Showdown Homescreen

Attendants will first select a team of 1 to 5 Food Souls and then select an opponent out of the 4 attendants to attack. The 4 attendants are matched based on your current season points.

Attendants can select their opponents based on their team comp info displayed. 

Showdown Opponents

There are only two results in Showdown, win or lose. Attendants must defeat all of the opponent’s Food Souls within the given time to win. You lose if your opponent defeats you or if time runs out. 

Attendants can claim a Daily Gift Pack after their first daily Showdown win. Can be claimed once daily. Refreshed daily at 0:00am. 

If you win, your opponents will refresh. If you lose, your opponents will remain the same. 

If you’re not satisfied with your opponents, you can spend crystals to refresh them 

Attendants will have 5 daily chances to participate in Showdowns. Daily chances refresh every at 5:00 and 18:00 daily. 

If Attendants want to battle more opponents, then they may choose to spend crystals for 3 additional chances. Attendants who purchase monthly cards will receive 2 additional chances when they spend diamonds.

Defense Team

Once Showdown is unlocked, the default Showdown team will be your 1st team.

Players can also re-select there team and choose 1 to 5 different Food Souls. Food Souls selected to defend in Showdown can still perform other tasks. 


Attendants who actively challenge others in Showdowns will receive activeness points. If you win, receive 20 activeness points. If you lose, receive 8 activeness points. (Remember!!! Regarless of win or lose, defense does not gain activeness points)

A total of 500 activeness points are available in Showdown. you’ll receive rewards when you reach 100, 200, 300 and 500 points. If you surpass 500 points, it will carry over to the next round. 

Receive points and medals after every win. Scores will be recorded into weekly leaderboards. Medals can be used to purchase Food Soul shards in the Medal Store. 

When Attendants scores are lower than 1500, every Showdown win will net you 100 points and medals. When Attendants scores are greater than 1500, points and medals received will be dependent on your opponents level. 

Attendants will receive 1 medal for each successful defense. Attendants can claim their medals in their inbox. There are no rewards for failed defense.

Battle Report

Battle reports are used to document Showdown results. Players can check the battle report to find out their current points and reward medals.

Battle Reports only document the 50 most recent results. 

Directly access the leaderboards in Showdown through the Battle Report.  

Showdown Leaderboards

Showdown Leaderboards are based on the scores of Attendants weekly Showdown points.

Attendants can check their respective rankings on the leaderboards and check the Top 10 Attendants. 

Leaderboards refresh every 7 days. Once the season ends, Attendant’s scores are refreshed and leaderboards are also reset. 

Once the season ends, Attendants can claim their season rewards in their inbox.

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