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Nevras is a region filled with rich resources. Many explorers travel to Nevras in search of Magical Crystals. However, more often than not, a Fallen Angel known as Spectra will hunt these explorers in search of Magic Crystals. People say Spectra resembles a famous chef that once belonged to the Chef's Guild.


Spectra can often be seen looking for his lost knife. Make sure to keep away from him.
— An exploration team

Favoured Food Souls


Death Wrap Spectra injects a cold and deadly scent into an enemy, dealing continuous damage.
Self-Inflict Spectra pierces himself with a blade, sacrificing all defense and focusing all on attack.
Chain Lock / Eternal Chains Spectra's chains bore their way underground and will crop up to shackle one enemy for a long time.
Soul Immunity Spectra's special constitution makes him immune to all skill damage. (Catacombs)
Oni Giri Spectra's jagged dagger will morph into a giant red sword, dealing major damage to the nearest unit. (Catacombs)


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Spectra A.jpg
Spectra A
4h 10% Specter Icon.png Spectra Icon.png
Spectra B.jpg
Spectra B
1h 45% Forker Icon.png Bread Knife Icon.png Cimeter Icon.png Spectra Icon.png