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Even just being side-by-side is enough to make me feel at ease~~Huh? Oh, I was just talking about Plum.


Ume Ochazuke seems very gentle but can actually be rather mischievous and will often play practical jokes on others.

Food Introduction

Ume Ochazuke's is a common staple food in life. It stimulates appetite very well, making Ume Ochazuke very charming. Quickly devouring it will result in people constantly thinking about its deliciousness.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1037
Attack.png Attack 40
Defense.png Defense 13
Health.png HP 264
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 335
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 854
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 348


Teacup Basic Skill
Skill-Ume Ochazuke-Normal.png Ume Ochazuke tosses plums from the sky at all enemies, dealing 40% (64%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 10 (158) extra damage.
Enlarged Plums Energy Skill
Skill-Ume Ochazuke-Energy.png Ume Ochazuke hurls two ginormous plums at all enemies, dealing 40% (64%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 144 (2275) extra damage.
Super Enlarged Plums Link Skill
Skill-Ume Ochazuke-Link.png Ume Ochazuke hurls two ginormous plums at all enemies, dealing 60% (120%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 172 (2717) extra damage. Udon.png

Work Out Auto
Skill-Work Out.png The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 (400) points. (+10 per level)
Ordering Expert 2 Stars
Skill-Ordering Expert.png The maximum number of Recipes that can be sold in the Restaurant's showcase is increased by 10 (28). (+2 per level) Supervisor Chef

blue = lvl 1 red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Oh my~ I didn't expect to meet you in such a situation. Are you feeling hungry? Then let me cook for you~
Log In Ah, Master Attendant~! You arrived just in time. Will you help me find my pot?
Ice Arena Master Attendant, would you like to rest a while too? Relax, it won't hurt you~
Skills The punishment is here!
Ascend So beautiful~
Fatigue It seems like I need to have a good soak in the bath.
Recovering Ah~ this feeling of warmth is so comfortable~
Team Formation Shall we play a game?
Knockout How can it be... this way...?
Notice Master Attendant, dinner is served~
Idle 1 A little bit of leisure time. If Master Attendant was here too, then it would be just right~
Idle 2 Let me think~ what can we do for fun?
Interaction 1 Even just being side-by-side is enough to make me feel at ease~~ Huh? Oh I was just talking about Plum.
Interaction 2 Youth is truly great~ but for me, is it already a distant memory? Hunh? Well, what do you think, Master Attendant?
Interaction 3 Master Attendant, don't tap on the bowl~
Pledge Aaaah~ Master Attendant, I never thought that you... no, I'm very moved. I have a place to call home. This is such a good thing.
Intimacy 1 Please be careful when you go out~ Ah, I'll have dinner ready for when you get back~ I look forward to your return~
Intimacy 2 Welcome back~ will a hug make you feel less tired?~ Wait... this hair doesn't seem like mine... I'm joking~ Aha~ Did I make you nervous?
Intimacy 3 The bath is ready, get in and I'll go and prepare a change of clothes for you.


Cozy Spring Nap
Skin-Ume Ochazuke-Cozy Spring Nap.png

Icon-Skin-Ume Ochazuke-Cozy Spring Nap.png

Kitty is soft, the cards are fun, the tea is fragrant, and it's a gorgeous spring day... The person I'm waiting for will be home any minute~
— Ume Ochazuke
Tired Lean

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support

|tips = With a starting Freshness of 200 points, this Food Soul can work in your restaurant.




Sprite Animations


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Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Tears

I don't like tears.

I wish that the people around me can always show a heartfelt smile.

However, most of the time, things won’t go the way you expect.

My master is a prince who sees money as life.

To him, money takes priority over all else.

When I was summoned, he was very happy.

In a time where food souls are still very rare, the master attendants who can defeat the Fallen are always able to collect a high bounty.

When I was newly summoned, master was very considerate.

He arranged me the best room- a soft mattress, spacious, and plenty of sunshine.

At that time he would always squat down and timidly ask me if there was anything I was missing, if I was okay getting used to this environment.

I naively thought he was genuinely concerned about me.

However, after discovering I was not a food soul good at fighting, everything given to me was taken away.

A dark and musty room where once in a while bugs would even skitter across.

A tattered old mat, ice cold meals, and most of all, looks filled with contempt.

"Forget it, even if you’re a weak soul you can still defeat some of the weaker Fallen. A laborer must work to earn his keep. If you can’t defeat any Fallen then there’s no meaning to your existence."

So, every day, as my master reaps the rewards I am sent out over and over to fight the Fallen. The injuries on my body have not had time to heal, but still I am dispatched to yet another place.

Only after defeating the Fallen every day and earning my master his treasured bounty am I allowed to return to the dark, damp room and catch my breath.

Every time I lay down on the mat, I doubt to myself.

Is this really my destiny?

There was another who lives in this room with me, she works as a maid in the royal house.

She is rather frail, can’t do any heavy work and on top of that is clumsy as well. To my master, she is just like me, a useless being.

She is a very cowardly person, the wounds I bring back on my body sometimes scaring her to tears.

She will sit besides me crying as she cleans out my injuries.

"I’m not even crying, how is it that you’re crying like this?"

I raised my hand, gently wiped away her tears with my thumb, and smiled weakly.

"Heh, you’re crying so hard your nose is dripping on me."

"Ah! I’m sorry! Ah…"

I watched her scramble to wipe her nose clean and couldn’t help but laugh.

However, this laugh disturbed my wounds and the pain caused me to clutch at them.

This finally made the crybaby maid take action. She puffed out her cheeks like an angry child and pouted, using her hands to clean up her tear streaked face.

"Ume Ochazuke! Stop teasing me!"

"Alright, alright, I don’t want to see you cry, I prefer seeing your smiling face. Watching you cry so sadly is making my wounds heal slower. Hss--"

"Are you alright!? -You laughed again! Disturbed your injuries again, didn’t it! Quickly go lay down, I’ll help you change the dressing."

I watched her hastily run out the room and couldn’t help but shake my head.

Truly such a fool.

II. Plum

"Ume Ochazuke, why are you called ‘Ume Ochazuke’?"

"... Ah, this, I don’t know too well myself. When I was summoned, I already had this name in mind. How about you? We’ve lived together for a long time not, but I still don’t know what to call you."

"I don’t have a name. They only use "Hey", "You", "That One" and "Waste" and the like to call me, Ume Ochazuke! You should think of a name for me!"

"But… I don’t know how to think of a name…"

"Then I’ll just call myself Plum!"


"This way, I can say it’s you who gave me a name! Ume Ochazuke! Hello! My name is Plum! Oh, Plum, what a nice sound!"

"So it’s established just like that?"

"Of course! Plum sounds much better than ‘waste’!"

"It seems that you like this name very much."

"Yes! Because Ume Ochazuke, you’re my first friend! Hearing it like this, it sounds like I could be your little sister!"

"Little sister eh… my little sister turned out to be so dumb, big sis is very disappointed."


"Pff, alright, alright."

I lay down on her lap, marveling at her glee over having a thing as small as a name and couldn’t help the corner of my mouth cracking into a smile.

You are also my first friend… Plum….

Pleasant times always pass by quickly, and the worn-out doors suddenly burst open.

Master stood in the doorway with a bunch of thugs, looking coldly down at me in her arms.

"Waste sure likes to gather with its own kind. It’s time to head out, there’s a Fallen in the city outskirts and plenty of bounty to be gained. We can’t let anyone get there ahead of us."

Plum suddenly stood up from behind me.

She trembled at the sight of the ruffians but she spread her arms out before me, blocking my way.

"Ume Ochazuke can’t go out again! Her injuries- her injuries haven’t healed!"

I raised my weary body, staggered and stood up, and gently patted the still-quivering Plum.

"It doesn’t matter, I will go."

As Plum anxiously watched, I followed master’s group out of the room.

As soon as we were out of Plum’s vicinity, I looked up in master’s direction.

"You must keep your promise."

"Hah, didn’t think anyone would care so much for that trash. Don’t worry, if you can earn enough money for the both of you I won’t make things difficult for her."


I stand in front of a huge, grotesque monster, one that is clearly different from the ones I’ve fought in the past. It lashed out at me with its waving tentacles.

My power was depleted bit by bit, and my unhealed wounds reopened.

A tentacle struck my body with great force and I was stunned, nearly losing consciousness.

"It’s no good!!! This Fallen is too violent! Withdraw!"

I collapsed to the ground, watching their retreating backs, when a figure suddenly appeared in my field of view.

"P-… Plum, how is it… that you’re here?"

She had secretly followed me out of worry, and though she was afraid, still ran to my side.

She picked me up with her thin little body and started dragging me away, bit by bit.

But this level of speed was nowhere near enough for us to escape its clutches.


In my last bit of consciousness, I see the Fallen stagger, begin to topple, and Plum’s anxious, tear-filled face

Stupid, I said I liked to watch you laugh.

III. Escape

When I next woke up again, Plum was fast asleep next to my bed, her eyes ringed with black and blue circles.

I gently took the blanket that was keeping me warm and moved it to cover her. Normally she slept like a log but this caused her to jolt awake.

"Ume Ochazuke! You’re awake! You’re awake!! Wah..… It’s so good to see you awake again….. You don’t know but when you fainted, your body started releasing black smoke, I was scared to death…….."

Her rambling voice made me feel a little disoriented. Although I just woke up, I still had some memories from the time I was in a coma.

A deep darkness surrounded me endlessly, making me sink in it.

It was as if I was falling into a quagmire, a heavy weight dragging me down.

There was certainly a time I thought I would just drown like this.

However, a desperate call reached out to me.

Like a beam of light in the darkness, I used all my strength to break free from the quagmire and reach up to the brightness.

I went to Plum’s side and held on tight with trembling hands as I finally shed my tears and murmured to her.

"Eh! What… What is it? Are you still hurt somewhere!?"

"Plum, let’s leave this place…"

"Wh… Wh-what?! This, this so suddenly--! If we’re caught we’ll be killed! And… And where would we go…"

"We can go anywhere, I will protect you. Are you afraid?"

"I’m not! If I’m with you we can go anywhere and I won’t be afraid!"

I naively once believed that wherever Plum was, that was where I was meant to be.

However, I saw the tear streaks staining Plum’s face.

This place is not her destiny.

Nor is it mine.

At that time, we didn’t notice the shadow behind the door leaving suddenly.

"Don’t let them escape!!!"

"Hurry and catch up with them!!!"

I pulled Plum along as we took off from the mansion, but when we had just reached the suburbs we heard the sound of the chase behind us.

Plum looked at me in a panic, clenching her fists in frustration. How was this happening…. Of course…… Of course the plan should have gone smoothly…..

"Plum, you go, I’ll distract them."

"... No…. No way!"

"Listen to me, you get away first! Hurry, I can run faster than you, go to the place we agreed on and wait for me!"

"No… I can’t…. I don’t want to…."

"Listen to me!"

Finally, the stupid girl was driven away by me. I glanced at the pursuers behind me and ran in the other direction.

My previous injuries unhealed, I was quickly surrounded by the group of thugs, but a feeling of uneasiness came over me and I looked off into the distance.

"W-woah---!!!! The Fallen---!!! She brought the fallen with her!!!!"

The gang of thugs was thrown into disarray and following behind a familiar figure was a presence that made me tremble.

"Ume Ochazuke!! I’m here to save you!!!"

Watching the Fallen pursuing her, I couldn’t help but let out a small cry. I had to restrain myself and swallowed the words I wanted to say.

Are you trying to save me or are you trying to kill me… My stupid little sister…

However, thank you for braving the danger and coming back for me……

The Fallen spotted the other people and quickly moved on to more attractive prey, but as a food soul, I did not escape its notice.

After all the thugs had either fled or or succumbed to the beast, its deep-set eyes emotionlessly moved to gaze at me.

I shielded Plum behind me, and glanced at the figure that clung to my clothes.

I know that if we win this time, then we are free.

We can go find the place that we can call home.

IV. Red Leaf Pavilion

When I next woke up, the bed beneath me was not a wet and moldy straw mat but a soft, comforting quilt that smelled of sunshine.

A person clothed in a luxurious kimono stood by my bed, opening and closing the folding fan he held. He appeared to be staring off into the distance, lost in thought.

The movement I made sitting up snapped him back to reality, and before I could ask any questions he started speaking.

"I am Sukiyaki, and I’m the one who collected you guys."

"Collected… us?"

"Yes, if I hadn’t arrived in time, something very unfortunate would have happened to you guys. But that human is very good to you. She tried to carry you to safety, even when she was exhausted to the point she couldn’t stand up, she refused to let go of you."

"... Where’s Plum?!!"

Before the man could answer the room’s paper door was thrown open and Plum, dressed in waiter’s clothes, threw herself into my arms.

"Ume Ochazuke… wwaahhh… you’re finally awake…. I thought….. I thought…!"

"Enough, enough, you can see that I’m awake now.... I have to ask, what’s going on with your clothes though…"

"I.... I….."

Watching Plum splutter for ages without being able to speak properly, the man watching from the sidelines couldn’t help but sigh and take a step forward.

"Maybe it’s better that I explain. I saved you guys, and treated your injuries. I’ve even given you the best room at our Red Leaf Pavilion to stay in. In return, you two will work here as waiters. That’s not too much to ask, is it?"

"U-us? Me and Plum?"

"Yes, and Plum already agreed. Now that you’re awake, rest up a few more days and then you can start working too."

I turned to face the beet red Plum and pulled her closer to me by her hands.

"What are you so worried about?"

"I… I’m afraid you don’t want to..."

"As long as I can be with Plum, there’s nothing I won’t do. Boss, let me trouble you to get me clothes like Plum’s."

"Good~ No need to call me Boss either, just Sukiyaki is okay."

"Okay Boss, got it Boss."



And so like this we stayed on at the Red Leaf Pavilion.

The Red Leaf Pavilion is built at the edge of a maple forest.

Whenever autumn comes, you can see a beautiful sea of red maple leaves.

The hot springs inn within the Pavilion welcomed a variety of guests.

Plum and I became the first staff members of the Red Leaf Pavilion. Although Plum is still rather clumsy, her innocent and lovely personality won over the hearts of the guests.

I also found a job I am good at.

Compared to fighting the Fallen, I am much better at managing a business.

I can take care of this hotel and keep it orderly, I can also make mouthwatering meals allowing smiles to bloom out of guests from the bottom of their hearts.

The Red Leaf Pavilion slowly changed from a workplace into a home.

More and more guests came to stay at the Pavilion, I looked at Plum’s smile and couldn’t help but to smile as well myself.

This just might be the destination I’ve been seeking all along.

V. Ume Ochazuke

Ume Ochazuke is not a lucky food soul, with the misfortune to meet a Master Attendant unsuited to her.

Her Master Attendant sees money above all else.

Thus, she became a tool in his eyes, to be used to kill Fallen and collect their bounties.

However, she is also lucky.

In her misfortune, she met an existence that could be called redemption.

The little girl without even a name who would cry for her and stand up for her.

Her smile was Ume Ochazuke’s pillar of strength in those dark times.

In order to protect her from being overworked, Ume Ochazuke accepted the unreasonable conditions of the Master Attendant and went out to defeat Fallen beyond her own limits.

Finally, one day, Ume Ochazuke could not rise up again due to the excessive burden on her body.

She had only been able to endure so long for the sake of the one who named herself Plum.

Together they decided to leave this place filled with nothing but suffering.

However, they didn’t know their escape plan had been overheard.

The greedy prince had already tasted the fortune that Ume Ochazuke could bring him and would never just let her go like that.

But with her life acting as a lure, the Fallen that had once been the source of pain in the past became an opportunity for them to flee.

Ume Ochazuke fainted after the battle but the girl she protected never gave up on her.

She carried Ume Ochazuke, step by step, to freedom.

But just as she was about to reach the safety of the next city, the Fallen came to attack once more.

This time, Ume Ochazuke did not wake up.

Rather, a man in a gorgeous kimono appeared, as if a god, to protect them and repelled the Fallen.

The man helped the girl bring Ume Ochazuke back to the hotel he owned, a tiny inn built beside the maple forest. They could sleep on soft mattresses the girl had never enjoyed before, and eat warm, delicious-smelling meals.

Ume Ochazuke gradually recovered in the Red Leaf Pavilion. In order to repay his kindness, the girl promised the man she would work for his hotel.

After all, she can’t do anything but clean.

The only thing that worried her was that the man requested Ume Ochazuke to work for the hotel as well.

Fortunately, after waking up, Ume Ochazuke was not dissatisfied with the request.

After she saw Ume Ochazuke making exquisitely tasting food, and the smile it brought, Plum was finally relieved.

They’ve finally got a home, haven’t they?

In the years that followed, Plum got to know a regular guest of the inn, and this guest was amused by her clumsy disposition.

It was a very gentle person.

After some time, she began to feel affection for this guest.

Ume Ochazuke tenderly listened to Plum’s stories of love, and with a smile, sent her off to the carriage of the one she loved.

Sukiyaki once asked her why she never voiced her disappointment.

"Isn’t the reason the same as you?"

Ume Ochazuke turned her face to the sky and smiled a soft smile.

"The time we food souls have is an eternity, but for humans this is not the case. Although her life is not long, I hope that it will be a good one. I want her to have everything she should have- a husband, children, family, friendship and love."

Plum had a wonderful wedding and the man used everything in his power to give her the best.

For her, this is a decision she will never regret, her lifelong beloved.

Ume Ochazuke attended the wedding as her sister and placed Plum’s hand inside the man’s.

The girl called Plum couldn’t stop crying. She clutched tightly onto the food soul that had brought her everything and refused to let go.

"Don’t cry, how many times have I told you? I like to see your smile."