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I bring luck and fortune!


She can bring good luck to others and is a symbol of good fortune. She likes to stick close to her brother and is especially fond of ceremonies.

Food Introduction

Taiyaki is covered with a crunchy coating. People consider it as a lucky dish that can bring great fortune.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1010
Attack.png Attack 34
Defense.png Defense 10
Health.png HP 301
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 688
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 854
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 228


Festival Celebration Basic Skill
Skill-Taiyaki-Normal.png Taiyaki waves her flag to boost the morale of all team members, increasing their Crit Rate by 10 (90) for 3 seconds.
Flag Slash Energy Skill
Skill-Taiyaki-Energy.png Taiyaki chops the nearest enemy, dealing 100% (180%) Atk damage, plus 120 (1896) extra damage. When the target's health is less than or equal to 10% (20%), it triggers a slaying effect, causing the target to die instantly.
Super Flag Slash Link Skill
Skill-Taiyaki-Link.png Taiyaki chops the nearest enemy, dealing 120% (220%) Atk damage, plus 156 (2464) extra damage. When target's health is less than or equal to 15% (25%), it triggers a slaying effect, causing the target to die instantly. Dorayaki.png

Appearance Breakthrough Auto
Skill-Appearance Breakthrough.png During Judging Voyage, the Appearance of all dishes entered is increased by 55 (200) points (+5 per level)
Cater to Preference 2 Stars
Skill-Cater to Preference.png Increase the initial Mood of the Judge in Voyage by 3% (30%). (+3 per level)

blue = lvl 1 red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Meeting me is a sign of good luck~~~Now, let's have a happy festival~~~
Log In Fortune has arrived, come quickly~
Ice Arena Brother~ Master Attendant, I can't find my Big Brother~
Skills For my Brother, I will do my best!
Ascend Woah, incredible! Brother, look!
Fatigue I suddenly really miss my home
Recovering A family's embrace really is the warmest place~
Team Formation Let's march towards a better future~
Knockout Fortune will not die, Brother...
Notice Whoever gets to eat this sure is lucky!
Idle 1 Big Brother~ I really want to go out and play with my Brother. Will you let me go, Master Attendant?
Idle 2 My mascot is not a house pet. It cannot be raised in captivity!
Interaction 1 Many congratulations~
Interaction 2 Big Brother~ Oh? It's Master Attendant...
Interaction 3 Who can bring me happiness?
Pledge In the future, both good fortune and I will be by your side at all times, Master Attendant.
Intimacy 1 Oh? Is cleaning the house more important than celebrating?
Intimacy 2 I have heard people say that after marriage, a woman becomes more virtuous. So, does that mean I am now considered virtuous?
Intimacy 3 I'm not used to being so close~ Master Attendant~


Love Nest
Skin-Taiyaki-Love Nest.png

Icon-Skin-Taiyaki-Love Nest.png

— Taiyaki

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support




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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by BasilCosmo and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Horror story

"Sister... sister, wake up. Today the fish guy said he wants us to go out for practice, so let's go out and play!”

“Hmm? Practice?”

A familiar voice spoke, and when I opened my eyes, I saw my brother's familiar face.

“Yes! But let's not worry about that! It’s summer! Let's go catch cicadas in the trees!”

My brother said something to me with great interest. I closed my eyes once again as a feeling of peace and sleepiness came over me. It was summer... If only there was a festival...that would have been nice…

“Sister, sister, are you not feeling well?”

My brother asked, shaking my body as he spoke.

“I’m okay. I just didn't get enough rest.”

Once again, I regained some of my composure and recalled yesterday's dream. The one in the deep, dark woods where I was constantly being chased by huge black shadows. Scarlet eyes, sharp fangs, horrible demons that would devour me. So, I had to keep running... Last night, I really shouldn't have read that book. The place we were going that time was somewhere in the woods, a little further away from the Torii Institute. I couldn't help but cling to my brother's hand at the first sign of a breeze on our way there.

“Sister, are you sure you’re ok?”

My brother seemed to notice my strange behaviour and put his hand over my forehead with a worried face.

“I'll be fine, brother, don't worry, I just...”

It was just that in learning about the rituals, I've found that people like to tell each other horror stories during summer. Originally, I thought it was going to be something as enjoyable as a festival. But the vile scenes described in that creepy book kept me awake all night. Even though it was daytime, I found it hard to settle down. But as soon as I arrived there, looking at the scenes like the ones described by the book, the fear that had been dormant in my heart once again came flooding back.

“Brother, Fallen Angels are terrible creatures, aren’t they?”

“So that's what you're worried about. Don't worry, if a Fallen Angel appears, I'll protect you!”

Brother stroked my hair, undaunted as usual.

“But.... maybe Mr. Sanma will protect us too?”

I said in order to put my brother's mind at ease.

“Humph! I don't think that the fish guy[1] is that good!”

Big brother was suddenly a little angry. He always had this look on his face whenever Mr. Sanma was mentioned.

“Even without relying on that guy, I would still be able to protect you, Taiyaki. After all, you are my precious sister.”


Looking at my brother's sudden smile, I replied in agreement. My brother's smile seemed to have an infinite magic power that could dissolved the uneasiness in my heart. The temperature of his palm passed through my hair and spread through my entire body. I know that as long as I'm around my brother, I won't have to fear anything, because he will always be there to protect me.

II. Desire

“Whether you find a flower that can be made into a bookmark or not, you’ll have to be back before it gets dark, understood?”

Mr. Sanma said to us. That time, it was about collecting various flowers from the forest. Presumably noticing my abnormal behaviour along the way, Mr. Sanma decided to stay by my side at the gathering place. Although my brother wasn't around, I still felt safe in the company of Mr. Sanma. Mr. Sanma held Saya[2], a cat who often followed him, while his gaze fell on the depths of the forest, seemingly thinking about something.

“Mr. Sanma, why do you look like you're preoccupied?”

I glanced over at Koyuki[3] on Mr. Sanma’s lap, and then at Mikan[4], who was cowering behind Mr. Sanma, sitting next to him.

“I just remembered something from the past.”

Saya yawned in his arms.

“The past? You mean when I and my brother had arrived here?”

“Well, I was thinking about a lot of things...”

Mr. Sanma stroked the top of Saya's furry head, who meekly drifted off to sleep, making a purring sound in response. The atmosphere fell silent again. In the quiet forest there were only distant chirps of birds and Saya’s snores, and tiredness gradually invaded my consciousness, making me close my eyes slightly.

“If those kids will be able protect what's important to them, then it won’t all be in vain, right?”

Half asleep, I heard Mr. Sanma’s words. Was he talking to me? Or was he talking to Koyuki? Or was Mr. Sanma just talking to himself?

"Protecting what’s important...”

I opened my eyes and repeated Mr. Sanma’s words in a puzzled manner. It seemed to me that there was something deep about that statement that I didn't quite understand.

“You heard that?”

Mr. Sanma looked at me with a gentle smile.

“Yes, sir, but I... I don't think I understand what you mean.”

I lowered my head and watched Saya lick her forepaws.

“It doesn't matter if you can't understand now. One day, I’m sure you'll understand.”

Mr. Sanma said gently, but I sensed a hint of sadness in his tone.

III. Danger

There was still some time before everyone would come back. However, Mr. Sanma wasn’t wearing his usual indifferent expression, but one of rare panic, as he was looking for something again.

“Sir, is here a problem?”

“I can’t find Mikan…”

Even his tone became more flustered than usual. I've always respected Mr. Sanma, so when he ran into a problem, I wanted to help him out.

“Mikan! Mikan!”

Mr. Sanma called out Mikan’s name, but the yellow tabby cat didn’t show up. The cat must have gotten lost. Mr. Sanma was very worried, wasn't he? Maybe I can help Mr. Sanma just like the first time I came here.

“Sir, I want to go with you and look for Mikan.”

That cat was very timid, she must have been really scared if she ran away and got lost.

“But you…”

“It’s alright. Taiyaki is fully recovered!”

My voice was more exuberant than I thought it would be.

“Then do as you please, Taiyaki.”

Mr. Sanma thought for a moment and added another sentence.

“But don't go too far away and remember to come back before it gets dark.”

“Got it.”

With that response, I left Mr. Sanma’s side.

“It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.”

I comforted myself while I moved forward.


I heard a faint meow and followed the source of the noise, finding the yellow tabby cat. The cat's tiny body winced, she seemed to be terrified. I picked the timid Mikan up and gently stroked her head to comfort her.

“Don't worry, I'll take you back to Mr. Sanma…Oh? Where am I?”

Did I get lost?

At that moment, I realized I didn’t recognize my surroundings… Probably because I was afraid to pay too much attention to my surroundings, I couldn't tell which way was the way back. The sky was beginning to grow dark, and it was getting closer to the time everyone had agreed to return to Mr. Sanma. But my mind wasn’t working properly, and Mikan became restless in my arms.

Brother… Mr. Sanma… where are you? I’m so scared…

I hugged Mikan and walked around, trying to find my way back.

It's okay, brother will come to me, just like he always does.

I kept comforting myself. But when the darkness completely fell, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. The dead silence of the forest made the plot from that creepy book awaken from my memory once again. To make things even worse for me, Fallen Angels started showing up. They were just as hideous and terrifying as the monsters described in that book. It was just like the nightmare I had last night, except that time I wasn’t dreaming, but it was real!  

I can't… I can't be afraid... I... I...

I held Mikan close to my chest, but I didn't dare to move.

“Are you okay!?”

A familiar figure came to me with that cry. Through the hazy stream of my tears, I saw the determined face that had always been standing by my side. That was my beloved brother.

IV. To protect

“Sister, don't cry, I'll take care of this. Take Mikan and run south, get out of the forest and head east, and you'll get to the Torii Institute.”

He didn't look at me, but he covered me with his back to me as if to protect from the Fallen Angels. My body, which had been unable to move because of fear and despair, was finally freed by the comfort received from my brother. I ran south as my brother instructed, only to catch a glimpse of my brother, who had been knocked to the ground by a Fallen Angel, as I turned a corner. That time, the Fallen Angels were more powerful than those we had encountered in the past. Last night's dream and the image in front of me gradually coincided.

If this goes on... he'll be killed the Fallen Angels! I can' t just let happen what happened in my dream, I've to do something about this!

All along, it was my brother who protected me, and this time it was the same, but the situation was indeed more dangerous than ever. I wanted to go back and save him, but the appearance of the Fallen Angels reminded me of the plot of that horror novel. My body couldn't help but start to tremble with fear, but I forced myself to run back to him.

I can't.... I can't! I can't let the Fallen Angels hurt him! Because ....... he’s the most important thing to me... he’s my brother! All this time, it was my brother who was protecting me. This time, let me protect you, brother!

“You idiot! Why did you come back here!?”

My brother, who was on the ground, yelled at me. I wasn't thinking, I just had my mind set on protecting my brother. I rushed forward and waved away the claws of a Fallen Angel with my beloved banner. But I didn't succeed in stopping the Fallen Angel’s movements, and the sharp claws remained close to us. Despite the fear, despite the desire to run away, I stood my ground. In the blink of an eye, a white blade of light flew past us. The sharp katana sliced the Fallen Angel, severing its sharp claws.

“Taiyaki! Dorayaki! There you are!”

“Mr. Sanma!”

“…I didn't expect you to save us again.”

Big Brother slowly stood up. For some reason, he always seemed to be bothered by Mr. Sanma. Even though he was saved by Mr. Sanma, Big Brother was not very happy about it.

“It's okay, I'll take care of this one. You guys take Mikan and go.”

Mr. Sanma held his katana up to protect me and my brother, the corners of his mouth rising slightly, as if he was in a happy mood. Later, when we all eventually had returned safely to the institute, I asked Mr. Sanma.

“Sir, did you have fun?”

“Well, not really.”

Mr. Sanma hugged Mikan and spoke gently to me and my brother.

“I want to become strong, so strong that I can protect Taiyaki without relying on your strength.”

Big Brother turned his face away from us somewhat unhappily.

“Well, I’m looking forward to that then.”

A chuckle escaped from Mr. Sanma’s mouth. Looking at such a scene, I suddenly thought about what Mr. Sanma had said that day. It was only then that it dawned on me... it turned out that the one I wanted to protect was my brother! Although my brother had many flaws and a childish temperament, he was the most important, irreplaceable "family" in this world to me.

V. Taiyaki

Taiyaki has always believed that her brother Dorayaki was the most reliable person in the world. When she was around her brother, there was nothing she would be afraid of. Dorayaki also always thought that his sister Taiyaki was the sweetest person in the world. He vowed to always protect his sister from any danger. Taiyaki relied heavily on her older brother and lived a carefree life under his care. Whatever problem haunted Taiyaki’s heart, her brother would always solve it with ease. Dorayaki likes to take Taiyaki out with him. They were always going around together. In spring, they went to the park, in summer, they listened to the cicadas, in fall, they stepped on the fallen leaves, and in winter, they piled up snowballs. They were still young. They, who hadn’t ever seen the evil of the world before, met a new beginning on that stay.

“Brother, it’s time for us to head home.”

Taiyaki called out to her brother, only to hear the somewhat faint purring of a cat. Looking up at the source of the noise, Taiyaki saw a cat trapped on the tree. The cat is small, snow white all over, with only the tail, paws and head in black. It looked like it wanted to come down, but because it was so small, it seemed to be trapped. Taiyaki is not very good at climbing trees. But seeing the cat's pitiful eyes, she was moved with compassion.

“Brother can always climb up trees with ease. I’m a Food Soul too, so I should be fine.”

Thinking about Dorayaki, she started climbing the tree. It took a lot of effort for Taiyaki to finally climb the tree. She cradled the cat in her arms, carefully reassuring it. The next moment she realized that there was no way she could get down from the tree on her own. Luckily, Dorayaki soon noticed that his sister wasn’t around anymore. After searching for a while, he found his sister and the cat trapped on the tree.

“Sister, put the cat down. I'll first make you come down and then I'll save the cat”

Good at climbing trees, he quickly climbed up to them. Taiyaki was successfully brought to the ground, but the cat, frightened, climbed to a higher branch.

“Ah, the kitty’s gone to a more dangerous spot.”

Taiyaki looked at the cat, concerned.

“Don’t worry! I’ve got you!”

Dorayaki was agile, and in a few moves, he climbed up to where the cat was and took the cat in his arms.

“Well, am I not awesome?”

Dorayaki said happily to his sister, but the cat still struggled, somewhat frightened.


The high up, slender branches of the tree could not bear Dorayaki’s weight and snapped in two.


Taiyaki worriedly tried to catch her falling brother. Before Taiyaki could react, a fleeting figure managed to catch Dorayaki.


The cat, who had just been in Dorayaki’s arms, gently jumped on top of the young man with the katana and affectionately rubbed against him.

“Is everything ok?”

The young man asked in a soft voice.

“Thank you for saving Saya.”

Saying that he pointed at the cat that Dorayaki had been holding.

“Hey! Put me down!”

Feeling embarrassed for being held by a stranger in front of his sister, Dorayaki struggled impatiently in Sanma’s arms.

“Brother, he saved your life. You should thank him properly.”

Watching all that, Taiyaki just smiled with delight. Dorayaki stared at the man who had been holding him, then turned his face away from him, blurting out .   “Thank... Thank you... You...”

That was the first encounter between the two siblings and Sanma. And this simple encounter was a new beginning for the rest of their long lives.


  1. Dorayaki's nickname for Sanma, probably based on the fact that Sanma is a fish-based dish
  2. Saya is the cat that's rubbing against Sanma's cheek in his basic art, her name means "little night".
  3. Going by elimination, Koyuki must be the cat with the mostly black fur that's sitting at Sanma's feet in his basic art, her name means "little snow".
  4. Mikan is the cat that Sanma is holding in his arms in his basic art, she takes her name from a japanese type of tangerine.