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Forgetting all is my sole remaining redemption.


A calm and composed person without much depth of emotion that lets all life drift by like clouds on the breeze, but also with a natural airheaded disposition that is unconcealable. A certain chain of events led to him losing his memories, and he is quite slow to react to things.

Food Introduction

Senbei is a Japanese rice cracker snack made by pounding Japonica rice, spreading it out, and pan-frying or baking it. It can basically be divided into two main varieties of fried or baked, and formulations can include a variety of ingredients such as salt, soy sauce, pepper, and sugar, for a crisp and rich flavor.

The prototype of the modern senbei comes from Japan's Soka City. During Japan's Edo period, Soka City had a booming restaurant industry, and in order to make use of the leftover ingredients from making tea pastries, the merchants would grind up rice into a powder which they would then bake or fry into flat cakes. They would then add seasoning and sell them, and they became a local delicacy. Soka City gave these cakes to the emperor as a tribute gift, and the emperor dubbed them "Soka Senbei".

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1730
Attack.png Attack 29
Defense.png Defense 28
Health.png HP 701
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 887
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 691
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 728


Red Leaf Guard Basic Skill
Skill-Soka Senbei-Normal.png Soka Senbei lifts an umbrella to protect himself, and red leaves flutter down, lowering his ATK by 90% (50%) and making himself invincible, lasting 4s.
Blade of Oblivion Energy Skill
Skill-Soka Senbei-Energy.png Soka Senbei retracts his umbrella, turning it into a blade which gleams in the light, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 212 (2756) extra damage, while also recovering 15% (35%) of his Max HP for himself.
Super Blade of Oblivion Link Skill
Skill-Soka Senbei-Link.png Soka Senbei retracts his umbrella, turning it into a blade which gleams in the light, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 265 (3445) extra damage, while also recovering 25% (45%) of his Max HP for himself. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract This moment is the time for meetings.
Log In You've returned.
Ice Arena ...A plain of ice?
Skills Huh?
Ascend ...Hm? What?
Fatigue I'm just a little tired. Not to worry.
Recovering Phew...
Team Formation Alright, let's head out.
Knockout It ends here.
Notice It's done. I kind of didn't understand the recipe, so I tried doing it my own way... Hm? These strange things over here are all cooking utensils?
Idle 1 The sun -- is setting.
Idle 2 I can't recall...
Idle 3 Alright... where's the pen?
Interaction 1 Is this... a blanket? Many thanks, but I was not sleeping, only thinking about things.
Interaction 2 Would you like some tea?
Interaction 3 The weather is perfect. Would you like to go for a walk?
Pledge Yes, if it involves you, I will always remember it.
Intimacy 1 My tea cup? This was from -- Hm... I can't seem to remember.
Intimacy 2 What do I use to clean my hair? Um... plain water?
Intimacy 3 There will surely come a day when we part ways, but I hope that day is not soon.
Victory Right, let's go back.
Defeat Uh... I'll take you home.
Feeding Thank you.


  • In China, 仙贝 means "Japanese pancake". But for accuracy reasons, "crackers" is used instead.
Food Souls



Sprite Animations


Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by 50m37h1n9 and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Dizzy

The smell of cooked rice comes from somewhere, it just makes me find out it's already sunset. The color or dusk covered the room, a beam of sunlight shining on the new ink that hasn’t dried yet.

I put away the brush and the inkstone on my desk The kid leaves his seat, holding the paper that he uses to practice writing today with both hands, running lively to the woman next to the door.

“Mom look! This is what Senbei teacher taught me to write!!”

The woman strokes his head lightly, looks up and smiles at me. “Thanks for today too, Senbei teacher.”

“You’re welcome, see you tomorrow.”

As usual, after a simple farewell, the woman holds the kid’s hand and leaves the detective agency.

These two are regulars of Sunset Detective Agency. At daytime, the kid is always being sent here, let us take care of him. Knowing that this kid likes to write, then I teach him, and he just called me “teacher”.

Not long after, even Kakigori, Apple Candy, and Katsudon called me teacher too.

But I never teach them anything, why am I being called “teacher” by them?

If they wanna learn something, if I know, then I would teach them, but none of them come and ask me…… I found Katsudon and talked about my question, he covered his belly and laughed, waving his hand and said don’t need to care about that. Apple Candy’s reaction is similar, and also told me don’t deceived by other bad guys.


Though I don’t understand, never mind…… let them be.

“Senbei teacher, you’ve worked hard.” The works pause for a while, a pair of clean hands put the hot tea on the desk. Kakigori regulates her dress, sits next to me.

“Thanks. You’ve worked hard too.” Pick up the tea and drink a bit, the smell is pure and light, kinda like her style.

“Senbei teacher is pretty popular.” Kakigori looks at the paper on the desk that hasn’t been tidied up yet, and laughs.

“Everyone in this detective agency is popular too.”

“Ah, right…… The environment is part of the reason too. This town is kinda special, food souls, and humans can live together equally.

“Is it?”

“Yeah, the police department in this place started it, food souls, and humans protect the town together, as the time passes, everyone gets along well together.”

I see. That’s why when I came, I had never seen humans that close to food souls.

“In the past, it won’t happen.”


“Yeah, a long time ago…… The wartime that Senbei teacher forgot. Food souls were used as war weapons to kill humans, so humans afraid of food souls, and food souls are reluctant to be controlled……”

War…… Weapons……?

From her description, seems like a thick bloody breath coming to my face—— I suddenly felt dizzy.

“Senbei teacher? You don’t look good, do you don’t feel well?”

The dizziness went immediately as an illusion, I wink, everything alright.

“Umm…… Maybe a little bit tired.”

II. First Month

31th Frost[1], “First Month” coming soon. Just look outside the window, it can see people holding fresh vegetables and cooked food walking on the street. Even if letting the bise blow, still can’t blow off the crowded and lively of the town.

To welcome the Ōmisoka[2], “Sunset” has been closed early these few days. Cleaning up, writing New Year cards, buying food…… there is so much to do, everyone is busy.

And now all the New Year cards are done, and Apple Candy has sent them to neighbors. Seeing that everyone in “Sunset” is still working, they have been taking care of me a lot, thinking that I don't wanna be idle, and just ask Mr. Matcha to get some work.

“Then, Mr. Senbei, you can go and buy the ingredients that we need tonight.”

“Ah?? No way, boss, is it fine that Senbei teacher goes by himself?? Do I need to go with him?”

“Should let Katsudon go with Senbei teacher!! Mr. Matcha do you remember, last time Senbei teacher go to shopping and he gets lost for half a day, it was Kakigori picked him up at the back door of the mall——”

Ah…… That time, I was with a lost kid finding his mother, but I got lost after they met……

“Last last time, Senbei teacher went out and was surrounded by a bunch of cats, it was Kakigori picked him up again……!”

That time, I saw those cats wanna play with me, and I just stayed with them. Didn’t notice the time, and the sky turned dark inadvertently.

“Trump Card[3] is right, and if he met a conscienceless trader, he would certainly be deceived!!”

“And…… and those kinda quack…… looks like Senbei teacher is easy to be an eye on!!”

“Pff…… You guys call him teacher, why now looks like a guardian.” Matcha laughs.

“Umm…… I’m worrying Senbei teacher……” “My soul of patrol is worrying……”

“Ok ok, you two stop a while, think about that can you finish your work…… Senbei teacher, what about you?” Matcha wry smiles and shakes his head, looking at me.

“If everyone has their work, then I just go by myself. This time I ask Kakigori to draw a map, I won't get lost.”

I take out a map paper from my sleeves, hand it in front of them. Katsudon and Apple Candy still look worrying…… Maybe my previous behavior makes them worried, I should reflect on myself.

“…… Leave it to me, it won’t get any trouble.”

III. Gift

Shopping Streets are more crowded than usual.

I’ve never experienced any First Month, and don’t know it’s this kind of grand festival. Looking at the moving crowd, just find out I don’t know where to get in the store. That’s why they are worried, this situation, indeed I don’t know how to face it……


When I don’t know what to do, my sight suddenly feels dizzy. Soldiers with armor stand on the ice plain, in the bise, the banners are waving with sound. These images became ghosting and covered the crowd in front of me, then suddenly disappeared, like it’s just an illusion.

This kinda thing happened before…… about when I’m talking to Kakigori?


What is going on……

“Ahhh!! What’s that?!?!”

A scream calling me back from thinking. People running out of the store, then I just notice there is a power with malice inside the store.

“Hell, it's a fallen angel……fallen angel!!! Call Junsa, hurry!!!”

Fallen angel……

Fallen angels are brutal, if they hurt someone is not a good thing.

My sight glance over and saw paper umbrellas hanging aside, I take one, holding it next to me.

“Borrow it for a while, sorry about that.”

Just like I’ve done this movement hundreds or thousands of times, my body moves smoothly.


The fallen angel’s body separated into pieces, turned into light particles then disappeared.

…… My palms sweat, the umbrella’s handle becomes wet and sticky, my heart comes up a bit unwell.

But this unwell are gone because of the people’s talking

“That’s strong!! Whose food soul is he? If he isn't here then we are getting in trouble……”

“It’s Soka Senbei from Sunset Detective Agency right? I saw him before!”

“Excuse me, step aside please.” At this moment, a figure got through the crowd to here, looked around, and asked breathlessly.

“Is it here that someone reported discovering a fallen angel?”

“Ah, is Tamagoyaki! Take it easy, the fallen angel had slain already, here, this pretty guy defeated it!”

“I see.” The lady called “Tamagoyaki” talks to the townspeople and nods, turns to me, and bow deeply, apologizes loudly and truly. “Sorry! It’s my fault!! Thank you for your help, sir!”

“…… Not a big deal.”

“Ahyah don’t be modest, thanks to you so that we are fine! Tamagoyaki you don’t need to feel bad too, you came pretty quick too, you have been taking care of us! Here, take it——”

A basket of fruits has been put in my arms.


“Right right!! Here, take it, as a thanking gift.” A bag full of vegetable been put in my hands “Ah……Umm?”

Then, I was covered by friendly gifts.

IV. New Snow

“Senbei teacher you finally come back—— Eh?!” “What’s wrong??” After getting in, open the door, and just hear Katsudon’s voice, Apple Candy hears it and comes out from the room to the door.

“Why there’s so much?!” “Ehh, I remember the money that Senbei teacher brought is just enough for us??”

They help me put down the packages that are on my body, and I finally have a chance to take out the money that I used to shop, and put it back on to Matcha’s desk.

“These are not things I brought, they‘re gifts from everyone.



After explaining the whole thing, both of them finally relax.

“This fallen angel is good at picking time, getting in during the New Year, that guy probably gonna blame itself for a while……” Katsudon looking at the bunch of foods suddenly claps his hand like he got an idea. “Right, we can’t finish these anyway, then just have a hotpot! And call Tamagoyaki, Takoyaki, Ramune……and also Oden and Okonomiyaki, cuz like more people can have more fun!!”

“I’m thinking about whether we should invite them, I agree~!” “Yeah, I agree too.”

“It’s a good idea, how about you Mr. Senbei? These are your gifts, how to do with them is your choice. Matcha smiles and looks at me, at the same time, three other sights are focusing on me, making my heart warmer without reason.

And I have no reason to refuse. “Sure.”

Hotpot is delicious. After having joy, everyone is kinda tired and just sleeps next to the stove.

I take a nap too. Don’t know how long the time has passed, it’s dawn when I open my eyes, in the smooth breaths, light dawn sunlight shines quietly.

Matcha is awake, standing next to the window, holding a cup of tea, looking at the snowflakes of the New Year’s day drop slowly.

Perhaps he heard that I am awake, he turns to me. “Ah…… Mr. Senbei, happy New Year.”

“Mr. Matcha, happy New Year.”

“Right in time……” He pouts his lips, looks like hesitating, then smiles with an apology “Sorry, talking about this at the beginning of a year…… I just, wanna tell you as soon as possible.”

The things that you ask for us to investigate, are in progress.”

V. Soka Senbei

Sakurajima used to experience a period of wartime. And between the war fires, food souls were active.

The food souls were born with strong power, and were used as deterrent power in the war. Soka Senbei, was a “weapon” in one of the authorities.

Get in to fight, behead.

He held the sword standing on the battlefield, his memories and his living were only killing, without other things.

After killing again and again, Soka Senbei gradually noticed what he had done during the time that passed from the enemies’ eyes.

He noticed…… thousands and thousands of times, uncountable lifes died under his sword. Dying people’s eyes included the despair and anger, sadness, and unwillingness that made him afraid.

The fear of lifes fading away in his hands made him try to revolt against his Attendant, but what he got is pressing and imprisoning.

After that, it was thousands and thousands of times again.

Even if closing his eyes, the ground that is covered by red liquid still couldn’t get out of his mind.

He hated his power, hated the Attendant who orders him, hated the people who fight endlessly, hated the redness and smell of blood…… But he had no chance to revolt, he could only be hopeless during the endless self-loathing.

He used to think his fate would stop at despair forever, until one food soul appeared, bringing a turning point to everything.

“Ugh…… You……” “……”

“You…… Ugh…… Ugh…… Ah…… Ahh!!”

The rain that he summoned wasn’t hurt, it's even kinda warm and feels good. In a trance, the food souls that in his sight seemed like he saw some kind of monster, holding his chest tightly, staring at Soka Senbei angrily, he opened his mouth, lips kept closing and opening What is he talking about? Soka Senbei couldn’t see his mouth clearly And he seemed to suffer from unbearable pain and fall, fingers scratching the dirt on the ground, and the gravels getting into his nails. He almosts fainted by the pain, but no one could hear his heartbreaking screaming.

Soka Senbei just closed his eyes in the surging of sleepiness. Let everything go with the rain.

“Senbei teacher, Senbei teacher?”

Kakigori pushed Soka Senbei’s shoulders, his eyelash shivered, his frowning forehead finally relax, slowly opened his eyes.

“Umm…… Umm?”

“You keep holding your umbrella tightly, it seems you have a nightmare…… the train almost arrives, if no accident, we can arrive in the village that is in trouble today.”

“…… Umm.”

Soka Senbei released the umbrella in his hand, looking at the palm that had turned red, tilting his head lightly.

Seems I had a dream. However, the content…… Umm…… Can’t remember……


  1. December in Tierra
  2. The end of the year
  3. Refer to Katsudon