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You can only achieve the best flavors by passing through the hottest temperatures.


Incredibly enthusiastic and tough. He demands a lot from other and even more from himself. His passion and fire can throw people off at times.

Food Introduction

Tempura is a popular dish in Japan. It can be made with either vegetables or meat. It's best eaten hot for its crunchy and crisp texture.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1084
Attack.png Attack 13
Defense.png Defense 23
Health.png HP 452
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 265
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 456
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 540


War Soul's Roar Basic Skill
Skill-Tempura-Normal.png Tempura's fighting spirit is high, increasing his Def by 3 (43) for 3 seconds.
High Heat Boxing Energy Skill
Skill-Tempura-Energy.png Tempura repeatedly punches the nearest enemy target, dealing 100% (160%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 177 (2796) extra damage.
Super High Heat Boxing Link Skill
Skill-Tempura-Link.png Tempura repeatedly punches the nearest enemy target, dealing 120% (195%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 230 (3634) extra damage. Miso Soup.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Ha! I am Tempura. Haven't you heard of me? Whatever happens in the future, I will be by your side ready with my firepower!
Log In Attendant! It's so vibrant today!
Ice Arena Attendant, is anyone troubling you?
Skills Ha! No sweat!
Ascend Oh, I feel much stronger now. Thank you, Attendant.
Fatigue It's important to strike a balance between work and rest. Stretch a string too tightly and it will break.
Recovering Ha! I feel like my strength has returned.
Team Formation Let's go all out!
Knockout How can this be...?
Notice The food is ready, I don't know if it'll be to your tastes.
Idle 1 Is anything the matter? Don't hesitate to tell me.
Idle 2 Attendant, why have you been gone for so long? I've been wandering around in circles.
Interaction 1 Hahahaha, are you tickling me right now?
Interaction 2 I'm the best. You have me here. I won't let you get picked on.
Interaction 3 You can only achieve the best flavors by passing through the hottest temperatures.
Pledge Attendant, I like seeing you so free from worry. I will do my best to protect your smile.
Intimacy 1 In the future, just hide behind me. If you rush ahead, what can I do if you get injured?
Intimacy 2 Now do you see the benefits of muscle development? Hahahaha, idiot.
Intimacy 3 Are you tired? Come here, lean on my shoulder and rest a while.


Vintage Festival
Skin-Tempura-Vintage Festival.png

Icon-Skin-Tempura-Vintage Festival.png

Ha! A real man holds a real Festival! I'll show Miso Soup how a real man is romantic!
— Tempura
A Man's Love event, Food Soul's Wish event, Grand Dress-Up event.

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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by BasilCosmo and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Being guests

“Here we go again…”


“Shhh! Tempura, you…”

As usual, I, Sukiyaki and Miso Soup came to visit the Torii Institute to have a drink with Sanma, the headmaster of the school. Just when the sweet potatoes I had planted were ripe, I dug them up to put them in a sack and brought them to the kids of the institute so that we could eat them together. As soon as I pulled open the paper door of the Torii Institute, I heard several cats making startled noises at the same time. Looking at the scattered kittens, I remembered something Sanma had already told me countless times.

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I'll remember that next time, heh heh.”

I patted my head and casually apologized to Sanma before dropping the sack full of sweet potatoes on the floor. With a loud thud, a puff of dust rose from the ground.

“Even if you say so, you'll do it again. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Miso Soup walked through the door and found a place to sit comfortably.

“Haha! If you say it like that, maybe Sanma will eventually believe you!”

Another Food Soul who had come with me also walked in, paused at my side, and then walked toward Sanma.

“Don't sweat the details!”

I chuckled, ignoring their remarks.

“Tempura… what's in that sack of yours?”

At the sound of my voice, the little kids who had been running around the building came up in droves and gathered around the sack that had been filled to the brim. Dorayaki pulled the rope used to seal the sack, which was left hanging, and attempted to drag the sack without succeeding.

“Hey hey, these are sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes!”

I swung my shoulder, which had been pressed by the weight of the sweet potatoes, and squatted down to untie the knot, and the sweet potatoes, free from their prison, rolled out of the bag.

"Here, they’re fresh! I grew them all!”

"Wow! Tempura, you’re amazing!”

"Baked sweet potatoes! Let's make baked sweet potatoes!”

"And I will rake the leaves up!”

"Haha, I see that you all understood what my intention is!”

"Of course! You want to eat sweet potatoes because it’s fall!”

I proudly watched the kids who had decided to act, patting the developed biceps on my arms, the tense muscles highlighting their strength. 

"Yes! Then I'll dig the hole and leave the rest to you!”

II. Buying wine

Except for the Food Souls sitting in the building, the kids and I were busy preparing the sweet potatoes. In order to dig a suitable hole deep enough more quickly, I needed to find a good tool first. As I looked for it, I overheard the conversation of the other three guys.

“Why are you here today?”

“Hmm~… to bake sweet potatoes?”

“I meant you and Miso Soup…”

“To eat the baked potatoes, if that counts~.”

As usual, Sukiyaki spoke ambiguously, making it difficult to understand what he really meant. Instead, Miso Soup said something that a monk shouldn't even think about.

“The baked sweet potatoes were just that muscular idiot’s idea. As for me, I’m here to drink. What about that high-quality wine Beer brought last time? Bring it over and let me enjoy its blissful toxicity~.”

“That wine is still in the warehouse. I’ll go get it.”

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you.”

I shouted at Sanma before he left.

"Get me a cup, too! I'll drink some after I’ll be done with baking the sweet potatoes!”

After finding the right tools, I took Taiyaki and picked a spot in the courtyard to dig a large hole, took some of the fallen leaves Dorayaki had gathered and piled them on the bottom, positioning some branches on top before putting the sweet potatoes on one by one. Suddenly, Sukiyaki let out a sigh of disappointment.

“Aww, was this the last jar of wine...?”

“What!? But I haven't had a single cup!”

I jumped up and yelled at the three guys.

“You guys finished it so fast!?”

“Sorry, there wasn’t much wine left from the last time you came…”

As usual, Sanma apologized warmly.

“Boring, how boring. Without any wine nor beauties, this place is just plain boring.”

Miso Soup nonchalantly took the last jar of wine and opened it to fill the three cups.

“If you want to drink that badly, you can just buy a jar yourself.”

Sukiyaki’s voice rose, before he unfolded his fan to cover half of his face.

“Hey… that’s right!”

I thought about it and agreed with him, so I went to give a few more instructions to the kids.

“Lay out the leaves and roast them until I come back! I'll be right back!”


“Waiting for you to come back would take too long. We don’t want to wait!”

“Tempura, how dare you deceive us like this!”

“Sorry, sorry! Then just take a break for now. We'll continue afterwards!”

Amidst the grumbling crowd of kids, Miso Soup stood up.

“In that case… I’ll go with you. ~”

III. Looking for someone

To get to the nearest town to the institute, it takes half a day. By the time we got there, the sun was starting to set. It wasn't until Miso Soup disappeared while I was buying the wine that I realized that he had come down the hill with me not to accompany me to town because he thought I would feel lonely buying wine alone, but for another reason.

…that Miso Soup guy! He... he's gone too far this time! If I know him well, he must have gone to that fancy place to pay a visit to that woman he can’t get off his mind!

However, I was told by the wine shop owner that the place has been destroyed by a fire, and that various houses had taken in all the girls and found them another building where they could keep their business going.

“Oops... What's the name of that girl that guy visited at that place, I can’t remember!”

“Then you'll just have to look around, young man. Do you want me to give you the addresses?”

“Yes please!”

I was curious: why did the wine shop owner remember the temporary addresses of all these girls' houses so well? But I was grateful to him for helping me so much. I volunteered to go down the mountain to buy wine with a fellow Food Soul, but then came back having lost them… is that had happened, I was sure Dorayaki would have laughed at me. No, maybe not just Dorayaki. I carried the wine jar on my shoulder and went from house to house, at the addresses given by the wine shop owner, but it was still early in evening and some of the girls' houses weren’t open. So, if I couldn't get in, then Miso Soup couldn't either!

“AH! Let me go!”

Not far away, a woman's scream rang out, and I rushed over without hesitation, punching the guy who was dragging the woman away. The man, dressed as a wandering samurai, did not run off despite the pain, but instead drew his sword and threatened me.

“Get out of here! Or else, I’ll slash you!”

“Hmph! I’d like to see you try!”

I put the wine jar on the ground, cracked my knuckles, raised my fists and my chin at him.

"Now, let my fists teach you that a man’s hands should only hit other men, not women!"

“Wait! You’re being too weird about this!”

“Cut the crap! Just come and fight me already!”

And just like that, the two of us fought. But during the fight, he kicked down my wine jar. I didn't notice that as I was absorbed by the fight, and after I had beaten him to a pulp, I saw a big puddle of liquid on the ground. The wine had all been spilled.

“Ahhhhhhh! The wine is all over the place! I have spent all the money I had on me! …Hey you! Why are you running away so fast?!”

I was going to borrow some money from the wandering samurai I had beaten, and then give it back to him once I got back to the Mapleleaf Inn to collect it, but he had already run away while I was distracted.

“In that case, I absolutely must find Miso Soup since I can’t bring the wine back, otherwise I’ll be considered a failure... besides, if they do find it out, they'll laugh at me for being all muscles but no brains. It's okay to mock me, but not my muscles!”

“Uhm… thank you for saving me.”

Just as I was trying to remedy the situation, the woman I had saved came up to me.

“Are you looking for Miso Soup?”


I looked at her in surprise.

“Do you know where he is?”

“He often visits me at the brothel… perhaps, he went there today as well...I can lead the way for you.”

“That’s very kind of you!”

IV. Returning empty-handed

It had been so long since I had started looking for Miso Soup that the sky had started to turn red when I finally found him.

“Miso soup! Where's Miso Soup!?”

I started shouting Miso Soup’s name as soon as I entered the brothel, and a familiar face appeared in front of me.

“Please don't shout… it's you again. He’s here, alright. You’re looking for Miso Soup, right?”

The owner of the brothel was already familiar with me, who always came looking for Miso Soup, and told me directly where he was staying in order to prevent me from disturbing other guests.

“Miso Soup…! There you are!”

I pulled open the paper door to see Miso Soup resting his head on a woman's lap, drinking, but the woman wasn't the one he used to be with.

“Not bad. You actually managed to find me.”

Miso Soup narrowed his eyes with a look of enjoyment, as if my presence didn't interrupt his pleasure.

“I finally found you! Now come back with me!”

“Huh? Why should I go back with you when I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know this lady bett- Ouch! Don’t pinch me! I was joking!”

“But since you’ve come all the way here, then you shouldn’t leave this fast.”

The woman gestured for Miso Soup to sit up, and walked up to me, stroking the muscles of my arms and whispering.

“I’ve never seen such beautiful muscles before.”


“Do… do you really like my muscles!?”

I saw her smiling and nodding and immediately got excited, thinking that it would be okay to just stay a little longer, and took a seat next to Miso Soup.

“Hahahahaha, finally someone understands how good my muscles are. Looks like I have no choice, so I'll stay with you for a while!”

So, I stayed with Miso Soup and let the woman pour me some wine, and the two of us drank together. A short while later, the girl I had rescued had changed into a kimono and entered the room with a jar of wine as a token of appreciation. I patted my chest and told her it was nothing, that the guy I had beaten was bad at fighting. It wasn't until I was about to leave that I remembered I didn't have any wine to take back. I asked Miso Soup if he still had any money on him. Miso Soup looked at the girl sitting next to him and shrugged. I immediately understood what he meant and facepalmed.

So, in the end, I failed anyway.

Later in the evening, we returned to the Torii Institute. The little Food Souls were already asleep, leaving only two people, Sukiyaki and Sanma, to sit under the veranda and admire the moon. As he drifted his eyes over to us, Sukiyaki saw that the both of us were empty-handed.

“Where’s the wine you were supposed to buy?”

“Uh… the jar broke.”

“Then why didn’t you buy another one?”

“… I ran out of money.”

Sukiyaki unfolded his fan, blocking half of his face, his voice carrying an indecipherable emotion.

“I’ll bake the sweet potatoes with the kids tomorrow… is that okay with you, Sanma?”

“That would be nice.”

V. Tempura

In his pursuit of strength, Tempura had asked around for good fighters, visiting them one by one to compete. One day, a group of people came to the southern island of Sakurajima, set up a stage and put up a banner with the words "Martial Arts Tournament" on it, claiming that the winner would take all the money. The prize money for the contest is of course not their own money, but the deposit that the contestants pay before they participate. The loser will lose the money they betted as entrance fee, while the winner won’t only receive the betted amount back, but also the prize money. They then set up a private gambling game, where people could bet on the fighters. That made a lot of people who were confident in their abilities willing to pay right away and get on the stage. Tempura was one of them. However, the condition for winning is to remain on stage until sunset. With no defeats. Tempura got there a little late, when the men on the stage had won more than a dozen matches in a row. Tempura became more and more excited to hear the audience praise him for how awesome he was and how brave he was. After the last man had admitted defeat, another man immediately slapped some money on the registration desk, and before he could count the money, he jumped on the stage to challenge Tempura.

“Come on! Let’s make it quick!”

The sun was about to set, and Tempura was about to be proclaimed the winner, but just when everyone thought the prize money would be taken by him, Miso Soup jumped on the stage. Miso Soup was a Food Soul coming from a temple in the mountains who serves the Buddha along with his Master Attendant.  But Miso Soup was wild and careless by nature, so he often snuck out to drink and have fun, since he couldn’t stand the harsh regulations. That day was he accidentally came across a group of people who were willing to give away a lot money. In fact, Miso Soup was already ready to go back to the mountains by that time but decided to stay when he saw the prize of the contest. After all, the monk from the mountains, self-sufficient and humble, wanted to go to that place full of beauty and pleasure, but needed money in order to do that. If he got that prize, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything when he’ll be visiting the girls. It was getting late and Miso Soup needed to rush back to the mountains for evening classes. Tempura looked like a troublesome opponent. He needed to think and act quickly. As long as he didn't get caught, no one could punish him…

As a result, Tempura was knocked unconscious by Miso Soup, who cheated by using his spiritual power the moment his opponent got close to him. To humans, however, that looked no different from Miso knocking out Tempura. By the time Tempura woke up, Miso Soup had disappeared, the stage had been taken town, and of course the prize money had been taken away by Miso Soup. After he realized the truth, Tempura was furious and looked around for Miso Soup, wanting to make him fight with him in a straightforward manner. After an incredibly long time, Tempura finally caught up with him and went to the temple where Miso Soup was staying, but he didn't expect Miso Soup to invite him in and call him his brother.

“I'm sorry, but I was in desperate need of money... but I guess that's not why you came here. Why don't we just leave it at that and let me buy you a drink another time...”

“I don't care about the money, but you cheated! I want a rematch!”

Miso Soup wanted to drag Tempura away from the temple to solve the problem, considering that they would be found out by his Master Attendant otherwise. To punish him by making him meditate on his actions was one thing but having to deal with the scriptures was another. But Tempura, regardless of what excuses Miso Soup would come up with, wanted to fight him again.

“Miso Soup, did you sneak out again?”

The murmuring of the two attracted the attention of the Master Attendant, who found them by following their voices and easily figured out the truth. He first forcefully asked Tempura to leave, and then punished Miso Soup for the next month by making him transcribe sutras[1] every day and checking on him regularly. Unable to rebel, Miso Soup had to obey the order of his Master Attendant and copy the scriptures every day. The anger he had pent up during those days finally exploded when he saw Tempura once again. It didn't take long for him to take his bitterness out on Tempura for every day he was forced to transcribe Buddha’s teachings. Tempura got what he wanted from Miso Soup, and unsurprisingly, Miso Soup, not cheating, wasn’t able to defeat Tempura a second time, but he didn’t go down easily either. Tempura, slightly beaten up, was happily surprised by Miso Soup.

“You're actually not that bad! Seriously, you’re a really interesting opponent!”

“…you, why do you sound so excited?”

“Men should pursue strength! Is it wrong to get excited by something powerful?”

“…you’re an idiot.”

Miso Soup certainly could not understand Tempura's desire for power. But as Tempura kept coming to the temple every now and then for a fight or a drink, the two became more and more familiar, and Miso Soup's opinion of Tempura changed from a muscled idiot to a friend with a small brain.

There was just one thing Miso Soup could never forgive Tempura for…

“Miso Soup! I brought some wine for you!”

Tempura slammed open the wooden door of the temple, and Miso Soup, who was listening to this Master Attendant’s sermon, failed to stop Tempura in time.

“Idiot! Now’s not the time!”

Miso Soup’s Master Attendant, already used to it, stood up and patted his robe.

“…Miso Soup, go transcribe the sutra.”


  1. A sutra is an aphorism or a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual, condensed manual or text. They are a genre of ancient and medieval Indian texts found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.