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Very few people can claim to have seen it, because very few people have escaped its grasp alive. A dangerous foe.

Favoured Food Souls


Hunting Status High-speed Body Rotation briefly maximizes its attack speed.
Predator Trap Uke Mochi can summon terrifying eyes from the earth to deter such inextricable prey and charm the target with the highest attack power (no distrinction made between friend and foe). An appropriate degree of dispersion is recommended.
Devouring World The power of the burst deals major damage to all. Given the high degree of risk, it is recommended to interrupt as appropriate or use invulnerability or shield skills in order to resist damage.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Uke Mochi A.jpg
Uke Mochi A
4h Success: 10% Bulimia Icon.png Uke Mochi Icon.png Uke Mochi (Enhanced) Icon.png
Uke Mochi B.jpg
Uke Mochi B
1h Success: 45% Rabbert Icon.png Hamstero Icon.png Rocketero Icon.png Chappybara Icon.png Uke Mochi (Enhanced) Icon.png