When faced with the facts, all crude excuses fall on deaf ears.


She takes all matters very seriously and is rather direct, which can upset people. It is because of her straightforward manner, she prefers to have her brother Sashimi communicate for her.

Food Introduction

Sushi is a dish made popular by Japan. It has now become a recipe enjoyed around the world. Sushi also comes in all styles and flavors.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

 Flame icon Soul Power 1328
Attack Attack 36
Defense Defense 18
Health HP 420
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 929
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 617
Attack Speed Atk Spd 522


Soul Normal Skill
Sushi lifts up her naginata, increasing her Atk and Crit by 1 and 20 respectively for 3 seconds.
Under the Banner of Samurai Energy Skill
Sushi spins her naginata and throws it at all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 251 extra damage.
Super Under the Banner of Samurai Link Skill
Sushi spins her naginata and throws it at all enemies, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 326 extra damage. Sashimi

Voice Lines

Contract Our first meeting! Master Attendant, I am Sushi. I will go through hell and high water if necessary!
Log In Welcome back, Master Attendant.
Ice Arena Master Attendant, you're here.
Skills Impertinent!
Ascend Uh, hopefully I haven't let you down.
Fatigue Master Attendant, can I rest a while?
Recovering Oh, I feel much better. At your service!
Team Formation Let's go.
Knockout Am I... too weak?
Notice Master Attendant, please enjoy your meal.
Idle 1 We cannot slack off when it comes to training.
Idle 2 It seems like time has stopped... is it an illusion?
Interaction 1 I really hate hypocrites. Master Attendant, you're not this kind of person,right?
Interaction 2 M-Master Attendant, what are you doing!?
Interaction 3 When faced with the facts, all crude excuses fall on deaf ears.
Pledge Although I have no talents, please still give me your guidance... Huh? I should be more... joyful? I don't know, but if it is your wish, then I will try my best.
Intimacy 1 M-Master Attendant... oh, let's eat first!
Intimacy 2 Do you know what will happen in the future? Will you always be with me?
Intimacy 3 When two people live together, they must ensure a freshness than can be maintained over a long period of time.


Fondness Story

I. Kotoba Tree

The weather turned cold, and in the blink of an eye autumn was upon us.
This makes three years since I came here to the Red Leaf Pavilion.

If not for the sight of those red leaves drifting to the ground, I don't think I would even be aware of the passage of time.
Before I even knew what was going on my Master Attendant and my brother, both so important to me, were no longer by my side.

It's probably because of autumn's chill, but the loneliness in my heart is feeling sharper.
Walking alone along the Red Leaf Pavilion's paved path, red leaves make a rustling sound under my clogs.
I loved that sound, I don't know why it brought me such peace.

Walking along the path I raise my head, and in the distance I can see the Torii School.
You can reach the school through a few stone steps, and there are several medium-size tatami rooms for the purpose of studying.
That's where my brother Sashimi was now.

Actually, that's a sad story not worth telling.
For Sashimi the Torii School was a wonderful place to study.
When Sashimi and I talked about this matter I agreed at once.
Of course I did, as his big sister how could I stand in his way?

Just like that, I was standing beneath the maple tree that stood outside the Torii School.
Probably because the maple tree was so ancient, it still preserved a bit of green in this crimson-stained world.
I quietly sat down under the tree, listening to the sound of someone reciting something in clear voice inside the school.

It was only at that moment that I wished time could stop right here at this moment.

A gentle breeze brushed my face; this is a spot I had found when I returned Sashimi to the school.
It's my favorite place to go when I'm not feeling up to being social.
"I wonder how he's doing in school?"
I couldn't help but think about such things.

"If you want to know I can help you find out!"
A youthful voice that was strangely low came out of the maple tree.
This was the second reason why I wanted to stop here.

I don't know whether it was because the tree was lonely in such an isolated spot or because it had listened to students reading aloud for so many years, but it had learned to speak and that made it an excellent confidant for me.

"Please, if you could."
"Oh! You should know that my branches are facing the school!"
The strange voice became clearer.

"Yes, thank you."
I could always learn a lot about the school from this tree.
Just listening to those "children" laughing and playing, it was like they became my own memories.

II. Maple Memories

"You've come back?"
The voice passed through layers and layers of red leaves to reach my ears.
However, it was clearly no longer the same voice as before.

"Uh-huh. What are you doing here Superintendent?"
"Admiring the foliage, naturally."
Sukiyaki suddenly turned away from the maple he had been admiring, looked to me and said:
"You still have that cold look on your face, surely you can't still be angry with me about that matter?"

"It has nothing to do with you, of course I know that it was Sashimi's own choice."
I didn't so much as glance at Sukiyaki, just walked straight into the Pavilion.

I had always been aware of what a gentle child Sashimi was.
I had never seen him cry, probably because he didn't want to make me worry.
I didn't know what might injure him, so I decided I would have to keep him well protected.

Only, I never thought I would be separated from him so soon..

The Pavilion was very quiet at this time, probably because Sukiyaki didn't like noise while he was resting.
The Pavilion was encircled by maple trees, so red Fallen Angel leaves were piling up in each corner; that's where the Red Leaf Pavilion got its name.
To one side of the Pavilion was a small stream, and next to the stream was a little gazebo.
I used to go there all the time with Sashimi.

It was also there, on that day, the bright maple leaves staining the twilight red.
I was sitting in the gazebo next to the trees, wiping down the blade of my naginata.
It was some I did every few days.

I turned my head, the child was smiling at me.

"You've come back?"
"Yes! The Superintendent took me to a place today."
"What, a place?"

I didn't know why but suddenly my heart felt heavy.
Sukiyaki? He brought you out?
Suddenly I had an awful premonition.
Even though he was good to everyone at the Pavilion, nothing made me as uncomfortable as his fake, hypocritical smile.

III. Destined Choice

In fact, this was indeed the case, because I saw a hesitation on Sashimi's face that I had never seen before.
"It's, there are a lot of Food Souls there, and there are teachers who instruct us. Sister, do you know there's a teacher there who's always holding a cat..."
"I've heard the teachers are all really nice."
Looking at his face I knew he really liked the place.

"It's not very far from here, just go through the maple trees and you're there."
Sashimi suddenly smiled at me, his same old smile.
He smiled like that every time he was trying to make me feel better.

"Yeah, it's really close."
I said without enthusiasm.
I didn't know what to say, but I knew what he was going to say next.

"I...want to leave and go to the school."
Sashimi said in a rush, but I could still hear the trembling in his voice.

"Alright, you should go wherever you like."
"Sister, you..."
"That's right, I just remembered that Udon was looking for you.
I lowered my head as I spoke, pretending everything was fine as I wiped down my naginata.

"Udon? Oh! I told her I'd give her a hand today."
Sashimi said as though he had just remembered.
"I'll be right back."

A drop of red blood dripped down, and suddenly my finger stung.
Unwilling to admit my frustration, the pain spread through my entire body.

Of course I knew this didn't mean we'd never see each other again.
It was just I'd never thought it would be this difficult to let him leave.

I stared at my blood on the ground and used my other hand to staunch the cut.
At that moment a maple leaf drifted to the ground and happened to cover the blood on the ground.

Luckily he didn't see.

IV. Melting Snow

Red maple leaves kept falling in front of my eyes, drawing me back to reality.

Why? It was clear that nothing about the scenery had changed, but my mind was much more serene than before.

The season passed, and the colors around me gradually disappeared.
When the whole world returned to pure white, new colors would appear.

New beginnings meant there would be an end.

When the spring arrived, lessons would start at the school and Sashimi would leave.
I couldn't stop thinking about that all winter.

The days that I used to think would never change suddenly seemed more precious.
I wanted to spend as much time around him as I could before he went away.
It was unbelievable; before now I was always thinking about how I would keep him safe.
Now all I could think about was spending time with him.

The smiling face that had offered me endless encouragement would always support me.

The last day that Sashimi stayed in my memories was an unexpectedly nice day.
Even I felt the warmth of the sunlight shining on my body.

I walked with Sashimi along the forest path that led to the school.
I didn't know what to tell him, but he kept giving me instructions.

"Sister, you can't keep fighting with the Superintendent."
"You need to take care of yourself too, and don't sleep outside when it's cold."
"Oh! Right, when you go to wake Udon up in the morning, you don't need to wave your naginata around."

I wish this path went on forever...
Sashimi kept it up the entire way, but I would only respond with murmured assent.
Thinking about it now, it was more like I was the one leaving.

When some unfamiliar pale pink-white petals appeared in front of her eyes, we had arrived at the Torii.
I was surprised by how simple the building was; compared to Red Leaf Pavilion it had a more simple elegance.

We walked up to the school's door and saw the Food Souls studying in a tatami room.
The silver-haired Food Soul holding a cat at the front of the room walked over to us.
"Hello, my name is Sanma."

"This is the teacher."
Sashimi said to me with a smile.

I replied politely.
"Please look out for my brother."

When the cherry blossoms began to fall there was a chill in the air.
There was a rare tremor in my voice.
However, soon it was one without a trace.

Parting took less time than I'd imagined, then Sashimi walked into the room and I left.

I didn't even dare look back because I was afraid.
This was the first time I had felt like this, I'd never felt the slightest hint of fear before now.
Did Sashimi watch me leave?
What was the expression on his face?

I wanted to know but I didn't dare look to see.
It had always been like this; the stronger the feelings and words inside my harder, the harder it was to express them.

Suddenly I heard the sound of reading aloud coming from the school.
For some reason it calmed me.

"You can hear them studying from here."
I raised my head and saw an enormous tree.
Its branches were green and lush, filled with the breath of spring.

The accumulated snow had mostly melted, and there probably wouldn't be any more...

V. Sushi

This happened a few days after Sashimi left the Red Leaf Pavilion.

After the day Sashimi left, Sushi would often go out by herself.
Sometimes she would stay outside all day, only returning at dusk.

Nobody in the Pavilion know what she spent so much time doing every day.
The always unpredictable Sukiyaki would just look at Udon with a smile and continue talking about something with Umezuke.

Went the sun went down in the west, the Red Leave Pavilion was stained crimson by the light.
As usual Sushi returned with the sunset.

"Your feelings are really weighing you down."
A voice came from behind Sushi.
"It's lucky that Sashimi is such a good child..."

Sushi looked at Sukiyaki without saying a word.
"By the way, I was at the school a few days ago and discovered something interesting."

Sushi continued her silence.
She remembered what Sashimi had told her and didn't want to start a confrontation with Sukiyaki.

"The Food Souls at the school are preparing a welcome party for Sashimi, that's nice isn't it?"
However, he wasn't willing to stop there.

Sushi realized that it was very unusual for the normally independent Sukiyaki to be this persistent.
Could someone still be bullying Sashimi?
Sushi always imagined the worst possibilities.

Looking at Sushi's furrowed brow, Sukiyaki shook his head helplessly.
"The welcome party is tomorrow night, that's all I'm saying."

With that Sukiyaki walked away, leaving Sushi on her own.

Very soon it was the tomorrow night that Sukiyaki had mentioned.
Although of course at the time they called it "tonight,"

and Sukiyaki told everyone from the Pavilion that he was going out for a party.
Udon surrounded Sukiyaki and kept asking where the party was, but he only told her it was a secret.

Umezuke stepped and pulled Udon out of the way so she didn't get in Sukiyaki's way.
"Enjoy yourself, and don't get bored."

"Thank you, I'll do my best."
With that Sukiyaki walked out of the Pavilion.

Sushi watched all this, her expression as indifferent as usual.

Spring moonlight lightly covered the ground like frost.
Even Sushi didn't understand why she had followed along.

"I just want to see how Sashimi is doing."
Sushi thought to herself.

Once again her eyes were filled by cherry trees weighed down with blossoms.
Off in the distance she heard the sound of Food Souls speaking.
Sushi unconsciously quickened her pace, then stopped short just before she reached her destination.

"Sashimi, which flavor do you want - red bean filling or matcha filling?"
"Red bean!"
Finally hearing the voice she had longed to hear for so long, Sushi hid behind a nearby cherry tree.

"Why do you keep staring at them? Eat one already, they're delicious! I just made them."
"Alright...It's nothing, I just remember my sister loved eating them when we were out..."
As he spoke, Sashimi's eyes seemed even warmer than before.

"In that case I'll make more, and the next time your sister visits you can giver her some!"
Ikayaki said to Sashimi with a smile, then walked away happily.

"But I don't know whether she'll come here."
Sashimi's expression turned lonely as he whispered to himself.

Sushi saw everything from behind her tree; her hands clutched at the bark but she still didn't step out.

"Sashimi, the moment I take my eyes off you, you start mooching off my sister!"
All of a sudden someone was speaking in a high-spirited voice.

The voice seemed familiar to Sushi, but she just couldn't place it.

"What the hell! You're already annoying enough without putting on a gloomy face! Glued to my sister all day long!"
Dorayaki prattled on.

Listening to this, it was all Sushi could do to control her impulse to rush over and give the dirty-mouthed blond boy a sound beating.
However, Sashimi's laughter held her back.

"What are you laughing at?"
"Oh, it's nothing, you just remind me of my sister."
Dorayaki seemed taken aback by his reaction.

"When someone was bullying me, she'd get that same look on her face. She was always really hard on herself...She pushed herself so hard for me..."
Sashimi spoke about his sister with a smile.

Everything had gotten quiet; even Dorayaki, who had been making so much noise a moment ago, had grown quiet.

"That's actually the reason why I wanted to learn more, so I could help my sister. That's why I came here to study, so she could have more freedom to live her life."

"Are you both idiots?"
"I really don't understand you and your sister, if you want to see each other just go! It's not like far away."
For whatever reason Dorayaki sounded angry.

Sashimi looked at Dorayaki with widened eyes for a moment, then laughed again.
"Yeah...You're right!"

To Sushi's eyes, Sashimi's smile at that moment looked extra happy.

"Hey! Don't laugh at me!"
Dorayaki was even angrier.
"Anyway, you hear me? Keep away from my sister! You hear me?"

"Huh? Why?"
Sashimi asked innocently.

"You annoy me more than anything!"

It seemed noisy, but definitely a good place.
Sushi decided she could leave with peace of mind.

"You're leaving just like that?"
A voice came from behind another tree.

"Have you been watching me all along?"
"Eavesdropping isn't a hobby of mine."
Sukiyaki said with a smile, covering his lower jaw with a paper fan.
"So now you understand what it is he wants."

"You're still truly despicable."
Sushi turned away, not intending to continue the conversation.

"I'm honored to hear you say that."
Sukiyaki chuckled.

His faint laughter faded into the moonlight as the night deepened.