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God is always listening to everyone's wishes.


Stollen Bread is followed by three reindeer sprites at her side, and the wheat in her basket brings people good prayers and wishes. She used to be called a present for the gods and is extremely likeable, treating those around her with warmth and care. Even after being used as a sacrifice, pure and good-hearted Stollen Bread still holds goodwill for this world. But she also sees clearly that the Church of Divine Grace has to some extent become a tool in the hands of certain people, so she has decided to put her faith in Donut and join the Grace Army, and thus continue to spread god's love to the people.

Food Introduction

Stollen means "mine shaft" in German, and stollen bread is named so because its shape resembles a mine shaft.

It is a traditional German bread, special for the various rum-soaked dried fruits and nuts placed within it.

Like many other European breads of that type, stollen bread carries religious cultural connotations. The bread symbolizes the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes, and the various dried fruits and nuts symbolize the gifts bestowed by Jesus. That's why on Christmas, German people share stollen bread as a way to remember the sufferings of Christ.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 3087
Attack.png Attack 119
Defense.png Defense 41
Health.png HP 722
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1247
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1175
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1651


Holy Prayer Basic Skill
Skill-Stollen Bread-Normal.png Stollen Bread throws her basket into the air, silencing the highest-ATK ally for 5 seconds, while also sacrificing 20% of that ally's current HP to boost their ATK by 50% (90%), lasting 3 seconds. Also makes their next 5 basic attacks guaranteed to crit.
  • Skill description is slightly modified due of the inaccurate description in the official translation. The differences made are based on the Chinese version.
Divine Protection Energy Skill
Skill-Stollen Bread-Energy.png Stollen Bread throws her crystal into the air, restoring 348 (4524) HP for all allies and raising their basic attack damage by 5% (25%), while also raising attack speed by 35% (55%) for all allies, lasting 6 seconds.
Super Divine Protection Link Skill
Skill-Stollen Bread-Link.png Stollen Bread throws her crystal into the air, restoring 438 (5694) HP for all allies and raising their basic attack damage by 15% (35%), while also raising attack speed by 55% (75%) for all allies, lasting 6 seconds. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Is this... a divine instruction? Well, please accept my most sincere blessing, Master Attendant.
Log In Do you want to... pray to god with me?
Ice Arena I've never been to such a peculiar place before, but the reindeers seem happy.
Skills May wondrous power cleanse the wicked.
Ascend Thank you, Master Attendant. This way, I can continue gathering more blessings.
Fatigue I need to get better quick...
Recovering Have I made you worry? ...It's alright, god will protect me.
Team Formation I will return with god's blessing.
Knockout The blessing... has faded...
Notice Food is also a gift from the gods. May there be no more hunger in this world.
Idle 1 To always maintain goodwill toward the world is one of god's teachings.
Idle 2 Little reindeer, do you all miss Master Attendant too? Don't worry, Master will be back soon.
Idle 3 Spreading god's love is my reason for being here.
Interaction 1 Golden wheat is a symbol of wondrous blessings. And I collect them.
Interaction 2 Master Attendant, pet the little reindeers. They really like being close to you.
Interaction 3 If something is troubling you, Master Attendant, you can tell me. God will grant us an answer.
Pledge God has witnessed our encounter at this very moment. And I will assure that I will wipe away any pains and scars that you have, and in return, give you all the goodness and blessings in this world.
Intimacy 1 Can I...keep watching you like this...?
Intimacy 2 I believe the gods must have heard my prayers before letting me meet you.
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, the light in your eyes is even brighter than god.
Victory Thank god for his protection.
Defeat I have disappointed the expectations of god...
Feeding Thank you for the gift, Master Attendant. Please let me repay you with a gift of wheat. May it bring you even more blessings.


Snow Halo
Skin-Stollen Bread-Snow Halo.jpg

Icon-Skin-Stollen Bread-Snow Halo.png

I hope I have strength, enough to break all curses.
— Stollen Bread
Lost in a Dream

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations


Snow Halo




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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. The Church of Misa

The sunlight overlaid a warm, yellow hue on the carpet as the pure sound of singing reverberated in the background. Occasionally, a few pristine white feathers from the pigeons would land on the ground. I was packing some snacks in the basket, ready to leave the kitchen.


"The God of Tierra is mighty and fair. He loves every child, and one day, everyone shall return to his side." 


"Mister Bishop, is God willing to accept us?"

"Of course, for you are children chosen by God. However, before God accepts you, the two of you cannot meet face to face."


Outside of the church, there was a group of children sitting down, surrounding a man at the head of  a long table.

At the centre, the man who patiently answering the children’s bizarre questions was my Master Attendant - Bishop Desire.

"Sister Stollen is here!"

"It smells great! Sister Stollen, are today's snacks apple pie?"

"That's right, everyone get into line~ "


As I patiently split the apple pie amongst the children, l looked back and saw Master Attendant's heartfelt smile. At the moment, it felt as if the sunlight had become warmer.  


"Stollen, thank you for working hard today."

"Master Attendant, I'm happy that I can help everyone a bit."


Master Attendant was born in the church; because of that, he protected this place.

He was resilient and faithful, and he helped this quaint Church of Misa gain many devout followers.

Master Attendant told me that the holy light of God will envelop the whole of Tierra for eternity.

It's because of God's protection that many people end up living happily and blissfully under the sky.


He always said that he wanted to transform the Church of Misa into Gourmetville's largest church, and let God's teachings to spill over to many more places.

These children around him were once abandoned and homeless.

But Master Attendant told me that they are children chosen by God.

After experiencing such onerous trials, they'll one day return to God's side.


This ordinary day slowly ended in the quiet wind of the night.

However, something was different today.

An unfamiliar red figure appeared outside the church's door.

It was a man donned in formal clothes, with a small, elegant smile on his face. Although the baby reindeers spun around him, curiously encircling him, he still maintained a calm and polite demeanor.


He was like those people Master Attendant mentioned before - extravagantly dressed aristocrats from the royal family. 

"Sorry mister, but mass has ended."

"I'm sorry to bother at this time, I didn’t realize it was so late already. But, it was worth it to have a cute little lady attend to me…"


"Then who are you looking for? I can assist you with that."

"No, I've found them. Thank you."

The man turned around and left. Then, as if he suddenly recalled something. I wasn't sure if it was an illusion,but I could see the worry in his eyes when he looked at me.

"Little lady, under a beautiful surface, many people and things often conceal a terrifying darkness."



"If you ever encounter something troubling that you cannot wrap your head around, do come and find me in the Grace's Council. My name is Earl Grey Tea."

II. Church's ceremony

In the tightly sealed church, the ground was filled with snow-white candles, emitting dull halos.

"The holy gates of heaven will be open soon. God will bless all of you with glory and rebirth, and he shall return you to his holy domain."

While these are clearly holy oaths, my heart erratically beat.


  —— It's ok, this is Master Attendant after all.

I tried to stabilize my mind, and took a deep breath before turning my field of vision to Master Attendant's back.

Look, he’s still as gentle as ever.

Then, Master Attendant turned around and walked towards me with a smile. However, I unconsciously took a step back.


No… the smile on his face now seems different from the one he has when he is praying…

The color on his face had slightly changed, but he quickly returned to his usual appearance.

"What's wrong Stollen? Aren't you happy for these children?"

"No… I'm indeed happy…"

"Okay, then go and pray. The ceremony after this is something you shouldn't see."


Once Master Attendant walked out of the church, I agitatedly inched closer towards him.

All the children were gone.

"Master Attendant, where are the children?"

"They have been taken away by the messenger of God."

"Then I… Can I see… I've even prepared a fresh set of clothes…"

"No, Stollen, it's still not the right time for you to witness the messenger."  

Perhaps I was crestfallen about the my companions leaving. But I should be happy for God’s care.

I comforted myself, yet there remained a faint anxiety in my heart.

After this, I continued to stay here as always. Everyday, I would pray with Master Attendant and cheerfully interact with the remaining children.


I tried to busy myself with the small things in life to break free from this strange feeling. However, the worry in my heart still did not disperse.

As days passed, I wasn't aware that there was a new guest in the church - Mister Earl Grey Tea from that day.

He would often bring snacks for the children.

Those little gifts were quickly welcomed by the children with open arms.  


Seeing the smiles on the children face as they surrounded him, a warm feeling arose in my heart.  

But Master Attendant does not seem to like him.

"Stollen, it's late already. It's time for the children to rest."

"Okay Master Attendant…"

"Stollen, come over here."

"Oh alright. Mister Earl Grey Tea, I'll talk to you later."

"Alright, go and do whatever you need to do first. Waiting for a cute little lady like you is my honor."

"Stollen! Why haven't you come?!"

Such a situation was common whenever Mister Earl Grey Tea and I chatted.

Afterwards, Master Attendant - with a menacing look - would pull me over as I tried to  quickly bid farewell to Mister Earl Grey Tea. Then, he would vigilantly speak to me with an displeased expression.

"Stollen, don't talk with Earl Grey Tea anymore. I don't wish to see him."

"Master Attendant, Mister Earl Grey Tea is a good man. He even brought snacks for the children."

"Could you ever find someone truly good among the aristocrats? You’re too naive, so you should try to avoid them.”

"...Ok, I understand… Master Attendant, I'll try to find some excuse to make him leave."

"Alright. My well-behaved Stollen, you've always been the child that I’ve worried about the least."

III. Offer to god

The night sky was pitch black and gloomy. The door before me was still tightly shut.

I let out a breath but unbeknownst to me, Master Attendant was becoming harder and harder to be close to.

He often muttered to himself while standing in front of a statue of God. There was mist in his eyes, coupled with some imperceptible stubbornness and anxiety.

Thereafter, a series of ominous predictions surged through my head.

What Earl Grey Tea said before resounded in my head.

“Under a beautiful surface, many people and things often conceal a terrifying darkness."

My body shuddered, and I repeatedly told myself: Even if there are some people like that, Master Attendant wasn’t one of them.

That's why I need to confirm for myself.

If it was I who misunderstood, then I must apologize to Master Attendant.


I mustered up the courage to open the tightly locked gate.

Under the cold moonlight, Master Attendant was kneeling before the statue of God. However, he had wrinkles and streaks of white hair, as if years have passed by.


He didn’t react at all to the loud sound of the gate opening.

"Master Attendant…"

"It's you, Stollen."

"Master Attendant... What's wrong…"

"Now only you can help me Stollen. Are you willing to…"


Tears streamed down his pale face.

I've never seen him like this before…

"Stollen, are you willing to offer yourself to God?"  

He tightly grabbed my hand, as if he were grabbing onto his last thread to salvation.

He spoke many things into my ear.

He said after I offered myself to God, we could gain everlasting protection.

I could also gain eternal rest.

Only I can do this.

Only I can help him…

His strange condition caused me to hesitate. I suddenly recalled that smiling man’s words:

"If you ever encounter something troubling that you cannot wrap your head around, do come and find me in the Grace's Council. My name is Earl Grey Tea."


Perhaps… now is the time to go and find him.

"I… Master Attendant… let me think it over…"

"Alright, my Stollen has always been well-behaved. You'll definitely give me a satisfactory answer, right?"


After I nodded, a ray of light lit up in Maser Attendant's eyes. It wasn't as warm as before. Rather, it was cold and wet… like some sort of stick, damp bug, flailing on its back.


A terrifying white lightning bolt suddenly crashed down from the sky outside the window.

It was the first time I hurriedly and brusquely withdrew my hands from Master Attendant's grasp. Then, I hastily nodded and ran out.

I once read in a book that there were some people who would slowly fall into darkness due to some unexplainable and erroneous belief.

Master Attendant's current appearance gave me an unprecedented sense of dread and anxiety. 


The Master Attendant I know was warm and bright. He was a person who would smile as he read stories to the children… He was a person who would carefully guard others as they prayed...

If something happened during this period of time that I had overlooked or was unaware of, then I must do something about it.

No matter what, the church and the children cannot leave Master Attendant. Whether it was to protect the faith of this church, or the smiles of the children, I cannot let myself stand by passively.


God's power can heal and comfort everything. That is what I believe.

Therefore, even if there was something I’d never seen before, unfolding right behind my back… I must march forward.

It was pouring rain, yet I never stopped running.

That day… I found Earl Grey Tea.

He opened the church's door and saw me drenched. However, there was no ounce of surprise in his eyes.

IV. Protecting faith

However, it was all too late. The events have already been set in motion, from the very beginning, and it was heading towards the worst possible ending.

"So… Master Attendant actually did that to those children…"


In the empty church, there remained only Earl Grey Tea and me. Upon hearing about these hidden truths, sadness, disappointment, and self-blame intersected with one another, and it took me some time to finally calm down.

"Although I need solid proof, whether or not you want to go back is up to you."

"I want to return…"

I must take responsibility for all of my mistakes…

That night, Master Attendant prepared holy water for me, just like Mister Earl Grey Tea said.


I didn't immediately gulp it down, and just as promised, Earl Grey Tea appeared and slapped the silver vessel out of my hand.

"I'm here to follow through on my promise, brave little Miss Stollen." 

“What are you doing here?! Unless... IT WAS YOU STOLLEN?! YOU ACTUALLY BETRAYED ME!!”




Under Master Attendant's frenzied roar, the color of the holy water changed into a strange hue.

On the floor, I touched the liquid with my thumb, and a bone-piercing pain shot through me.

However, this pain was incomparable to the sadness in my heart.

From Earl Grey Tea’s words, I learned about a side of Master Attendant I never knew about.

He was born as a commoner, and relied on his own hard work to attain the position of a bishop.

He wanted to go to larger areas to spread his teachings.

However, he wasn't permitted to do so by the Grace's Council for a long time.

He felt it was his humble origins that led to the aristocrats confing him to this small church.

Revenge and dissatisfaction quietly bred in his heart.

He who had been devoted to God for all his life would naturally place all his hopes on God.

God should be able to hear his pleas if there were sufficient offerings, no?

The naive children fell for his lies, believing that they were heading to a more blissful world; that was how they became his offerings.


He gazed at the many cold, small tombstones erected behind the Church.

Peals of laughter seemed to linger in my ears, but moments later, they disappeared like ash.

I lowered my head and tears began to flow down. This sadness was so crushing, I couldn’t even breathe.

Earl Grey Tea petted my shoulders and said:


"As someone from the Grace's Council, I began to suspect Bishop Desire's actions from the very beginning. I actually came here because I was searching for any relevant evidence."

"However, he concealed any clues very well. That was until… you appeared, and his movements began to gradually quicken. I thought to myself, that must be the point where he made you a part of his plans."

“There’s one piece of good news that I hope will make you feel better. Actually, that last batch of kids you saw didn’t end up as Bishop Desire planned. I secretly switched out the holy water, so they would only fall asleep temporarily. That’s how I tricked Bishop Desire. The kids are now living happily in the shelter.”

“I’m sorry, Stollen. I didn’t mean to hide this from you. I just wanted you to know that you didn’t do anything wrong- you realized what was happening, and put a stop to this disaster just in time."


My eyes couldn't help but tear up after hearing his words.

Fortunately, there were some children that miraculously survived. Otherwise, I would never be able to forgive myself...

"You were not aiding evil. You're just a victim of the lies he wove."

"But I…"

"Believing in goodness and kindness isn't wrong."

"But you have to face the darkness in order to better protect faith."

Protect… faith...


"God will forever protect us, Stollen, this is something you can still believe in."


"But, don't stop believing just because of this moment of despair. There's much to be done, and you can still save those in the darkness, who were once like you."

I rose up and looked at that man.

"Earl Grey Tea, thank you for doing all this. I'll surely pick myself back up."

"I believe in you, Stollen."

…Perhaps, everything now couldn’t make up for the past.


Perhaps, this is my best way to repay for my sins…

God, O' how Thy pray to the benevolent Thou.

From today onwards, Thy shalt be the one to face all those darkness.

Thy shalt spread Thou's warmth to the rest of the world.

V. Stollen Bread

In the afternoon, the shelter was soaked in warm sunlight.

The crisp chirping of birds accompanied the lively noise of the children, where two such children would sing a song of joy and brilliance when together.

On the verdant grass, two boys surrounded Maple Syrup. Their little bodies were upright, almost as if they were trying to look taller.

"I'm the bravest knight!"

"No, I am!"

Maple Syrup secretly raised the "wooden sword" in her hands. She then pointed it at them, chasing after the two——


"In that case, let me see what you’re capable of!"

On the other side of the garden, a pleasant song lilted through; even the white pigeons passing through couldn’t help but stop.

This pure melody slowly spread far, and under the children’s praise, a faint red appeared on Bagel’s face.

At the same time, in the corner of the studying room ——

Mont Blanc silently held a thick book in his hands; the chorus of background noise caused him to crease his brows in annoyance.

As Mont Blanc gently flipped the pages, several curious heads suddenly appeared behind the book.

"Brother Mont Blanc, what are you looking at?"

"Huh, what are these symbols and circles?"

The chattering continued to fill this room, and this silent corner was no longer.


Mont Blanc pressed his throbbing forehead. Nevermind that. After all, it was fated that there would be no silence for those coming here.

"Stollen, are you still upset about that incident?"

Earl Grey Tea unexpectedly asked, folding his arms together as he sat in the quiet kitchen on the other end.

As Stollen Bread baked the biscuits, her hands suddenly stopped moving. Then, she shifted her eyes to the shelter’s window to the outside. In the distance, small, moving figures reflected in her eyes, and she couldn’t help but smile.

"You… don't need to keep on thinking about the bishop's mistakes. I've said it before: you were once a victim."

"Thank you, Earl Grey Tea. But I've already stopped worrying about it."


"I know that even if there's lots of darkness in this world, I'll still continue to believe in God's existence. It's precisely because of Him that I have you guys -the ones who saved me from the darkness- and everyone else, who are trying hard to save others."

"That's why, I will continue to pray and hope that God can spread this light to more people."

"And this darkness, I shall be the one to bear it."


In the next instant, Stollen Bread looked back to Earl Grey. Streaks of determination and calmness appeared on her face, and a sort of warm, powerful strength enveloped her.

At this instant, this strength brilliantly glimmered as it shone under the transparent sunlight. 

Normal Nodes
Attack.png Attack 288
Defense.png Defense 66
Health.png HP 2153
Crit. Rate.png Crit. Rate 6334
Crit. Damage.png Crit. Damage 9120
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed 4940
Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
1 Atk +30
Atk +61
2 HP +359
HP +718
3 Atk Spd +2470
Atk Spd +4940
4 Def +33
Def +66
5 HP +718
HP +1435
6 Atk +30
Atk +61
Atk +91
7 Up: Crit Dmg +1013
Down: Crit Rate +704
Up: Crit Dmg +2027
Down: Crit Rate +1407
Up: Crit Dmg +3040
Down: Crit Rate +2111
8 Up: Energy skill effect +2%
Down: Basic skill effect +2%
Up: Energy skill effect +5%
Down: Basic skill effect +5%
Up: Energy skill effect +10%
Down: Basic skill effect +10%
9 Atk +34
Atk +68
Atk +102
Atk +136
10 Crit Dmg +1520
Crit Dmg +3040
Crit Dmg +4560
Crit Dmg +6080
11 Crit Rate +1056
Crit Rate +2111
Crit Rate +3167
Crit Rate +4223
Light Wish
Artifact-Stollen Bread.png
Artifact Icon-Stollen Bread.png
Togi Node I - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png After casting basic skill, boosts own atk speed (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30.0%), lasting 3s
Striped Togi.png After casting basic skill, restores (352, 464, 587, 710, 845, 991, 1170, 1394, 1663, 2000) HP to the lowest-HP ally
Bushy Togi.png After casting basic skill, restores (211, 278, 352, 426, 507, 594, 702, 836, 998, 1200) HP to all allies

Togi Node II - HP
Antler Togi.png Reduces dmg received (2.6%, 3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.70%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) for highest-ATK ally. Own basic attack will make highest-ATK ally invincible for 3s. (12s CD)
Striped Togi.png Reduces dmg received (2.6%, 3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.70%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) for highest-ATK ally. Own basic attack will boost attack speed (7%, 9.2%, 11.7%, 14.2%, 16.9%, 19.8%, 23.4%, 27.8%, 33.2%, 40%) for highest-ATK ally for 3s. (10s CD)
Bushy Togi.png Reduces dmg received (2.6%, 3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.7%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) for highest-ATK ally. Own basic attack will make highest-ATK ally recover (8%, 11%, 14%, 17%, 21%, 24%, 29%, 34%, 41%, 50%) of lost HP. (20s CD)

Togi Node III - Attack
Antler Togi.png Immune to stuns. After a crit, restores (3.5%, 4.6%, 5.8, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%) of lost HP to the ally with the lowest HP percentage. 14s CD
Striped Togi.png Immune to stuns. After a crit, deals (35%, 46%, 58%, 71%, 84%, 99%, 117%, 139%, 166%, 200%) ATK as dmg to the nearest enemy, with a 20% chance of adding (2.6%, 3.4%, 4.4%, 5.3%, 6.3%, 7.4%, 8.7%, 10.4%, 12.4%, 15%) ATK as dmg per sec, for 5s. (14s CD for each effect)
Bushy Togi.png Immune to stuns. After a crit, boosts skill dmg for two random allies (7.9%, 10.4%, 13.2%, 15.9%, 19%, 22.2%, 26.3%, 31.3%, 37.4%, 45%), for 5s ((14, 14, 12, 12, 10, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6) CD)

Togi Node IV - Crit Dmg
Antler Togi.png Boosts basic atk dmg for all allies (3.5%, 4.6%, 5.8%, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%). After casting energy skill, boosts ATK (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) for the highest-ATK ally for 3s.
Striped Togi.png Boosts basic atk dmg for all allies (3.5%, 4.6%, 5.8%, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%). After casting energy skill, silences three random enemies and makes them immunes to healing, lasting 3s
Bushy Togi.png Boosts basic atk dmg for all allies (3.5%, 4.6%, 5.8%, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%). After casting energy skill, makes highest-ATK ally's next 5 basic atks guaranteed to crit, and silences that ally for 3s.

Togi Node V - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png All allies immune to Charms. When highest-ATK ally makes a basic atk, additionally deals (26%, 34%, 44%, 53%, 63%, 74%, 87%, 104%, 124%, 150%) of dmg to the farthest enemy.
Striped Togi.png All allies immune to Charms. When highest-ATK ally makes a basic atk, additionally deals (21%, 27%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 59%, 70%, 83%, 99%, 120%) of dmg to three random enemies.
Bushy Togi.png All allies immune to Charms. When highest-ATK ally makes a basic atk, additionally deals (14%, 18%, 23%, 28%, 33%, 39%, 46%, 55%, 66%, 80%) of dmg to all enemies.