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Udon noodles are so soft, hahaha!


Cheerful, lively, & somewhat mischievous. She doesn't have a filter and speaks her mind. This has resulted in a lot of people being offended but they all know she means well.

Food Introduction

Udon is one of the most beloved noodle dishes in Japan. From its development up to today, it has given rise to a wide variety of cooking techniques. The beef and soy bean paste at the core of this dish are also key factors contributing to its delicious flavor.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1314
Attack.png Attack 48
Defense.png Defense 15
Health.png HP 363
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 668
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 767
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 517


Whimsical Basic Skill
Skill-Udon-Normal.png Udon manipulates her noodles, repeatedly striking the enemy. Deals 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy target, plus 39 extra damage.
Trickster Energy Skill
Skill-Udon-Energy.png Udon manipulates her noodles, binding the nearest enemy unit. Deals 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 309 extra damage. Additionally stuns that unit for 3 seconds.
Deep Trickster Link Skill
Skill-Udon-Link.png Udon manipulates her noodles, binding the nearest enemy unit. Deals 120% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 370 extra damage. Additionally stuns that unit for 3 seconds. Sukiyaki.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Ha! Master Attendant, we meet at last. I'm Udon, and I was really looking forward to meeting you. Ah... you noticed my red face, oh dear. Is this bad luck?
Log In Master Attendant, you're returned... Oh! ... How awful! Who put that ball in the middle of the road?!
Ice Arena Master Attendant, here, here! Ouch! I fell again.
Skills Feel my wrath!
Ascend I mustn't let you down.
Fatigue Did I say something wrong again? Why is everyone ignoring me? Fine, just leave me alone.
Recovering oughhh... I'm so, so hungry. Let's go and get food, okay?
Team Formation Let's go. Fun things are going to happen.
Knockout I've... failed...
Notice The food is ready~ Come and try it.
Idle 1 Why have they still not returned? I miss Master Attendant.
Idle 2 Udon noodles are so soft, hahahaha!
Interaction 1 He's so stupid, hahahaha, he's really stupid. How can you not say anything?
Interaction 2 I represent my country, I'm not a child.
Interaction 3 Ah~ I'm just cleaning the house. I thought I saw a mouse scurrying around... Aaaaah! That hurt! How did it get in here? Shoo, shoo!
Pledge Master Attendant, we'll be forever from now on, right? Er... but first promise than I can do the cooking and you'll do all the cleaning.
Intimacy 1 Attendant, let's go skipping! Oh dear, I won't trip you up!
Intimacy 2 Attendant, let me tell you a secret... I have no secrets! Hehehe!
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, have you seen my hair clip? It's gone missing again.


Day of Celebration
Skin-Udon-Day of Celebration.png

Icon-Skin-Udon-Day of Celebration.png

Naturally you can't have such a boisterous celebration without me. Look, here's a goldfish I just caught, Pretty great, right?
— Udon
Team Up (Crazy Clown)


Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations

Day of Celebration





Food Fantasy- Naughty - Udon

Food Soul - Introduction Gameplay

Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by BasilCosmo and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Uneasiness

My name is Udon and I work at the Mapleleaf Inn. The working hours were short, and the number of guests I received was small compared to the ones I encountered while working in town, and they were usually regulars. Of course, this had to do with where the Mapleleaf Inn was located. There were still ominous legends people told about these remote mountains and forests. Only travelling businessmen would stop by.

“Welcome! Let me take care of your luggage! It’s not heavy at all!”

I would always be the first to rush to the front door to greet the guests and carry their luggage. I didn’t need any help from that tardy Tempura. Not to mention that the guest this time was the businessman who introduced me to work here.

“You look as energetic as always Udon.”

“Thanks to the guests, I've been having a good time here at the inn! Even though it's always empty and quiet, like it's going to close down any minute.”


The mood seemed to have become cold for a moment. Ume Ochazuke coughed but said nothing, Sushi turned her face away from me, Miso Soup was indifferent. Only Sukiyaki smiled, waving his fan.

“So, you want the Mapleleaf Inn to close?”

“Of course not! I was finally able to get used to this place!”

“Then hurry up and take the guest to his room. Don't you feel heavy with all that stuff?”

“Yes, yes, I’m on it ~. Please follow me Sir ~.”

“You must have been through a lot. Please, go enjoy the hot springs tonight to wash away all the dust and bad luck!”

I led the guest down the hallway and straight to his room. To my surprise, he pulled the paper door shut and asked me how I was doing.

“Udon you haven’t changed at all, and it’s the same for your relationships with the others, am I right?”

“Uh… well, yeah. But I’m really trying my best to get along with everyone! The progress I’ve made it’s quite evident!”

“Is that so? That’s good. Don’t end up like your Master Attendant…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get excluded! If there’s nothing else you want to talk about, then please take a rest. I’ve already prepared everything. If you need anything else, feel free to call me ~.”

“Well, just remember that there’ll eventually be someone who’ll want to become your friend. So don’t lose hope.”

“Uh-huh, I know. Good night!”

Exiting the room, I sighed with relief. Even after all this time, hearing Master Attendant being mentioned still fills me with uneasiness, but I couldn’t allow myself to show sadness in front of guests! My timid and introverted original Master Attendant was isolated by his friends, until he committed suicide out of depression. Fortunately, I was introduced to the Mapleleaf Inn by an enthusiastic guest I knew, so I have a place to stay again.

But...will I really be able to make friends?

I thought back to what had happened earlier, when everyone else seemed to feel a little embarrassed by what I said and I was suddenly hit by sadness, my shoulders lowered.

I haven't gotten all that close to everyone, but I’m, I’m definitely not going to let that happen to me.

II. Natto

A Food Soul who looked like a monk named Natto came to the inn. He clearly wasn’t a monk, but he was wearing a monk's robe, and he sat in the corner of the corridor every day with a book, but I had no idea what he was writing about. He hardly ever took the initiative to talk to people, and when others tried to talk with him, he always replied in shy whispers. In a nutshell, he was the opposite of me: an introvert. I knew he wasn't a monk because when he first arrived, I asked him specifically if there were any dietary concerns he needed to address, and he told me.

“Are you one of those people who dresses like a monk to show simplicity and hardship just to take advantage of the kindness of others?”

As soon as the words came out, I noticed that his face seemed to change, and immediately realized that I had said something wrong and apologized.

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m sorry!”

Another apology sounded at the same time as mine. We looked at each other, the both of us frozen. But then he started explaining himself.

“I… I’m sorry that I gave you the wrong idea, I’m not…”

“Ah, you don’t have to apologize, I’m the one in the wrong for saying that! Just tell me what you’d like to eat, and I’ll go prepare it for you!”

“…a vegetarian dish will do.”

“Okie dokie! I’ll be right back!”

I ran away panicking, slipping and falling hard on the floor as I was trying to turn the corner.

“You, are you okay?”

The shy looking guy had actually put down his quill and run up to me to help me up.

“Ouch, ouch… I’m fine! Don’t worry about me, I’m very strong!”

Making sure there were no abrasions on my body, I patted my chest to appease him.

“Really, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Seeing that he was still a little worried, I patted him on the shoulder to tell him to relax. This guy, if he’d really been traveling alone all this time, he must have been feeling pretty lonely. It was the first time I had ever met someone who would apologize to me for something I’ve said, and I couldn’t understand why he did that. Since then, I started paying more attention to him than to the other guests. One night, while I was on break, I walked through the corridor with a wooden basin in my arms. I saw that he was still leaning against the square pillar, deep in thought. I gave him a hard pat, which made him shrink his shoulders.

“Why are you still here?”

“I… I was thinking about things.”

“Thinking? Then you can think while you enjoy the hot springs... you’ve been here for a while now, yet you still have not gone to the hot springs. They’re our specialty! But it’s a mixed bath. You don’t know the schedule, do you? Everything’s written on the signs by the door. Just don’t try to sneak in while girls are there~.”


“Huh? Why are you wearing that mask? Are you getting shy?”


“You sure are shy. Why is that? You’re not a real monk, so shouldn’t you be able to talk to girls?”

I couldn't stop laughing as I watched his shoulders shrink more and more round as I supported myself against the pillar. It felt so easy to talk to him… It would be nice to have such pleasant conversations with the others here at the Mapleleaf Inn as well.

III. Story

In the following days, my relationship with Natto got better and better. This wasn’t me being delusional, I mean it! Because he was actually clinging to me. The first days, Natto would just sit in a corner, writing and drawing all by himself, but then he just started following me around. Whether I was doing laundry in the backyard or entertaining guests in the front yard, he was always not far behind me, and whenever I thought of him, I could always find him in my line of sight. When I asked him about it, he said that he was recording a story. Natto said that he came to the Mapleleaf Inn just to record a story. The mountain had a history of thousands of years, and naturally there were countless legends and stories. Businessmen would gather together the stories of their journeys. I wouldn’t say I liked to record them like Natto did, but I usually enjoyed listening to them. I was just a little disappointed.

Wasn't it really because he wanted to be close to me?

At the time, I didn’t really think too much about it, but if he really just wanted to record the stories, then why did he follow me around? I don't remember whether I had really asked him or if he had heard the voice in my heart, but he put on his mask and whispered.

“I'd also like to stay by your side more... You're very nice…”

…no one had ever told me before that they wanted to stay with me. The others didn't know how to take my words after I spoke, and consequently they didn't want to spend much time with me. I was so moved that I hugged him and pressed his head against my chest, but because of the pain caused by the wooden mask, I had to hold his shoulder instead.

“Wow, you’re so nice… I don’t want you to be just a guest to me anymore. Let’s be friends!”


That was it. I made a friend who wouldn't be bothered too much by what I would say. He never got angry at me for accidentally saying the wrong thing, nor did he choose to avoid me like everyone else. If I accidentally said something disrespectful, he was not good at expressing the issue. He would apologize to me first, and then tell me in a low voice that it wasn’t nice to say something like that. But when I said something like that to the others, they would just look embarrassed. Thanks to Natto, I had finally realized what had caused the others to separate from me. He told me that my friends at the Mapleleaf Inn used to avoid me only because of the way I spoke to them, not because they hated me. The most obvious proof of that was that there was always someone who would help me even if I wasn’t expecting it. I remember that one time I was carrying a bucket of water while staggering down the stairs, and Sushi warned me that the floor was slippery and that I had to be careful when carrying something that heavy. I listened to Natto's words and tilted my head to recall all the events of the past. He did have a point. I wanted to become true friends with the other residents of the Mapleleaf Inn. I had to pay attention to the way I talked. I had to try to change instead of just running away from the problem. Thinking of having a friend like Natto by my side, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be isolated like my Master Attendant was. That also made me cherish him as a friend.

IV. Book

In my time with Natto, I found that he was a very meticulous little guy with a very delicate heart. Although he rarely showed any expression of joy, he always put on his mask whenever he felt embarrassed or happy. If he got upset, even if he didn’t say it directly, I could still clearly feel his frustration. Gradually, even without him reminding me, I began to pay attention to my words and actions. Not only because I cherished Natto as a friend and hoped not to hurt him as much as possible, but also because I hoped that when I was with everyone, I wouldn’t hurt them by saying too much. While I still sometimes made mistakes without realizing it, I also learned that there were a lot of things I shouldn’t say or do. For example, I wouldn’t laugh at other people's embarrassing stories anymore. When someone said that the inn was deserted, I wouldn't comment that it was deserted as if it was going out of business. When people gathered in the courtyard to smash watermelons, I wouldn’t complain when Tempura smashed the watermelons so hard that they were impossible to eat. Even if Natto never showed me the stories he wrote, as if that book was his most precious treasure, I wouldn’t shout and tell him to show them to me like I did before. Without realizing it, the number of times people changed the subject after I said something embarrassing became smaller and smaller. Natto started to occasionally participate in my conversations with the others. When I said the wrong thing, Natto would open his mouth to help me out, so that I wouldn’t be left out. Everything was proceeding in a good direction. I even felt like I started integrating into the Mapleleaf Inn. But departures always caught me off guard. Even though the farewells never stopped at that inn, Natto's departure still left me with an uncontrollable sadness. The day before Natto left, he came to thank me and told me that he had decided to set off on a quest for new stories. He then handed me a book, telling me that he had recorded everything he had heard here in the Mapleleaf Inn in it.

“I… I don’t want it! Haven't you always cherished the things you've recorded so much that you wouldn't let me see them? Why are you giving it to me now?”

I was choked up with sadness and even felt a little hurt by the reality of his impending departure. He told me that when he was ready to leave. He said he wanted to stay by my side and make friends with me, but I didn't even know that he was going to leave.

I don’t want what’s always been precious to him! I just want him to stay here!

But I couldn’t say that. I didn’t want to say that because I’m his friend. That’s what Natto taught me. Thinking about it that way, it became even harder for me to hold back my tears. Natto looked a little flustered by my sudden tears, but still firmly put the book in my hands and looked at me gently.

“Because I wrote this book for you, Udon. So, I couldn’t let you read it until it was finished!”

Natto looked so much younger than me, so I always looked after him as if he was my younger brother, but now it seemed like I was the one being taken care of by him.

“You must accept this book. The story in it will make sense only if you’re the one reading it.”

So, I took the book. But I just stared at it wistfully without flipping it open. I had no interest in learning the story of this mountain. It had brought me my friend, but eventually made my friend choose to leave as well. Until one day, while I was cleaning my room, that book, which I didn’t remember where I had put, fell out. I saw that it contained everyone’s thoughts on me and what they really wanted to say to me. It turned out that everyone knew the meaning behind my actions. At that moment, I finally understood what Natto meant by “making sense”. In reality, everyone around me had always been my friends.

V. Udon

Udon is a lively and enthusiastic girl, which is something that everyone who had met her agrees on, but there’s disagreement on whether they find her likeable or not. Although everyone knew Udon did it unintentionally, her words were always off-putting.

“Tempura, you smashed that watermelon so badly that we can't eat it now!”

“It’s a good thing I’m never too far away from the mountain, otherwise Miso Soup would have to deal with serious kidney problems[1].”

“Ume Ochazuke, you…”

Udon made such unpleasant remarks to everyone and asked the guests at the Mapleleaf Inn if her looking bad was a matter of bad luck. Ume Ochazuke had mixed some mustard into her portion as a little revenge for the offense. But unexpectedly, Tempura passed by, saying he wanted to eat, and Udon shared her portion with him. But Tempura, having started eating first, started jumping up and down because of the spiciness of the dish and Udon was so busy getting water to calm him that she didn't even touch her plate. The ironic result taught Ume Ochazuke not to do that again. But Udon was a nice girl with a golden heart. She would always be the first one to rush over to do the cleaning. People felt refreshed whenever they saw the girl’s vitality… as long as she didn’t start to talk. Because of that, while people would still work with Udon a lot, they wouldn’t really engage into conversations with her. Udon, who hadn’t noticed it at first, finally realized that something was wrong after everyone started giving her the cold shoulder, but she couldn’t understand what that something was until Natto’s appearance. At that point in time, Udon felt the same uneasiness she did back when she had lost her Master Attendant. Natto’s kindness and tolerance, while reassuring, also made her not want to hurt him because of something she would say. And Natto, who had always thought of traveling alone, was touched by Udon’s concern for him and her enthusiasm, and in addition to that, he subconsciously wanted to be near her. At first, he didn’t really take part in any conversation, but then he began to try his best to help Udon whenever she said something rude. He then began to join conversations on his own, something Udon hadn’t noticed. Udon thought Natto simply liked to stay alone, but she didn’t expect he would leave his little corner whenever she wasn’t paying attention to him. Natto always thought that what he recorded was meaningful. That time, Natto hadn’t just recorded what he had heard and seen, but he had also, for the first time, taken the initiative to go and ask people what they thought of Udon. Unsurprisingly, all the people at the Mapleleaf Inn thought of Udon as a nice and warm girl, and that her occasional clumsiness made her look cute, but just thinking about the things she had said made them feel uncomfortable again. However, during those days, it seemed like Udon was trying to change. She would immediately apologize to them if she accidentally made another mistake like the ones in the past. Even Ume Ochazuke was deeply moved by Udon after seeing her working hard. As long as Udon would keep getting better and better, Ume Ochazuke would ignore her unintentional mistakes and would no longer take “revenge” on her. Everyone’s approval of Udon was recorded in the book written by Natto. When Udon finally read it for the first time, she hugged the book crying, her tears dripping on the paper and smudging the ink. She quickly held the book away from her chest, struggling to identify the last words Natto had left for her. Natto was of course grateful to Udon, and in fact, she was the first person to ever tell him that they wanted to become friends with him. Natto cherished her as much as Udon would expect from a friend. It was also because Udon helped him too, giving him the courage to show his true feelings to others. At the end, Natto also told her that he will never forget being able to become friends with her. He would also visit the Mapleleaf Inn to tell his stories to Udon.


  1. Udon is probably hinting that Miso Soup has the habit of drinking too much alcohol. Drinking too much too often can damage the kidneys.