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Uke Mochi was born from the negative energy and evil dreams of mankind. It is one of the original Fallen Angels that first appeared on Tierra. Uke Mochi is a huge Fallen Angel with both agility and power that exists to consume and destroy everything in its path. If you encounter one in the wild, run! The locals claim that Uke Mochi has an even more horrific form! However, not many people have seen it... or lived to tell about it.


Behavior-Uke Mochi.png
Uke Mochi's tongue is so long that there seems to be no end in sight.
— Biologist from Gloriville

Favoured Food Souls


Engulf Uke Mochi consumes everything in her sights! Not only does this heal her, it will also strike fear among her opponents.
Hunters Puncture Uke Mochi pins her enemies to the ground by hurling her giant fork at them. Make sure you don't get spotted or it just might be your last supper as it deals massive damage.
Crowd Control / Devouring World Uke Mochi paralyzes her enemies by summoning paralysis inducing eyes from the Earth. Once you're caught, you'll never see the light of day again as it deals major damage to all enemies. It is recommended to Interrupt, or use damage-reduction skills.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Uke Mochi A.jpg
Uke Mochi A
4h Success: 10% Bulimia Icon.png Uke Mochi Icon.png Uke Mochi (Enhanced) Icon.png
Uke Mochi B.jpg
Uke Mochi C
1h Success: 45% Rabbert Icon.png Hamstero Icon.png Rocketero Icon.png Chappybara Icon.png Uke Mochi Icon.png



  • Ōgetsu-hime (大宜都比売神/ 大気都比売神/ 大宜津比売神/ 大気津比売神), or commonly known as Ukemochi (保食神) is a goddess of food in the Shinto religion of Japan (source: Uke Mochi).