If I'm not interested then I don't want it.


He is treated like nobility. He has the natural air of a king and his ruthless manner makes everyone around him feel a little inferior. Some Food Souls believe that this is all an act to hide his insecurities.

Food Introduction

Although Spaghetti originated from Europe, it has become a recipe enjoyed by the world. It's not too farfetched to say that Spaghetti has become a world dish with all the different flavors available now.


Initial Stats

Flame icon Soul Power 1302
Attack Attack 44
Defense Defense 11
Health HP 405
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 675
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 877
Attack Speed Attack Speed 876

Other Info

How to Acquire
Associated Events


Crimson Spike Normal Skill
Spaghetti stabs enemies with his ginormous fork, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to a random enemy, plus 20 extra damage, while also splattering spaghetti sauce deling 15 damage to all enemies for 3 seconds.
Twilight Invasion Energy Skill
Spaghetti brandishes his fork, dealing 40% damage to all enemies, plus 107 extra damage, also stunning all enemies for 3 seconds.
Super Twilight Invasion Link Skill
Spaghetti brandishes his fork, dealing 60% damage to all enemies, plus 107 extra damage, also stunning all enemies for 3 seconds. Foie Gras

Voice Lines

Contract As of today, is it you? I respectfully welcome your arrival, my Master.
Log In My Master, today you have come to visit. Excellent, excellent!
Ice Arena You, commoner, actually want to put me in such a freezing place? Do you want to be pulverized?
Skills Commoners are the same as trash. Pulverized, crushed, and turned into pieces of rotten waste. Hahaha!
Ascend Excellent choice. I will live up to your expectations, hehe.
Fatigue You should stand down, right now. When the time is right, you will be crushed.
Recovering Toys should wait quietly in the cupboard. I will return very quickly, hehehehehe...
Team Formation Everyone follow me, let's go! We'll bring a glorious victory to my Master!
Knockout In this world, there really are no miracles...
Notice My Master, did you forget something? Does this aroma not remind you?
Idle 1 Toys and common objects are only differentiated by a small factor: that factor is my interest. Aaah, my Master, you heard me?! I'm talking to myself, don't mind me.
Idle 2 My Master overlooked me. Does that mean it's ok for me to turn this place upside town?
Interaction 1 Hmm, so comfortable. I feel much better with you here.
Interaction 2 Do you want to become a commoner? ...What do I mean by this? Well, what do you think?
Interaction 3 How did you get that wound? My precious toy, you cannot just leave it like this!
Pledge The fate of this flower is bound to my destiny. It will bloom in my arms, but it will also suffer with me.
Intimacy 1 There is no turning back. You understand this?
Intimacy 2 The dawn after the dark makes people feel rather... compassionate. Don't you think so?
Intimacy 3 Do you want to touch me? Hehehe, ok, you touch me. Interest is calculated separately.

Fondness Stories

Note: The following biography entries have been roughly translated from the CN server, and cleaned up. It will likely have inconsistencies with the global version when it is unlocked. Please update the entries accordingly.

When I was summoned into this world, my Master Attendant had already returned to what I knew as “Home”.

As a lost descendant of a rich family, it was by luck that he had returned to his family.

Even though his mother was no longer around, his father was still around, so they were reunited, and he got to live the life of the rich.

Perhaps it’s because of the life of poverty that he went through, and hence he got the most attention and care from the family.

The best room, the best teacher, the most allowance, the most exquisite of foods.

The dishes that he never dared to dream of to eat were all laid out on the table before him, for him to choose.

Even the ink pens he used were embroidered with beautiful gemstones.

When it came to the winter season, a maid could come and light up the fire in the heater.

And his father would always hold onto his hands, gently comforting my Master Attendant who was not used to the life he was exposed to.

The lives between the rich and the poor are indeed different.

Even when it comes down to meals, there is a need for a certain sort of behaviour and a need for the use of cutlery, and my Master Attendant, who has never came into contact with cutlery, this was a struggle for him.

But among this huge family, nobody would mock him.

They would give him warm, comforting smiles, encouraging my unsettled Master Attendant.

And standing by my Master Attendant, I tend to be affected by the people around him.

After a busy day of studying, my Master Attendant would return to his room, lie on his warm, soft, bed, and he would chat with me.

“Spaghetti, you know, even though our lives today may be different from the past, but there are some similarities.”

“Between the slumps and here?”

“Yes, it’s full of warmth.”

My Master Attendant used to live in a worn down home.

It’s a very worn down home.

The cracked walls are unable to block out the cold winds, the broken roof was unable to block out the heavy rains.

There was no blanket for cover, no food to fill the stomach, and no heater to warm the body.

This would be nowhere close to be compared with the life he has today.

But, when the cold winters came and food was scarce, an uncle, who is a neighbour of his, would share some of his saved up food with him.

And when the heavy rains came, the lady, who is also another neighbour of his, would usher him into her home and share her blanket with him, who was shivering from the cold.

A different kind of life, and yet it bears the same feeling of warmth.

I silently listened to my Master Attendant reminiscence the past, and i tucked him into bed. Seeing his smile, I can’t help but smile too.

“Alright, it’s time to get some rest. We’ll have to get moving tomorrow, we have some fallen angels to deal with.”


I shut my Master Attendant’s door, I left his room, and headed back to my room to rest.

The glass of warm, sweet, milk by the bed and the warm fire from the heater, it numbed my feelings and I willingly sank into the sensation of warmth.

In that moment, I naively believed, that the world was as warm and as wonderful as I saw and heard.

In the morning, I was stretching in the garden when a loud noise rang out.

Following the sound, I saw a lady dressed in ragged attire, holding onto a child. She was held back by the guards, but she was still determined to get in.

“What is happening here?”

“Ah, sir, this lady here keeps trying to get in, and we can’t even fend her off. She keeps claiming she knows the young master.”

I wanted them to let her go, but just as I was about to do that, my Master Attendant came in from beside me.

What was unexpected of the people, was that he rushed to the side of the lady.

And the lady saw him like he was her lucky star, and clung onto his clothes and cried in agony.

“I beg you, I beg you, on behalf of how I helped you in the past, please save my son!”

She continued to weep and kneeled before my Master Attendant, and he did not disappoint her.

The child’s illness wasn’t severe, but the costs for the cure was too expensive to afford for the poor.

And at this moment, she thought of the boy who she once saved that had now become a rich man’s son.

And that was the first wish my Master Attendant fulfilled, but it wasn’t the last of them.

Ever since that day, many of Master Attendant’s friends and neighbours came to his place for favours and wishes to become true.

It started off with food and clothes, then it came to money to well-paying jobs, and for rich and handsome husbands, and paying off gambling debts.

Master Attendant seemingly became a machine that could grant all wishes before them.

He struggled to smile, as he gave his all to fulfill every one of their wishes.

One day, my Master Attendant fell ill. He passed the money that he had borrowed to me. The amount of money his father gives him has a limit, and he does not wish to drag his father in to deal with the mistakes his ‘old friends’ had caused, and hence he tried to think up of a solution to achieve his goal.

I gave the money that he had gave his all to obtain to his ‘old friends’ .

And the young man that once kneeled before him in tears and begged for his help frowned, seemingly not satisfied with the amount of money he received.

“Why is there only so little this time! Bring more next time!”


“What! Do you have an issue? If it wasn’t for us, your Master Attendant would’ve long starved to death!”

“...there is still a need for a next time?”

“What! Still unwilling? He said he would help me with my gambling debts. Hmmph, it sure seems that once he became a rich man’s son, he completely forgot about his poor neighbours.”


I headed back to my Master Attendant’s home.

In order to loan some money for his ‘old friends’, my Master Attendant had went through the rain and had unfortunately fallen ill. As he lay on the bed, I could see his frail, weak facial expression.

He heard me open the door, and looked to me in anticipation, and asked.

“Was the money enough? Were they able to pay off their debts? Are they alright?”

I struggled as i opened and closed my mouth, and I forced a smile.

“......yes. The debts have been paid off. They are happy.”

“That’s good, did you tell them to stop gambling?”

“Yes, they agreed, they won’t gamble again.”

“That’s good! Thank you, Spaghetti! I’m glad to have you around! In the past, they were always the ones who helped me, and now, I can help them too……”

As i sank deeper into my thoughts, I didn’t really keep track of what my Master Attendant was saying.

Suddenly, I remembered the ungrateful young man scolding me as he left, and the thought of that made me clench my fist.

I was starting to have doubts. The kind of warmth Master Attendant used to speak of, is this still the same kind of warmth?

Why can’t i feel the same kind of warmth from these people, like the warmth I feel from my Master Attendant?

Ever since that day, whoever who tried to come see my Master Attendant, I would block them off.

Eventually, they never came to ask for more unreasonable requests.

I once thought, that this would be able to make all my Master Attendant’s troubles go away.

My Master Attendant’s life, our lives, could go back to as wonderfully it had once been.

But this was just a beautiful wish of mine.

And I wasn’t able to achieve this wish of mine.

When I had went off to settle some Fallen Angels and returned, I was unable to find the silhouette of my Master Attendant.

I grabbed onto a maid that came by, and asked her where my Master Attendant went. She told me that the young master had ran off in a hurry after receiving a letter.

Panicking, I ran to his room, and found the opened letter discarded on the ground.

The contents of the letter made a chill run down my spine.

Following the information provided on the letter, I went off to the wilderness where my Master Attendant may have went to.

When I reached the place, my Master Attendant had long been lying on the ground.

And the people standing in front of him, weren’t people who I would suspect as political enemies against his family, nor was it aristocrats that may have bore grudges against him for exposing them for their deeds.

But it was his many older and younger brothers, who once welcomed him into the home warmly and called him one of their own.

The people who once warmly and kindly taught him how to fit into a rich family, were now looking upon him with mocking smiles.

“If we don’t act this way, Father will hate us even more.”

“Who said you could take all of Father’s attention from us!”

“You’re just a poor, homeless child! You don’t have any right to fight for the family’s assets with us!”

“You should just go and die!”

I held onto my Master Attendant and supported him up, letting him lean against me. He gripped onto my clothes tightly.

“Quick...quickly go and save…”

The next moment my Master Attendant’s eyes were wide open, staring at the woman, who was the wife of one of his older brothers.

The woman who once shielded his ears from the booming thunder, and held him closely in her arms.

She seemed to have changed. She was no longer what she once was.

She wore a proud smile on her face, dressed in grand robes, and a fan covered the grin on her face.

“You have always been a poor person, so dream on about trying to inherit the family’s fortune, this inheritance, shall be for your older brother. However, I still got to thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve never been able to meet him.”

Yes, if it wasn’t because of my Master Attendant’s recommendation, this lady, who was rather good looking, would’ve never stood a chance of becoming a rich man’s wife.

He seemed dejected as he looked upon the lady who he once looked up to and admired, seemingly trying to accept the fact that she had worked together with his siblings to harm him.

And in the next moment, the ramble of noises here had attracted a Fallen Angel over. Shocking everyone as it charged towards them.

It gripped onto the arrogant woman, shocking her till her skin went pale. Trembling, she reached out to my Master Attendant for help.

“Save...Save me!! I know I’m in the wrong! I’m begging you! On the behalf of how I took care of you when you were young!”

Following after are the cries of his siblings.

As the only food soul present, upon seeing all of this, and looking back to my Master Attendant who was lying against me, I bit onto my lip.

It’s okay, even if you don’t want to save them, I don’t blame you.

You’re not a saviour, in a situation like this, I don’t blame you.

“ them.”

If you’re willing to not give up on the wonderful lives we could have together, then I shall continue to stay by your side.

Your wishes, I will fulfill them, as long we can continue to stay like that.

You are my light, my warmth.

I thought that perhaps by giving, again and again, I could give my Master Attendant a happy ending.

I once thought, that perhaps if those people would see my Master Attendant constant sacrifices again and again for them, they would recognise their mistakes.

But all of this, was simply a beautiful wish of mine.

His siblings who always mocked him, offered him a glass of wine, as if they were offering an apology.

My Master Attendant thought that his siblings had finally let go of the grudges they had towards him, and happily accepted the glass of poisoned wine.

The glass of wine was given to him from one of the people who he has offered a job to, a job in the mansion as a housekeeper.

“You made me a housekeeper! You did this just to humiliate me, didn’t you? And you claimed you’d have a good job for me! Bullshit!”

My weapon gave off an aura, and just as I was about to strike the ungrateful bastards, a weak grip had held on firmly to my arms.

I dropped my weapon, and held my Master Attendant in my arms.

“Spaghetti...I thought...thought...I thought...I thought that they would….accept me..”


“I thought…...for all I have done...they would be happy…”

“This isn’t your fault, it’s their fault. You did your best.”

“I regret this so much…”


“Why didn’t I….see through them sooner...why… didn’t I see the world for what it truly was sooner…”

“.....hey! Wake up! Master Attendant! Wake up!”

He didn’t react to me anymore. He lay still in my arms.

My Master Attendant who always seemed to carry a smile, had looked like he turned away from the world in disappointment, his eyes tightly shut.

The people around me surrounded me, raising their weapons against me.

I didn’t care about them. I carried my Master Attendant in my arms, step by step, I walked to his father’s room.

The least that I could do, is to bid farewell to his father with respect.

And the man who had once looked upon my Master Attendant with compassionate eyes, didn’t seem to show a sign of sadness or agony to his corpse in my arms. But instead, furrowed eyebrows of frustration.

“What is going on?”

“Master Attendant’s siblings..they….”

“Eh, that group of children, how are they still so irresponsible today? Whatever, as long you are still around, all is well. And about him, just find a spot to bury him.”


“It’s always been this way. He is merely some extra child of mine that lived in poverty. If he wasn’t capable of summoning someone like you, I wouldn’t even have bothered to keep around some toy like that. But, to see that grateful face of his as I mess around with him, it’s pretty interesting. Come, Spaghetti. I’ll get some people to help sort out things for you, you’ll move to his room.”

… it turns out. Even the compassionate father figure, was all a lie.

Looking down upon my Master Attendant whose eyes were tightly shut, I suddenly feel a sense of joy for him, that he would not have to face this truth.

I looked up, and smiled at the fellow before me.

“Alright, sorry for the trouble, sir.”

All the warmth and light vanished before my eyes, and only the filthy, stinking, corrupt darkness remained, it was a reality that was hard to accept.

I swore I will fulfill all of your wishes, Master Attendant.

In such a filthy, corrupt world, everyone should see it for what it truly is.

But I will need power, and money to achieve this wish. And this fellow before me, was the best choice I could get.


Hypocrite Mask
Skin-Spaghetti-Hypocrite Mask


If you're gonna live in the night, then you shouldn't fear the dark. Um, Master, will you journey together with me?!
— Spaghetti
Obtainable through Food Soul's Wish event.



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