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Status Effects are positive effects (buffs) or negative effects (debuffs) that can be inflicted on units in battle. Their icons can be seen above the health bar of the unit afflicted.

Generally, blue icons are buffs and red icons are debuffs, though there are exceptions.

Character Stats: Up/Down

The corresponding stat of afflicted units is increased/decreased accordingly, usually by a set number.

Damage/Damage Received: Up/Down

Damage dealt by or received by afflicted units is increased/decreased accordingly.


  • This is different from Atk Up/Down and Def Up/Down. While those affect the actual stats, these only affect damage. For example, "Damage Up" will not increase basic heal values but "Atk Up" will.
  • Disaster Aluna casts "Damage Down" on your team with a skill.

Special Effects

A special effect --positive or negative-- is cast on the afflicted units.


  • While Stunned, units cannot cast both basic attacks and skills.
  • While Silenced, units cannot cast skills, but are still able to perform basic attacks.
  • While Invincible, units cannot be damaged by any attacks.
  • Units with shield values will be able to take some damage before their HP being depleted.