See it in action here.

It mainly separates the story and artifact portions into their own subpages, also adding that extra portion at the end of the story page.

Importing pages

{{:Page name}} (i.e. {{:Black Tea}})

This nifty thing just imports an entire page over, allowing a tabber act like a tabview without having to make a separate page for the main food soul page.

The problem is then there wouldn't be an easy way to edit the story and artifact pages unless you know to look for it, but it's probably pretty easy to put in an edit button that leads to the respective edit pages.

Another problem is that the skills tabber will interfere with it, so I'll probably have to consolidate both battle and restaurant skills into one template, or find some other workaround.

It's been a long time coming, but I should probably try to consolidate all of the food soul main page into one template anyway.


One big template for the whole page, basically copied over from the cn wiki lol.

You can see the whole copy-paste template text at Template:Artifact.

All the info can be found on the cn wiki, but I have a text file with all the skills and their stat%s at all 10 togi levels for anyone who wants to help out.

The togi node types affect the color of the title bars, but they have to be spelled/capitalised as such:

Crit Rate
Crit Dmg
Atk Spd

Any other spelling will leave it as the default brown, but no big deal on that part I guess.

Togi Node I - Attack
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Stats for togi levels 2~10 will be displayed with Template:Artifact Stat Tooltip as such:

{{Artifact Stat Tooltip|x|x|x|x|x|x|x|x|x|x}}

The first variable being the text displayed, the rest hidden until hovered over.


{{{1}}} ({{{2}}},{{{3}}},{{{4}}},{{{5}}},{{{6}}},{{{7}}},{{{8}}},{{{9}}},{{{10}}})

With values:

6.6% (8.2%,9.9%,11.7%,13.6%,15.7%,18.2%,21.4%,25.2%,30%)


Asking for feedback on ways to improve this before myself or anyone else starts implementing it on pages, leave any opinions you have in the comments!

There's still minor tweaks to be done too, so it'll probably take a few more days too anyway.

Again, all this can be seen in action on Black Tea/Draft.

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