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You have to deconstruct reality and return it to its essence to discover how this world really works.


Full of curiosity for everything, Waffle wants to disassemble, take apart, and explore the essence of everything she can get her hands on, and restore them to their simplest and purest forms.

Food Introduction

The birth of waffles has a close connection with communion wafers. As a product of the Crusades, it's basic form is the same as communion wafers, and they're both made from cereals, flour, and water. But with the addition of a new culinary ingredient, it became a sweet and delectable dessert food.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1509
Attack.png Attack 52
Defense.png Defense 15
Health.png HP 402
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 564
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 654
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1865


Protective Side Basic Skill
Skill-Waffle-Normal.png Waffle manipulates the dual rings of her Rubik's Cube, dealing 40% (80%) ATK plus 30 (390) extra damage to all enemies, also giving the teammate with the highest Defense a shield capable of absorbing 56 (728) damage, lasting 5 seconds.
Side Decider Energy Skill
Skill-Waffle-Energy.png Waffle manipulates her Rubik's Cube, dealing 40% (80%) ATK plus 230 (2990) extra damage to all enemies, while also charming all enemies, preventing them from telling friend from foe, lasting 3 seconds.
Square Flux Link Skill
Skill-Waffle-Link.png Waffle manipulates her Rubik's Cube, dealing 60% (120%) ATK plus 276 (3588) extra damage to all enemies, while also charming all enemies, preventing them from telling friend from foe, lasting 3 seconds. White Truffle.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hi~ So you're my Master Attendant! Hello! Um... Can you lean in closer so I can take a look?
Log In Welcome back! Did you bring back any new specimens?
Ice Arena What could be under this layer of ice?
Skills Stand still like a good little specimen!
Ascend I feel like my brain is even brighter.
Fatigue I... I can keep going! Huff... huff...
Recovering When will my teacher develop an elixir that prevents fatigue?
Team Formation This time I'll definitely bring back lots of specimens.
Knockout No... something must be wrong...
Notice Come eat quick or I'll turn this back into its raw ingredients!
Idle 1 What's my teacher been researching lately?
Idle 2 First observe, then plot a line, and then take it all apart! Ah, how awesome!
Idle 3 Master Attendant? Hmph... If you don't come back soon I'll take this whole house apart.
Interaction 1 Squares and circles, such simple shapes that form the basis of everything. Truly fascinating.
Interaction 2 My Rubik's cube? You want to play? This one is a little different than normal...
Interaction 3 One day I'll fully understand this world and find the door to ultimate truth!
Pledge Okay! If you want, I'll be a circle forever surrounding you, and you'll be a square forever protecting me.
Intimacy 1 Wonderful. You're the second person to believe in me. The first? Hee, my teacher of course.
Intimacy 2 I don't want to study you, I want to understand you. Why would I think this way?
Intimacy 3 I hope we can be like this Rubik's cube. No matter what we go through, we always come back to the starting point.
Victory Hee hee, easy-peasy!
Defeat Oh! This isn't right!
Feeding Thanks! I love it! ...Don't worry, they won't be turned into specimens!


Stargrain Siren
Skin-Waffle-Stargrain Siren.png

Icon-Skin-Waffle-Stargrain Siren.png

Let's get one thing straight first, I do not believe in ghosts and ghouls! This is just for the atmosphere... yes.
— Waffle
Vernal Exuberance


The teacher she mentions may be White Truffle.

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
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Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations


Stargrain Siren

Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Disappointment

"According to Toka Miselyan's theorem, a Food Soul's Soul power can never exist in any form such that it can be retained in a natural and physical medium for an extended period of time….."

"This is definitely……"

"A bunch of nonsense……."

On the speaker's platform, a middle-aged man turned red-faced, spewing out spit as he spoke. Unable to keep his emotions in check because of how upset he was, the paper he tightly gripped began to shake up and down from his outrageous movements.

Ah…I see. Another familiar sight, and more familiar comments. The research paper in his hands has yet to be changed after a whole month. Will the lesson's topic stagnate here?

I looked at that man with sympathetic eyes. Even though he was technically my teacher, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity overflow in my heart. 

A former teacher.

But now…….

I loudly sighed and taking huge steps, walked towards the speaker’s platform. Ignoring his increasingly agitated scoldings, I took the colored chalk and began to write. 

Step by step, I jotted down the derivation of the theorem he spoke of. As I continued, I also added some experimental data, obtained separately from any relevant experiments, found in the books of the research lab. 

The chalk writings began to slowly take up more and more of the empty blackboard. It was filled by a mish-mash of elegant logical operators, orderly distributed in the blackboard. They were replete with the beauty of rationality. 

The man’s angry words began to dwindle. His speech began to change from skeptical howls to self-doubting mumbles. 

Once I stopped writing, the majestic lecture hall fell silent.

Previously, that man would use a haughty tone to emphasize that he was correct. But upon realizing his words weren’t enough to defeat me, he began frantically quoting those “accurate” theorems in the textbook. 

I was unhappy because of this. I turned my head towards that man. There was a stark difference between this former teacher of mine and my memories of what he used to be. His former confidence and elegance was no longer there, replaced by narrow mindedness and antiquated thinking. 

A certain feeling surged through me when I knew that this school decided to use the scientific method to understand Food Souls and Fallen Angels, just like when I stepped into the Glix College for the first time. 

I packed my bag and turned away, ignoring the other students’ mixed looks. I decided to leave and return to the research lab early to continue with my work.

As I exited the section where lessons were taught, I looked back at the lecture hall that used to accompany me everyday. Disappointment welled up in my heart. The Glix College was founded when the first Fallen Angel began lurking. At the time, people had a strong interest in researching both Food Souls and Fallen Angels. Everyone hoped the blood and sweat they shed could aid and support those on the frontlines. 

No matter how small it is.

However, after the war quieted down, and there was no environmental disturbance……

The image of that man flashed in my mind once more.

I shook my head.

Perhaps, it's time to leave.

II. Dog and Girl

My fingers pressed onto my rubik cube and moved around on their own. As a result, the light would either glow up or go dark. Following this rhythm, I let my mind relax, and flow freely.

My notepad floated above my rubik cube, as if there were two invisible hands holding it up. The pages flutter while I place a ballpoint pen in my mouth, biting on it. I swayed back and forth as the pages flipped by. 

This is my unique way of thinking. I've tested this method numerous times before, and such movements succeed in helping me relax.

It takes 10 minutes for me to travel from the lecture hall to arrive at the lab, but my estimation was off by a margin of 20 seconds.

Writing a question on the notepad requires roughly 5 minutes, but again, my estimation was off by a margin of 5 seconds.

The remaining time is used for blanking out and letting my mind wander.

Yes, just nice.

I leaned my head forward, and wrote a tick on my notepad using my ballpoint pen. Question solved.

However, before I could continue with this routine and start blanking out, my focus was drawn to the sound of a dog’s bark not too far away.

Hmm? A dog?

If my memory serves me well, I recall that no dogs were allowed in the Institute.

Who brought the dog in here? 

Well anyways, it doesn’t concern me…….


Is that…….

My lab?!!!

My train of thought returned.

My rubik cube fell on the floor, along with the notepad.

Not even bothering to pick it up, I bolted to my lab.

"You all!"

"*pant* *pant*.......Who are you all!"

I pushed open the door with a bang. Panting heavily, I looked at the group of people in my lab and angrily asked.

"Waffle, there's one more senior here. Please don't be too impatient."

A trembling old man turned his head and looked at me, speaking in a low voice. His aged face looks familiar.

"Then who are you?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

Because I was agitated, my voice carried a hint of annoyance.

"It's the Chairwoman of Glix College…..." The old man smiled and spoke. He momentarily stopped and added:

".......The person responsible for giving you monthly research grants."


My fury waned.

"Ev-Even…… if you're the Chairwoman, it's not good to bring too many people into my lab." Regardless, I still planned on standing my ground.

Especially when out of the corner of my eyes, I scanned the room and found an innocent looking dog on one side, blepping its tongue out. My anger was ignited again.

"Moreover, there's a pet here. No matter what, it's still too……."

At this instant, a gentle voice suddenly rang out and cleared up my questions. 

A young girl, draped in a long robe, walked out of the crowd and picked up the dog, laying on the floor, into her arms.

"Don't worry, Cherub is a well-behaved dog."

III. Shocked


Upon hearing her justification, I still found it ridiculous.

"Even if your pet is well behaved, bringing it in the lab is still prohibited. This is my lab, got it?!"

I pointed at the sign near the door and furiously spoke.

"See that sign?! Disinfect before entering. Pets are prohibited."

"Sorry, I cannot see those signs."

The girl, seeming apologetic, gently bowed and waved her hand, signalling everyone else to leave.

It was only now that I focused in on her. This led me to realize her odd features.

Attached to a tiny, delicate, and cute face were a pair of gloomy eyes. 

She's actually blind.

Before I could even ask a question, the dog in her arms suddenly barked.

She tilted her head and spoke.

"Cherub is letting me apologize to you for him. But you don't have to worry, his paws are clean."


Her words and attitude left me speechless.

The dog closely followed the girl’s fingers as she pointed at the experiment table, before she circled around it. During this, the dog would spontaneously bark, almost like it was communicating with her in some unusual fashion.

Before she stopped, the girl "looked" at me.

“Are you conducting an investigation on the data exchange between a Food Soul’s Soul Power and both natural and manmade products?”


I was shocked; though I wouldn’t say it was impossible for a blind girl to see such things. 

Even if she really can see, how in the world could she understand the experiment just by going around the table once, especially when not a single soul in all of Glix College could figure it out?!

Her lips curled, and she showed a strange smile, almost as if she saw the shock written on my face.

As she spoke, her fingers reached for and picked up some of the apparatuses on the experiment table. She could report back each of their functions, and wanted to know which of them were designed and assembled by me! Even more amazing, she was capable of easily predicting the functions of the machine just by analyzing the parts it was composed of!

Thereafter, she defiantly raised her dog's paws and waved them at me.

"Now, do you have any problem with me looking at your lab? Miss Waffle."

"...Not at all."

I swallowed, and softly spoke.

IV. Invitation

"In the world of education, the use of the White Branched mirror has always been a subject of debate. But without a shadow of doubt, I can tell you it’s far more suitable than the North Stream mirror you're currently using……."

"Although you’re able to skillfully manipulate and use Daburi's instrumental theory, it cannot verify the Herd Rule, which means it’s wrong to use it here. That's because the whole of Daburi’s theory has yet to integrate the plasticity and liquidity of Soul Power into the research framework. You have actually overlooked this, as Daburi has personally emphasized this point in the abstract of his book - [Beginner's Guide to Food Soul Soul Power]. "

"As for the statistics showing the periodic decay of Soul Power, I suggest you take a look at the Folding Exchange theorem recently proposed by Light Kingdom scholar, Meng Dah. While this theorem is still not widely used, the 57th edition of the Science Weekly published by Gloriville's new science organization should provide you with eight to……."

"Eh? In here, you used the Canofen Formula......."

The small girl spoke confidently in the lab. Her hollow eyes seemed to be filled with colors that no one else could see. For a long time, all the obstacles I had in this lab melted away under her explanations. Even that dog I used to hate appeared cuter at this moment.

Surprisingly, she paused, causing me to suddenly freeze. I immediately ask:

"Are there any problems with using the Canofen Formula here?"

"Not really." The girl smiled and vaguely said. "It's just that, I proposed the Canofen Formula, and it has yet to be systematically verified. But anyways, I don’t believe it will cause any major problems when applied here.”


The notepad and ballpoint pen in my hands dropped to the floor. I was taken aback. I stood up.

".......You invented……. The Canofen Formula?"

"Yes……" The girl paused and picked up her dress, elegantly curtsying at me.

"I have not introduced myself. I'm White Truffle."

"Director of Perigord Research Institute. That's my assistant, Cherub."

"I'm very happy to meet you, Miss Waffle."

In the cafe of Glix College, as I hugged Cherub and carefully petted his fur, I curiously asked: 

"So, why did you come to Glix College?"

"Glix College is one of many famous schools funded by Perigord Research Institute.” White Truffle cupped her coffee, with hints of pleasure in her words. “I am only on my scheduled visit to ensure the grants are being correctly utilized.”

"Ah…I see." I nodded, though I still didn’t fully comprehend her words.

"Regardless, I'm satisfied that I got to know you." White Truffle took out a piece of paper from her robe as she spoke. She quickly wrote something down with the pencil in her hands and pushed the paper in front of me.

"Are you interested in becoming a researcher for Perigord?"


At that moment, I was so overwhelmed with joy that my words became an incoherent mess.

"This…This……t-t-this is an honor!"

V. Waffle

Gloriville's Tifa Forest.

The lush forest was filled with the sounds of birds, and the air was steeped in the scent of flowers. The water in the broad river glimmered under the light. 

Just as heard, the scenery is indeed splendid. Of course, if you thought this was a vacation getaway, you're very much mistaken.

While Tifa’s scenery was as beautiful as they said, Fallen Angels frequently emerged here. 

In the forest, two girls and a dog were covertly working away atop a small hill.

"13 of the 16 magic seals have been broken, a big one is coming at us."

White Truffle reminded Waffle in a low voice. Donned in a long, luxurious robe, stitched with intricate, exquisite flower patterns, White Truffle closed her eyes and shook her empty hands left and right. It was almost as if she was supporting something in the empty air. 

"A big one? Teacher, addressing it in this manner is not very serious."

Waffle knelt besides White Truffle. Her hands promptly assembled together and installed various pieces of equipment together. She began chattering sarcastically:

“In thousands of research studies, accuracy and precision top the list. If the data doesn’t agree, we’re stuck in a kind of limbo.”

Kneeling alongside them was a pure white dog. After Waffle finished speaking, it followed her and woofed. Who knew whether it was agreeing with her or berating her for being too talkative.

"Investigation requires time. Experimentation must be carried out slowly." The corners of White Truffles’s mouth lifted up as she helplessly explained.

This student was good at everything. However, it’s just that she’s gradually become quite mouthy after she joined the Research Institute; although, this behavior is limited to when they were performing experiments.

Who knows who she learnt it from?

White Truffle sarcastically said in her head.

Afterwards, she felt a response from the magic seals.

"Height: 8 meters, width: 2 meters, soul wave index: 4, predicted class: Enhanced."

Once Waffle finished her handiwork, she dragged in a rather awkward-looking gun and stood up. A melange of parts were exposed on the gun's surface, and at the bottom, a diverse range of colored wires connected together. The base of the gun was formed from equipment with an unknown function.

Waffle weighed the handgun in her hand and said:

"Codename 07 is completed. It can be tested anytime."

White Truffle nodded and before she could even speak, the dog by her foot suddenly barked.

"Wait, there's someone there."

Waffle immediately froze and raised her head. At the edge of her vision, someone was quickly running in front of the looming shadow of the Fallen Angel.

With the aid of her rubik cube, Waffle enhanced her vision and stared at the figure. The figure had a strange samurai-like hairstyle, and his body was clad in a conspicuous suit. Unsure, Waffle mumbled:

"Is that… a Food Soul?"