Skills Intro

  • Skills Intro

Food Souls have combat skills and restaurant skills. Combat Skills are used for battle between Datenshi. Restaurant skills are used for management.

  • Combat Skill

Combat Skills are split into normal skills and combo skills

  • Restaurant

Some R Cards have restaurant skills (Ume Ochazuke, Jiuniang, Omurice)

All M cards have restaurant skills and come in more variations compared to R cards.

Skill Level Up

  • Skill Level Up will consume ‘ingredients’ & Gold Coins 
  • Ingredients are split into basic, intermediate and advanced ingredients
  • 5 basic level Ingredients can be combined into 1 intermediate level ingredient 
  • 5 intermediate level ingredients can be combined into 1 advanced level ingredient 

Combo Skill Pairings

Go to linked skill chart page for more in-depth information.