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An Enhanced Fallen Angel that was made by piecing together the body of a Prajna. It is modeled after Orochi.

Favoured Food Souls


Bloody Fury Enters a frenzied state, raising attack power and attack speed.
Last Shot Lashes out in desperation, dealing major damage to all enemies.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome Desired Outcome
Orochi A.jpg
Orochi A
4h 10% Prajna Icon.png Orochi Icon.png Tsuchigumo Icon.png 5%
Orochi B.jpg
Orochi B
1h 10% Ghostella Icon.png Ghostern Icon.png Koi Icon.png Tsuchigumo Icon.png 7%



  • Tsuchigumo (狸) are mythical monsters (or yōkai) in Japanese folklore. They are said to appear to people as having faces of an oni, the body of a tiger, the arms and legs of a spider, and wearing giant outfits. They are supposed to live in mountains where they capture travelers with their strings in order to eat them (sources: Tsuchigumo and Tsuchigumo).