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Afternoon tea, gem stones, this is all worthy of my good graces.


A seemingly gentle girl whose never truly seen this world with her own eyes. Because of her well-heeled upbringing, she has no concept of money and has no idea how cruel some things she does are. She seeks the highest quality in all things, and nothing that she eats, wears, or uses isn't of the utmost luxury.

Food Introduction

Stargazy pie is a traditional English dish prevalent in Cornwall. It is made with ingredients such as sardines, eggs, and potatoes. The heads of the fish poke out of the top in order to let the oils released in the cooking process flow back onto the dish, giving them the unusual appearance of gazing up at the stars, hence its name.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2506
Attack.png Attack 110
Defense.png Defense 30
Health.png HP 642
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1032
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 685
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 432


Beheading Basic Skill
Skill-Stargazy Pie-Normal.png Stargazy Pie summons starlight into her axe, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage plus 88 (1144) extra damage to the nearest enemy unit, while also decreasing the nearest enemy’s energy by 10 pts and increasing her energy regeneration by 5 pts per second for 2 seconds.
Starlight Dance Energy Skill
Skill-Stargazy Pie-Energy.png Stargazy Pie raises her hand and summons a school of fish, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 460 (5980) damage, also dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage per second plus 15 (195) extra damage to the nearest enemy, lasting 5 seconds, and reducing the energy of all enemies by 15 pts.
Super Starlight Dance Link Skill
Skill-Stargazy Pie-Link.png Stargazy Pie raises her hand and summons a school of fish, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 552 (7176) damage, also dealing 45% (85%) ATK as damage per second plus 18 (234) extra damage to the nearest enemy, lasting 5 seconds, and reducing the energy of all enemies by 18 pts. Black Pudding.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Are you my knight in shining armor? Then I'll allow you to kiss the back of my hand.
Log In You've come back after all. Come put on this crown for me!
Ice Arena My knight, your queen requires a warm embrace.
Skills You gave my knight a hard time, and so, would you be so kind as to give me your head?
Ascend Well-- this is certainly a feeling I've never had before...
Fatigue I hate this feeling.
Recovering I would like to rest some more.
Team Formation I hope I'll get some new collectibles on this outing.
Knockout How... dare you... look at me... in this state...
Notice I-- I order you! No looking! But you must eat every bit! Woah-- I said no looking!
Idle 1 What? Not enough money in the national coffers for a celebration feast? Let's just ask the people for more then~
Idle 2 Someone once told me that if I do this, everyone will like me!
Idle 3 A princess belongs with a prince. But I am a queen, so with whom do I belong? A knight like you will do fine!
Interaction 1 Oh... my knight, caress my head again... but be careful not to mess up my hair...
Interaction 2 Well, if they don't have enough money to drink milk, why not let them drink black tea instead?
Interaction 3 Why aren't they willing to let me try my axe head...
Pledge I decree that from this day forth, you are no longer my knight, but my highness.
Intimacy 1 What would I do if someone made you unhappy? Well... I'd kill them all!
Intimacy 2 Tonight's feast feels like it's missing something, and seeing you, I know just what! You're not by my side!
Intimacy 3 Well, although I'm disappointed knowing none of them like me, I still believe that you're not like them.
Victory This is a matter of course.
Defeat Well-- you foolish, despicable low-life! I-- I--
Feeding What is this? A new collectible! I will be sure to put it in the finest display case!


Glittering Expanse
Skin-Stargazy Pie-Glittering Expanse.jpg

Icon-Skin-Stargazy Pie-Glittering Expanse.png

I'll tinge this whole sea with starlight! I'm the queen of this beach!
— Stargazy Pie
Beach Party event.
Dazzling Banquet
Skin-Stargazy Pie-Dazzling Banquet.jpg

Icon-Skin-Stargazy Pie-Dazzling Banquet.png

What's wrong? You're not going to hold my hands yet?
— Stargazy Pie

Food Souls


2D Animation (Live 2D)

Skin-Stargazy Pie-Glittering Expanse.gif


Sprite Animations


Glittering Expanse

Dazzling Banquet






『Food Fantasy フードファンタジー』パスタキャッスルの悪夢

Food Fantasy PV - Castle Mystery Event (JP Version)



Food Fantasy PV - Beach Party Event (JP Version)

Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by Revelery and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Princess

I had a very noble identity since I was born.

Everyone told me that I am the queen of this country. I deserve to be sought after by everyone.

That's exactly what happened.

From the day I was born, everyone in this country has loved me from the bottoms of their hearts.

Every day, they will provide me with the most delicious meals and the most exquisite dresses in this country.

All I need to do is use my power to judge those monsters.

This is not a difficult thing for me.

It was only a small gesture that touched them like a gift.

Master Attendant is the most important person in this country besides me.

She has a dress that was more refined and noble than mine, and an admirable crown of jewels.

Master Attendant has a collection room where no one except us is allowed to enter at will.

There are countless pieces of jewelry, and the beautiful royal crowns are carefully placed on carefully processed collections.

One day, Master Attendant told me that she had created a crown for me, a crown that belongs to me.

I followed her into the collection room. No matter how many times I came, I still couldn't remove my eyes from these dazzling jewelry.

A variety of crowns shimmer in the dark collection.

I watched with great anticipation as Master Attendant slowly took the crown from the box inlaid with precious stones.

The red gemstone glittering with beauty and brilliance attracted my attention at once. I opened my mouth slightly, and my Master Attendant seemed to notice my expression and laughed softly under her lower lip.

"How do you like it?"

I looked at Master Attendant's smile and suddenly realized that Master Attendant had saw my embarrassment. I raised my hands and rubbed my hot cheeks.


Master Attendant gently stroked my hair, pushed the hair on my face to the back of my ear and smiled softly at me.

"I will crown you. You will be the second queen in this country after me. This country needs your strength. I need you."

I looked at the gleaming crown in the hands of Master Attendant, and nodded firmly.

II. Coronation

Although I didn't really like the weapon that was born with me since it looked too rude and not suitable for elegant ladies, I must admit that it's the best trial tool.

Only I can wield it, and the whole country, and only it, can judge those terrible, ugly, disgusting monsters. Master Attendant told me that it was the tool that guarded my people.

As the red paint draws beautiful pictures in the wilderness, I conducted the final trial of the bastard who tried to trample on our land.

I have presented the latest collection for Master Attendant, which can be used to give her a new crown of spoils.

The princess liked it very much. She asked the people to deal with it ingeniously, with expensive gems, but didn't put it into her own collection.

I looked at the princess with some doubts. With my expectant eyes, she gently pushed open the door on the side of the collection room.

I saw that in the small door was an empty new collection room, and the collection I presented was on the display stand in the middle.

The collection also has the crown that will belong to me.

I was pleasantly surprised when Master Attendant told me with a sly smile.

"This collection room is my gift to you. Later, you can use it to display all your trophies, collect all your favorite things, and every crown that belongs to you."

I threw myself into the arms of Master Attendant and held her waist tightly.

How lucky I am to have such an elegant, noble and considerate Master Attendant.

I put on a gorgeous dress, put on a bright red sash, stood on the observatory of the castle, and accepted the coronation from Master Attendant in front of all the people.

That day, I became a queen.

I looked at the cheering subjects, felt the respect from everyone, and felt the responsibility brought by this crown.

Master Attendant isn't good at dealing with political matters, so she gave all of these things to her brother to judge.

Our country is often eye-catching by people with hearts of tigers and wolves, and then it's time for me to play.

Unlike the scenery in the kingdom, the wilderness has a different view. If there's no rude people to disturb me while I enjoy black tea, maybe I will like the scenery here.

Whenever we win, the people behind us always shout my name, and I will bring the spoils back to the collection that belongs to me.

However, I haven't been able to find a necklace that can match my crown.

III. Necklace

I found the necklace I wanted.

Although it doesn't belong to me for the time being.

Her brother told us that once our country was very weak and had to rely on the protection of others.

But since we have these Food Souls, our country finally has the ability to protect itself.

This makes me feel very proud.

On this continent, our country finally has a foothold, so we welcome guests from all countries.

Some of them are from neighboring countries not far from us who want to ask for our help, and some are to apologize for their past rude behavior.

Both I and Master Attendant agreed very generously to their request.

One day, the Master Attendant's sister came to our country. She had to leave her lover to marry a stronger country a long time ago in exchange for the protection of her neighbors.

Ironically, after her long marriage, she gained the strength that everyone had been longing for.

Master Attendant's sister is also an elegant lady, wearing a crimson dress with a handsome young man standing behind her.

Master Attendant told me that the young man, like me, has the power to protect others.

He is a good Food Soul to her sister and the person she trusts most.

I looked at the young man with some curiosity. He seemed to notice my sight and look at me with a smile.

"Hello, little girl, I am called Bloody Mary, what about you?"

Master Attendant's sister temporarily stayed in the castle.

Other envoys who came to congratulate royalties on their birthday also came to our country one after another and presented them with exquisite gifts.

That day, I was sitting beside my Master Attendant. Suddenly, a very dazzling red gem came into my eyes.

It hung on the neck of a princess from a neighboring country, shining with dazzling brilliance.

I went back to my room and stroked the jewel in my crown. I knew that I finally found a necklace that could match it.

I came to the room where the girl was staying, and politely knocked on her door.

However, she refused me fiercely.

Before that, no one ever refused my request. I left there in frustration and went to the garden to try to adjust my mood with black tea.

I did not know when Bloody Mary, who saw this scene, came to my side. Like the sister of Master Attendant, he was also a considerate person. He saw my frustration and asked softly.

"What's the matter, is there any trouble?"

"Oh... I wanted the princess's necklace, but she told me that it was something very important to her and could not give it to me.

"You really want that necklace. Why?"

"Ah! I've been looking for a long time, only that necklace matches my crown best...The elder brother of Master Attendant clearly told me that no matter what we want, we will give it to us. Whatever it is... "

That is nature, my Queen. No one can refuse your request. No one can bear to see your frustrated face because of disappointment. I will do what I want for you.

Bloody Mary pulled up my hand and kissed the back of my hand, and I felt my cheeks burning slightly.

IV. Trial

I invited the princess out at the request of Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary told me that I can take her to visit my collection.

If she is in a better mood, she will grant me my request.

I took her to the collection room that made me proud, filled with my collection, and at first I thought she would be very happy.

But I noticed that the princess behind me showed a very frightened expression.

"...Your Highness? Do you dislike my collection? It's clear that everyone says it's beautiful... "

"...Your Majesty, I feel a little uncomfortable, can I... go out first? Ugh--"

She covered her mouth with nausea, as if she was about to spit out. I thought she might have been ill-fated and ruined. When I was overwhelmed, Bloody Mary appeared behind her.

"Your Majesty, you've done a good job, and you'll leave it to me. "

Bloody Mary is not willing to let me see what he is going to do next. His gentleness made me choose to believe him as I lifted my skirt and salute them.

"Then allow me to retire first, Your Royal Highness, Lord Bloody Mary.

Just after I found Master Attendant for a short afternoon tea, Bloody Mary came back to me with a satisfied smile on his face, which made him more charming.

He walked gracefully behind me and put the long-awaited necklace on my neck.

"My little Majesty, if you go to your collection room, there will be another surprise."

With patience and excitement, I came to my collection room, where there was an additional collection that was more exquisite than all the trophies.

However, I did not think that this collection will bring disaster to me and my Master Attendant.

I never thought that one day I would be the one to be tried.

"Stargazy Pie and the Queen's Majesty, oh no, now it should be called Sinner Mary, you know the sin."

Guilty?! We?! What crimes have you committed?! How is that possible? I stick to etiquette every day and never do anything dishonorable to a lady!


"What else do you want to argue about? Aren't all those cruel acts and cruel laws coming from your hands?" 

"I...I didn't..."

"Stargazy Pie, don't bow your head. Don't forget your identity."

In the panic, I heard the calm voice of Master Attendant, and I calmed down and suppressed my uneasy feelings. I saw people who used to call our names in the past, and they showed a very resentful expression to us.

How could this be...not like the never looked at me like this...

The chaotic brain made me unable to think and instinctively took a half step back.

However, I was held back by Master Attendant.

Her body is also trembling slightly, but she still maintains her dignity.

"Fools, that's the price you have to pay for our protection! What are we guilty of?"

"You-!! Lord Regent! These two mad women, you have to judge!"

We saw the man stepping onto the trial stage step by step. He was the brother of Master Attendant.

He sat on the throne of Master Attendant in a cold gesture that we had never seen before.

"Although we pray for your protection, we have never asked you to do such cruel behavior. You have cut down the heads of all the enemies, swallowed their country, and even invited the princesses of neighboring countries. Such cruel protectors. We don't need it."

Judge them! Expel them! Devour them!

All this... Isn't that what you asked me to do?


"Your arrogance, your cruelty and everything you do are not what a qualified queen should do. In keeping with the will of the people, I will take over the country and judge you for your sins.

Master Attendant looked incredulously at her brother. Her straight back was bent this time. I saw the water in her eyes, but the next moment she stood up again. Tell everyone with your head held high.

"Even if you take off my crown and expel me from the throne, this can't erase the fact that I am your queen, that you are the despicable sinful person!"

"Strong words! Come on! Send these two mad women to prison! Let's calm the empire's anger with their blood!"

We were rudely pushed to the sinister dark, red liquid, and Master Attendant's brother did not care for the rest. To stop it, he came to the middle of us.

"My dear sister, I appreciate the efforts you have made for me to ascend the throne. In return, I have created the best knife, and I will let you leave without pain."


"Ah, yes, I forgot that Stargazy Pie is not human, but please rest assured that as a gentleman, I never neglect ladies. I have spent a lot of money to buy weapons and drugs that can be used to sanction the spirits. Please don't worry about its effects. If it weren't for these things, I still couldn't catch you. Peace of mind, it wouldn't make her hurt too much."

Master Attendant, who has been standing upright, finally collapsed at this moment. She looked at her brother angrily. At last, her hands tied behind her were grasped loosely. Master Attendant's face was exceptionally pale, her lips were bitten by herself with dripping blood. Finally, she lowered her head that had never been lowered.

"At least... let go of the Stargazy Pie ... she can still be your weapon."

"Good. I promise you, who made you my dearest sister?"

Master Attendant gently kissed my forehead with her own lips.

"Stargazy Pie, you have to be good."

With a flash of white light, I saw the head of Master Attendant fall like my former enemy, and the connection between the dying disappeared at that moment.


V. Stargazy Pie

A long time ago, in a distant country, because of the emergence of Fallen Angels, this formerly powerful country had to rely on other countries with Cooking Attendants to survive.

Finally, in the long wait, they finally ushered in the first girl to have this power.

People are afraid that a girl with such power will leave the country, so they make her the proud and noble Queen of the country.

Her Majesty, even in times of famine, bathed in milk and made luxurious dresses of countless expensive materials.

She likes to use some trophies to put her jewelry. Similarly, she taught this habit to her Food Soul.

For her, this is proof that she has protected the country, and this is proof that she has fulfilled her duties as a queen.

After all, for a queen who doesn't know how to govern the country and can only give everything to her elder brother, what she can do is to evict every enemy who intends to invade them according to the request of her brother.

Their efforts have made their country gradually larger in the expectations of a man.

Her Majesty, who was not familiar with the world, did not realize what was wrong with what she had done.

Just as her Food Soul did not know, not everyone would refuse her request.

What they did finally exploded among the angry people because of the death of the princess of the neighboring alliance.

They became the stepping stones for the ambitious brothers.

Realizing this, the Queen had stood on the platform, and for the first time she lowered her noble head and asked her brother.

"At least... let go of the Stargazy Pie ... she can still be your weapon."

The queen who lowered her head had left the world, but what she didn't know was that when the blood splashed on Stargazy Pie was still not cool, his brother grinned bitterly at the innocent spirit and raised his axe.

No one knows about the latter, perhaps because of the overwhelming impact, the only survivor who has experienced the entire history has forgotten everything before.

All of this is nothing more than the past that Spaghetti had pieced together through various kinds of intelligence.

In the scouring of the rain, the red liquid with bloody smell gradually reddened the ground of the entire square. He squatted down and put his spiritual power into the Stargazy Pie that was about to dissipate.

Stargazy Pie woke up again, just like a newly born child, unable to recall her past. She fixedly looked at the broken crown in her hand, inexplicably falling into tears.

She stood in front of the mirror, and her face was pale and expressionless. The girl had broken marks on her body. The delicate stitches on her body could not feel the pain. Her fingers brushed the scar on the neck of the girl in the mirror and looked doubtfully back at the young man on her side.


"This is proof of the betrayal of despicable human beings."

The red-haired youth took the crown that fell on the ground, and then he disappeared for a while.

Stargazy Pie asked the beautiful girl in red several times, but even she didn't know where he went.

A few days later, the young man who came back again took out the crown that was placed in the delicate box.

The crown had been perfectly repaired, and there is no trace of damage.

He sat up with satisfaction and looked up at Stargazy Pie with the crown, and the ruby ​​on the crown shined.

She felt the awkwardness of the crown on her head. The fragments in her memory flashed but she could no longer remember more. The hand was gently held up by the young man beside her. The young man lowered his head gently and kissed the girl piously on the back of her hand.

"Take revenge on mankind, my Majesty, I need your strength - I need you."

Long Bao Chibi 1.png This Artifact has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.
Normal Nodes
Attack.png Attack 288
Defense.png Defense 66
Health.png HP 2153
Crit. Rate.png Crit. Rate 6334
Crit. Damage.png Crit. Damage 9120
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed 4940
Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
1 Atk +26
Atk +51
2 HP +449
HP +897
3 Atk Spd +1647
Atk Spd +3294
4 Def +44
Def +88
5 HP +897
HP +1795
6 Atk +26
Atk +51
Atk +77
7 Up: Crit Rate +704
Down: Crit Dmg +1013
Up: Crit Rate +1407
Down: Crit Dmg +2027
Up: Crit Rate +2111
Down: Crit Dmg +3040
8 Up: Basic skill effect +2%
Down: Energy skill effect +2%
Up: Basic skill effect +5%
Down: Energy skill effect +5%
Up: Basic skill effect +10%
Down: Energy skill effect +10%
9 Atk +29
Atk +58
Atk +87
Atk +116
10 Crit Dmg +1520
Crit Dmg +3040
Crit Dmg +4560
Crit Dmg +6080
11 Crit Rate +1056
Crit Rate +2111
Crit Rate +3167
Crit Rate +4223
Artifact-Stargazy Pie.png
Artifact Icon-Stargazy Pie.png
Togi Node I - Attack Speed
Antler Togi.png After an attack, Stargazy Pie gives self 10 (13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 35, 41, 49, 60) pts of Energy. 45s CD.
Striped Togi.png After attacking, deals an extra 31% (41%, 52%, 63%, 76%, 89%, 105%, 125%, 149%, 180%) ATK to all enemies, with a 12s CD.
Bushy Togi.png After an attack, boosts all allies' basic atk dmg 7% (9.2%, 11.7%, 14.2%, 16.9%, 19.8%, 23.4%, 27.8%, 33.2%, 40%), lasting 4s. 12s CD.

Togi Node II - Crit Damage
Antler Togi.png Boosts basic atk dmg 14% (18%, 23%, 28%, 33%, 39%, 46%, 55%, 66%, 80%). Basic atks have a 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8% ,17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) chance to deal 30% ATK as continuous skill dmg to the nearest two enemies for 2s (10s CD)
Striped Togi.png Boosts basic atk dmg 14% (18%, 23%, 28%, 33%, 39%, 46%, 55%, 66%, 80%). Basic atks have a 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8% ,17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) chance to deal 30% ATK as continuous skill dmg to the farthest two enemies for 2s (10s CD)
Bushy Togi.png Boosts basic atk dmg 14% (18%, 23%, 28%, 33%, 39%, 46%, 55%, 66%, 80%). Basic atks have a 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8% ,17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) chance to deal 30% ATK as continuous skill dmg to the nearest enemy for 4s (10s CD)

Togi Node III - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png Every 20s, the next 3 basic atks of all allies must crit, and allied basic atk dmg is boosted 7% (9%, 12%, 14%, 17%, 20%, 24%, 29%, 34%, 42%) for 4s
Striped Togi.png Every 20s, any debuffs will be dispelled from all allies, and their ATK is boosted 2.6% (3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.7%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) for 6s
Bushy Togi.png Every 20s, all allies recover 14 (20, 23, 28, 33, 39, 46, 55, 66, 80) pts of Energy and their skill dmg is boosted 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) for 4s

Togi Node IV - Attack Speed
Antler Togi.png In battle, your skill dmg is boosted 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%). Basic attacks deal 8% (11%, 14%, 17%, 21%, 24%, 29%, 34%, 41%, 50%) ATK as bonus skill dmg to the nearest enemy (up to once per sec)
Striped Togi.png In battle, your skill dmg is boosted 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%). Basic attacks of nearest two allies deal 8% (11%, 14%, 17%, 21%, 24%, 29%, 34%, 41%, 50%) ATK as bonus skill dmg to the nearest enemy (up to once per sec)
Bushy Togi.png In battle, your skill dmg is boosted 5.2% (6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%). Basic atks deal additional 2.6% (3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.7%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) ATK as skill dmg, plus 10% (13%, 17%, 21%, 25%, 29%, 35%, 41%, 49%, 60%) ATK as dmg if target's HP is below 40% (up to once per sec)

Togi Node V - Attack
Antler Togi.png After attacking, there's a 3.5% (4.6%, 5.8%, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%) chance that all allies' next basic atk must crit. All allies have a 2.6% (3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.7%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) chance upon casting of dispelling buff from a random enemy.
Striped Togi.png Below 30% HP you can't be healed, and attacking will resurrect the nearest ally, giving him/her 30% (33%, 38%, 44%, 50%, 60%, 67%, 75%, 80%, 85%) HP & 8 (11, 14, 17, 21, 24, 29, 34, 41, 50) pts of energy. 20s CD.
Bushy Togi.png After attacking, there's a 3.5% (4.6%, 5.8%, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%) chance that all allies' next basic atk must crit. All allies have a 2.6% (3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.7%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) chance upon casting of dispelling debuff from self.