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Tanuki are fast thinkers and very sharp. At the same time, their greed is extreme. They are very deceptive and are often seen trying to trick humans into becoming friends. Don't let them fool you!

Favoured Food Souls


Flash Attack Tanuki's speed and agility are difficult to put into words. You never can tell where he'll pop up next. Be careful about his quick claws! He deals massive damage to the farthest target.
Leaf Dart Though Tanuki rarely attracts much attention, he is able to use its razor-sharp claws to tear through his enemies like paper, inflicting excruciating pain, a reminder to never ignore his presence. He deals massive damage to all enemies and greatly reduces enemy defense.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Inugami A.jpg
Inugami A
4h Success: 10% link Inugami Icon.png
Inugami B.jpg
Inugami C
1h Success: 45% Warrior Spirit Icon.png Poor Spirit Icon.png Sakura Spirit Icon.png Catus Spirit Icon.png Tanuki Icon.png



  • Tanuki (狸) are mythical shape-shifting raccoon dogs (or yōkai) in Japanese folklore (sources: Bake-danuki and Tanuki).
  • Tanuki's name was originally mistranslated as Nekomata, another Japanese mythical creature, but his name was corrected in February 2019.