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According to one sailors' tale, the Sea Bunny is an attendant to the Leaf Ocean Queen, but in light of eyewitness accounts, the two only coincidentally appear together to attack humans. By yet another account, the Sea Bunny belongs among the Leaf Ocean Queen's prey, just like humans. These accounts are as yet unverified.

Favoured Food Souls


Apparition Sea Bunny draws from the power of the pearl to protect companions within her bubble, reducing the damage they receive.

(Catacombs) Gives self a shield. This effect can be dispelled.

Guard Holding up the pearl in both hands, bubbles gather together and turn into sea water, forming a massive barrier which makes her companions immune to all damage.

(Catacombs) Makes all enemies immune to skill damage. This effect can be dispelled.

Sea Spiral Sea Bunny spreads her hands, causing soft bubbles to surround her companions, healing them over time.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Leaf Ocean Queen A.jpg
Leaf Ocean Queen A
4h Success: 10% Sea Bunny Icon.png Leaf Ocean Queen Icon.png
Leaf Ocean Queen B.jpg
Leaf Ocean Queen C
1h Success: 45% Hungry Jellyfish Icon.png Soulless Angler Icon.png Pearl Eye Icon.png Sea Cat Icon.png Sea Bunny Icon.png