenly with particular interest, and asked, "The reason you have rushed in here so abruptly was not at all out of some queer death wish I trust?"

I am not sure whether the Earl knew of my identity as a food soul. However, I was confident that I would not be stopped by them if I wanted to leave.

I sat on the poker table without hesitation, pulled the ace of spades out of the deck and laid it flat on the table, then I pushed the cards towards the Earl, and said: "Let's place a small wager, sire."

He laughed a hearty belly laugh as is he'd heard the newest joke of the day, and others around him burst into laughter as well.

"I have not heard a jest of this manner for ages," The Earl snorted as he laughed, "Tell me my good sir, what on earth do you think you have to place a wager?" The Earl looked up and down me after he said that, and couldn't help laughing.

I did not care that the Earl teased me mercilessly, I just picked up the cards on the table. I quickly shuffled the deck, took one out and placed it in the middle of the table, then started to deal.

The only thing this I was confident about was that I wouldn't lose to anyone there.

"Now, my lord, please be so kind as to look at the cards in front of you now, and do please note, that the card in my hand is the only one I have yet to deal to you sire..."

I said, then, I turned over the card in the center of the table.

The Earl's eyes looked at me with scorn. He turned the card on the table casually, but his face stubbornly carried arrogantly, he was only willing to glance at it reluctantly.

He leaned forward, stared during the moment he saw the cards. Wasn't sure why, but I felt happy when I saw his expression. It must have been the asinine look on his face.

Although he didn't expect what I said would happen, the Earl calmed himself, and ridiculed me all the more explicitly.

"So what? You are nothing but a pauper without a pot to relieve himself in."

"You must be after more power and land, I reckon."


"Be that as it may, if I lose, I will use my gambling skills to help you acquire power and property, if I win you must surrender all your land and power to me." Sounded like and unfair bet. "You don't trust my ability?"

"Heh heh, nay sire, nay. Quite the contrary my lord, as it just so happens I am a person afraid of trouble." The soldiers who had been stood still suddenly began to approach me after the Earl finished speaking, "There are two choices for you at this point, one is to be my servant, the other is to die."

He didn't know that, as a food soul, it was my cooking attendant's feelings for him that were important. this was the first time I felt myself to be such a pitiable sort.

I did not have the mind to escape nor were there any signs of resistance. I just smiled and chose to obey.




Butler Boy
Skin-Sandwich-Butler Boy

Icon-Skin-Sandwich-Butler Boy

Oh, OH! Look out! Ah, sorry, sorry. I'm a little bit in debt these days, so I needed to find a part time job. I'm new, so please give me loads of feedback.
— Sandwich
Unreleased in the English version.



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