Skins are special appearances that alter how a Food Soul looks in their artwork and sprite. They can be bought from the in game shop or they can be obtained through various events.

You can see them in Souls => Skins or Restaurant => Guides => Fool Souls

List of Food Soul Skins

Food Soul Name Full Design Sprite Sprite Animation Obtained In
B-52 Mechanical Storm Skin-B-52-Mechanical Storm.png Sprite-B-52-Mechanical Storm.png N/A
Bibimbap Cat and Summer Day 100px 100px 100px TBA
Blue Cheese Loved for Life 100px N/A 100px TBA
Boston Lobster Victory Pose Skin-Boston Lobster-Victory Pose.png N/A Sprite-Boston Lobster-Victory Pose-Idle.gif Skin Shop
Butter Tea Prayer Bell Breeze Skin-Butter Tea-Prayer Bell Breeze.png 100px 100px TBA
Candy Cane Warm Companionship Skin-Candy Cane-Warm Companionship.png N/A Sprite-Candy Cane-Warm Companionship-Idle.gif TBA
Caviar Ritual Melody Skin-Caviar-Ritual Melody.png Sprite-Caviar-Ritual Melody.png Sprite-Caviar-Song of Festivities-Idle.gif Creation Chronicle
World With You Skin-Caviar-World with You.png Sprite-Caviar-World with You.png N/A
Champagne Eye of Truth Skin-Champagne-Eye of Truth.png Sprite-Champagne-Eye of Truth.png Sprite-Champagne-Eye of Truth-Idle.gif Awakening Moment
January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021
Cloud Tea Plain Crane Skin-Cloud Tea-Plain Crane.png Sprite-Cloud Tea-Plain Crane.png Sprite-Cloud Tea-Plain Crane-Idle.gif Vernal Exuberance
Feb 13, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Cordyceps Firefly Eternal Song Skin-Cordyceps-Firefly Eternal Song.png Sprite-Cordyceps-Firefly Eternal Song.png Sprite-Cordyceps-Firefly Eternal Song-Idle.gif TBA
Crab Long Bao Deep-Sea Conquest Skin-Crab Long Bao-Deep-Sea Conquest.png Sprite-Crab Long Bao-Deep-Sea Conquest.png Sprite-Crab Long Bao-Deep-Sea Conquest-Idle.gif
Croissant Tea Party Time Skin-Croissant-Tea Party Time.png Sprite-Croissant-Tea Party Time.png Sprite-Croissant-Tea Party Time-Idle.gif Wonderland Dream Trip
Aug 28, 2020 - Sept 11, 2020
Dongding Oolong Memories of Old Skin-Dongding Oolong-Memories of Old.png Sprite-Dongding Oolong-Memories of Old.png Sprite-Dongding Oolong-Idle.gif TBA
Double Scoop Darknight Duo Skin-Double Scoop-Darknight Duo.png Sprite-Double Scoop-Darknight Duo.png Sprite-Double Scoop-Darknight Duo-Idle.gif TBA
Double Rabbit Trick Skin-Double Scoop-Double Rabbit Trick.png Sprite-Double Scoop-Double Rabbit Trick.png Sprite-Double Scoop-Double Rabbit Trick-Idle.gif
Dragon & Phoenix Snowy Plum Search Skin-Dragon & Phoenix-Snowy Plum Search.png Sprite-Dragon & Phoenix-Snowy Plum Search.png Sprite-Dragon & Phoenix-Snowy Plum Search-Idle.gif Vernal Exuberance
Feb 13, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake Restless Firework Skin-Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake-Fireworks Dazzle.png Sprite-Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake-Fireworks Dazzle.png Sprite-Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake-Fireworks Dazzle-Idle.gif TBA
Foie Gras Moonlight Neon Skin-Foie Gras-Moonlight Neon.png Sprite-Foie Gras-Moonlight Neon.png N/A
Darkscythe Angel Skin-Foie Gras-Darkscythe Angel.png Sprite-Foie Gras-Darkscythe Angel.png Sprite-Foie Gras-Darkscythe Angel-Idle.gif Fairytale Song
Gingerbread Rose Shadow Skin-Gingerbread-Rose Shadow.png Sprite-Gingerbread-Rose Shadow.png Sprite-Gingerbread-Rose Shadow-Idle.gif TBA
Grass Jelly Spring Reunion Skin-Grass Jelly-Spring Reunion.png Sprite-Grass Jelly-Spring Reunion.png Sprite-Grass Jelly-Spring Reunion-Idle.gif TBA
Junmai Daiginjo Night Elf Skin-Junmai Daiginjo-Night Elf.png Sprite-Junmai Daiginjo-Night Elf.png Sprite-Junmai Daiginjo-Night Elf-Idle.gif
Lamb Chop Fallen Feather 100px Sprite-Lamb Chop-Fallen Feather.png Sprite-Lamb Chop-Fallen Feather-Idle.gif TBA
Longjing Tea Overflowing Fragrance Skin-Longjing Tea-Overflowing Fragrance.png Sprite-Longjing Tea-Overflowing Fragrance.png Sprite-Longjing Tea-Overflowing Fragrance-Idle.gif Lakeside Villa
Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 9, 2020
Mapo Tofu Rainbow Spring Skin-Mapo Tofu-Rainbow Spring.png Sprite-Mapo Tofu-Rainbow Spring.png Sprite-Mapo Tofu-Rainbow Spring-Idle.gif
Year End Feast Skin-Mapo Tofu-Year End Feast.png N/A Sprite-Mapo Tofu-Year End Feast-Idle.gif TBA
Matsutake Dobinmushi Eternal Honeymoon Skin-Matsutake Dobinmushi-Eternal Honeymoon.png Sprite-Matsutake Dobinmushi-Eternal Honeymoon.png Sprite-Matsutake Dobinmushi-Eternal Honeymoon-Idle.gif Skin Shop
(Nov 17, 2020 - Nov 23, 2020)
Milt Void Encounter Skin-Milt-Void Encounter.png Sprite-Milt-Void Encounter.png Sprite-Milt-Meeting with the Void-Idle.gif Skin Shop
(Limited time only)
Minestrone Day of Creation Skin-Minestrone-Day of Creation.png Sprite-Minestrone-Day of Creation.png Sprite-Minestrone-Day of Creation-Idle.gif
Oyster Night Salvation Skin-Oyster-Night Salvation.png Sprite-Oyster-Night Salvation.png Sprite-Oyster-Night Salvation-Idle.gif Castle Mystery
Oct 24, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019
Peking Duck Gentleman Spy Skin-Peking Duck-Gentleman Spy.png Sprite-Peking Duck-Gentleman Spy.png N/A
Red-Leaf Date Skin-Peking Duck-Red-Leaf Date.png 100px Sprite-Peking Duck-Red-Leaf Date-Idle.gif TBA
Peking Shredded Pork Letters on the Wind Skin-Peking Shredded Pork-Letters on the Wind.png N/A Sprite-Peking Shredded Pork-Letters on the Wind-Idle.gif TBA
Pizza Starlit Aspirations Skin-Pizza-Starlit Aspirations.png Sprite-Pizza-Starlit Aspirations.png N/A TBA
Spirit Doll Skin-Pizza-Spirit Doll.png Sprite-Pizza-Spirit Doll.png Sprite-Pizza-Spirit Doll-Idle.gif
Pollock Roe Ame no Habakiri 100px 100px 100px TBA
Raindrop Cake Cherry Snow Skin-Raindrop Cake-Cherry Snow.png Sprite-Raindrop Cake-Cherry Snow.png Sprite-Raindrop Cake-Cherry Snow-Idle.gif Petals Abound
Aug 23, 2019 - Aug 29, 2019
Stargazy Pie Glittering Expanse Skin-Stargazy Pie-Glittering Expanse.png Sprite-Stargazy Pie-Glittering Expanse.png Sprite-Stargazy Pie-Glittering Expanse-Idle.gif
Stollen Bread Snow-White Holy Crown Skin-Stollen Bread-Snow-White Holy Crown.png Sprite-Stollen Bread-Snow-White Holy Crown.png Sprite-Stollen Bread-Snow-White Holy Crown-Idle.gif TBA
Turducken Flame of Immortality Skin-Turducken-Flame of Immortality.png Sprite-Turducken-Flame of Immortality.png Sprite-Turducken-Flame of Immortality-Idle.gif Awakening Moment
January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021
Turkey Wonderland Mystery Skin-Turkey-Wonderland Mystery.png Sprite-Turkey-Wonderland Mystery.png Sprite-Turkey-Wonderland Mystery-Idle.gif Fairytale Song
Pure-White Dream Skin-Turkey-Pure-White Dream.png Sprite-Turkey-Pure-White Dream.png Sprite-Turkey-Pure-White Dream-Idle.gif TBA
Whisky Slander Scholar Skin-Whisky-Slander Scholar.png Sprite-Whisky-Slander Scholar.png N/A Requiem of Time
Jan 20, 2020 - Feb 3, 2020

Food Soul Name Full Design Sprite Sprite Animation Obtained In
American Corn Bread Wasteland Hunter Skin-American Corn Bread-Wasteland Hunter.png Sprite-American Corn Bread-Wasteland Hunter.png N/A
Baguette Gem Sea 100px N/A 100px TBA
Beer Bar Peanuts Skin-Beer-Bar Peanuts.png Sprite-Beer-Bar Peanuts.png Sprite-Beer-Bar Peanuts-Idle.gif Clinking Glasses
Sept 07, 2019 - Sept 11, 2019
Time for Revelry Skin-Beer-Time for Revelry.png Sprite-Beer-Time for Revelry.png N/A
Beggar's Chicken Youthful Journey Skin-Beggar's Chicken-Youth Journey.png Sprite-Beggar's Chicken-Youth Journey.png Sprite-Beggar's Chicken-Youthful Journey-Idle.gif Skin Shop
Black Pudding Refreshing Summer Skin-Black Pudding-Refreshing Summer.png Sprite-Black Pudding-Refreshing Summer.png Sprite-Black Pudding-Refreshing Summer-Idle.gif
Kingdom of Delusion 100px 100px 100px TBA
Black Forest Cake Magical Starlight Skin-Black Forest Cake-Magical Starlight.png Sprite-Black Forest Cake-Magical Starlight.png Sprite-Black Forest Cake-Magical Starlight-Idle.gif TBA
Black Tea Fragrant Rosebud Skin-Black Tea-Fragrant Rosebud.png Sprite-Black Tea-Fragrant Rosebud.png N/A
Perfectionism Skin-Black Tea-Perfectionism.png Sprite-Black Tea-Perfectionism.png N/A Team Up (Inugami)
Royal Agent Skin-Black Tea-Royal Agent.png Sprite-Black Tea-Royal Agent.png N/A Skin Shop
Bloody Mary Holy Medic Skin-Bloody Mary-Holy Medic.png Sprite-Bloody Mary-Holy Medic.png N/A
Phantom Thorns Skin-Bloody Mary-Phantom Thorns.png Sprite-Bloody Mary-Phantom Thorns.png N/A
Scarlet Fairytale Skin-Bloody Mary-Scarlet Fairytale.png Sprite-Bloody Mary-Scarlet Fairytale.png Sprite-Bloody Mary-Scarlet Fairytale-Idle.gif TBA
Bonito Rice Homecoming Heart Skin-Bonito Rice-Heart's Return.png Sprite-Bonito Rice-Heart's Return.png Sprite-Bonito Rice-Homecoming Heart-Idle.gif
Borscht Beautiful Blood Dance Skin-Borscht-Bloody Dance.png Sprite-Borscht-Bloody Dance.png N/A Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Brownie Deadly Agent Skin-Brownie-Deadly Agent.png Sprite-Brownie-Deadly Agent.png N/A
Candied Lotus Seed Lonely Lamp and Guqin 100px 100px 100px TBA
Candy Apple Amusement Park Visit Skin-Candy Apple-Amusement Park Visit.png N/A N/A TBA
Cappuccino Spear of Fate Skin-Cappuccino-Spear of Fate.png Sprite-Cappuccino-Spear of Fate.png Sprite-Cappuccino-Spear of Fate-Idle.gif Awakening Moment
January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021
Cassata Waiting Fox Skin-Cassata-Awaiting Fox.png Sprite-Cassata-Awaiting Fox.png Sprite-Cassata-Waiting Fox-Idle.gif Fairytale Song
Chicken Strip Soup Winter Solstice Skin-Chicken Strip Soup-Winter Solstice.png 100px 100px TBA
Chishui Moth Tea Festive Chimes, Mirror Dance Skin-Chishui Moth Tea-Festive Chimes, Mirror Dance.png Sprite-Chishui Moth Tea-Festive Chimes, Mirror Dance.png Sprite-Chishui Moth Tea-Festive Chimes, Mirror Dance-Idle.gif TBA
Chocolate Fragrance Reminiscence Skin-Chocolate-Fragrance Reminiscence.png Sprite-Chocolate-Fragrance Reminiscence.png N/A TBA
Time Magician Skin-Chocolate-Time Magician.png Sprite-Chocolate-Time Magician.png N/A
Chrysanthemum Wine Butterfly Spring Skin-Chrysanthemum Wine-Orchid-Bathing Festival.png Sprite-Chrysanthemum Wine-Orchid-Bathing Festival.png Sprite-Chrysanthemum Wine-Orchid-Bathing Festival-Idle.gif TBA
Ddeokbokki Butterfly Spring Skin-Ddeokbokki-Butterfly Spring.png Sprite-Ddeokbokki-Butterfly Spring.png N/A Spring Journey
June 12, 2020 - June 18, 2020
Dongtang Elegant Spring Painting Skin-Dongtang-Elegant Spring Painting.png 100px Sprite-Dongtang-Elegant Spring Painting-Idle.gif TBA
Donut Clover Starglow Skin-Donut-Clover Starglow.png Sprite-Donut-Clover Starglow.png Sprite-Donut-Clover Starglow-Idle.gif
Creation Day's Holy Tone Skin-Donut-Creation Day's Holy Tone.png Sprite-Donut-Creation Day's Holy Tone.png 100px TBA
Easter Egg Icing Party Skin-Easter Egg-Icing Party.png Sprite-Easter Egg-Icing Party.png Sprite-Easter Egg-Icing Party-Idle.gif Fantasy Park
Oct 12, 2020 - Oct 20, 2020
Eggette Rainbow Wishes Skin-Eggette-Rainbow Wishes.png Sprite-Eggette-Rainbow Wishes.png Sprite-Eggette-Rainbow Wishes-Idle.gif
Eggnog Dream Realm 100px 100px N/A TBA
Escargot Soothing Time Skin-Escargot-Soothing Time.png N/A 100px Team Up (Bone Knight)
Fish and Chips Vacation Date 100px N/A 100px TBA
Fondant Cake Lamp Wishes Skin-Fondant Cake-Lamp Wishes.png Sprite-Fondant Cake-Lamp Wishes.png N/A Sweet Notes
Dec 23, 2019 - Dec 29, 2019

Jul 29, 2020 - Aug 5, 2020

Fried Chicken New Hope Skin-Fried Chicken-New Hope.png Sprite-Fried Chicken-New Hope.png Sprite-Fried Chicken-New Hope-Idle.gif TVernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Green Curry Rest Time Skin-Green Curry-Rest Time.png N/A Sprite-Green Curry-Rest Time-Idle.gif TBA
Ginger Milk Pudding Hot Springs Rest Skin-Ginger Milk Pudding-Hot Springs Rest.png 100px Sprite-Ginger Milk Pudding-Hot Springs Rest-Idle.gif TBA
Gyoza Fortune Dog Skin-Gyoza-Fortune Dog.png Sprite-Gyoza-Fortune Dog.png N/A
Hamburger Windswept Snow Skin-Hamburger-Windswept Snow.png 100px Sprite-Hamburger-Windswept Snow-Idle.gif TBA
Hotdog Time Record Skin-Hotdog-Time Record.png Sprite-Hotdog-Time Record.png Sprite-Hotdog-Time Record-Idle.gif
Jinhua Ham Shining Lantern Night Skin-Jinhua Ham-Shining Lantern Night.png 100px Sprite-Jinhua Ham-Shining Lantern Night-Idle.gif TBA
Junshan Silver Needle Tea Song of Beauty Skin-Junshan Silver Needle Tea-Song of Beauty.png 100px Sprite-Junshan Silver Needle Tea-Song of Beauty-Idle.gif TBA
Kashiwa Mochi Lovely Wish Skin-Kashiwa Mochi-Lovely Wish.png Sprite-Kashiwa Mochi-Lovely Wish.png Sprite-Kashiwa Mochi-Lovely Wish-Idle.gif Whisper in Silence
Kimchi A Memory of the Summer Sky 100px N/A 100px TBA
Laba Congee Doll Princess Skin-Laba Congee-Doll Princess.png Sprite-Laba Congee-Doll Princess.png Sprite-Laba Congee-Doll Princess-Idle.gif
Laba Noodles Against the Wind Skin-Laba Noodles-Against the Wind.png Sprite-Laba Noodles-Against the Wind.png N/A
Lion's Head Lion Dance Spring Skin-Lion's Head-Lion Dance Spring.png Sprite-Lion's Head-Lion Dance Spring.png Sprite-Lion's Head-Lion Dance Spring-Idle.gif
Madeleine Gemstone Witch Skin-Madeleine-Gemstone Witch.png 100px Sprite-Madeleine-Gemstone Witch-Idle.gif TBA
Mandarin Squirrel Fish Horror Funshow Skin-Mandarin Squirrel Fish-Horror Funshow.png Sprite-Mandarin Squirrel Fish-Horror Funshow.png Sprite-Mandarin Squirrel Fish-Horror Funshow-Idle.gif
Mango Pomelo Sago Special Operation Skin-Mango Pomelo Sago-Special Operation.png Sprite-Mango Pomelo Sago-Special Operation.png Sprite-Mango Pomelo Sago-Special Operation-Idle.gif TBA
Mango Pudding Summertime Beach Skin-Mango Pudding-Summertime Beach.png Sprite-Mango Pudding-Summertime Beach.png N/A
Maple Syrup Seven-Colored Wish Skin-Maple Syrup-Seven-Colored Wish.png Sprite-Maple Syrup-Seven-Colored Wish.png Sprite-Maple Syrup-Seven-Colored Wish-Idle.gif TBA
Margarita Greenflame Witch Skin-Margarita-Greenflame Witch.png Sprite-Margarita-Greenflame Witch.png N/A TBA
Marshmallow Lovestruck Sweetheart Skin-Marshmallow-Lovestruck Sweetheart.png Sprite-Marshmallow-Lovestruck Sweetheart.png Sprite-Marshmallow-Lovestruck Sweetheart-Idle.gif TBA
Mashed Potatoes Body of Sin Skin-Mashed Potatoes-Body of Sin.png Sprite-Mashed Potatoes-Body of Sin.png Sprite-Mashed Potatoes-Body of Sin-Idle.gif Awakening Moment
January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021
Long-Awaited Journey Skin-Mashed Potatoes-Longing Journey.png Sprite-Mashed Potatoes-Longing Journey.png Sprite-Mashed Potatoes-Long-Awaited Journey-Idle.gif *Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Milk Tea Seaside Travelogue Skin-Milk Tea-Seaside Travelogue.png Sprite-Milk Tea-Seaside Travelogue.png Sprite-Milk Tea-Seaside Travelogue-Idle.gif
Moon Cake Flower Power Skin-Moon Cake-Flower Power.png Sprite-Moon Cake-Flower Power.png N/A *Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Moon Rabbit Skin-Moon Cake-Moon Rabbit.png Sprite-Moon Cake-Moon Rabbit.png N/A
Mung Bean Soup Warm Hands Skin-Mung Bean Soup-Warm Hands.png Sprite-Mung Bean Soup-Warm Hands.png N/A
Cutting Spring Wind Skin-Mung Bean Soup-Cutting Spring Wind.png 100px Sprite-Mung Bean Soup-Cutting Spring Wind-Idle.gif TBA
Napoleon Cake Dessert Time Skin-Napoleon Cake-Dessert Time.png Sprite-Napoleon Cake-Dessert Time.png N/A Team Up (Leaf Ocean Queen)
Nougat Elegant Dreams Skin-Nougat-Elegant Dreams.png 100px Sprite-Nougat-Elegant Dreams-Idle.gif TBA
Okonomiyaki Colorful Sunlight Skin-Okonomiyaki-Colorful Sunlight.png Sprite-Okonomiyaki-Colorful Sunlight.png Sprite-Okonomiyaki-Colorful Sunlight-Idle.gif TBA
Osmanthus Cake Night Magpie Skin-Osmanthus Cake-Night Magpie.png Sprite-Osmanthus Cake-Night Magpie.png Sprite-Osmanthus Cake-Night Magpie-Idle.gif
Pastel de Nata TBA Skin-Pastel de Nata-Dessert Dream.png Sprite-Pastel de Nata-Dessert Dream.png N/A TBA
Pineapple Bun Homebody Lifestyle Skin-Pineapple Bun-Homebody Lifestyle.png Sprite-Pineapple Bun-Homebody Lifestyle.png 100px Team Up (Spectra)
Pineapple Cake Sweet Companion Skin-Pineapple Cake-Sweet Companion.png Sprite-Pineapple Cake-Sweet Companion.png Sprite-Pineapple Cake-Sweet Companion-Idle.gif
Pretzel Peaceful Respite Skin-Pretzel-Peaceful Respite.png Sprite-Pretzel-Peaceful Respite.png Sprite-Pretzel-Peaceful Respite-Idle.gif Fairytale Song
Qingtuan Spring Flower Skin-Qingtuan-Spring Flower.png Sprite-Qingtuan-Spring Flower.png Sprite-Qingtuan-Spring Flower-Idle.gif
Realgar Wine Loyal Snake Shadow Skin-Realgar Wine-Loyal Snake Shadow.png Sprite-Realgar Wine-Loyal Snake Shadow.png Sprite-Realgar Wine-Loyal Snake Shadow-Idle.gif
Years Together Skin-Realgar Wine-Years Together.png Sprite-Realgar Wine-Years Together.png Sprite-Realgar Wine-Years Together-Idle.gif Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Red Wine Judgementor Skin-Red Wine-Judgementor.png Sprite-Red Wine-Judgementor.png N/A
Sachertorte A Charming Wait 100px 100px N/A TBA
Salad Mummy Skin-Salad-Mummy.png Sprite-Salad-Mummy.png N/A Skin Shop
Opportune Tunes Skin-Salad-Opportune Tunes.png Sprite-Salad-Opportune Tunes.png N/A TBA
Salty Tofu Crazy Circus Skin-Salty Tofu-Crazy Circus.png Sprite-Salty Tofu-Crazy Circus.png N/A
Sanma Beyond Expectation Skin-Sanma-Beyond Expectation.png Sprite-Sanma-Beyond Expectation.png Sprite-Sanma-Beyond Expectation-Idle.gif
Rain Dancer Skin-Sanma-Rain Dancer.png Sprite-Sanma-Rain Dancer.png N/A Rebates
Seaweed Soup Shadow Lotus Skin-Seaweed Soup-Shadow Lotus.png Sprite-Seaweed Soup-Shadow Lotus.png N/A
Snowskin Mooncake Moon Artist Skin-Snowskin Mooncake-Moon Artist.png Sprite-Snowskin Mooncake-Moon Artist.png Sprite-Snowskin Mooncake-Moon Artist-Idle.gif
Soft Serve Cone Shikoku Yuzu Skin-Soft Serve Cone-Shikoku Yuzu.png Sprite-Soft Serve Cone-Shikoku Yuzu.png Sprite-Soft Serve Cone-Shikoku Yuzu-Idle.gif TBA
Bud of Survival Skin-Soft Serve Cone-Bud of Survival.png Sprite-Soft Serve Cone-Bud of Survival.png Sprite-Soft Serve Cone-Bud of Survival-Idle.gif Awakening Moment
January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021
Spaghetti Hypocrite Mask Skin-Spaghetti-Hypocrite Mask.png Sprite-Spaghetti-Hypocrite Mask.png N/A
Steak Dream Time Skin-Steak-Dream Time.png Sprite-Steak-Dream Time.png N/A
Sukiyaki Wintermore Skin-Sukiyaki-Wintermore.png Sprite-Sukiyaki-Wintermore.png N/A
Sweet Snare Skin-Sukiyaki-Sweet Snare.png Sprite-Sukiyaki-Sweet Snare.png Sprite-Sukiyaki-Sweet Snare-Idle.gif
Sakura Trade Winds Skin-Sukiyaki-Sakura Trade Winds.png Sprite-Sukiyaki-Sakura Trade Winds.png Sprite-Sukiyaki-Sakura Trade Winds-Idle.gif TBA
Surströmming Ethereal Song Skin-Surströmming-Ethereal Song.png Sprite-Surströmming-Ethereal Song.png Sprite-Surströmming-Mesmerizing Song-Idle.gif Fairytale Song
Sweet & Sour Fish Magpie Moonbeam Skin-Sweet & Sour Fish-Magpie Moonbeam.png Sprite-Sweet & Sour Fish-Magpie Moonbeam.png N/A
Lucky Charm Skin-Sweet & Sour Fish-Lucky Charm.png Sprite-Sweet & Sour Fish-Lucky Charm.png Sprite-Sweet & Sour Fish-Lucky Charm-Idle.gif Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Sweet Tofu Circus Sweets Skin-Sweet Tofu-Circus Sweets.png Sprite-Sweet Tofu-Circus Sweets.png N/A
Tangyuan Bountiful Gold Skin-Tangyuan-Bountiful Gold.png Sprite-Tangyuan-Bountiful Gold.png N/A
Lion Dancer Skin-Tangyuan-Lion Dancer.png Sprite-Tangyuan-Lion Dancer.png Sprite-Tangyuan-Lion Dancer-Idle.gif
Tiramisu Dolphin's Kiss Skin-Tiramisu-Dolphin's Kiss.png Sprite-Tiramisu-Dolphin's Kiss.png Sprite-Tiramisu-Dolphin's Kiss-Idle.gif
Daily Warmth Skin-Tiramisu-Daily Warmth.png Sprite-Tiramisu-Daily Warmth.png Sprite-Tiramisu-Daily Warmth-Idle.gif Skin Shop
Tortoise Jelly Spring Butterfly Skin-Tortoise Jelly-Spring Butterfly.png Sprite-Tortoise Jelly-Spring Butterfly.png Sprite-Tortoise Jelly-Spring Butterfly-Idle.gif
Days of Thunder Skin-Tortoise Jelly-Days of Thunder.png Sprite-Tortoise Jelly-Days of Thunder.png Sprite-Tortoise Jelly-Days of Thunder-Idle.gif Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Vodka Christmas Skin-Vodka-Christmas.png Sprite-Vodka-Christmas.png N/A
Dance of Pledges Skin-Vodka-Dance of Pledges.png Sprite-Vodka-Dance of Pledges.png N/A
Waffle Star Witch Skin-Waffle-Starry Witch.png Sprite-Waffle-Starry Witch.png Sprite-Waffle-Star Witch-Idle.gif *Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Wensi Tofu Spun-Sugar Amusement Skin-Wensi Tofu-Spun-Sugar Amusement.png 100px Sprite-Wensi Tofu-Spun-Sugar Amusement-Idle.gif TBA
Wonton Dreamchaser’s Song Skin-Wonton-Dreamchaser’s Song.png Sprite-Wonton-Dreamchaser’s Song.png N/A TBA
Lazy Head Skin-Wonton-Lazy Head.png Sprite-Wonton-Lazy Head.png N/A
Blossomed & Broken Skin-Wonton-Blossomed & Broken.png Sprite-Wonton-Blossomed & Broken.png Sprite-Wonton-Blossomed & Broken-Idle.gif TBA
Yogurt Friend & Teacher Skin-Yogurt-Friend & Teacher.png Sprite-Yogurt-Friend & Teacher.png Sprite-Yogurt-Friend & Teacher-Idle.gif
Yunnan Noodles Wisteria Promise Skin-Yunnan Noodles-Wisteria Promise.png Sprite-Yunnan Noodles-Wisteria Promise.png N/A TBA
Yuxiang Charming Scarlet Skin-Yuxiang-Charming Scarlet.png Sprite-Yuxiang-Charming Scarlet.png Sprite-Yuxiang-Charming Scarlet-Idle.gif TBA
Zitui Bun Chrysanthemum Meeting Skin-Zitui Bun-Chrysanthemum Rendezvous.png Sprite-Zitui Bun-Chrysanthemum Rendezvous.png Sprite-Zitui Bun-Chrysanthemum Rendezvous-Idle.gif

Food Soul Name Full Design Sprite Sprite Animation Obtained In
Coffee Leisure Time Skin-Coffee-Leisure Time.png Sprite-Coffee-Leisure Time.png Sprite-Coffee Leisure Time-Idle.gif Skin Shop
Cold Rice Shrimp Sweet Words of Longing Skin-Cold Rice Shrimp-Sweet Words of Longing.png Sprite-Cold Rice Shrimp-Sweet Words of Longing.png N/A
Crepe Seaside Holiday Skin-Crepe-Seaside Holiday.png Sprite-Crepe-Seaside Holiday.png N/A
Dorayaki Love Lost Skin-Dorayaki-Love Lost.png Sprite-Dorayaki-Love Lost.png N/A
Double-Ninth Cake Festive Fall Skin-Double-Ninth Cake-Festive Fall.png Sprite-Double-Ninth Cake-Festive Fall.png N/A *Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Double Skin Milk Birthday God Skin-Double Skin Milk-Mousy New Year.png Sprite-Double Skin Milk-Mousy New Year.png N/A *Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Douzhi Drunkard Brew Skin-Douzhi-Drunkard Brew.png 100px Sprite-Douzhi-Drunkard Brew-Idle.gif TBA
Jiuniang Full Moon Skin-Jiuniang-Full Moon.png Sprite-Jiuniang-Full Moon.png N/A Team Up
Friend from the Start Skin-Jiuniang-Friend from the Start.png Sprite-Jiuniang-Friend from the Start.png N/A
Long Bao Tea Time Skin-Long Bao-Tea Time.png Sprite-Long Bao-Tea Time.png Sprite-Long Bao-Tea Time-Idle.gif
Lutefisk Deep-Sea Potion Skin-Lutefisk-Deep-Sea Potion.png Sprite-Lutefisk-Deep-Sea Potion.png Sprite-Lutefisk-Deep-Sea Potion-Idle.gif TBA
Macaron Witch of Hearts Skin-Macaron-Witch of Hearts.png Sprite-Macaron-Witch of Hearts.png N/A Skin Shop
Milk Bavarian Skin-Milk-Bavarian.png Sprite-Milk-Bavarian.png N/A Team Up
Lord of Demons Skin-Milk-Lord of Demons.png Sprite-Milk-Lord of Demons.png Sprite-Milk-Lord of Demons-Idle.gif Awakening Moment
January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021
Miso Soup Begonia Dream Skin-Miso Soup-Begonia Dream.png Sprite-Miso Soup-Begonia Dream.png N/A
Nasi Lemak Summer Love Song Skin-Nasi Lemak-Summer Love Song.png Sprite-Nasi Lemak-Summer Love Song.png N/A Team Up
Omurice Sleepy Time Skin-Omurice-Sleepy Time.png Sprite-Omurice-Sleepy Time.png N/A Team Up
Orange Juice Wind Dance Skin-Orange Juice-Wind Dance.png Sprite-Orange Juice-Wind Dance.png Sprite-Orange Juice-Wind Dance-Idle.gif
Sakuramochi Adventure Sakura Skin-Sakuramochi-Adventure Sakura.png Sprite-Sakuramochi-Adventure Sakura.png N/A
Taiyaki Love Nest Skin-Taiyaki-Love Nest.png Sprite-Taiyaki-Love Nest.png N/A Guild Shop
Tempura Vintage Festival Skin-Tempura-Vintage Festival.png Sprite-Tempura-Vintage Festival.png N/A
Ume Ochazuke Comforts of Spring Skin-Ume Ochazuke-Comforts of Spring.png 100px Sprite-Ume Ochazuke-Comforts of Spring-Idle.gif TBA
Zongzi Mast and Flag Skin-Zongzi-Mast and Flag.png Sprite-Zongzi-Mast and Flag.png N/A

Food Soul Name Full Design Sprite Sprite Animation Obtained In
Cheese Lost Rose Skin-Cheese-Lost Rose.png Sprite-Cheese-Lost Rose.png Sprite-Cheese-Lost Rose-Idle.gif TBA
Hawthorne Ball Charm Chef Skin-Hawthorne Ball-Charm Chef.png Sprite-Hawthorne Ball-Charm Chef.png N/A Skin Shop
Jello Holiday Sheriff Skin-Jello-Holiday Sheriff.png Sprite-Jello-Holiday Sheriff.png N/A
Pancake Busboy Skin-Pancake-Busboy.png Sprite-Pancake-Busboy.png N/A
A Fate Difficult to Escape 100px 100px 100px *Vernal Exuberance
Feb 12, 2021 - Feb 19, 2021
Popcorn Hurried Invitation Skin-Popcorn-Hurried Invitation.png Sprite-Popcorn-Hurried Invitation.png Sprite-Popcorn-Rushing to a Date-Idle.gif
Pudding Holiday Sergeant Skin-Pudding-Holiday Sergeant.png Sprite-Pudding-Holiday Sergeant.png N/A
Rice Beach Barbeque Skin-Rice-Beach Barbeque.png Sprite-Rice-Beach Barbeque.png N/A
Sandwich Butler Boy Skin-Sandwich-Butler Boy.png Sprite-Sandwich-Butler Boy.png N/A TBA
Skewer Gambling Beauty Skin-Skewer-Gambling Beauty.png Sprite-Skewer-Gambling Beauty.png Sprite-Skewer-Gambling Beauty-Idle.gif
Strawberry Daifuku Simple Pleasures Skin-Strawberry Daifuku-Simple Pleasures.png Sprite-Strawberry Daifuku-Simple Pleasures.png N/A Team Up
Toast Summer Date Skin-Toast-Summer Date.png Sprite-Toast-Summer Date.png N/A

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