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The more formal one's mannerisms is, the more easy it is to showcase one's worth.


A very disciplined young man who place emphasis on appearance, mannerisms and emotional expressions. That's why he's respectful and humble in his mannerisms. He's also very gentle when he interacts with others.

Food Introduction

In ancient times, Tteokguk is consumed during New Year's ceremony as it is say to bring fortune. However, the way it is eaten can change which represent different types of wish. The 18th century marks the time when Tteokguk is eaten by everyone in the entire country as a "Spring delicacy" and this tradition would eventually be passed down to future generations. Because eating a bowl of Tteokguk is equal to ageing by a year, love and hatred intertwine when people thinks about the passing of time.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Initial Stats

 Flame icon Soul Power 2508
Attack Attack 135
Defense Defense 10
Health HP 423
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 2153
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 643
Attack Speed Atk Spd 1523


Evil-destroying blade Normal Skill
Blue fire flames emanate from the hand of Tteokguk, causing 40% damage to all enemies and an additional 65 points of damage. At the same time, he increases the basic attack damage of all friendly units by 20% for 3 seconds.
Exorcism ritual Energy Skill
Tteokguk waves his skull staff to exorcise the enemies, dealing 40% of attack damage and an additional 315 points of damage to all enemies. At the same time, all enemies have a probability of being stunned for 5 seconds.

Voice Lines

Contract I'm Tteokguk and it's a pleasure to meet you, Master Attendant. File:Tteokguk-0001.ogg
Log In You're back? Since you're tired, take a seat and rest. File:Tteokguk-0002.ogg
Ice Arena It's frigid inside here. Quickly put on some extra clothing. File:Tteokguk-0009.ogg
Skills Let the blazing sun purify all the evil spirits! File:Tteokguk-0010.ogg
Ascend Thank you, I feel much better. File:Tteokguk-0011.ogg
Fatigue Don't fret, I'm only a little tired. File:Tteokguk-0012.ogg
Recovering Don't fear, I'll fully recover in a short while. File:Tteokguk-0013.ogg
Team Formation Hand to me all those evil objects possess by those evil spirits. File:Tteokguk-0014.ogg
Knockout Quickly......leave...... File:Tteokguk-0015.ogg
Notice The food is ready, come to eat. You'll fall sick if you eat you dinner at inconsistent timings. File:Tteokguk-0017.ogg
Idle 1 What special occasion will there be this month? I'll better note it down. File:Tteokguk-0018.ogg
Idle 2 You should cultivate some mulberries in the garden. File:Tteokguk-0019.ogg
Idle 3 Master Attendant, you should keep any fallen strands of hair......Why you ask? Well, it's my wish. File:Tteokguk-0020.ogg
Interaction 1 Yes? I'm pounding rice. It's a traditional method to drive away evil spirits. File:Tteokguk-0003.ogg
Interaction 2 A fear of ghost? Hehe. Don't worry, I'll protect you. File:Tteokguk-0004.ogg
Interaction 3 Would you want to put on this clothes with colored-sleeves? I feel that it suits you well. File:Tteokguk-0005.ogg
Pledge This......Ah, I apologies for hesitating. It should be me whom say that. How inconsiderate of me, I hope you won't mind. In that case, I'll accompany you as we walk towards the future. File:Tteokguk-0016.ogg
Intimacy 1 It's imperative to express one's feelings to another person. No matter how long we stay together, I'll send a gift to you on our anniversary to express my love for you. File:Tteokguk-0006.ogg
Intimacy 2 Actually, I did not know much about everything, let alone know any etiquette. Afterwards, many things happened. You wish to know? Then let me tell you everything. File:Tteokguk-0007.ogg
Intimacy 3 Please fix you collar, if you go out with a sloppy attire, people may think that I didn't take good care of you. File:Tteokguk-0008.ogg
Victory This will put a smile on Master Attendant's face. File:Tteokguk-0021.ogg
Defeat ......I'm sorry, it was my fault this time. I'll perform better next time. File:Tteokguk-0022.ogg
Feeding Yah! How generous of you, thank you. File:Tteokguk-0023.ogg



Sprite Animations


I. Respite

Noisy sonds were ringing in my ears.

All I could see were burning flames and a corpse strewn field.

The creatures infront of me were screeching. Their life force dwindled and were slowly collapsing, forming circles of ashes.


I wheezed as I tried to support my knees. The knife that is pressed in my palms was flickering.

The burning air that entered my lungs inflicted pain.

My limbs trembled and sweat covered my eyes.

My surroundings, transitioned from clear to blurry and vice versa repeatedly.

Energy were being sapped.

This sensation, this spectacle. How many times did I experienced it?

I was unable to think carefully. Instead, whenever I tried to think, my mind would be flooded by the words constantly uttered by humans.

"Kill the fallen angels."

"HELP ME..."

"SAVE ME..."

"Come! Your my food soul after all!"

I began to shake my head almost as if I was struggling, planning to get rid of those demonic-liked words.

"So tired..."

This movement caused me to lose balance. My body quivered and I collapsed.

As the light on my blade began to extinguish, I closed my eyes.

There were words trapped in my throat. Were they words of laments, cires or hatred?

However, what came out of my words were only......

"So tired......"

In a splite second, that familiar darkness enveloped m.   

It wasn't a peaceful nap.

I could faintly felt some bumps.

Although I want to stand up, fatigue appears to be hypnotising me.

Before falling asleep one again, I could faintly hear somewhere mumbling next to my ears.

"Everything's fine. Please rest well."


That's right, when have I rest before?

Every since I was born, Master Attendant order me to fight and to continue fighting some more.

For humans, for peace, for salvation.

My reason of existence is to protect them.

Such train of thoughts is sowed into my mind like a sead endlessly.

This is what a food soul is.

This is what a food soul should be.

That's where I always tell myself.

I've forgotten when I gave up on thinking ever since this notion tortured me, incessantly.

I'm no longer a being with awareness, but a tool.

Victory no longer brings me happiness.

Like sitting on a horse carriage, I'm being driven to my next battle again.

Because, they told me that more people are suffering, more people needs help.

What about me?

I slowly thought of this question.

What about me? Who will save me?

II. detachment

"Are you saying that there's no more battles left?"

Sitting on the bed, I caressed a coin-sized medal that is on my palm. At a loss, I looked at my master attendant who was cleaning the room.

"Yes." Master Attendant placed a document in my hand.

"The construction of the defence lines in the northern region has been completed. The same can be said for the defence circle that is meant to keep out the fallen angels. We no longer need to fight.

Master Attendant gave me another cup of tea and praised me.

"It's thanks to your hard work."

"My.......hard work."

I looked down at the reflection in the tea. With a pair of souless eyes, I repeated his phrase.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a pair of flapping wings. It captured my attention.

As I turned my head, I saw a flock of pigeons flying outside the window. Beneath them were a group of people who were smiling and toiling at the same time.

"Is it......over?"

I mumbled as I gazed at them. Their life were going to change for the best.

Although it was clearly a gorgeous spectacle, I clenched my fist instead.

It was almost as if I just saw something disgusting.

The force exerted caused the cup to sound like it was on the verge of breaking.

Before it could shatter, a voice stopped me.

"It's over."

Master Attendant pat my head.

"Rest well, Tteotguk."

The battle has completely end.

Near the border, the defence lines that were constrcted made it hard for the Fallen Angels to overcome,

Knowing this, everyone began to happily rebuild the country.

Eveything is truly beautiful.

That peaceful future seems to be so close, so tangible.

Like a hero everyone circled around me.

Is this salvation?

I asked myself.

Yet, as I walked between everyone, their smiles brought me no warmth. Only.......


Me and them......

Were worlds apart.

III. Exit

"I'm sorry."

The restaurant owner bowed and apologised to me Master Attendant.

"Maybe this little shop of ours does not suit Tteokguk."

"I undertand, you may leave."

Master Attendant looked helplessly and send off the owner with an indifferent expression.

This was the 12th store I worked in.

Master Attendant turned back and looked at me.

I thought that he would scold me, but it never came.

Instead, he helped me put on a large shirt.

"Let me bring you to see the doctor."

"So your suffering from Post taumatic stress disorder."

Master Attendant and I took the diagnosis report. The description of this condition is an eyesore.

Symptons include nightmares, a great change in personality, mood disorders, numbness and Imsonia.

It also includes irritability, increased concentration, amnesia and being jumpy.

"I'm sorry. I did not notice how much you are suffering."

master Attendant sighed. He pat my head and asked the doctor simultaneously.

"So, what should we do."

"I'm sorry, I'm unsure myself."

Suprisingly, the doctor gave an unexpected answer.

"I know this condition, but as for how to treat it.....,"

The doctor ruminated for a while. Not long after, he responded with an apologetic smile.

"You should travel to Light Kingdom. Nearly all my medical knowledge come from there."

"Are you prepared to travel there?"

Standing near the door, Master Attendant opened his mouth almost as if he's going to speak. After hetitating for a moment, what came out of his was that boring question instead.

"I'm sure you're aware that I can't follow you. There's too many things to handle......."

"I'm aware."

I interrupted.

"......." He looks at me in a daze.

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine."

"Please come home quickly."

"I will."

IV. Analysis

Ultimately, what is the reason for my existence?

Stunned, I looked at the human landscape during my journey. I repeatedly raised the question.

After all, my mind is only preoccupied with fighting before all of this.

"He sudenly told me, that I don't need to do anything. All I had to do, is rerst well......."

I gently rubbed the medal in my hands.

After that.......

A foreceful crush.

" function, is to fight."

"I don't want to think about anything. I'm fine with being a tool that continues to fight."

I told myself.

I continued to have this attitude until I reached where the doctor told me to go.

Tai Yuan Guan.

After the practitioner knew about my situation, he told me to follow and work with a girl who happens to originate from the same place as me.

"Don't worry, she can solve your problem."

Although I did not believe it, I continued to follow and work with this girl called Bibimbap.

After spending a period of time with her, I slowly understand thing that are related to her.


"I don't see any meaning in doing this......."

Day after day of carrying out everyday tasks let me experienced a tranquil, simple and warm life.


I found Bibimbap sitting under a tree, flipping through the book in her hand. Against a tree branch, I looked down on her.

"Yet, I still don't see a point is carrying out these menial tasks."

Bibimbap closed her book.

"It can cure your illness."

"Sickness?" That unbearable phrase caused a sense annoyance to breed from the emptiness inside of me. I smirked.


"Are you saying that I'm more inferior than humans?"

I stretched my hand and hold onto her book.

"Food souls don't get sick. As long we have soul energies, we won't die."

"We are different from humans.We shouldn't be the same as them"

Bibimbap used her hand to cover mine.

"In that case, what do you think is the meaning of being a food soul."

"Isn't that fighting? If we continue to fight, we can protect humans."


"But what?"

"Food souls aren't tools."

My pupils shrinked (When anime characters get frightened/shcoked and the pupils shrin), almost as if I've seen something unbelievable.

"I don't know what happened to you in the past. But all I know, almost all food souls has alway been fighting."

Bibimbap stretched her hand and gently touched my face.

"But this is my first time hearing that a food soul contracted PTSD because of fighting."

"It must have been tough, right?"

"Spending your life fightning on must be tough, isn;t it?"

"However, fighting is not the only meaningful thing."

As she speak, she opened the book in her hand and looked at me with a serious expression.

"Reading can clear one's doubts and this is useful."

"What you and I are doing can help to support the practitionersin their lessons. Clearing their doubts is very meaningful."

As she speak, she placed the book on my head.

"We're doing our best to make you happy. By carrying out these trival things in life, we hope that you are able to escape from the shadows of war. This is meaningful.

As she speak, she stood up and turned her body before leaving. From a distance, she looked back and smiled.

"If you understand sufferings, then don't think too much."

"Meaning exists if we give it purpose. It is an immutable fact that there's nothing in the world whose purpose is to die. 

"No matter how trifling the task is, if something we do can help others, thenthere's meaning to it."

As I see her shadow growing fainter in the distance, I gripped onto the book that was in my hands.

"So.......I was trapped in something that I call meaningful......."

VI. Tteokguk

This was a story in Sakurajima a long time ago.

Back then, many fallen angels went around causing killing people uncontrollably. But at the same time, food souls were also created.

Countless countries were facing the threat of destruction.

Fortunately, a certain Master Attendant came forth. With his food soul, they battle against the fallen angels throughtout Tierra.

Days of battling were seemingly endless.

Fear caused those who were hurt to lost their senses and they were goverened by the selfishness of instincts.

What that food souls, who was just born recently, came into contact with was war and the irritable side of humanity.

When humanity finally came to their senses, they decided to show their appreciation. However, no food souls had time to care about this

Because, they need to hurry down to the next battle.

Yet, food souls aren't tools. They can become fatigue.

Although the master attendant knew about the strange condition his food soul was suffering from, he had no time to console him.

Because, neither time nor fallen angels wait for man

He just want to immediately end everything.

Next time, it would be fine the next time.

Everytime when they hurridely return back, the Master Attendant would guiltiy and helplessly console himeself as he looked at his asleep food soul.

Quickly put an end to everything.

Just as he hoped, everything did came to an end in reality.

Unfortunately, his food soul on the verge of mental breakdown.

AFter the war end, that master attendant and his food soul got the rewards they should receive.

Unfamiliar with these shiny items, the master attendant gave everything to his food soul.

They had a peaceful life and high status.

However, the problem wasnot addressed.

Even the food soul himself was unsure of his plans for the future. All he could feel was that impulse of fighting that he's used to and that emptiness.

Until, he went on a journey of salvation and answers,

In light kingdom, there exits a Taoist Temple.

This food soul met another of his kind that gave him warmth.

She taught him how to recover from the "injury" in his heart, thus solving his problem.

She taught him the beauty of life, a reason to exist, something that he should chase after.

WHat's more important is that she gave him a fufilling and warm companion.

This let him understand that, It is an immutable fact that there's nothing in the world whose purpose is to die.

He don't need to force himself to define something meaningful now because of his past.

All he need is to do it. Regardless of how he do it and what type of life it is, If it can change someone's life, then it's meaningful.

Under her help, he was slowly used to the life of a Taoist.

He learned about things that he was unfamilair with before.

He, fufilled her expectations.

When he left the temple,

the once irritable "patient" who was numb to the feeling of life became a new man. A person who is positive, warm and able to give love and warmth to others, just like her.

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