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A naive young girl with pure thoughts. It is as if she just came into this world, she’s excited about everything.

Food Introduction

Strawberry Daifuku is liked by everyone, not only for its taste but also for what's inside. Once you bite into it, you'll feel the fresh taste of strawberries and sticky rice as they fill your mouth with an out of this world taste and sensation.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 825
Attack.png Attack 23
Defense.png Defense 12
Health.png HP 234
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 415
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 472
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 687


Broken Arrow Basic Skill
Skill-Strawberry Daifuku-Normal.png Strawberry Daifuku jumps up and throws her arrows out, healing the ally with the lowest HP by 30 (390) health points, also removing all effects.
Joy Arrow Energy Skill
Skill-Strawberry Daifuku-Energy.png Strawberry Daifuku jumps up and throws her arrows out, healing all allies by 165 (2145) health points.

Work Out Auto
Skill-Work Out.png The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 (400) points. (+10 per level, up to a maximum of 400 points)
Good Appetite 1 Star
Skill-Good Appetite.png Customers have a 5% (44%) chance to eat 1 additional portion of food. (+1% per level, up to a maximum of 44%) Supervisor Staff
All the Rage 3 Stars
Skill-All the Rage.png Increases the Restaurant's customer flow by 10 (205)/hour. (+5 per level, up to a maximum of 205/hour) Supervisor Chef Staff
Gain Fame 5 Stars
Skill-Gain Fame.png After customers eat at the Restaurant, receive an additional reward of 1 (5) Fame point. (+1 per level, up to a maximum of 5 points) Supervisor Staff

blue = lvl 1 red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Master Attendant~! It's great to meet you, I'm Strawberry Daifuku. I hope that every day from here on out will be ex~ tremely happy!
Log In Aah, Master Attendant, Master Attendant... Daifuku is here!
Ice Arena Woah~ it's freezing. But I'm so happy~
Skills Let's be happy!
Ascend Woah~ that's fantastic!
Fatigue I feel, like I don't have any motivation...
Recovering So comfortable~ I want to stay here forever~
Team Formation This is Strawberry Daifuku, I'm all prepared!
Knockout It hurts, it hurts...
Notice Master Attendant, the food is ready. Can I try it?
Idle 1 Master Attendant? Oh? Where have you been?
Idle 2 This... this time, I really have to wait for you to return...
Interaction 1 Your hands are really warm, I really like it~
Interaction 2 I like sweet things the most~ Of course, light soft things are also really beautiful~
Interaction 3 Master Attendant these aren't my ears, I hope that doesn't bother you!
Pledge Master Attendant, do you want to stay together forever? Well, haven't we been together since early this morning? Since then, I've been extremely happy~!
Intimacy 1 Master Attendant, Master Attendant! Do you have anything sweet for me to eat today?
Intimacy 2 Eh? The belt of my kimono isn't on properly? Uh... um, Master Attendant, help me...
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, can you teach me to cook? I want to be able to make you something tasty~


Simple Pleasures
Skin-Strawberry Daifuku-Simple Pleasures.png

Icon-Skin-Strawberry Daifuku-Simple Pleasures.png

Is it morning? Oh... what a sweet taste! Wow~ Master Attendant made this dessert for me? I feel --soooo-- happy!
— Strawberry Daifuku
Team Up (Uke Mochi (Enhanced))

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support





Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by T.B. Yonat and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Girl's Meeting

Torii Institute.

Girl's Dormitory.

Taiyaki and Big Sis Sakuramochi took me to a tea party every day.

"I want to eat that~" I looked up and told Sakuramochi in a small voice, while I held a pillow and leaned against her.

"Here, I'll give you this." Sakuramochi took the dim sum from Taiyaki and gave it to me.

"Thank you, Big Sis Sakuramochi." My small mouth bites dim sum. The taste of sweetness spread in my mouth. I unconsciously squinted and said in a happy voice. "Umu~ it's delicious."

Sitting with my two sisters, just like now, while listening to their good gossip on trivial matters and eating their good snacks is my favorite time.

I like to listen to Big Sis Taiyaki. She said her beloved brother and her good friends are now having a bad relationship. She herself uses dim sum to ease the atmosphere.

Big Sister Sakuramochi's story is also very interesting. She talked about how she used sakura and snacks to take care of her Master Attendant's body and mind.

Dim Sum is the best thing in the world. It's an invention that can bring happiness and no worries to everyone.

"Ah, this little thing is almost finished eating the whole thing." While chatting, Sakuramochi suddenly knocks me, who kept on eating, scolding. "You little glutton."

"Owwww--" I hurriedly swallowed the last piece of dim sum, and I protested to her with the small voice. "Don't blame me, it's you, sisters, who put too much delicious things into this."

"You still blame me?" Sakuramochi sighed and laughed while using her hand to rub my stomach. "Be careful! This place will soon become fatty."

"Heheheh," Taiyaki was smiling when she sees this. She looks at me and asked a question. "What if we let you choose between us and dim sum, which one will you choose?"

"Oh--" I pouted in a distressed manner and carefully looked up. "Can't I choose both?"

"This is unexpected! Dim sum is as important as us sisters. We will not give you any dim sum next time~"

"Oh no..."

"Just kidding. Heheheh,"

II. Self-Reliance

My life was hard to get by recently. Sisters, Sakuramochi and Taiyaki, didn't hold a tea party for a long time.

Everyone seemed to be busy with their own affairs. When we meet face to face occasionally, they will always rush away after greeting me. The things that trouble Big Sisters seems to getting higher and higher.

What should I do?

I tried to recollect and ponder. Has anyone taught me how to make people happy?

As I thought about it, I swayed into the school's backyard, crossed the corner and came to the kitchen's front. While I gazed at the big door, an idea suddenly rose in my mind.

Why do I always have to wait for the sisters to make it? Can't I do it myself?

Dim sum, a thing that brings happiness to all people!

If I can make that, won't they be happy when they eat it?

I waved a fist at myself and took a big, long step into the kitchen.

... ...

A 'bang bang' sound came out of the kitchen. Pots and pans fell down from the table. Flour is scattered in the air. Egg yolks slipped off down the table.

I tried to start making dim sum, according to my own understanding.

I finished my dim sum. It took about half an hour.

The whole process went smoothly, except the stove's explosion when the plate was taken out of the oven.

"Who's there?!" At this moment, Sanma came in with a wooden sword and saw me standing in the middle of the room.

"Sensei?" I glanced at him in confusion. Then lifted the plate high. "Do you want to eat? Daifuku's dim sum."

"...Huh?" Sanma stared blankly after seeing it for a while. Then he subconsciously took the dim sum from the plate and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Is it delicious?" I looked up at Sensei with expecting eyes. Then I saw his face turn pale, revealing a strange expression.


III. Comfort

"Boo hoo hoo... I'm sorry." I felt so wronged and squatted on the ground. I sobbed with a small voice.

"Don't cry, don't cry..." Sanma crouched down and hugged me. "It doesn't matter, this isn't a big deal."

"Boo hoo -- but... but the taste of the things I made are bad." I said sadly. "Sensei, you still finished it all."

"Daifuku is a good girl. Just tidying up will be fine. Please don’t cry, ok?” Sanma's voice is warm as always. Even the cat on his side stretched out her paw and rubbed my head.

"Boo hoo..."

Sanma stayed by my side and enlighten me for half a day. My mood is slowly improved. And I also told Sensei about all the details of the matter.

Rubbing my eyes, I pouted my mouth and asked in a small voice.

"Sensei, am I not talented for dim sum making?"

"How can it be? You just tried it for the first time." Sanma still comforted me patiently. He seemed to think of some plan. "Daifuku, why don't you try asking everyone for advice first?"

"...can I do it?" I was hesitant when listened to Sensei's advice. "They won't hate me when I bother them with this?"

"Why would they hate you? Daifuku, why did you want to make dim sum?"

"I want to make my sisters to be happy, less worrying..."

"That's right!!" Sanma caught my shoulder and looked at me seriously. "Daifuku is working so hard to make her sisters be happy. How can everyone hate you for this?"

The cat on Sensei's shoulder meowed. She seemed to express her affirmation to Sensei's reason.

"...I get it now." I wiped my tears and nodded as a sign of thanks. "Thank you, Sensei!"

I turned my body and ran to my sisters' residence.

IV. Dinner

Just like Sanma had said. After I said what I thought, my sisters weren't angry at all. On the contrary, they also patiently instructed me about the steps, the secret trick of making dim sum and what else needs special attention.

Taiyaki taught me how to make the meat for the dim sum dish. While Sakuramochi taught me how to make the sweet one. Sashimi also told me how to make it look exquisite and beautiful.

Even Dorayaki, who always skips class, ran back to the classroom and eagerly came over to give insights he collected about dim sum.

As expected. When it comes to dim sum, everyone will be very serious.

I'm no longer sad. I earnestly remember what everyone has taught me. I'm now eagerly waiting for the next attempt.

A few weeks later. Torii Institute Dormitory.

"Everyone, please have a taste~"

I confidently put a colorful dim sum on all plates.

Everyone surrounds the plates and have a taste. My attention is focused on the two sisters.

After seeing the expression they showed after eating, I couldn't help but let go of my mind.

"Oh! I should say, according to the method I taught, it must be delicious." At this moment, Dorayaki proudly declared his feeling.

"Hey? This one is from the way I taught, right?" Sashimi expressed doubts about this.

"You guys! You want to claim all the credit, huh?"

"No... I'm just..."

"Yeah, don't be such a noisy guy..."

Everyone became a noisy mess. Looking at the sight in front of me, I suddenly became happy.

Sure enough, Dim sum are the things that makes everyone happy. The sweet taste can dispel all the unhappiness. The soft sensation can make people happy. Just bring out the snacks and you can forget even the most unpleasant things.

My sisters' trouble is dissipated. Their smile is the best proof.

"Big Sis Sakuramochi~ I want to eat it too." I shouted and rushed into Sakuramochi's embrace. The two sisters made a surprise exclamation.

Everyone chats together, eats together. I like this kind of atmosphere the most.

V. Strawberry Daifuku

Somewhere in the north of the Sakurajima Island, there is a large sakura forest. Inside it is a secret place that few people are knowing about -- Torii Institute.

Unlike ordinary schools, all the members of the place are the Food Souls. Most of them are Food Souls with a children's appearance. They are taken care of by a young Food Soul.

As the only teacher of this place, Sanma's daily task is to teach them the knowledge they need to survive, the general knowledge of the outside world and the establishment of correct values which is the most important thing.

He still has a responsibility that cannot be avoided. That is... Taking care of the one who isn't mischievous but can still make a lot of trouble. An unconscious troublemaker is often more troublesome than the deliberate one. You can't criticize them with a harsh expression. Especially when it's a child that is still very cute.

"Sensei! Look, this is the flower that I grew. Isn't it so beautiful?"

"Beau... wait, is that catnip?!"

"What is catnip? Hey, Saya, what happened to you?"

... ...

"Sashimi! Stop right there! Are you the one who was annoying my sister again?"

"No, I'm not!"

"Sensei! Please stop them..."

Of course, the trouble is much more than that. There are some people who will always arrive unexpectedly.

"Yo! Sanma! I and Tempura are coming to see you again~"


Sensei, you truly are the toilsome one.


Note: The below text has been revised and edited by Revelery while still retaining the story details.