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  1. Help is very much welcome. You can edit or comment to help the page. Please make sure to refresh the page before editing to avoid edit conflicts.
  2. No pressure, no deadline. You can contribute at your own pace, whenever you feel like it. Some of these are huge projects so burnout is a real possibility (no need to list all the things at once, ok?)
  3. You can take pieces of this to your own space if you want to work on something specific.

WIP Projects

Combat Skills

Editor in charge Melicent

To Dos

  1. Right now, focus is on gathering data. Organizing it will come later as we don't exactly know what we're going to work with.
  2. On this page we want to list the different combat skills, which food souls have these skills, and if they're energy or normal skills.
  3. Eventually we hope to include artifact and the skills they add.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Focus first on Food Souls released in the Global version, then start adding future Food Souls that are currently released in the other versions of the game.
  2. Focus on UR and SR Food Souls, we can added Rs and Ms later.

Groups and Societies Lore

Editor in charge TBA

To Dos

  1. Add lore behind Food Soul groups and their relationships with other groups
  2. Link event stories that the groups appear in.


  1. May be moved to a separate page due to the length of content, any suggestions about format are welcome!


Editor in charge Experimentalcrafts

To Dos

  1. Categorize events based on type of event.
  2. Organize the category pages to show past events of that type, see Category:Ranking as an example.
  3. Split the Limited Events up into multiple pages for easier navigation, any suggestions about format are welcome!

Catacomb Patterns

Editor in charge Melicent

  • The goal is to document enemy patterns (which type, how many, in which stage) and as a secondary project the various rewards you get (this one isn't complicated in theory but the game has many different names for the same type of reward depending on factors I haven't looked closely at yet).

To Dos

  1. Right now, focusing on checking and adding enemy patterns, particularly beyond level 55, and for new enemies like the Leaf Queen.
  2. One thing I would like to establish is when certain enemies appear. We know Garuda only come at 36 onwards for example.
  3. Comments on the talk page about what you got during your runs would be very much appreciated. If several people chime in, or if you write things down a few times, patterns are usually pretty obvious.


  • The goal is to document the disaster battle mechanics and the ranking rewards and I think that's about it. We have pages for each disaster FA.
  • Low-priority page.
  • Help welcome.
  • A good entry point for people who want to try wiki editing.

Growth Missions

  • Pretty clear-cut: list all achievements and rewards, explain the point and rank system.
  • Low-priority page.
  • Help welcome.
  • A good entry point for people who want to try wiki editing but comments work very nicely too as a lot of it is about documenting numbers.
  • There are tons of achievements. No need to list all the things all by yourself if you don't want to :)
  • Reference, Trophy Images
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