Example Usage


Use the name used in the story and the correct picture and role name will be fetched even if the same picture is used for several roles. If the role can be played by a man or a woman, specify so as shown below. For Food Souls in a particular skin, use the skin name. If there are several portraits for the same role (e.g. Little Girl) use the number corresponding to the picture you need (see the galleries below for help).

{{Story Portrait|Little Girl 1}}
{{Story Portrait|Resident Woman}}
{{Story Portrait|Elsa's Mother}}
{{Story Portrait|Black Tea}}
{{Story Portrait|Spirit Doll}}

Portrait-NPC Female 2.png
Little Girl
Portrait-NPC Female 1.png
Portrait-NPC Female 1.png
Elsa's Mother
Portrait-Black Tea.png
Black Tea
Portrait-Spirit Doll.png

Adding your custom role name

If the portrait name doesn't fetch the correct role name, you can always set a custom role name like so:

{{Story Portrait|Little Girl 1|Too Cute for Words}}

Portrait-NPC Female 2.png
Too Cute for Words

Small Size

{{Story Portrait|Ichi}}
{{Story Portrait|Ichi|size=small}}


Unknown, stranger and silhouettes

{{Story Portrait}}
{{Story Portrait|2=Stranger}}
{{Story Portrait|Magician Silhouette}}

Portrait-Magician Silhouette.png

Generic NPCs

NPCs used for several roles in all kinds of stories. Click the portraits to see a list of names used for Stories.


Role 27
Portrait-NPC Male 1.png
NPC Male 1
Resident/ Entourage / Traveling Merchant / Gloriville Merchant / Commoner / Passerby / Foreign Merchant / Miss Porsche Boyfriend / Black Market Helper / Evan / Staff Member C / Courier / Tester / Passerby A / Messenger / Villager M / Garden of Eden Staff
Role 13
Portrait-NPC Male 2.png
NPC Male 2
Berkman / Boss / Drunk Guy
Role 26
Portrait-NPC Male 3.png
NPC Male 3
Merchant / Porcelain Dealer / Village Leader / Guest B / Bookstore Owner
Role 31
Portrait-NPC Male 4.png
NPC Male 4
Role 33
Portrait-NPC Male 5.png
NPC Male 5
Role 37
Portrait-NPC Male 6.png
NPC Male 6
Holy Commandments Member M / Stranger
Role 43
Portrait-NPC Male 7.png
NPC Male 7
Inn Keeper / Human Male / Tavern Owner
Role 45
Portrait-NPC Male 8.png
NPC Male 8
Academy Staff Member / Star Explorer / Fan C / Scout Man
Role 175
Portrait-NPC Male 9.png
NPC Male 9
Role 46
Portrait-NPC Male 10.png
NPC Male 10
Blue Stone Town Leader / Staff Member A / Mayor / Fat Merchant / Blue Stone Town Hotel Owner
Role 80
Portrait-NPC Male 11.png
NPC Male 11
Mirror Maze Boy / Little Boy
Role 121
Portrait-NPC Male 12.png
NPC Male 12
Mystery Man
Role 124
Portrait-NPC Male 13.png
NPC Male 13
Artisan / Guest A /Passerby / Rabbit Lantern Stall Owner
Role 126
Portrait-NPC Male 14.png
NPC Male 14
Youth / Xiao Lin / Passerby C
Role 145
Portrait-NPC Male 15.png
NPC Male 15
Role 155
Portrait-NPC Male 16.png
NPC Male 16
Role 156
Portrait-NPC Male 17.png
NPC Male 17
Butler Angry
Role 126
Portrait-NPC Male 18.png
NPC Male 18
Role 145
Portrait-NPC Male 19.png
NPC Male 19
Grand Duke / Lord
Role 160
Portrait-NPC Male 20.png
NPC Male 20
Male Servant
Role 183
Portrait-NPC Male 21.png
NPC Male 21
Younger Brother
Role 250
Portrait-NPC Male 22.png
NPC Male 22
Role 252
Portrait-NPC Male 23.png
NPC Male 23
Youth CNY

NPC Woman

Role 28
Portrait-NPC Female 1.png
NPC Female 1
Resident/ Elsa's Mother / Commoner / Passerby / Miss Porsche / Palace Helper / Meddlesome Passerby / Customer / Housekeeper Wife / Passerby B
Role 30
Portrait-NPC Female 2.png
NPC Female 2
Little Girl 1/ Elsa / Lina / MC
Role 38
Portrait-NPC Female 3.png
NPC Female 3
Holy Commandments Member
Role 40
Portrait-NPC Female 4.png
NPC Female 4
Staff Member B / Customer / Fan B / Orphanage Principal
Role 79
Portrait-NPC Female 5.png
NPC Female 5
Mirror Maze Girl / Little Girl 2
Role 124
Portrait-NPC Female 6.png
NPC Female 6
Villager / Lady / Passerby A / Citizen Woman
Role 125
Portrait-NPC Female 7.png
NPC Female 7
Granny / Lotus Cake Stand Owner
Role 132
Portrait-NPC Female 8.png
NPC Female 8
Angelea / Passerby B / Fan A
Role 133
Portrait-NPC Female 9.png
NPC Female 9
Mrs. Gia
Role 159
Portrait-NPC Female 10.png
NPC Female 10
Role 182
Portrait-NPC Female 11.png
NPC Female 11
Royal Servant
Role 188
Portrait-NPC Female 12.png
NPC Female 12

Defined NPCs

Unique NPCs used in Main Story and Side Stories.

Role 44
Portrait-Flower Night.png
Flower Night
Role 2
Role 1
Role 5
Role 11
Role 2
Role 4
Role 16

Defined Event NPCs

Unique NPCs used in Event Stories.

Role 84
Role 85
Role 81
Role 82
Portrait-Playground Staff 1.png
Playground Staff
Playground Staff 1/ Town Person
Role 86
Portrait-Playground Staff 2.png
Playground Staff
Playground Staff 2
Role 83
Portrait-Haunted House Staff 1.png
Haunted House Staff
Haunted House Staff 1/ Costumed Kid
Role 87
Portrait-Haunted House Staff 2.png
Haunted House Staff
Haunted House Staff 2/ Costumed Town Person
Role 99
Portrait-Stall Owner 1.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 1
Role 100
Portrait-Stall Owner 2.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 2
Role 101
Portrait-Stall Owner 3.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 3
Role 104
Portrait-Stall Owner 4.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 4
Role 105
Portrait-Stall Owner 5.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 5
Role 107
Portrait-Stall Owner 6.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 6
Role 103
Portrait-Stall Owner 7.png
Stall Owner
Stall Owner 7
Role 103
Portrait-MC 1.png
MC 1
Role 106
Portrait-MC 2.png
MC 2
Role 141
Portrait-Chained Soul 1.png
Chained Soul
Chained Soul 1/ Ghost Resident 1
Role 143
Portrait-Chained Soul 2.png
Chained Soul
Chained Soul 2/ Ghost Resident 2
Role 142
Portrait-Emancipated Soul 1.png
Emancipated Soul 1
Emancipated Soul 1
Role 144
Portrait-Emancipated Soul 2.png
Emancipated Soul 2
Emancipated Soul 2
Role 214
Portrait-Poker Soldier A.png
Poker Soldier A
Poker Soldier A
Role 215
Portrait-Poker Soldier B.png
Poker Soldier B
Poker Soldier B
Role 216
Portrait-Dream Soldier.png
Dream Soldier
Dream Soldier


Silhouettes of other characters

Role 89
Portrait-Magician Silhouette.png
Magician Silhouette
Role 88
Portrait-NPC Silhouette 1.png
NPC Silhouette 1
Resident Silhouette / Joss
Role 263
Portrait-NPC Silhouette 2.png
NPC Silhouette 2
Maid Silhouette
Role 293
Portrait-NPC Silhouette 3.png
NPC Silhouette 3
Dongding Oolong S, Junshan Yinzhen S
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